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Celebrating the triumph of life over death

Sunday, April 20, 2014   by: Staff



Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Easter

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement marking Easter:

I would like to extend my warmest wishes to all Christians across Canada and around the world as they gather with family and friends to celebrate Easter.

Easter, also known as Pascha, is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the triumph of life over death.

Recalling the Passover of ancient Israel, it is a time of renewed hope, forgiveness and new beginnings through the Grace of God.

This year is special as Christians in both the Eastern and Western churches are celebrating Easter on the same day.

On this holy day, let us reflect on the many blessings in our lives and remember those in need.

On behalf of my family, I wish all those celebrating a very happy and joyful Easter.


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Dead End Kid 4/20/2014 10:54:38 AM Report

Thank you for the philosophy lesson Mr. Harper you're my hero.
RonBes 4/20/2014 11:28:36 AM Report

He forgot to mention all of the other traditional things that Easter draws from, like all the pre-christian bits. Funny that. He sure remembered to play to his audience in Israel though.
highway1 4/20/2014 11:33:22 AM Report

One of the world's greatest and biggest hypocrites.
sunshine/lollipops 4/20/2014 11:41:37 AM Report

"HAPPY EASTER" Everyone !!
sooperman 4/20/2014 11:51:51 AM Report

happy 4/20 ..legalize it!!!!
IgnorantNortherner 4/20/2014 12:30:07 PM Report

He didn't forget RonBes, Israel-firster Harper just isn't supposed to talk about how all the most popular Christian celebrations are really just pagan ones with a modern day consumerist twist. In the case of Easter it's a fertility ritual (hence the rabbits, chicks, eggs, etc.)

It says in the Bible Jesus, after dying, was gone three days and three nights. If He was crucified on Good Friday, how do you fit three nights between then and today?

Where does it even say to celebrate His resurrection?
mac2 4/20/2014 12:47:19 PM Report

the ignorant northerner doesn't seem so ignorant, haha
Sam C 4/20/2014 12:55:57 PM Report

It says that we have faith, and we seek to live his final commandment: "Love others as I have loved you."

It says that it matters not what others believe -- or do not believe -- but rather it is what we, ourselves, believe that matters most.

It says that we will strive to show kindness and mercy to others, whatever their situation, or their beliefs.
mac2 4/20/2014 1:00:33 PM Report

it says a whole lot of things, what is your point? just curious.
Sam C 4/20/2014 1:00:48 PM Report

btw... The Bible does not say three days and three nights. The account in Matthew has Jesus dying on Friday, Joseph taking his body "late that afternoon" and laying it in a tomb, and then Mary going to the Tomb Sunday morning.
Sam C 4/20/2014 1:05:32 PM Report

Also, Jesus asked his followers to celebrate "Easter" -- his death and resurrection -- not on a specific day, but every time they gathered and shared a meal (the bread and the wine).
mac2 4/20/2014 1:07:04 PM Report

Matthew 12:40

Viewing the King James Version. Click to switch to 1611 King James Version of Matthew 12:40.

For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
mac2 4/20/2014 1:10:18 PM Report

not sure where you were going with it, but the ignorant northerner was trying to tell you that easter was a pagan tradition that got converted over to christianity.
mac2 4/20/2014 1:13:55 PM Report

some will even argue that the solstice and equinox played a role in xmas and easter,

check it out, research it.
mac2 4/20/2014 1:21:22 PM Report

for the blind faith believers, i don't recommend researching it. have a happy holiday weekend!
vic-star 4/20/2014 1:32:57 PM Report

Every person in this country is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. How about we stop nit picking and trying to find flaws in others beliefs when those beliefs dont agree with our views, and just enjoy this day with each of our families in whatever capacity you belief it should be.
mac2 4/20/2014 1:34:55 PM Report

friggen ignorant northerners.............

irishfey 4/20/2014 2:44:36 PM Report

Some good points on here. Within the Jewish custom, even a half of a day accounts for a full day, so that"s how you get the three days. Hope this helps. I for one applaud Harper for going to Israel and supporting them. As the Good Book says... " I will bless those who bless you ( Israel), and curse those who curse you "' It is the Rabbit and egg custom that is Pagan. Dec. 25th. was not the date of Christs birth either. It was a celebration of the Sun god... No matter the day or occasion we should give God the Glory....
irishfey 4/20/2014 2:48:39 PM Report

Sam C.. re .. " the bread and the wine".. Right on the nose with that one...
mac2 4/20/2014 2:52:35 PM Report

so the first 2 days count as full days and then throw in a half day to make it right? or would it be 2 full days, which would mean 4 half days, which would mean 4 days............... haha, pretty freaky math, i like it though.

i read something earlier that comes to mind.

it is easier to fool a person, then to convince them that they have been fooled.

ah, life was so much easier when your god, government, doctor, police, etc, etc, knew what was best for you, wasn't it. :p
irishfey 4/20/2014 3:09:53 PM Report

Mac2.. lol.. He died on Friday evening... (one day)... Sat. in the grave..(.day 2)... Rose on Sunday morning... (day 3)..... Google Jewish days if you don"t believe me :)....
mac2 4/20/2014 3:14:04 PM Report

if that helps you get by in life with the half days and full days, hey, right on, i am happy for you! besides, since it says it in the jewish tradition, that makes it right, right?
irishfey 4/20/2014 3:15:53 PM Report

Mac.... God, Dr. and the police do know what's good for you. Government?? Not so sure anymore lol ,but in Gods eyes, Harper going to and supporting Israel, yes that is a good thing.. but that"s just my opinion....
mac2 4/20/2014 3:18:53 PM Report

u made my point, have a happy easter! :p
mac2 4/20/2014 3:28:46 PM Report

u do have me wondering now about not only the 3 days(half days)whatever u want to call it, but what about the 3 nights? are they half nights too? no disrespect intended, i like discussing these types of things.
rockbanger 4/20/2014 3:30:44 PM Report

Triumph for LIFE please... Not war.
Canadian's should be world leaders...

I challenge our Prime Minsiter to become a world leader and start sending food stuffs, supplies to the South Sudan..NOW.

The UN estimates that within 30 days the South Sudan will enter into the worst starvation event in African history.

Do not pander to the US by backing up the NATO push for war in the Ukraine...

Children are starving and people like Harper have the tools to stop or mitigate this horrible nightmare.

mac2 4/20/2014 3:36:06 PM Report

also, leaving the fate of you or your children, or anyone for that matter in the hands of gods, govts, doctors, police or any of the so called experts in life will get you to where you are today.............take some responsiblity for your own life.
if you think life is better with someone else dictating what is best for you, what does that say about you?
mac2 4/20/2014 3:44:07 PM Report

rockbanger if u want your pm to help out, there had better be some financial gain in it. :P
Sammy1099 4/20/2014 4:16:06 PM Report


Your suggestion is very noble.

You need a military in order to provide security for any relief shipments ours has been grossly underfunded for decades. What do you think you could just back a truck up and give food only to the needy? What happens without security is the warlords hijack the food/medicine and use it to pay for their army or they just burn it.

When we do send a military escort with relief then people complain because soldiers get killed or accidently kill civilians. Then people also complain that foreign aid should be spent here as well. Africa is a mess and any intervention by us is not going to help. The only way Africa will ever come out of the dark ages is from within.

Don’t take my word for it remember Somalia? Plenty of Academics from the continent (exiled or left of there own will) say the same thing. The aid just goes to the warlords and actually prolongs the conflict.
Dead End Kid 4/20/2014 4:41:25 PM Report

The pope could do a lot by endorsing the use of condoms but that crazy old book of fairy tales keeps getting in the way.
irishfey 4/20/2014 5:34:07 PM Report

Mac.. Crap,lol.. I had a good post going but lost it!.. I will be back on later to explain, so keep tuned in, am glad that you are interested.
Maple2111 4/20/2014 5:56:44 PM Report

Each and every person on earth should learn to respect all others.
If we could get everyone to treat others how they would like to be treated we would all have a better life.
and live in a far better world.

Do something nice for a stranger and see how it makes them feel and how you feel

Happy Easter Everyone
Dead End Kid 4/20/2014 6:58:50 PM Report

Tell that to the people who are starving to death. I don't think being kind to one another is that big of a priority when you can't see straight.
irishfey 4/20/2014 8:04:43 PM Report

Mac2.. The 3 day and 3 night thing? Well, how many hours are there in a day? 24 right, so that would take care of your" night" question. You are so right in taking responsibility of your own life and not leaving it up to others. All i was trying to point out is that the Dr. is there for our health.. the police for our protection etc. We have the responsibilty to try and do things to keep our health in good shape and try not to break the law :) I believe that God gave us brains to use ,lol... The Bible also says to not put our trust in " no Man ",, but God Himself. Someone here mentioned the Pope. There are lots of different Christian Religions and the Pope just happens to be the leader of one of these religions. The Bible also tells us not to bow down to any Man,, no offence to these people, but do you see where i"m going with this? You mentioned about believing what the Jews saying that makes it so right. Well, Our Bible was given to us by the Jewish people, so when in question about certain things we should look to the Jewish way of things and what they mean and of their culture. I hope this helps you.. If things like this interest you, just keep asking questions and you will find the answers. Prayer works the best.. God does provide the answers... Good luck, and God Bless....
irishfey 4/20/2014 8:13:30 PM Report

Maple2111.. That was a great and so true post.. What a world it would be! .. Dead End Kid.. i know what you mean but us " little "" people can do only so much. It"s up to the big governments to help out their countrys and i must say, they don"t do enough! We can only pray that they do something to help the poor and the starving.....
irishfey 4/20/2014 8:18:38 PM Report

ok, my turn,lol What does this :P stand for at the end of a sentence? I see it on the Grandkids f.b all the time and wonder what it means. Your turn to answer ,lol....
Dead End Kid 4/20/2014 8:45:47 PM Report

We can have these discussions because we humans won the big brain lottery. We are lucky or unlucky to have the added capacity to question our mortality. When you close your eyes for the last time you'll find the answer to life or you won't.
mac2 4/20/2014 8:53:20 PM Report

:p means eyes with a tongue sticking out, but a quick question, you were taught your religion, say you were brought up over in Africa, would u still follow the jewish religion if u didn't even know it?
mac2 4/20/2014 8:56:36 PM Report

also, I don't understand what you meant about the 3 nights , Friday was the first night , sat the 2nd, sun the 3rd. how were u breaking it down?
irishfey 4/20/2014 9:11:55 PM Report

Mac2.. Good question, but too long to answer tonight. This old gals going to bed ,lol.. Will try and answer tomorrow.. Have a good night and... :P lol
mac2 4/20/2014 9:13:13 PM Report

u little bugger..............
good night.
harshbee 4/21/2014 8:29:29 AM Report

he looks reay young there ,, always behind as usual hahahah.
mac2 4/21/2014 5:33:45 PM Report

that question must of threw you for a loop, let me say this, everyone all over the planet has their beliefs/religions. the thing is, everyone thinks that theirs is right and everyone elses is wrong. but when you put that question to them, it really screws with their mind, haha.

wherever you were raised, what your parents believe etc is what your religion will be, unless you open your mind, i am sorry if this bothers you.

have a nice life.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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