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Northern Breweries site for sale (again)

Friday, February 21, 2014   by: Staff

There is yet another twist in the on-going saga of the Northern Breweries site in downtown Sault Ste. Marie.

A listing on a commercial real estate site shows the building as being listed for sale.

Plans were shown for a 242-unit condominium to be built on the site, any remaining hopes of that development going through are surely extinguished.

Speaking of extinguished, apparently losing the attached offices to fire in early 2013 actually increased the property value.

The asking price? $499,999.

That is $120,000 more than the building reportedly sold for in 2011, pre-fire. will bring you more information as this story continues to develop.

Previous coverage:

Fire at Northern Breweries (35 photos, video)

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itsme29 2/20/2014 9:58:47 PM Report

and is anyone surprised that that condo will never be built? only a fool would have ever believed that to begin with...not sure what the scam is....did the city ever get the back taxes owed?
Wisenheimer 2/20/2014 10:13:34 PM Report

Not likely .. that's why they're asking more than what they paid.
Me Myself an I 2/20/2014 10:22:31 PM Report

Funny how a fire increased its value
tired of all the lies 2/20/2014 10:25:21 PM Report

You got $65,000 for the hospital site and you are asking how much for this crap hole?????
northern farmer 2/20/2014 10:28:03 PM Report

Maybe the brewery would still be operating if the city had not sold out to Steelback broke company, and been shut out by corporate promises, a bust program that left us without a local brewery and a name on our arena. Again, sold out by the city, to get the sponsorship, the local brewery had to be shut down. Hmmm??
KiwiOnASticK 2/20/2014 10:41:41 PM Report

Just because they're asking $499K, doesn't mean that they'll actually get that from a buyer. This is a textbook real estate flip. They bought cheap real estate in a prime location. Promote a great development opportunity. Wait for the neighbours to upgrade the surroundings in hope that the building will be built. Then sell the property for a profit.

I'm willing to bet that the next buyer will try the same scam and never build a thing.
guard1 2/20/2014 10:47:03 PM Report

Good combination, a scrapy old brewery and an
eyesore Norgoma blocking the beautifull view of the river surely must have a negative affect on the value and property demand in that area. Think about it would you buy a piece of property that has scrap cars acoss the street?
Sam C 2/20/2014 10:50:37 PM Report

Is that "on-going" or "no-going?"

Actually, I don't see this as a big deal. Property developers buy land and come up with big plans, but if they don't get enough interest in the project from potential buyers they just drop it.

The "loss" from buying and no developing property is far less than if they had developed it and failed to sell into a profit.

Someone eventually will develop that property. Hey, it's been there over 100 years... what's the hurry?
jojoe71 2/20/2014 11:38:59 PM Report

aww! and I was looking forward to seeing that world famous spiral tower :)
Beej 2/21/2014 12:25:12 AM Report

Another Garforthian type snow job!
No doubt the city has a lien on the property for taxes owing.
JustMe1234567 2/21/2014 12:52:01 AM Report

No twisty tower!?! Boooooo Hisssss!

And to @KiwiOnASticK, you are very smart I think you nailed it.

U have an interest for politics? I would be pleased if you ran for council based on your post alone.
steve53000 2/21/2014 6:55:07 AM Report

Question why hasn't the city taken this property back for non payment of taxes and or costs
If it were ordinary people they would be forced into doing one or the other
Javaman 2/21/2014 7:42:00 AM Report

The fact it is for sale is a good thing. At least there is a chance something will be built there. Lets hope the city can recover all of its costs such as taxes owed and demolition charges to date.
itsme29 2/21/2014 7:56:21 AM Report

well now that the owners have reappered isn't there a demolition order in affect, last we heard our city couldn't get ahold of them to tell them to take down the u know where there at, just call there realtor. and ask for our tax money well your at it.
TFinn 2/21/2014 8:23:01 AM Report

Is there no one with this city with ½ a noodle … possibly elected persons should require to have some sort of degree beyond grade 8 to run for any position …. What do they do when they sign agreements ??? …. Have the agreement written in crayon geeez …??
Wild Turkey 2/21/2014 8:35:01 AM Report

Why not get a developer like "Riversedge"to resurrect the building and start up a brewery/warehouse pub style restaurant?
The City could lease to own or some other arrangement.
I,ve seen it done in Milwaukee with the old Schlitz plant.There's a "Spaghetti Factory" not far from the Ballpark in Cincinnati,and a Micro Brewery/Pub in the Old Distillery District in T.O.
They are popular sites with locals and tourists.
Shortz 2/21/2014 8:54:06 AM Report

What isn't mentioned in the article, is who is the seller? Is it the city or the de developers? If it's the developers, then can the city not put a lein on it for moneys owed?
Ski-Dude 2/21/2014 8:58:12 AM Report

This is a great idea! We can only wish to have something like that here. No such thing coming here though....lack of imagination and closed mindedness hold this crap hole back. I'll just keep going to Traverse City.....they like my money :)
crashed13 2/21/2014 9:07:02 AM Report

Same thing will happen with our grand duty free bridge plaza.
Slim Shady 2/21/2014 9:15:57 AM Report


“…Question why hasn't the city taken this property back for non payment of taxes and or costs If it were ordinary people they would be forced into doing one or the other…”

If the City seized the property for back taxes, they would be on the hook for demolition costs and any environmental clean-up costs. The costs of this would far exceed the taxes they are owed or the $499K of “assumed value”. If the City demolishes the buildings and tries to sell it, the price would be too high to entice a buyer.

As for people slamming the City for the failure of the development of this site… I don’t understand? What would you have them do? It is a private company…. Developers come and go. We are not on the hook for any money. As for area improvements, they probably were past due anyway and needed to get done.

@Wild Turkey

I do like your idea. Someone will develop this spot; the economy is weak right now though.
steve53000 2/21/2014 10:23:04 AM Report

@ Slim
I am just pretty sure that the city will not get any reimbursement from the owners and if I had the resourses I would love to resurrect the building as a brewery or what as mentioned by previous concerned people from our great City hopefully the powers to be will find a suitable end without the greed from the previous owners who only seen to care about the almighty $$ and not our city
Koolaid 2/21/2014 10:46:27 AM Report

The Mayor and CEO Should be held accountable. There should be an investigation .
R0FL0L 2/21/2014 10:46:53 AM Report

The Hospital Site went for what? $64000 waterfront and incl. 2 properties lower Woodward.(which, if separated BEFORE the SALE from the whole project could have sold for the $64000 or close to)...who in his/her right mind will buy THAT property for even close to that!! price? They should just "give" it away like they did with the Hospital...get it over with
Kayteem 2/21/2014 11:39:21 AM Report

If you do a little Googling you will find stories about the buyers and lots of other strange information. Dig a little further and you will learn that the corporate offices for Sun Avanlone Health Care is an ordinary residence in Scarborough. A Sault Star reporter wrote about how fishy the company and it's owners seemed and he was bang on. They romanced the city but all along it was an enormous scam. What made us all believe is that there was money up front, but that was chump change compared to what they might have come away with from trusting people. Good people in this town were scammed.
Koolaid 2/21/2014 1:18:43 PM Report

Kayteem : No, The mayor And CEO Were Scammed , the good people of the sault were not involved. So there should be an investigation of negligence of duty on both their parts. If found guilty ,Both the Mayor and CEO should step down.
right wing 2/21/2014 2:19:17 PM Report


Not sure what you're drinking but it ain't Koolaid......

Love all the expert advise from some of the clueless...
Ski-Dude 2/21/2014 2:21:34 PM Report

And the people with all the clues
Koolaid 2/21/2014 4:31:50 PM Report

right wing : Doesn't know Jack _ _ _ _
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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