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$379,000 for 173 Sault summer jobs

Wednesday, May 15, 2013   by: Staff



Harper Government creates new jobs for Canadian youth in Sault Ste. Marie

SAULT STE. MARIE - Students in the Sault Ste. Marie area will gain valuable work experience this summer as a result of the Government of Canada’s Canada Summer Jobs initiative. 

Bryan Hayes, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, announced today that the Sault Ste. Marie area riding will receive over $379,000 -  funding for 173 summer jobs.

“Creating summer jobs for students, benefits not only youth and employers, but also local economies across the country,” said  Mr. Hayes. “Canada Summer Jobs is yet another excellent example of how our government is creating jobs and economic growth.”

Canada Summer Jobs helps students gain the skills and experience they need to be successful now and in the future, while earning money for the upcoming school year. 

Today, at the Lakeshore Kiwanis weekly meeting, MP Hayes announced that as part of the $379,000 being brought to the Sault area, over $10,000 will be allocated to Camp Wakonda to hire four summer students.

“The Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore summer camp program for children at Camp Wakonda is very appreciative and thankful for this allocation of $10,542.00 from the Canada Summer Jobs program,” said David Shier, Camp Wakonda president.

“This grant will be used for the hiring of four summer students, who are qualified counsellors, to work with the children and create a safe, fun and memorable experience at summer camp, while making new friends in the process,” continued Shier. “Our summer camp program is the main reason that our Kiwanis club owns Camp Wakonda and this grant is vital to ensuring this program continues for the benefit of the children of Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area!”

Canada Summer Jobs is an important part of the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy (YES), which also includes the Skills Link and Career Focus programs.

With an annual budget of more than $300 million, YES helps youth obtain career information, develop employment skills, find jobs and stay employed.

Economic Action Plan (EAP) 2013 proposes an additional investment of $70 million over three years in YES to support 5,000 more paid internships.

This is further to the extra $50 million that was invested through EAP 2012 to enhance YES with a new initiative that connects young Canadians with jobs that are in high demand and helps them develop tangible skills and gain work experience.

Youth employment programs are part of the Government of Canada’s broader strategy to create an educated, skilled and flexible workforce. 

A key component of the Plan is to create more and better opportunities for Canadian workers through skills development.

To learn more about Canada’s Economic Action Plan, visit

The Government of Canada is helping youth plan their careers, learn new skills and find jobs through enhanced online services available at

To learn more about the Youth Employment Strategy, watch this video.


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LAWL 5/15/2013 12:44:20 PM Report

I do not think that the government should be paying for wages. Cut the taxes that are involved with owning a business and good will follow. I am sure that 80% of this money will be going towards the administration of allocating these funds.

I agree the youth need to get experience. Just not at the expense of taxpayers.
Stedmister 5/15/2013 1:23:27 PM Report

As far as I know at least with Wage Subsidy Programs the Government pays the employer half the employee's salary to hire them. I know it sounds unfair, but it gives people a chance in the workforce, after a period of time the benefits stops and the employers suppose to take over. These programs are suppose to help people gain experience in a field they otherwise cannot gain expediences in if either they have none or little in their chosen field of study.
2good4you 5/15/2013 1:24:56 PM Report

If you leave it up to businesses, NO student would get hired, businesses are there to make money not to give youth experience. programs like these create a lot of jobs for students to work their way through school and get an education.
fortytwo 5/15/2013 1:51:07 PM Report

Look at what happened to the apprenticeship training program when the government left it up to business to manage their own workforce strategy. Now they're crying they need foreign workers because there are not enough skilled workers to fill the gap.
derek 5/15/2013 3:59:26 PM Report

So where exactly Mr Hayes can my kids apply for these jobs?

So they can claw back my tax dollars?
SportzMum 5/15/2013 5:34:34 PM Report

What about recent graduates who have had no choice but to return to school that do not fit neatly into this closed audience of 29 and under for many of these jobs too? Everyone is trying to get ahead - trying to survive - trying to get experience to get a job that their education is not enough for. What about all of those people (who are mature students and have families) who make up at least half of the graduating classes in many cases?
Lostclause 5/15/2013 6:02:30 PM Report

$2190 for 173 people to work their entire summer. Then taxes take even more off that,so maybe what? $1600 for an entire summer of work? Even at min wage you make that in a month.
sportsfan17 5/15/2013 6:16:45 PM Report

You had nothing to do with this Brian. Shut your trap and get something done for once for this community..
sportsfan17 5/15/2013 6:24:55 PM Report

And @stedmeister is right. The government merely subsidizes part of the wage to help certain businesses/organizations offer up summer jobs.

I ran a summer camp for two years for a charitable organization and this summer job program helped cover $2/hour per staff member. With 8 staff members, at 40 hours/week for six weeks of camp, that's $3840 that the government helped this charitable organization save. It helped us keep the registration cost down so low-income families could send their children to camp. And it also helped the staff by giving them employment for some of the summer so they could pay their tuition fees.

So if you think that all of that is bad, then you need to give your head a shake. If you want lower taxes and the businesses to "create more jobs" with those lower taxes, go moved to the US. It seems to be working out really well for them right about now.
andrews 5/15/2013 7:36:10 PM Report

Unless they make over $10,000 a year there won't be a dime of that going to taxes. Anything paid would be returned at the end of the year. Students looking for part time generally fall under that category
Ricatoni 5/15/2013 9:11:24 PM Report

Yes jobs for a few select students????????? And who are those few you ask???? UMMMMMMM???
speed7 5/15/2013 10:02:36 PM Report

sure lets take jobs away frm the working population and have students instead. nice for the sault leaving the rest of us to work at timmys. nice career choice. sure thing.;-)
jojo12345 5/16/2013 2:16:48 AM Report

gidgette 5/16/2013 7:23:42 AM Report

Bryan Hayes, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, announced today that the Sault Ste. Marie area riding will receive over $379,000 - funding for 173 summer jobs.
I would also like to see these 173 summer job postings. Where are they????And it says sault area, so does that mean like usual the small towns just out of the soo don't see any of these jobs? I've looked on the jobbank website, they have 4 student job postings.....far from 173! How do students access this great program!?
speed7 5/16/2013 7:30:10 AM Report

the call center plan was supposed to be a short term fix for the saults unemployment woes. the EDC= Eelite dining v=club brought us these call center jobs. good going EDC.MAYBE STUDENTS SHOULD REPLACE YOU TOO!
2good4you 5/16/2013 9:07:31 AM Report

anyone complaining about this just lacks education/skills and is clearly just upset that younger people get a better opportunity than they do.
speed7 5/16/2013 12:33:29 PM Report

spoken like young mind today, deserving of all job opportunities am i surprised? no. go tell that to a boss at weork see wheere that attitude it gets you?
speed7 5/16/2013 4:28:10 PM Report

goodfor you yuour lack of reading comprehension skills is very obvious. you haVENT UNDERSTOOD WHAT OTHER commenters are saying at all. go back and re read everything. rerspect isnt a gift no you have to earn it.
speed7 5/16/2013 10:33:10 PM Report

young person ? "snort" harper is just as guilty of spoiling our youth to win young voters . any young voter who cant see that has got to give their young head a shake. just look at all the grants hes offering yong voters today ? free babysitting,free entra cuuriccular activities. help with tuition fees what good is that with no jobs? can we all be students forever cause thats where were headed?
speed7 5/16/2013 11:16:47 PM Report

and what would some young person today bhave to tjhink of the new coservative spending scandsal? cant wait to see the reprocussionsxpewing off of that one? good going harper just cut yourse;lf a big fat cheque at the expense of our country's youth nice!
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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