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Post office worker prevents fraud

Friday, January 24, 2014   by: Staff


Grandparents scam circulating on Manitoulin

Local post office worker prevents fraud

LITTLE CURRENT - On Thursday January 23, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. Manitoulin OPP was advised by an employee of the Little Current Post Office that an elderly woman attended wanting to send a money gram for $3,800 to a foreign country.

This raised concern by the post office and police were called.

Upon investigation it was learned that the senior lady received a call advising that her granddaughter had been arrested and was in jail in the Dominican Republic and the money was needed to release her from jail.

Police were able to confirm that her granddaughter was fine attending university in Ontario.

Grandparent scams are circulating in Ontario and the Manitoulin Detachment has received three calls in the past week.

The OPP is advising the public to be aware of this scam and that if you receive a call such as this to call police before taking any action to confirm it is a scam.

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stakeholder 1/24/2014 8:36:04 PM Report

Looking after our citizens on many levels-thank you-get that out of a box on a corner!???
fatafr 1/24/2014 8:44:09 PM Report

A great job by the Canada Post employee.
This type of fraud is so dispicable and should be dealt with in the harshest way possible.
Let's hope law enforcement can deal with these a_ _ holes and put them in a 4 X 6 dog shelter where they belong.
Again, great head's by the C.P. employee.
Tag33&1/3rd 1/24/2014 9:27:41 PM Report

Great Job!!!
sweetc 1/24/2014 9:52:36 PM Report

Unfortunately some people will not be convinced that it is a scam no matter what you do. i am glad someone was able to help this woman before she sent off any money. we should all be as vigilant. the vulnerable in our society are often preyed upon and they are the people least likely to afford it. Shame on all of those who defraud these people.
thera 1/24/2014 10:27:46 PM Report

Great job C.P. employee! These are great people. I have heard stories that while walking on a route, a letter carrier noticed a door was open one of the houses. This raised a concern on the carrier's part and entered to investigate. It turned out that the person was having a heart attack and fell down the stairs, the letter carrier called an ambulance and saved that person's life. I believe this happened here in the Sault.
Number One Son 1/24/2014 11:44:37 PM Report

thera, .... that postal employee might have been me! Several years before I retired, I was delivering to an elderly female customer's home. As I left the mail box at her door,I could hear a faint cry for help coming from inside. Upon investigating, I found that the woman had fallen down her stairs inside the house and could not get up to open the door. I managed to break a glass panel in her door and get it open. Once inside, I made her comfortable and called an ambulance. She had broken her hip in the fall, and the ambulance driver said she probably would have died had I not come by.

It was something anyone would have done, but once door to door delivery goes away, there will be the occasional that won't make it. Helping that woman made my day!
Pakadeva 1/25/2014 12:14:19 AM Report

Awesome job Canada Post!!!

Number one son
You are a hero! I'm sure the family thanked you, but, many of us are grateful that people still care enough to "bother" instead of turning away thinking it's not your "job".
Great story:)
hp111 1/25/2014 4:37:16 AM Report

Happened to my Grandmother not even 2 months ago. But they wanted her to western union it, as they told her my brother was in jail. Its a good thing she called me as she said she would of done it to help in him in a heart beat. They continued to call her two or three more times until a local officer had picked up the phone at her resident and explained they were monitoring the line. Pretty scary stuff as my aunt said they had there address ect.
bounder 1/25/2014 8:12:19 AM Report

Happened to someone I know this past week, except it was his son, scam in the making, but he caught on and did not send any cash.
Meow 1/25/2014 8:46:27 AM Report

And Harper wants to get rid of the postal workers. Shame on you sir.
thera 1/25/2014 9:11:12 AM Report

Wow, ya, that could be the story I was told. I guess some of the facts get changed around when stories are told and re-told. I'm glad that person could help, thank goodness for door-to-door delivery!
I also heard stories of carriers preventing break-ins. They get to know their routes pretty well and when they see suspicious activity and people skulking around houses or cars - it is reported.
Mayday? 1/25/2014 11:37:49 AM Report

I keep getting calls every mth or so for the past yr...A voice recording of a female states:i've won 250,000 Air Miles and to press one to collect..The phone numbers that appear on my phone are varied in that some give a number but no name etc.One call gave a number only so i called left a message and asked if they were responsible for the Air Miles offer..A person called back and this time the number matched and a name appeared on my phone..They were as stumped as i was as to what was going on...Who do i call to report such an incident...The local Police are NOT equipped to investigate???? Scams Scams and more scams as the yrs go by...the internet has every kind of "PREDATOR' out there! HELP!
thera 1/25/2014 12:16:55 PM Report

@ Mayday?:

I get those calls as well - on my cell phone too. I have no idea how they got it, I never give out my number unless it's to a friend. I just ignore it, I don't know if this strategy works, but it has been awhile since the last air miles call...
Daiv 1/25/2014 12:33:26 PM Report

You can report it here.
This department deals with all of this.

If you are sending e-mail fraud, though, don't just copy paste the e-mail.
Get the header information... I don't know how to do it in Hotmail or Yahoo, but in Gmail, you can click on More and Show Original. I think in Outlook, you go to View Header.

At least, this is what I was always told when reporting any kind of e-mail scam.

I'm glad this woman wasn't a victim!
Mayday? 1/25/2014 4:56:29 PM Report

Thank-you both for the info and concern...I will report the incident...Un-fortunately it is happening to other people and is NOT an isolated case.In these days technology helps multitudes of fraudsters etc,etc,where they feal their idenity is concealed.These types of issues need to be adressed in public setting to discuss ways of exposing and prosecuting them..These type of crimes where tecnology is a tool in the commision of a crime(s) should warrant the full wrath of the law,and where new laws should be adopted and passed to reflect that wrath.
Pakadeva 1/26/2014 3:24:03 PM Report

I've gotten the air miles call twice, next time I WILL report it!!! I knew it was a scam, but, in my case, 2 messages. Thanks everyone.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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