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Highway 17 closed from Batchawana to Wawa (2:50 p.m. update)

Saturday, February 22, 2014   by: Staff



2:50 p.m. update
The OPP wish to advise motorists that Highway 17 from Batchawana to Wawa is now open to traffic.
Original 9 a.m. release
Superior East/ SSM Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police advise of the following Road Advisory:

Location:  Hwy 17 - Batchawana to Wawa

Brief Description of Event:  Whiteout conditions and poor visibility

Detour (if available):  N/A

Estimated duration of Road Advisory: N/A

The O.P.P. will distribute details and updates of the road advisory as information becomes available.

Please do not call O.P.P. Provincial Communication Centres for road advisory updates or road condition information.

Visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website at or call 511 for Traveller's Information such as Winter Road Conditions, Construction Reports, Road Closures, Traffic Reports, Traffic Cameras and Interactive Mapping.


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old-cat33 2/22/2014 9:29:44 AM Report

Winter Time in good ole Northern Ontario or I should say Superior East?
Dress warm winter is still here folks!
bounder 2/22/2014 9:42:16 AM Report

Now they are getting to be a little bit to much,just come down that Hwy and with the snow a little bit of blowing now and then, slow down and everything thing just fine.
Next thing they will shut it down when it rains.
sweetc 2/22/2014 9:53:33 AM Report

Bounder.. if you have ever been on that highway with a little blowing snow you would really know that the road should be closed. I have been caught between road closures on that highway and you literally cannot see a foot in front of the car. we had to drive with the passenger door open and the passenger following the snowbank to make sure we were on the road and not driving in the middle of it because you sure as hell couldn't see if anything was coming. Get to Sault Ste marie and find out that the road closed just after you went through the check point. brutal trip.
rocketman 2/22/2014 10:01:22 AM Report

havenesegal 2/22/2014 11:15:50 AM Report

My sister and her family was killed because she drove on a road that wasn't closed that should of been. I am always grateful when i see a road closure that another family doesnt have to go through the horror we did.Just curious all u folks who think the road should be open do u plan on driving on it today ??
bounder 2/22/2014 11:41:36 AM Report

I'm not talking through my hat here < been on the road many times, and today they did not need to shut it down.
zzeke 2/22/2014 11:43:43 AM Report

Did you come from Wawa Bounder ?
Vmax-4 2/22/2014 11:52:12 AM Report

sweetc, good post!!

I've driven in the same conditions, can't see a foot in front of you and you have to follow the snow bank.
zzeke 2/22/2014 11:55:50 AM Report

havenesegal . Good point ! Definately to bad about your family .
derb222 2/22/2014 1:48:38 PM Report

Bounder has no clue. North of Pancake has lots of snow that is light and is blowing off the lake quick white outs will blind a driver no matter what experience they have you can't drive safely blinded. Further roads have drifts building as quick as they can clear. Also, ice covered from rain. Good call closing maybe it will save a life.
sweetc 2/22/2014 1:53:19 PM Report

Bounder... were you on the north highway today? Even if you were, it could easily blow in behind you and you wouldn't know there was anything wrong. but the car 10 minutes behind you could be in trouble.
bounder 2/22/2014 3:15:13 PM Report

I was there and you sir or whatever where not, I came down just before the end of the park , as for having no clue, you to make that statement without proof simplifies what you are,
good day and have fun.
bounder 2/22/2014 3:18:22 PM Report

Sweet C correct you are and that may have happened but the time it took me to the traffic block was longer than when they closed it ,sure it was blowing, and sure there was snow, but it wasn't enough then to shut the hwy down.
RocknRoll 2/22/2014 3:36:45 PM Report

I also grew up on that Hwy and never seen it closed, I grew up by Mamainse Harbour and took a school bus to Montreal River with out ever having the school closed , bus canceled or missing school due to weather. When conditions were bad, driving habits were adjusted and even pulled over for a bit to let things clear up. Have to say people were smarter to make appropriate decisions as to driving. Also back in the day the government had its own patrols for snow removal and not contractors which I feel is where the problem arises from as a cost saving measure.
bounder 2/22/2014 4:22:12 PM Report

According to Derb222
closing the Hwy may have saved a life, no clue here , guess close all Hwys and save many lives no matter what the weather. Armchair sniper.
zzeke 2/22/2014 4:33:21 PM Report

hmmmm error on the side of caution or leave it open and plow off the carnage after it quits snowing and blowing hmmmm interesting debate for sure .
Love the " back in the day " stories . Here`s a "back in the day" story . the Trans Canada hwy did not have the traffic volume it does Now in this day and age
Timbob 2/22/2014 4:41:38 PM Report

Bounder's right. We should close all highways all the time. Then there would never be any accidents.

If SweetC owned a car with wipers that worked, and stopped smoking wacky tabacky maybe she could see where she was going, LOL.

Complete nonsense closing that highway today!
Moni Moni 2/22/2014 5:28:40 PM Report

Is the highway open or closed? Heading states closed report states open! Perhaps they leave it up to us to decide?
sweetc 2/22/2014 5:59:52 PM Report

Timbob.... you have obviously not been in bad whiteout conditions. try it sometime.
Gumby54 2/22/2014 6:17:16 PM Report

Curious; what does traffic volume today versus 25 years ago have to do with the frequency of hiway closure? It is either to dangerous to drive or it's not; volume makes no difference. Lack of maintenance today versus years ago is the real reason.
zzeke 2/22/2014 7:47:52 PM Report

Gumby ...let me see try to follow along .... If there is 100 vehicles travelling north on crappy roads an 100 vehicles heading south on crappy roads in 2014 and say 40 or 50 doing the same thing only 25 years ago also in crappy weather I`m thinking the odds of an accident are greatly increased in 2014. And perhaps the OPP are getting tired of all the paperwork and carnage. So to avoid this perhaps the like to error on the side of caution.
Geez when I bitched about shitty road maintanace a few years ago I was always told that it was the general public at fault and not the contractor doing the lacklustre job .Go
moose23 2/22/2014 9:03:28 PM Report

Again to those folks who complain about the highway being closed... hmmm... were you up there again today? did you see all of the snow that fell over the past 24 hrs? At the Environment Canada station/Tilley Lakes late today there was over...yes... over 3 feet of fresh snow in a 24 hr period... get a reality check and get your facts before complaining about something you know nothing about... just sick of the whining...
Timbob 2/22/2014 11:07:57 PM Report

The problem with your argument zzzzzzeke is that there's actually LESS traffic on that highway today than there was 25 years ago.

And since it's closed half the time you may as well just bulldoze the thing and we'll go back to horse and buggy.
zzeke 2/22/2014 11:25:26 PM Report

Well timbob if there`s less traffic no sense in whining about closed roads then is there ? Shut it down and open it up when the sun shines ..problem solved. With all the traffic I see rolling east and west I kinda doubt it`s all originating or stopping in the Sault or crossing the border for that matter .
Must be the only part of the Trans Can that has less traffic on it . Be sure to clean up after your horse !!bahaha
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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