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Sending a message to Canada Post

Monday, February 03, 2014   by: Darren Taylor

Sault Ste. Marie City Council, in its continuing concern over Canada Post’s December 2013 announcement regarding planned, radical changes to its operations nationwide and the effect those changes would have locally, passed a resolution Monday aimed at getting Canada Post to wait and possibly reconsider some of its choices.

The resolution passed 10-0 by recorded vote (Mayor Debbie Amaroso was absent, as were Councillors Brian Watkins and Frank Manzo).

The resolution urges Canada Post and the federal government to put the planned changes announced in December on hold and wait for the outcome of a scheduled 2014 Mandatory Review of Operations of Canada Post, and give postal workers and the public a chance for input on the future of door-to-door mail delivery in Canada.

The resolution also calls for Canada Post to broaden its range of services, including the offering of financial services to customers (as postal services in other countries have done) to offset losses in revenue.

Councillor Terry Sheehan (who served as Acting Mayor Monday) and Councillor Joe Krmpotich gave notice at Council’s January 6 meeting that the issue would be brought up for discussion at Council’s January 20 meeting.

Discussion was postponed at the January 20 meeting after some Councillors indicated they needed more time to digest information sent to them in a flurry of emails and letters regarding the Canada Post situation.

Canada Post announced in December its decision to slash 6,000 to 8,000 jobs nationwide, eliminate urban home mail delivery and replace it with the establishment of community mailboxes (CMBs) in neighbourhoods coast-to-coast over the next five years, along with an increase in the price of postage stamps.

Locally, Canada Post has about 80 letter carriers and about 25 operations employees.

Canada Post states drastic changes are necessary in the face of financial losses, due to a huge increase in online communication and an accompanying decline in the amount of regular mail Canada Post delivers.   

Canada Post says if the changes are not implemented, it could lose $1 billion by 2020.

The corporation expects to achieve financial stability by 2019 as a result of its sweeping changes.

Canada Post has stated the planned changes were made after public consultations were held.

The corporation held consultations in 46 communities across Canada.

Councillors have stated their concern over impending local job losses at Canada Post, the impact of community mailboxes on seniors and those with disabilities, and the impact of increased postal rates on cash-strapped individuals and families, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Council heard from Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce President Mark Barsanti, who urged Council to realize times have changed in terms of urban home mail delivery and to view the changing circumstances as an opportunity to encourage entrepreneurial alternatives in mail delivery. 

Council also heard from several opponents to Canada Post's plans, including Seniors Health Advisory Committee member Don Edwards, Accessibility Advisory Committee Chair Wayne King, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Sault Ste. Marie Local President Mike Doherty and CUPW Central Region Grievance Officer Peter Denley.

Edwards was especially concerned with the inconvenience the changes will put on seniors and the disabled, their safety at risk as they trudge through snow in heavy Northern Ontario winters to pick up their mail from community mailboxes.

An accompanying resolution, put forward by Ward One City Councillors Steve Butland and Paul Christian, was also passed, directing the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to investigate what effect Canada Post’s strategy would have on Sault Ste. Marie.

The resolution calls for the Sault EDC to investigate how many local letter carriers would lose their jobs or be reassigned, what plans are in place to help seniors and the disabled deal with the elimination of home mail delivery, what role the private sector can play in mail delivery, the number of community mailboxes planned for Sault Ste. Marie (CUPW representative Peter Denley told Council January 20 that close to 2,000 CMBs would be set up in Sault Ste. Marie), what considerations are being made in terms of snow removal near the mailboxes and possible theft of the mailboxes, what plans could be put in place to help local charities that rely on mail campaigns to raise funds, and what pilot projects could be put in place to deal with all of these issues.

The EDC will be required to report back to Council with its findings March 3.

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Beej 2/3/2014 10:00:05 PM Report

"Canada Post has stated the planned changes were made after public consultations were held."

Was this done by a Mime, dressed in black, at night?
dust2 2/3/2014 10:07:32 PM Report

>"The resolution also calls for Canada Post to broaden its range of services, including the offering of financial services to customers (as postal services in other countries have done) to offset losses in revenue."

"Hey listen, can you keep losing money while we think of something for you to do instead? Have you thought of becoming a bank?"

terrible problem solvers. time moves forward, technology changes, things die out. stop trying to provide a money burning service that isn't even necessary. there's nothing wrong with community boxes. it saves tons of money and still provides you with a service.

complainers will be complainers.
Sam C 2/3/2014 10:31:35 PM Report

Canada Post CLAIMS to be losing money, but I'm not convinced. I suspect they are using some creative accounting -- ie: keeping letter mail revenues/costs in a seperate ledger -- to come up with an on-paper loss in revenue.

Remember that CP owns Purolator Courier, which is NOT losing money.
dust2 2/3/2014 10:43:24 PM Report

Because purolator is a demanded service. I can't get around sending a package. I can get around sending paper bills and paper letters.
bradl 2/3/2014 10:57:03 PM Report

I don't mind the idea of community mailboxes.But you just know the money saved is going to get blown on some fat cats upper managements pension or bonus.
Oldie Goldie 2/4/2014 1:12:03 AM Report

Dust2--Let's see you try to reach a Community Mail Box in a wheelchair with a shovel to clean your path to the box and a frost remover in your hand to unfreeze your box on a sidewalk that is only cleaned on one side of the road with the banks as high as they are in winter.

You could do it couldn't you ?
dust2 2/4/2014 1:37:29 AM Report

those people need help getting groceries and other services, they can get someone for mail too.

front door mail delivery every day isn't necessary in 2014. it just isn't. every 20-something gets bills and info online, rarely through the mail. this trend will not end. so why not adapt and save money? keep running properly instead of blowing taxpayer money away providing a service that barely anyone needs
bello 2/4/2014 6:00:21 AM Report

@dust2, are you a completely ignorant that canada post is one of the most mismanaged govt corps ever? The CEO made 650k last year and was given a bonus? For what? Private business doesn't bonus poor performance. They have 22 Vice Presidents. Why in Gods name do they need 22 Vice Presidents? Lastly, who cares how 20somethings get their info. You're not paying the tax burde, we are, 40 something's
And you obviously have no one in your family with a disability or a senior, right?thry can just pay someone to go get their mail? With what? On a fixed income? Think before you speak, sir. It is one thing to let ppl think you are a fool, it is truly another to open your mouth and prove it.
dust2 2/4/2014 6:08:25 AM Report

>"Lastly, who cares how 20somethings get their info."

the post office dummy. that's why this is happening in the first place. traditional mail is dying, so a post office would need to adapt.

seniors already need help getting food and supplies, mail can be another service.

the only argument I see about this canada post change is "boo hoo think of the old people!"

adapt or die. you will complain when people lose jobs due to them being automated, but it's the future. things change. get over it.
Jimssm 2/4/2014 6:49:10 AM Report


"the only argument I see about this canada post change is "boo hoo think of the old people!"

Here's a couple more things to think about from someone who has used one.

1. Placement.. Where do you put the mailbox in an already developed neighbourhood ? Easy enough when you are planning a new subdivision. You need a place for the people to stop their cars and/or plowed sidewalks. Is the City supposed to give up the property needed or is a private homeowner? Most of our residential streets no longer have the sidewalks plowed so who handles the added expense ?

2. Security... Community mailboxes are a haven for thieves, especially around tax time. Pry the back open and you have access to at least 16 people's mail. And before you say we can do it electronically... tax assessments can't be sent by email. Name/address/ SIN # all at the disposal of a thief. Canada Post has reported over 5000 incidents concerning CMBs

3. Access... not necessarily for old people... frozen/broken locks. They break so often that Canada Post has a section on their website on how to contact them for a repair. And you have to go to them for the new key.

4. Size... there s none. The parcels you used to get in your mailbox no longer fit. If you go on holidays for a couple of days you need someone to pick up your mail.

5. Litter/ graffiti... Junk mail all over the ground. Few are going to carry unwanted stuff home to throw out there.... it's put on top of the box..... and eventually blows all over the place. Canada Post WILL NOT put a garbage container there, nor clean up the area... ever.
And if you like graffiti, you will enjoy the large painting surface that a CMB gives you.

There... a couple more arguments that don't involve old people.
dust2 2/4/2014 7:15:52 AM Report

argue it all you want, it's the future and people will need to adapt.

all the problems you posted are really really mild. location? litter? these aren't real problems. canada post expects to lose one billion if this change doesn't happen.

one billion so you can avoid litter at a community mailbox?

security? you're arguing mail in locked community box vs mail in a mailbox. anyone can grab a letter someone has mailed you, and that's right now. community boxes will be more secure, there's a lock on it.

this is borderline arguing with crazy.
dust2 2/4/2014 7:18:20 AM Report

>"1. Placement.. Where do you put the mailbox in an already developed neighbourhood?"

you problem solve.

>"2. Security..."

current mailboxes have no locks. community mailboxes have locks. it's an increase in security if anything.

>"3. Access... "

People can walk.

>"4. Size... there s none. The parcels you used to get in your mailbox no longer fit. If you go on holidays for a couple of days you need someone to pick up your mail."

You never got large parcels in your mailbox anyways.

>"5. Litter/ graffiti..."

such a petty issue.

all these arguments are so mild and borderline null. you're talking about losing a billion dollars over six years and these are your reasons to keep a dying service?
dawgg007 2/4/2014 7:20:10 AM Report

'CP consulted with 46 communities', I'd love to see this report. I'd be interested in numbers and the breakdown of the numbers in each community. Of those consulted, how many were seniors? I haven't done a scientific study but with the 27 seniors I have asked (what do you think about Canada Post's recent announcement) 0, not 1 said they are ok with this change of no home delivery.

This might also be another slap in the face to some vulnerable vets. To all who served so that today, we can openly whine, although the Conservatives don't care, I do; thanks for your sacrifice.

pdiddly 2/4/2014 7:36:52 AM Report

Ummmh Dust2...I was amused by your statement to other about getting your facts straight, when you simply don't. While you characterize Canada Post as being a money losing operation they have been profitable the last 17 years out of 18 and did earn a profit in 2012.Check the Canada Post website for confirmation.
Another fact is mail theft from CMB's is rampant (google mail theft BC...tons of stories and it`s spreading)while theft from mailboxes in houses is virtually non-existent. Easier for a thief to pry open a CMB and have access to 16 addresses than take the chance of walking up to 16 doors.
It`s not just seniors that are inconvenienced...the disabled, mothers with young children and low income individuals.
Finally, it`s all unnecessary given the rate of decline of lettermail is much less steep than the only report (yes, there`s just one and it`s wrong on several counts) states. I suggest you do more reading and get all of the facts and less time writing inaccurate regurgitations of media inaccuracies.
dust2 2/4/2014 7:49:29 AM Report

"The long-term business of mail certainly seems troubled. USPS in 2012 delivered about 30 percent less mail in 2012 than it did in 2002."

Yeah, the whole thing about less mail being sent out, I guess that's just a joke to you or something?

You think people are sending MORE real mail because of the internet?

This is like arguing Blockbuster should of stayed in business. Deliver content in a dated medium. Yeah keep that train going, see what happens
HONEST1 2/4/2014 7:52:54 AM Report


Sam two separate accounting books yes because to separate businesses owned by one business. Canada Post biggest reason for losing money is simply wages, pensions and excellent benefits. The carriers make way more money than the purolator driver and they have a superior pension plan as a result. I'm sure there health care benefits are not same as the Purolator employee. Maybe our mail should get delivered by Purolator!
dust2 2/4/2014 7:54:08 AM Report

"It`s not just seniors that are inconvenienced...the disabled, mothers with young children and low income individuals."

look at this pity party. a mother with young children can't walk and go get her mail, hahaha how is she going to get to work to pay the bills and feed her kids?

what a joke lol
right wing 2/4/2014 8:03:31 AM Report

"Most of our residential streets no longer have the sidewalks plowed"


Really...since when.
Stick to truth, your above statement is not anywhere near it.
FunMan 2/4/2014 8:06:35 AM Report

What's sad is that 8,000 good paying jobs will be lost. I am more than happy to pay $1.00 for postage to keep
these jobs. There are not many jobs that don't require higher education anymore. We should really attempt to keep these positions as not all people can obtain higher education for one reason or another.

Just my opinion as I think that we are on the race to the bottom eliminating many of our good jobs.
Peelybo 2/4/2014 8:07:44 AM Report

I'm on team Dust2.
rcssm69 2/4/2014 8:35:25 AM Report

Then you're on the wrong team!!!
PTAR 2/4/2014 8:40:05 AM Report

little fellow you seem upset at seniors ... could it be that your parents finally kicked you out on your own to fend for yourself ... you seem very upset
pruden 2/4/2014 8:55:01 AM Report

bello: You are soooo good....put him in his place that's for sure!
dust2 2/4/2014 9:02:21 AM Report

>" The CEO made 650k last year and was given a bonus? For what?"

>"Canada Post says if the changes are not implemented, it could lose $1 billion by 2020."

650k vs 1 billion.

oh yes, that's where the problem is

LOL no
Bill_the_Cat 2/4/2014 9:10:14 AM Report

RW: Near the university, our sidewalks off Queen St proper have never been cleared.

Both the USPS, CP and the Royal Mail do a bang up job of delivering mail for the cost. It is quite remarkable that it *only* costs a dollar to send mail from one end of the country to another.

Having said that, all of the above agencies are losing money.

I have seen some potshots at the CEO and VPs here. That may fair or not. What I have not seen is the behind the scenes cost of pensions.

Postal workers over the last 40 years or so have secured some pretty sweet deals. What is the cost of the upkeep of their pensions?

How much of the cost of a stamp goes to operational expenses, debt, and retirees?

A large part of GMs problem a few years ago was its pensions. Something like 60% of its total expenses went to retirees. The solution to that of course, was to wipe the value of a large percentage of pensions, and keep only a few choice union retirees flush.

I am not saying do that here, just that I would like to see the numbers.

willoweep 2/4/2014 10:06:23 AM Report

dust 2 , no matter what this topic is about I find your attitude arrogant,ignorant & cold.

First off, not everyone has internet and many things like ,Drivers License, registered Mail can not be put in community boxes.

Litter and Graffiti are petty problems? ,then I don't guess you'd mind having one in front of your home?.

Oh wait I don't imagine you have one you sound too young .

Along with the Litter watch out for the punks who will see the area as prime pickings.

Not only because those boxes can be gotten into with the snap of a screwdriver ,but also for the Women on the way home from work stops to grab Mail and gets her Purse taken or worse.

These boxes will not be placed on Corners or main Streets they will be placed on side streets as to not to impede traffic flow .

You think I'm being dramatic? about the punks ?read the police report ,it happens all the time broad daylight ,Mall parking lots etc .

But in spite of the topic your attitude sucks!

"pity party " Mothers with young kids can walk , boo hoo think of the old People ,adapt or die?????.

I would never wish anyone anything bad but someday I hope you get a chance to experience some of these hardships .A broken foot or bad flu ,a blizzard etc . etc all not really a problem right?

Why do I get the impression if your Grandmother asked you to go pick up the mail for her, you would expect to get paid for it?
"Adapt or die"

SMH sad really sad.

dust2 2/4/2014 10:27:41 AM Report

you guys are so dramatic, purses stolen at a community mailbox? maybe go live in a better area of town. graffiti and litter? maybe go live in a better area of town.

you do have concerns, but they're not good enough to warrant one billion dollars over six years.
B Boy 2/4/2014 10:50:05 AM Report

Did anyone else read the Canada Post Consultation Report?

Many of the concerns are discussed in the report.

Apparently other communities have been in discussion with CP going back several months. Why does it seem that SSM is often behind? Just like with the application for flooding relief. That was just squeezed in at the last moment. I don't recall hearing any more about that.

This is why I get frustrated with our city council. They spend so much time patting themselves on the back & discussing green this and tourism that, meanwhile are the people who make up this community actually being represented?

B Boy 2/4/2014 10:54:50 AM Report


"...punks who will see the area as prime pickings.

...boxes can be gotten into with the snap of a screwdriver ,but also for the Women on the way home from work stops to grab Mail and gets her Purse taken or worse."

Separate from the CP discussion and in all seriousness, is this really happening here? How common would you say this is/will be?

If so, the crime for a smaller town is getting concerning.
Slim Shady 2/4/2014 10:56:34 AM Report

I think people are being a bit harsh on Dust2. Although he is blunt in his opinion, a good amount is the truth:

1. Any business can not be allowed to lose money on a consistent basis and hope to survive.

2. If a business model changes and you do not adapt, your business model will fail.

3. It is fiscally irresponsible to keep dumping money at a problem without correcting the root cause.

4. You can use seniors or anyone for that matter as a justification of not changing the system. Dust2 is correct when he states that this group of people already has access issues that require assistance. Mail may be just another service that will need to be covered in some fashion. Maybe Grandma needs help having her pension cheques electronically deposited?

5. Maybe Canada Post should develop a “Maintenance Group” who go around and shovel the snow and inspect the CMB’s. By reducing 5 jobs they may have to create 1 new one.

6. The city may have no choice but install paper recycling stations at these mailboxes that are dumped weekly with the household recycling run.

7. Dust2 maybe young, maybe he doesn’t pay property tax but one thing is for sure – his generation will bear the cost of the 1 Billion dollar debt.

8. Just because a CEO makes $650K in salary doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it! CEO’s earn higher wages because of education and commercial experience. Their job is not 9-5 but 24x7x365. There bonus structure is not just given by how much their company makes – it is given on performance KPI’s. If you are jealous of their salaries – Get over it! Go to business school and sacrifice your quality of life… Quit complaining just because you chose to drop out of highschool and work at minimum wage.

9. I am in my 40’s and I get almost no mail! You don’t have to be 20 something to be plugged in. I know more seniors who are online. A lot of people on welfare still have internet or a cell phone. Most people are not as poor as you think – some of them have more means than you and I!

10. I don’t think Canada Post consulted with the communities in enough detail and with insufficient advanced warning. Change, especially drastic change, requires enough time to make alternate arrangements and educate the public.

11. Change is never easy but we all adapt continuously on a daily basis whether or not we realize it.

Just my two cents.
Dead End Kid 2/4/2014 10:59:39 AM Report

Hey Dust, a billion dollars wasted by Harper for the two day G20 conference when they could have done it by teleconference. By the way it did nothing to stimulate the economy, it only reeked havoc for the city of Toronto
I don't see you mentioning those kind of wasteful things that are screwing up the country.

You sound like you are okay with job loss. What do you have against people trying to earn a decent living, you must realize by now consumer spending is what sustains a healthy economy.
derek 2/4/2014 11:13:30 AM Report

We used to use telegraph for communication. Luckily we have the World Wide Web now and are not challenged for any information.

Things change and we as people adapt. I know lots of over 70 club(with disabilities) who are quite able to use and pay bills on internet. Actually like the freedom to Bank online, Direct pay deposit...etc

There is always a way to be successful and I for one could not care less if snail mail went away. My life wont change. I live in country and will adapt. I am in the over 40 club. So as such, I am a technology immigrant....
Dead End Kid 2/4/2014 11:47:37 AM Report

Not every senior is healthy and can get around like you can and most seniors do not nor do they want to own a computer.
learningaswego 2/4/2014 12:12:15 PM Report

here's "sending a message to Canada Post.."




Jimssm 2/4/2014 12:23:47 PM Report

Right wing....

....Under 70% of streets with sidewalks get plowed in the winter...

....Add in the streets that don't have sidewalks at all...

.....Add in new subdivisions because they don't get sidewalks plowed unless 90% of their residents petition for it.

What other facts do you want ?

watchingfrom afar 2/4/2014 12:28:58 PM Report

Good riddance CUPW...biggest group of whiners since the last unionized group got shut down...paying all that money to do a jog someone in grade 6 can an address, sort it, stick it in a mailbox...gravy train ride is over...
watchingfrom afar 2/4/2014 12:28:59 PM Report

Good riddance CUPW...biggest group of whiners since the last unionized group got shut down...paying all that money to do a jog someone in grade 6 can an address, sort it, stick it in a mailbox...gravy train ride is over...
Jimssm 2/4/2014 12:30:14 PM Report


Your 1 Billion figure is misleading because...

They are 'hoping' to save 1 billion by 2020 'with these measures'

... of which community mailboxes are just a part. As well as increasing postage to $1/letter.

Personally, the changes won't affect me much, other than magazine subscriptions... they don't fit in the CMBs, unless they change the design.
GenerationXYZ 2/4/2014 12:42:43 PM Report

To play devil's advocate, I'm not opposed to the community mail boxes as I live in a community that has them and have been using them for the past 5 years.

It is a little inconvenient having to go to the post office a couple times a week to pick up mail, however I have adapted.

To people questioning about seniors and the disabled. I do have a mobility issue and using a walking aid to walk. I am not limited as some people but do sometimes have issues collecting the mail. E.g. Opening the door to the post office and carrying large parcels. In these situations, I either bring a bag so mail is easier to carry or ask someone to pick up a large parcel. I do think people will adapt regardless of circumstance.

The sad part about this is people are losing their jobs and security.
Jimssm 2/4/2014 12:59:40 PM Report


You realize that CUPW will still be sorting the mail and putting in the CMB's, right ?

So the union isn't broken....yet.
Dead End Kid 2/4/2014 12:59:53 PM Report

Finally, a smart guy.
Oldie Goldie 2/4/2014 1:01:17 PM Report

Facts that many of you posters don't know or don't seem to care---

1. Canada Post not only made profits for 17 of the last 18 years but turned those profits over to the Federal Government.

2. Canada Post is making huge profits on their Parcel Deliverer Purolator but they are not putting those profits against the losses of Mail Delivery--in other words 2 sets of books---

3. Canada Post has mismanaged their workers Pension Funds and want the workers to take losses for their Mismanagement.

4. The City Officials are concerned that Community Post Office Boxes will cause Traffic Problems.

5. Many roads in the Soo have sidewalks plowed on only 1 side of the street and asking Seniors, disabled etc., who use Canes--Walkers or Wheelchairs will not only have to navigate slippery sidewalks but many will have to cross the road too.

6. It will be dangerous to many people to walk on these slippery conditions especially in our harsh winters. If they fall and break hips, ankles, wrists etc. who will be responsible the City or Canada Post ?---I will bet that Canada Post will not accept the responsibility so up goes our City Insurance Rates and up go our Taxes too.

7. Our Post Office people spend their wages and benefits in our area--along with their families and removing 80 workers and their incomes will negatively affect our City.

8. From reading many Posts on this subject most of you are Union Haters jealous of Postal Workers who have negotiated a living wage and benefits.

9. In my opinion, Canada Post wants to break the Postal Workers Union and hire Contractors who will use workers for minimum wages and no benefits to replace them while the Contractor gets huge profits on the backs of their workers from Canada Post.

10. Canada Post said that the only time they lost money was during the last Work Stoppage. That Work Stoppage was a Lockout by Canada Post.

I know that many of you would like to see the Union broken too but before that happens there will be many more Work Stoppages and Lockouts and Canada Post will lose more money.

Canada Post will not disclose the costs of buying hundreds of thousands of Community Boxes and renting or buying the spaces to place the and maintaining them. 2000 just for Sault Ste. Marie.

Digest all these facts before you agree with Canada Post's changes.
thera 2/4/2014 1:50:02 PM Report

Just to add to those great facts Oldie,
all that talk about losing a billion dollars: That was a projection based on one report that is already wrong. It had predicted a loss of approx $200 million and Canada Post actually MADE $98 million. That means it's $300 MILLION off already in the first year prediction. Do you people really think they know what is going to happen by 2020??
Yes first class letters are going down, but not nearly as bad as they are saying. All other mail volumes have gone up - addressed ad mail, flyers, small and large packages. I know it's a revelation for you guys, but Canada Post delivers more than just letters.
right wing 2/4/2014 2:02:34 PM Report


Under 70%, you say.
Please provide proof of your claim.
I live in the East end and every where I look the sidewalks are cleared.
Jasta 2/4/2014 2:05:26 PM Report

It's all about the almighty buck and people not wanting to do their jobs fully anymore..they want more pay for less work..Get on a horse and deliver my mail, then we'll talk about a bonus!!
right wing 2/4/2014 2:09:29 PM Report where are the stats on the massive breaking of limbs.. there have been multi-boxes that have been in service for years so there must be records on all of these predicted disasters that will happen without door delivery.
Further what have the seniors and handicapped done in these areas, their box must be full by about seniors and handicapped that live in rural areas, long driveways at some of those farm houses how in hell do they get to the end of the driveway.
Questions, so many questions.

...oh yes one more question, do you have any know proof to back up all of those claimed facts.
right wing 2/4/2014 2:19:52 PM Report more thing, lets stop calling them letter carriers, more like "flyer suppliers".
Jimssm 2/4/2014 2:50:01 PM Report


Under FAQ

You're welcome.
Oldie Goldie 2/4/2014 5:00:56 PM Report

Right Wing---I always thought that you had some smarts.
Most of the people that use Community Mail Boxes now are not Seniors.

I see several Seniors, everyday, using their power Wheelchairs on the side of the road or on the sidewalk if it is clear enough to get to where they want to go. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that many more will do the same thing to try to get to their Community Box if they have to. Won't that be fun !

Try using a cane or a Walker or a Wheelchair in our winters. Or even try walking, if you can walk, on our roads or sidewalks without slipping and/or falling.

I have checked quite a few Community Boxes recently---most of them do not have the snow completely removed so that a Consumer can easily get to their Box. Many of those customers have told me that their locks freeze up 3 or 4 times a winter.

Perhaps you want a Senior using a Walker or other Aids to carry a shovel and have a can of anti-freeze handy to get their mail.

Canada Post has never done any of this for their customers that I know of.

It also does not take a genius to figure out that many Seniors will be very vulnerable to slips and falls.

City Officials have stated to me that they don't think that Canada Post will be responsible for anyone getting hurt.
The City will have to increase their Insurance and up go taxes.

The City C.A.O. told me that the 2000 sets of Community boxes that will be needed will mostly be hazards for City workers in their work to keep things clear.

Again, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out too.
guestwho 2/5/2014 9:33:24 AM Report

our mail delivery person quit bringing the mail 2 weeks ago due to snowbanks,for the last 2 1/2 yrs I`ve tried to get them to move the box back to where it was since mail was invented,and nothing but bullshit!Last week some unnamed person moved it themselves,WELL within 1/2 an hour someone from the post office was there,funniest thing I`d seen happen ever!!!Someone had to get off their fat ass to see what was done without Ottawa`s approval!!LOL
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