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President and CEO of OLG resigns

Wednesday, January 22, 2014   by: Staff


TORONTO - Philip Olsson, Chair of The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) Board announced that the Board of Directors has received and accepted a letter of resignation from President & CEO, Rod Phillips so that he can take on a new role in the private sector.

The Board named Tom Marinelli, Executive Vice President, Chief Transformation Officer & Chief Information Officer, to be Acting President & CEO while the Board launches a search.

Mr. Olsson thanked Mr. Phillips, who has been in the role since 2011, for his service and leadership, "Rod Phillips has led OLG to its highest Net Profit to the Province since 2005. He has captained the design and launch of the modernization of Ontario's lottery and gaming industry. Under his watch OLG has achieved its highest level of public confidence. We wish him well in his new position."

Mr. Olsson underlined that the modernization of OLG is now well underway, "The Board is fully supportive and OLG is in active procurement across the province. We are looking forward to the next phase of modernization as we begin to choose service providers later this year. As part of modernization, OLG is continuing to work with the Ontario government and the horse racing sector to integrate horse racing into the provincial gaming strategy."

Upon receiving Mr. Phillips' resignation, the Board of Directors appointed long-serving OLG executive Tom Marinelli to the position of Acting President & CEO.

Mr. Olsson stated, "The leadership team at OLG is an enormously capable group who will continue to lead the core business as well as modernization."

Added Mr. Olsson, "Mr. Marinelli has been Acting CEO on a previous occasion and he has the full confidence of the Board of Directors. Mr. Marinelli will do a great job as he guides the organization through the next phase of modernization."

Mr. Phillips said in a statement that he is leaving OLG for a position in the private sector that will be announced by the new organization in February, "It's been a tremendous privilege to serve the public alongside OLG employees. Under the leadership of Philip Olsson, Chair of the Board and Tom Marinelli, Acting President & CEO, I am confident that OLG is well-positioned to modernize the industry and to achieve great success in the years to come."

OLG is an Operational Enterprise responsible for province-wide lottery games and gaming facilities.

Since 1975, OLG has provided nearly $38 billion to the Province and the people of Ontario. 

OLG's annual payments to the Province have helped support health care; education, research, prevention and treatment of problem gambling; amateur sport through the QUEST FOR GOLD program; and local and provincial charities.


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BarbG 1/23/2014 12:32:50 AM Report

They claim to have given 38 million to the people of Ontario but neglect to say that they had to take 10 times that from the people of Ontario in order to give the $38 million. This was merely job creation for lottery employees. This could have been achieved through taxation and avoided the gambling addictions that we will pay for forever
TotallyConfused 1/23/2014 8:11:09 AM Report

So you obviously don't purchase lottery tickets, etc. No need to be Negative Sally!!
Stevie-E 1/23/2014 8:32:28 AM Report


A 10% return on a provincial investment? Not bad if you ask me. If we all had 10% returns on our investments, I think we would be in a pretty good financial position!

Furthermore, they don't just employ lottery workers, but thousands of casino employees, ticket printers, IT support workers, etc. etc.

CLT 1/23/2014 9:08:43 AM Report

It says 38 billion.
Dug 1/23/2014 9:30:21 AM Report


Got anything to add about the LCBO Barb?
Mr E 1/23/2014 9:39:49 AM Report

Not bad, took a record salary as OLG CEO and ran away leaving the rest of them with a "modernization" plan looking like a failure.
posterchild 1/23/2014 9:43:17 AM Report

Resign to become owner/CEO of the company awarded operation of Casinos etc that he had a hand in picking the successful bidder..
razor25 1/23/2014 10:09:27 AM Report

The CEO carousel continues at OLG...just make Tom's appointment permanent as CEO. He's the only senior executive who's stayed with the company for more than a couple years. The rest of them come for the salary and experience and then parlay it into a more lucrative private sector job.
phesoj 1/23/2014 10:59:01 AM Report

Right on Razor25: "He (Rod) has captained the design and launch of the modernization of Ontario's lottery and gaming industry." The CEO's at OLG never finish what they start, they just get off at the next stop with a big wad of cash in hand.
"The leadership team at OLG is an enormously capable group who will continue to lead the core business as well as modernization."
Yes, enormously capable of pulling the wool over the employees and citizens of Ontario's eyes. Watch this space!
Daiv 1/23/2014 11:13:42 AM Report

Seriously, Barb?
It's OLG's fault that people have gambling addictions.
It's not like they can't just go across the river and gamble there.
And it's LCBO's fault that people are addicted to booze.
And it's Mac's fault that people are addicted to cigarettes.
And don't forget to bring McDonald's into this because people are fat.
Shopper's Drug Mart is to blame because people are addicted to pain killers?
Give me a break. People need to take ownership of their own actions and quit trying to blame everybody else for having no self-control or will power.

THIS is what's wrong with the world today. Everybody wants to blame everybody else for their problems.

I have NO love for OLG after working there (and no, I didn't get fired, I quit because I got tired of being treated like crap and I found a job with a corporation who actually treats their employees well), but I don't believe in blaming them for anybody's gambling issues.
Wicket 1/23/2014 11:28:26 AM Report

Tom Marinelli -born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, left Algoma Steel when OLG opened their offices in the Soo, worked at the plant with him for years, so proud of what he has achieved!
chatterbox 1/23/2014 12:11:49 PM Report

Well put Daiv
Hmmm 1/23/2014 12:31:46 PM Report

Tom Marinelli's a great guy, and highly deserving of being appointed to the CEO and President roles (again)...OLG should just make his appointment permanent...
amshld 1/23/2014 3:49:13 PM Report


I feel for you I have learned recently not to put anything on the comment of sootoday about addictions. People in this community do not understand the disease..and just bash the crap of out of anyone who suffers. I is really sad how people react..I do know that those who are active addicts are treated poorly by many front line workers in this community. Some still make it to treatment recover and do all the do's..stay clean and sober take accountability for their actions..make amends and eventually can help others..AS they are working with others society then call them a bleeding heart??? It doe snot matter what people do who suffer from addictions they will always be labelled. This city treats them like crap..
DWC 1/23/2014 10:09:50 PM Report

So some think that a 38 billion return to our hospitals etc on a 380 billion after tax investment from the investors, i.e. lottery ticket buyers and casino gamblers, is a good thing.

Hopefully those of you who think this way are doing a better job managing your personal finances.

Obviously I do not support the gambling industry. I learned the hard way many years ago. Now I prefer to bypass the middleman and donate directly to the causes that I support.

Would our society not be better off if all the OLG workers were gainfully employed providing better care for those in need within our community?
speed7 1/25/2014 11:51:11 AM Report

the writing was on the wall long ago. I hope the employees dont get the shaft that would be sad.....very sad
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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