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Wind farm appeal turned down

Thursday, April 17, 2014   by: Staff

An appeal board has dismissed a Heyden man’s attempt to stop a  25-MegaWatt wind farm project north of Sault Ste. Marie, says a group that has lobbied against the the project.

The Ministry of Environment approved the project in October and an Environmental Review Tribunal heard the appeal in December.

SP Development Limited Partnership’s 11-turbine project is to be built in the unorganized townships of Pennefather and Aweres.

Save Ontario’s Algoma Region, one of two local groups opposed to wind farm development, sent a message to media thanking those who spoke at the hearing in support of Moseley’s case.

“Their concern for the health and safety of the area residents and their concern for the economic well-being of Algoma have gone, if not unheard, then unaddressed,” wrote Gillan Richards, a member of the SOAR executive.

Anyone appealing the Green Energy Act process is required to provide evidence that a wind farm will be harmful to human health, wildlife and the environment.  

“The appellant has not established that the project will cause serious harm to human health due to LFN/IS, audible noise, shadow flicker, stray voltage, electromagnetic fields, visual impact, or fires,” says a copy of the tribunal’s decision provided to by SOAR. “As a result, the tribunal concludes that the appellant has not shown that the project, operated in accordance with the REA, will cause serious harm to human health.”

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Coo1 4/17/2014 12:40:34 PM Report about their inability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?

When the wind 'turns off' the coal and gas electrical plants then have to boost, causing more carbon dioxide in the creation of electrical energy.

Wind farms are just another scam in the get rich quick energy field.
rockbanger 4/17/2014 12:59:18 PM Report

Wind Farms .... Not the future of renewable power.
It is a method of making groups of rich people immediately richer and while putting the provincial government on the hook to pay long term repair costs.

The cost of maintaining these turbines is very high and will in the near future illustrate that they are not feasible over the long term. Any reader of this article will have to pay the repairs via tax dollars.

Should the proponent of these wind farms demand to finance the entire project with private monies then they should get the green light. This would include signing an agreement to never come after taxpayer monies for repairs or additional/emergency financing.

Solar panels have a 50 year life with basically no maintenance. This is the way to sustainability in the future. There is a local company (do not know the companies name) and they are way ahead of this thinking curve. They make such solar panels.

So, if the proponents of these energy projects can do the projects out of their own pockets and sign a no comeback on the taxpayer clause then they should be allowed to build..

Most Wind-Turbine-People are rich and crafty welfare recipients who know how to work the system. Using government funding.... Same ideology as welfare but on a larger scale.

In 1980 when Reagan/Bush took over the Oval Office the first thing Bush had done was to tear off the solar panels Jimmy Carter had put on the White House!!
Think About it.
scottstewy123 4/17/2014 1:04:43 PM Report

More increases to our electric bill coming soon.
DINOBOY 4/17/2014 1:13:45 PM Report

Thank you ERT for the proper decision...who's time and money will they try to waste next ?
IgnorantNortherner 4/17/2014 1:16:28 PM Report

Coo, so you're saying we only need that extra energy produced by coal/gas/nuke BECAUSE we've instituted wind? Does it not reduce CO2 at least a bit, overall? (Not that I think CO2 matters...more concerned about the radionuclides from coal and nuke and the fracking to get the gas)

“The appellant has not established that the project will cause serious harm to human health due to LFN/IS, audible noise, shadow flicker, stray voltage, electromagnetic fields, visual impact, or fires,”

So, are they admitting these things all happen as a result of the turbines? I can't imagine I'd have to prove fires are damaging to my health lol.

Rockbanger I'll look into this but I don't think solar panels last fifty years....even the 'best' ones. I mean they don't retain anything close to their original efficiency fifty years on. Even our local company would not exist without these sweetheart gov't deals like this turbine company will get to supply power to the grid at ten times the cost of coal/gas/nuke/hydro or something so ridiculous they don't make public the figure. Hilarious -- yes, your taxpayer dollars are subsidizing this energy deal but we can't tell you what it is costing you -- it's for your own good!
Sam C 4/17/2014 1:34:23 PM Report

Coo1... true, when there is insufficient wind to spin the turbines, other sources of energy will need to be brought online.

However, while the wind IS producing electricity, the other sources are not needed, or are needed less. This WILL result in an overall reduction of CO2 emissions.
Koolaid 4/17/2014 1:38:13 PM Report

It's so sad that corporations run our country now :(
Moonshiner 4/17/2014 1:51:00 PM Report

Its not suprising...Bow Lake will go ahead also.I think it would make more sense to increase hydroelectric capacity on the Lake Superior outflow.
fcubed 4/17/2014 2:54:53 PM Report

Never forget corporations are UNIONS of people with money to invest. Period. So, to be against corporations is to be against UNIONS (of people with money).
rockbanger 4/17/2014 3:28:50 PM Report

Ignorant North

Thanx for checking my info for us all.

Now I stated the panels last 50 years and did not state they kept 100% efficiency that long. If they did they would still be good at 50 years... but you will correct me, and it is always good to have the real information.

One of the major things people do not factor in with wind turbines is that there are many moving parts per machine.. Folks should understand a turbine needs monthly maintenance in the best of times.
No machine runs 100% efficient and if they run high efficiency it is not for huge amounts of time. Maintenance will be required.

The blades and other expensive parts are subject to damage from wind blowing branches and sometimes large flying creatures.. Like the Mothman...just a joke but a flock or gaggle of geese hitting a blade in rotation could cause fatal cracks.

As our planet heats up, we will be awestruck at the options for cheap electricity for both home and business. One I have read on recently, are basically dynamo's that use magnets in arranged configurations and run at very high efficiency and produce clean and relatively cheap power.

If you think this is science fiction it is some reading folks. Remember who has controlled the world of energy supplies for the last 200 years. The last thing they want are power options that do not rely on hydrocarbons.

mjr 4/17/2014 3:36:41 PM Report

Like a cancer the corruption spreads deeply through our governments.The bureaucrats,politicians and their lawyers making sure all wording and conveniently written laws that suit their purposes are created.A going through the motions appeal process is done,but a decision on any scenario that could be put forward to stop it was already worded.
I also believe these appeal boards are well paid and usually well connected to be in the favor of the bureaucrats and politicians.
One of Justin Trudeau's advisors makes $62,000 a day off of so called green energy,a multi year guaranteed contract from the ontario government.
We are paying and will continue to pay big money to a select few,it’s enough to make you sick,it’s in our faces every day and they rub our noses in it,all knowing we are like sheep having faith in our system as it slowly slides downward.

Must be the snow today that makes me write this way.
rockbanger 4/17/2014 3:44:02 PM Report


In the words of George Herbert Walker Bush..

The way for the new economy to move forward will be 'Run buy the rule of law and not the law of the jungle'.

It is a sad but true statement of how well the 'rule of law and corporations' fit together. The rule of law seldom benefits the general population.

If you think it is by coincidence....sorry!

It is by design.
mjr 4/17/2014 3:49:45 PM Report


I have never thought of it as a coincidence,more of a perversion of the public trust.

IgnorantNortherner 4/17/2014 4:49:05 PM Report

You were pretty well right, rockbanger.

Virtually every solar company offers a 20-25yr warranty promising you get at least 80% of your original output after 25yrs. I don't think they know for sure what happens by year 50 but output shouldn't be a lot less than 50%, which is great.

Not sure if you've checked these guys out rockbanger (they're two of the most established) but I was reminded of Tom Bearden and John Bedini with your dynamo comment. They have small machines with COPs of 5, 10, 15+ and working patents that haven't yet been bought up by the DOD or BigOil.....yet. Promising stuff.
Twistinwrenches 4/17/2014 5:12:38 PM Report

Like your power bills !!! You can thank Liberals and their green energy policy.
rockbanger 4/17/2014 5:49:25 PM Report


Your name is a play on words..
The example of the magnetic dynamo's is an example of how mankind can and will survive. Global warming in the present day scenario is manmade and man must come up with the right scenarios to reverse this. May take 200-400 years but our distant grandchildren will look back and say wow.. Ignorant-&-rock were pretty smart 'Eh'....LOL

Thanx for the info about the warranty on those panels.

Myself, I like to read posts but too many people state facts that are erouneous in nature, not intentionally misleading.

Keep up with your wise work young Jedi...

right wing 4/17/2014 6:53:03 PM Report

You "solar scientist" make me laugh.
It is not the solar panels that are the problem it is the storage of the power they produce.
Why don't you do some reading on the life time of the batteries, the costs and then get back to us. the planet heats up.
You mean caused by "climate change pause" the fear mongers have pushed their apocalyptic predictions into 2050... cause the day has arrived and the predictions have not happened.
Remember this goes back over fifteen years now.

rockbanger 4/17/2014 7:09:22 PM Report

right wing

Aren't you one of those babbling nit-wits from the daily state your view blog... You know where you say good morning to everyone and then say nasty things. Or write ridiculous jokes?

On solar panel storage you are somewhat correct...
Solar panels collect light energy and are connected to a storage device. This is how the power keeps magically working at night.

wandering 4/18/2014 1:40:48 AM Report

this is not for the sault ...why we should have them
dericklenius 4/19/2014 12:41:12 PM Report

Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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