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Goulais River flooding possible - know risks, be prepared

Monday, March 25, 2013   by: Staff




Goulais River flood preparedness

Goulais Fire and Rescue, along with other agencies, such as the OPP, MNR, MTO, Algoma Power Inc, and the Red Cross, would like to remind residents of Goulais River that spring is fast approaching. 

As with every spring, the warmer weather brings with it the potential for flooding [2012 file photo shown] in areas within the flood plain of the Goulais River. 

If you reside within these areas that are traditionally prone to flooding, please be aware of the potential risks to you and your family, and take necessary precautions in case flooding does occur.

Please be advised of the following information.

In the case of flooding, there may be disruption to normal services:

• Algoma Power will be notified of any water covered roads and may be required to shut off the power to entire neighbourhoods affected by flooding. This may impact people who depend on dialysis and ventilators for health reasons. In the event of power outages, ensure you are adequately equipped with the essentials (e.g. drinking water, candles, etc.). The use of generators as an alternate source of power can feed back to the system that was thought to be dead.  This can put rescue personnel at risk.

• Occasionally, the police are obligated to close roads, or sections of roads due to flooding. On theses occasions, the OPP will not permit anyone to travel beyond an established barrier.

• Flood effected telephone lines may also be temporarily disconnected so that phone service will not become disrupted to the entire area.

• Your drinking water source may become contaminated.  Ensure that you have clean drinking water available.

• It may be requested that you and your family leave your residence until the threat of flooding is over.  Please cooperate; rescue is often a dangerous task to both the people being rescued and the rescuer as well. Evacuations will not be attempted at night. At all times the rescuers will act with discretion and rely on your cooperation.

The members of Goulais Fire and Rescue are your most important link in flood planning and response.

We are your neighbours and friends, and we appreciate your co-operation.

Know the risks, and be prepared. 

For further information regarding Emergency Preparedness, please visit here and here.


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PS64 3/26/2013 8:33:02 AM Report

There is always one solution to this issue that is never done. Bring an ice breaker in as close to the mouth of the river as possible at lake superior and turn around and make it double wide on the way out. ONLY in bad years like this year is it necessary. Ice would back up but it would at least have somewhere to go out in the bay. Think ice at the mouth IS what causes the ice to backup for km's up the river causing major flooding. Simple solution that is never down. Be prepared, this is going to be a bad one. Thick ice at the mouth and up the river and melting way to fast now for the river to handle. Remember, there are 50km or so of river and a lot of snow to melt and lakes overflowing. The river opened up a week ago last year.
DeeFlems 3/26/2013 9:08:51 AM Report

Last year was also a fluke; when have we ever had 80 degree weather in the middle of March for a week straight before? No time that I can think of in my life. This year is looking to be much more standard with temps rising gradually accompanied by winds which allows the snow to evaporate as opposed to melt. Of course we are still at risk for flooding but to compare last year to this year is inaccurate. If we got the temperatures from last year combined with the snow from this out! Also the Bay has already started to break up as well...thats where two snow mobiles went through just last week.
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