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Former Sault resident to receive lung transplant (updated)

Friday, February 28, 2014   by: Staff
Kayla Mavretic's mom posted the following on the Facebook page for her daughter this morning, about an hour ago.
"I finally find a couch in icu. Suzie makes a face to me. Someone was walking to me. Ohhh there's the surgeon!!! She is out of surgery!!! It went perfectly!!! No problems. Heart is great. Lungs look beautiful and working great!! We will be able to see her in a few hours!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TYD!!!!!!!! "
After a six hour operation, Mavretic woke up with new lungs.
Lungs the 24-year-old has been waiting much of her life to receive as she battled cystic fibrosis.
She's aware that her battle is far from over as she recovers from surgery but has finally received the miracle she needed to begin the next part of her journey toward wellness.
Original story: February 27, 8:30 p.m.

After spending much of her life fighting cystic fibrosis, 24-year-old Kayla Mavretic received news today that she will be getting the double-lung transplant operation that she has been waiting for.

A post on the Facebook page dedicated to her journey says Mavretic is expected to begin surgery at 11:00 p.m. tonight.

She understands that transplants can often be cancelled or delayed, but she remains optimistic.

According to a Sault Star article dated November 23, 2012 Mavretic was a Sault resident until Grade 6, when her family moved to southern Ontario to be closer to medical care. will keep you updated on Mavretic's progress.

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arizonagryphon3 2/27/2014 8:24:49 PM Report

Best of luck to you and all of your family.
scottstewy123 2/27/2014 8:33:38 PM Report

Prayers going up for her
Dead End Kid 2/27/2014 8:37:27 PM Report

I wish you the very best Kayla and a speedy recovery.
mama_mia 2/27/2014 8:38:43 PM Report

I don't know this young lady but I've been following Kayla's story for about a year now. She is one strong woman with so much drive, determination and love for others all while being so sick. She has never given up. All the best Kayla. You are so deserving and will be able to live a "normal" life. Hugs and prayers to a you girl. And also thinking and praying for the unselfish family that has given you this new lease on life.
wingsfan 2/27/2014 8:43:34 PM Report

my husband is down in Southern Ontario waiting for a double lung transplant right now also. I wish all the best to this young lady!!
daddy c 2/27/2014 8:52:35 PM Report

All the best and a speedy recovery. You are in our prayers.
firefly42 2/27/2014 9:41:39 PM Report

Sending out positive vibes for a successful surgery, speedy recovery, and a long, happy and healthy life!
kuva 2/27/2014 9:42:30 PM Report

You are in my prayers Kayla may the Lord Bless and Keep you forever,in Jesus name Amen

mac2 2/27/2014 10:16:23 PM Report

i hope everything goes well!
dejrfan2004 2/27/2014 10:30:19 PM Report

sending prayers Kayla for a successful transplant.
Pakadeva 2/27/2014 11:49:34 PM Report

Prayers for Kayla & also wingsfan's brother.
Dead End Kid 2/28/2014 7:04:16 AM Report

All the best Wingsfan to both you and your husband.
chichimawn 2/28/2014 7:06:45 AM Report

I hope that by this time, you have had or are having your life saving lung transplant! God speed with your recovery. I'm praying for you, your family, the medical team and the donator family... May you have a long and healthy life. And wingsfan May your family get the call they need, as well.
uncle gary 2/28/2014 7:21:18 AM Report

Prayers being sent that all goes well. Wishing the very best to this young lady...
Miss Ellen 2/28/2014 8:07:57 AM Report

My daughter's friend in Milton just had a lung transplant and she is doing great. All the best to you too. Keep us posted.
kitten67 2/28/2014 8:21:33 AM Report

Good luck Kayla....i am the mom of two kids with CF...praying everything goes well for you
Hinkle 2/28/2014 9:50:50 AM Report

Best of Luck and may God Bless You. You're in our prayers.
edz 2/28/2014 9:54:18 AM Report

blessings to the donor, must have been a very giving person in life. I hope Kayla has a long and fulfilling life ahead of her.
mcginta 2/28/2014 10:15:59 AM Report

Awesome Kayla! The Sault wishes you the very best!
Tag33&1/3rd 2/28/2014 10:30:29 AM Report

Nice to Hear! Glad!

--I hope happens soon! In prayers 4sure!
I'm In 2/28/2014 10:41:05 AM Report

What a happy ending, Dr's/Surgeon's are worth every nickel they earn.
j-slice 2/28/2014 10:50:23 AM Report

The very warmest of thoughts and prayers to your family from mine !! <3
speed7 2/28/2014 10:51:47 AM Report

this is wonderfull news! Girl.... you've been through too much! You look good keep up your enthusiasm. Looks like already they are walking you around thats a bonus and great sign. Can you beleive how much money spent on your heath care ie: doctors, travel etc.... I know that story all too well. Glad to see you smile!Lucky, strong girl you are. nice to see that youve finally got your lungs.
arizonagryphon3 2/28/2014 10:56:40 AM Report

Wonderful! Wishing Kayla a speedy recovery! Get well soon! Today marks a new beginning!
frnlak 2/28/2014 11:54:51 AM Report

And a huge thankyou to the deceased donor. Please people , if you have not signed a donor card please do and make your family aware. You personaly can save several lives
frnlak 2/28/2014 11:55:54 AM Report

And a huge thankyou to the deceased donor. Please people , if you have not signed a donor card please do and make your family aware. You personaly can save several lives
frnlak 2/28/2014 11:56:52 AM Report

it's worth repeating !
inferno 2/28/2014 12:01:34 PM Report

Two amazing stories, Kayla's remarkable outcome and someone providing that opportunity by donating their organs. You are in our prayers and thoughts!
SuperiorYardCare 2/28/2014 12:07:45 PM Report

Glad to hear! Best of luck .
scottstewy123 2/28/2014 12:25:30 PM Report

julsie 2/28/2014 12:58:10 PM Report

Good Luck to a full recovery
bubba2006 2/28/2014 1:22:30 PM Report

good news! Finally a good news story. Best of luck. You are in our prayers, wishing you a speedy recovery and a long life, even if we don't know you!
Tills 2/28/2014 1:48:47 PM Report

AMEN!!!Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!
firefly42 2/28/2014 2:14:39 PM Report

frnlak I agree! Become an organ donor! Your organs aren't doing you any good once you're gone. Give someone the Gift of Life!
Pakadeva 3/1/2014 11:39:31 AM Report

My donor card has been signed since I was very & young receiving my drivers license, wouldn't have it any other way!
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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