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Present a solution resolution to Canada Post: Mark Barsanti

Tuesday, February 04, 2014   by: Staff has received the following information from Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce President Mark Barsanti who wanted to give our readers the full context of his statement to City Council last night regarding Council's position on a recent Canada Post and it's decision to cut home delivery of mail. What follows is the full text of his remarks to Council. 
Remarks by the  SSMCOC to City Council on February 3rd, 2014 on Canada Post Resolution
Mr. Turco’s  first speech during his election campaign to become a councilor all those years ago struck me because he focused in on what he saw as his role as a councilor. 
To paraphrase, he said he wanted to serve as councilor  to help people in his ward who needed things like a pot hole fixed; a stop sign installed.
His speech was impassioned and heartfelt and it was focused on what he believed the voters in his ward wanted of their councilor.
Our city is in a demographics Crisis. We have a crisis of youth. 
The potholes and stop signs of the 1990s are the job creation and outward migration issues of today.
Those issues need to be our focus.  Those issues need to be our passion, our mission. 
Tonight I want to be clear, the Chamber is not here because we have any particular affinity for Canada Post Corporation; nor do we have any particular affinity for CUPW; 
However, we are here for local business and entrepreneurs. We are here because we see this issue in a broader context…
Both Canada Post Corporation and CUPW are large, sophisticated organizations that have the resources and talent to effectively resolve their differences without our community becoming a proxy for either of them.
This is not, nor should it be, a council of labour or a council management. 
There are many situations where companies are making decisions that affect employment in the Sault.  Sears Canada and Futureshop both recently announced national job cuts that will impact people in our community. 
If council gets into the labour / management debate with one company, why not all companies.
What are the implications of going there?
We must not become a community that business perceives to be interventionist when it comes to the relationship between worker and management. 
We must become a community that both business and workers perceive to be one of opportunity and growth potential;
We have one of the oldest communities in the province and one of the fastest aging cities in the country.  
The Chamber urges you to see this Canada Post issue as an opportunity.   
An opportunity to present yourselves and this community in a progressive way.  
An opportunity to present yourselves and this community as a place for those who want to be part of a solution, not part of a protest.   
An opportunity to lobby for a decentralization of jobs out of Ottawa and Toronto into the Sault.
Let’s be clear, there is not a person here who would not choose home mail delivery.
Times have changed. 
We can send messages around the globe in seconds.
We can explore the offerings of manufacturers and retailers from around the world and have any of those items shipped to our homes from China, India, Europe, Mexico and United States.
Go to any Canada Post office or go to any package delivery outlet on the US side of the border and you will see not hundreds but thousands of packages coming into our city from around the globe. 
Getting back to Mr. Turco's speech:  If you went to anyone in the early 1990s and asked if they wanted council to fix more pot holes or to make our streets safer, you would not get a single negative reply. 
If you go to voters today and asked if they wanted more jobs for their children or grandchildren, you would not get a single negative reply.
Canada Post’s Decision was made because of two different but related realities.  
First, letter mail is declining at a rapid rate and it is projected to continue to decline; Second, package freight delivery is increasing at a rapid rate and is projected to continue to increase.
Canada Post has acknowledged they have to build processes to aid the elderly and the disabled; they have to work on protocols for the placement of mailboxes within existing neighbourhoods.
Both of those issues are opportunities for the Sault.
The Chamber is urging you to do two things to capitalize on those opportunities:
First, offer to be part of the solution.  
If you really want to help our community and the elderly and disabled, then work as hard as you can to have direct involvement in the final outcome of the new letter mail system; put us on the map as a community that brings solutions to the table; Second, The Chamber is asking you to take a position that will invite Canada Post and CUPW to make the City of Sault Ste. Marie a major player in the growing package freight business so that good paying jobs can be available for people in our community.
The Chamber is asking you to take the same position on the Canada Post issue as you so wisely took with the OLG modernization and the CN Rail issue.  
Let’s figure out a way to position ourselves not to be a protest community by a solution community.
There have been many articles in National media on this issue. 
The one we really need to have written would have the following headline: "Sault Ste. Marie to be Part of the Solution for Growth at Canada Post."
I urge all of you, on behalf of the 750 Chamber members who employ more than 10,000 workers to examine this issue and come back with a “solution” resolution.
Mark S. Barsanti
President, Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce
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flyhawk25 2/4/2014 1:52:29 PM Report

Why not just reduce home delivery to three days a week?
That might save 40% unless my math is wonky.
thera 2/4/2014 2:06:27 PM Report

"First, letter mail is declining at a rapid rate and it is projected to continue to decline"
Ummm, no it's not. It is declining, but not tail-spinning. In addition, Canada Post delivers more than letters: addressed ad mail, flyers, and many, many packages. Just between December 1st and 10th in 2013 alone, CP delivered over ONE MILLION packages. It will be interesting to see how much they made last year (as CP was in the black in 2012 as well). Tell me why they have to "get with the times" when the business is profitable?
Interesting that Future Shop and Sears were mentioned. Have they become a CROWN corporation over night and we just haven't heard about it? No we haven't, so try not deflecting the issue. The public has a right and deserves to have input. Oh and asking less than 2% of Canadians is not enough, nor acceptable.
FunMan 2/4/2014 2:08:39 PM Report


You fail to see the difference between running a business (Sears ) and a Public Service. ( Canada Post).

That 's why City Council responds to one and not the other.
learningaswego 2/4/2014 2:38:04 PM Report

If it wasn't for UNSOLICITED JUNK MAIL, mail volumes have probably shrunk by a minimum of 80% over the past few years.


The ONLY purpose it serves is to give letter carriers something to do.
The vast majority of Canadians could easily do with mail delivery twice a week, if any at all - again, the vast majority would gladly pick up at a community mail box location. For the miniscule number who couldn't, other arrangements can be made. But for gosh sakes, just because some seniors would have difficulty accessing an outdoor community mail box, does NOT equate to a need to keeping 5 days a week door to door delivery. That is just nuts.
Just Curious 2/4/2014 3:22:06 PM Report

I get home delivery.. In the last5 months I have received MAYBE 10 pieces of mail with stamps. 2 were for me, the rest were for the lady that used to live here that never changed her address, and I have quit re-addressing them and dropping them off at the post office, I just junk them now.. All the rest of my mail is just flyers and junk mail. Do I care if they stop delivery?? Not a damn bit and my dog would stop barking at the door every time the mail lady opens my mail box to put more junk mail in.. Sorry, but for the most part the Post Office has become redundant. Hell, the pony express and stagecoaches went the way of the DoDo bird and so goes Canada Post...
thera 2/4/2014 3:59:33 PM Report

Well, there you have it then, you don't find mail delivery that necessary, so that means no one does. You speak for every Canadian I guess.
Flyers are there so the mailman has something to do? Really? Just wondering if you ever heard of the Superbowl and how much ads costs during the game? Advertising is BIG BUSINESS. Canada Post gets revenue from these companies advertising and in turn, those companies enjoy increased patronage. Derp.
One more question, have you ever heard of a company closing up shop when they are profitable? Please provide examples.
winman99 2/4/2014 4:49:43 PM Report

I agree with Flyhawk25. Reduce the number of times per week mail is delivered. I know it would still mean cutbacks, but it would mean fewer of them. I realize mail carriers are well paid, but would guess that most of the money is spent by Canada Post long before the mail is in the bag. As for stores like Futureshop laying off workers, I am part of the problem. There was a good sale on a few weeks ago on a product I wanted from the flyer, but it wasn't available in the Sault store, so I ordered it online, delivered to my door. I'm sure Futureshop Canada would close every store they have if they could just convince people to purchase online. Same thing as having self checkouts at stores like Canadian Tire. Less people working, more profits for the store. I miss the days of mom-and-pop stores. We might have paid a couple cents more for things, but there were more jobs.
good4now 2/4/2014 4:57:28 PM Report

Reduce home delivery to TWICE a week.
That way a carrier could do two routes and provide holiday relief for half of a third.

I do not know whether ad-mail generates a net profit. In theory it as a bonus, as it does not need to be sorted.

But, I watched a replacement carrier scoot around last week. He was obviously filling in for a sick carrier. He delivered only mail to a very few houses.
I believe this was because he was NOT delivering ad-mail. The regular carrier makes it here after lunch. This guy was around 11. At this rate we could drop the ad mail & half the carriers required. But this is a sacred cow to both the post office and business.

Too bad the Sault This Week was bought out & turned into a flyer. The Sault Star claims to have a Star-extra, that delivers adds to every house, but in fact does not. My son lives in p-patch and has NEVER gotten this, as never has my relative near Grand Blvd and Hilltop.

The post office should concentrate on delivering mail and parcels that earn full postage and leave the ads to third parties. There is only VERY faint hope at best.
gatex 2/4/2014 5:03:55 PM Report

Have canada post,dump all junk mail at the station depot,its all crap anyway,cut the delivery days,set up corner boxes,we seniors are alot tougher than you think,we will figure it out.A hundred years ago we did it,Stop crying about it.oba joe
Lone24 2/4/2014 5:08:19 PM Report

There are 750 Chamber members who employ more than 10,000 workers and they have to ask the public for help.
I'm In 2/4/2014 5:45:50 PM Report

learningaswego as thera posted Canada Post Corp is paid big money by Companies to delivery the so called junk mail as you say is unsolicited, companies paid 4 Million dollars a minute to advertise during the SUPERBOWL.

P.S. I want home delivery and you can bet the P.C's will lose the next election over this
Meow 2/4/2014 6:49:22 PM Report

I have no idea what Marc is saying. The cost for the city to absorb what he is saying would be devastating. I also don't care for his cavalier attitude when it comes to less fortunate people. Shame. Shame. Shame.
OrganicGuy 2/4/2014 7:50:08 PM Report

All is not lost everyone... Premiere Wynne just created 40 new jobs!!!
Oldie Goldie 2/4/2014 8:00:50 PM Report

Flyhawk25---The C.E.O. of Canada Post said that Businesses want 5 day mail delivery and they pay a lot to get it.

I, too believe that 3 day delivery is fine but the Head of Canada Post will not even consider anything less than 5 day a week delivery.

Businesses want their Flyers etc. delivered even though many think that it is junk mail !

So tell Canada Post what you want don't tell us on this media.
dust2 2/4/2014 10:07:37 PM Report

canada posts' solution is fine. community boxes will just have to be accepted. complain about litter and purse stealing all you want, it has nothing to do with the mailbox
PunkBob 2/5/2014 1:33:05 AM Report

I personally get mail every day. Addressed to myself or my wife. We did have a community mail box while out street was under construction, and it was quite a hassle. Always full, kept forgetting about it. Couldn't fit certain things in there without cramming them. Just not well thought out......would like to see them deliver less, then see community mailboxes be the solution. They are terrible.
CMatchett 2/6/2014 10:28:36 AM Report

Everyone has been talking about why Canada Post should or shouldn't get rid of door to door services,I thought this article was asking for ideas towards a solution. Am I the only one who sees business and volunteer opportunities here? I understand that there is more to it than just starting a mail delivery service, but really, no one has jumped up and said, " Here, I'll do it, give me the money to deliver those advertisements, business mail and anything else you can think of." I may be mistaken but there tends to be big dollars in advertisements, and if one small local company handled delivery instead of a huge national company, wouldn't that be better for our community.
And regarding elderly or disabled persons, we already have volunteer organizations that provide services to these individuals do we not? We have meals on wheels, I know we do because I've seen the vans. I'm sure that someone can organize an extension of an existing program or heaven forbid, create a new one. I'm sure the Sault is not lacking in citizens willing to help out. Or I hope so any way.
I feel like I'm ranting but come on, is there not one wealthy person here in town that would like to invest in a community based mail/advertisement delivery company. Who knows, maybe it will grow into the next Purolator.
riverman 2/6/2014 11:15:54 AM Report

The next Purolator??? Purolator is owned by Canada Post!
CMatchett 2/6/2014 12:22:52 PM Report

Well that was a bad choice of an example, but I still think the idea would work, and I encourage people to explain where I go wrong. Whether Canada Post can't or won't continue the services, is this not an opportune moment for someone to take the first step in providing locally owned and operated services. This is where I may need to be corrected but from what I understand a smaller company would cost drastically less to operate than a huge national company like Canada Post. If the local delivery company catches on, and more cities and towns begin to do the same would that not begin creating local jobs? I understand that this is a highly unrefined idea, full of holes. I don't have a vast understanding of the business world, but if there is someone out there who can run with this idea and make it work, I believe it could be worth it in the end.
Any thoughts/corrections/suggestion?
I am just spit balling after all.

Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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