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More traffic slowdowns possible - teachers plan 'political protest'

Monday, January 28, 2013   by: Staff




SAULT STE. MARIE - The repeal of Bill 115 is only a first step.

The new Premier needs to restore collective bargaining rights.

“The repeal of Bill 115 is a first step in the right direction,” says Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) District President Sharon Indrevold. “Bill 115 was totally unnecessary. We warned the government that passage of that Bill would result in chaos in the education system. It would alienate teachers and support staff and destroy the peace and stability that the Liberal government had prided itself in for the last eight years. Creating a bill to over-ride the Ontario Labour Relations Act and impose contracts on thousands of teachers and educational staff in the province denies our members the right to negotiate their terms and conditions of work. It is simply unjust.”

With the election of Kathleen Wynne this weekend it is important that educational workers and those employed in the public sector continue to show strength and solidarity.

Ms. Wynne has stated that she will not tear up collective agreements.

She wants educational workers to get back to their extra-curricular activities.

Indrevold asks, “What is Ms. Wynne prepared to do to make this happen?”

Indrevold stated: “The Premier Elect needs to sit down with the OSSTF Provincial Team immediately to begin the process of rebuilding the trust and respect that has been damaged by the actions of the current Minister of Education and her government. Good will is earned, and can only be achieved through collaborative, respectful working relationships. Repairing the damage that has been done will be challenging and needs to be at the top of the new leader’s agenda. Restoring our collective bargaining rights so that we can work together to solve the current conflict is the next step. ”

Indrevold concluded: “Over this last year, our members have remained committed and professional during some very trying times. They have demonstrated, in good faith, a willingness to work with the Algoma District School Board.  It is time for the government to model this same type of willingness in the weeks ahead.”

OSSTF/FEESO, founded in 1919, has 60,000 members across Ontario.

They include public high school teachers, occasional teachers, educational assistants, continuing education instructors, early childhood educators, secretaries, university support staff and many others in education.

Public notice:

There will be a political protest in front of the Algoma District School Board on Albert Street on Tuesday, January 29 from 4:15 to 6:30 p.m. sponsored by OSSTF District 2, Algoma.

Members from the education sector and labour council affiliates will be participating in the protest.

Information will be distributed about Bill 115 and what it means to those employed in the public sector.

Members of the general public are welcome to join in the protest/rally.

Traffic may be slowed down as members distribute materials.   


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Tommy2Toes 1/28/2013 1:21:36 PM Report

hmmm...maybe it's time for all of the Non-native and non-unionized workers to protest these protests...
Just Curious 1/28/2013 1:38:17 PM Report

Some of these airheads need to grow up and realize just how well we have it in this country. In a lot of other countries in this world the army would be called in and people shot for this kind of crap. Shut up and be glad you have a job that pays a really good wage. Get over yourselves and get on with life. You aren't gonna get a lot of sympathy from minimum wage earners on this stuff...
little lulu 1/28/2013 1:47:52 PM Report

Just Curious...can you actually live up to your fake sootoday name and be curious about what teachers are protesting??!!? It seems you've missed some very important information. Statements such as yours are the most ignorant of them all. Thankfully we do live in a country where protest is met with violence. How do you think we got this far?? Maybe because people have stood up and fought for their rights...exactly what the teachers are fighting for here...not more pay, not more time off and not more benefits! Do your homework before hiding behind a computer screen to bash!
noitznotme 1/28/2013 1:50:43 PM Report

Ya and I'm quite sure your name is "little lulu"too
Just Curious 1/28/2013 1:55:29 PM Report

littlelulu;I realise you are a teacher and more than a bit biased about this but you guys get paid way more than lot of people that you want to stand up for you. You are paid quite well and this thing is going to be opened up again in two years so live with it and wait it out. You wil be dealing with a conservative government the next time around so maybe you crybabies will get your way.At the very least,I'm sure none of you are going to go hungry in the immediate future,unlike a lot of people in this world,including some of the children you supposedly care so much about...Get a grip...
little lulu 1/28/2013 1:55:35 PM Report

oops missed a word ...where protests is NOT met by violence
little lulu 1/28/2013 2:01:23 PM Report

Clearly you are a bit biased to the media telling you that this is about pay since it's all you seem to fall back on...and I am a teacher, proud of it and care about the kids I teach...this has nothing to do with people going hungry or whatever it is you want to believe...but keep on believing the government and media who are doing nothing more than deflecting all of the damage they've done onto us....I could care less about yours or anyone elses support...I just wish people would do a little more research...I have read EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that I can get my hands on, whether it's coming from the premier, minister of education or teachers, and there's nothing ok about a government imposing contracts that have historically been negotiated in good faith by a union and their employer (the school board)
Luckyyou38 1/28/2013 2:08:24 PM Report

This comment section is a complete joke, most of you people have nothing better to do then sit and bitch about every damn story that is posted. It seems you are all jealous of the teachers wages ... Why did you not become a teacher ? You chose what profession your in and so did they. Perhaps you regular commenters should think before you post the dumbass comments that you do.
FreeThought 1/28/2013 2:12:00 PM Report

I work for a government agency that hasn't seen cost of living or any other kind of raise in over two years.
Teachers work for an employer who is bound by government regulations too.
Not sure why they feel they should be able to avoid the crunch we all must bear just because they have bargaining rights.
Something has to give somewhere... and it's temporary.
In the mean time, the confusion and frustration of parents far outweighs the "rights" of teachers to avoid the inevitable.
There simply isn't anything to give. So instead of bargaining, the government is stating it outright. "Sorry... for the next two years we all have to do our part."
I wasn't asked.
I was told.
Why should teachers be any different?
frank1 1/28/2013 2:19:18 PM Report

Go to work, do your job, collect your pay and quit whinning. Maybe Chief Spence will let you in on her hunger strike.
CountryTrapper 1/28/2013 2:27:37 PM Report

I think the Provincial government should dissolve the school boards across Ontario. Restructure, rehire and start from scratch. No more Local boards but one provincial school board.
CountryTrapper 1/28/2013 2:29:54 PM Report

Oh the protest is tommorow till 6. After that feel free to see the "teachers and staff" at the party at the Elks lodge on Bay Street. It's free pizza but cash bar though
ThinkAgain 1/28/2013 2:30:04 PM Report

I wish these protesters would go to jail, its not teaching our children anything.
Go stand in the parking lot, stay away from the streets better yet just go to work.
miester 1/28/2013 2:55:25 PM Report

they should have never allowed the public sector to unionize...
yoyo165 1/28/2013 3:04:00 PM Report

Hey, an 'after hours' protest, in my opinion that's a step in the right direction for the teachers. Better than closing schools so they can protest during business hours.

Just Curious, the beauty of Canada is that these groups are peacefully protesting, and are not being met with violence. Aren't we all lucky for that?
Polis 1/28/2013 3:37:04 PM Report

Yes we are very fortunate to live in a country where peaceful protest can take place as a way of educating and making our voices heard. 30,000 people travelled from every corner of this province to protest at the Liberal Convention in Toronto this past weekend and they were able to do this peacefully with not one violent incident. These are the heroes of our society, the ones who stand up for their rights and eventually, the rights of everyone. I sure am glad I don't have to rely on the 'keyboard warriors' who are so filled with greed, selfishness and negativity that they cannot see the big picture. I will be joining the educators (and the educated) on Tuesday. Happy to have the opportunity to do my part!
Stugatzu 1/28/2013 3:38:42 PM Report

If you cared about the children you teach -- you and your cronie collegues wouldn't be using the children and their education (lack of) as hostages. Its unfair to the children and down-right appauling to say that you're doing it for the children... doing it for fairness... or equality... and at the same time, you're denying children their education because you are protesting.

There's a word that describes what you're doing... hypocrisy..

I've known quite a few teachers in my time, some of them are even family members... and there's one unmitigable truth.. Teachers are ignorant to the ways of the world. They think that because they've plugged away 5-6 years in a univeristy with their noses in some books; that it makes them some high-calibre pillar of the society... . meanwhile, most of you "teachers" couldn't navigate your way out of a wet paper bag if it was laying on its side.
Norm 1/28/2013 4:32:03 PM Report

YoYo, you must be kidding, Canada is not exempt from violent protests. Although it's usually the police that sometimes spark the violence.
Norm 1/28/2013 4:36:15 PM Report

StuG, not a very nice bloggig handle. Anyway, you make teachers look like highly educated people. Teachers, unless they have a special degree, don't need a whole lot of schooling.
Sam C 1/28/2013 4:39:51 PM Report

Norm... your comment begs the question: Just what do YOU do, and how much education do YOU have?
GG5 1/28/2013 4:45:00 PM Report

Seriously, I am so tired of protests lately by two large groups, who in a huge way, have it much better than I.

I paid for my university, rent, food, books, etc. all by myself. No assistance.

Today, my income, though in the higher range, is earned by a lot of lunches in which I work, evenings in which I take my work home with me, and weekends routinely spent in front of a computer screen. This extra is part of my salary.

Being in the private sector, I do not have paid overtime. I work all summer. I have health benefits and 4 weeks vacation and no paid sick time. I have not had a raise in approximately 8 years. I don’t have “collective bargaining rights”. I have the right to attend my boss’ office, ask for anything, and have that request be politely declined. Period. And, yes it sucks, but you know what? I am employed. I am fortunate. I pull up my undies and suck it up. It could be far worse.

In university, I worked, (my butt off) both in numerous jobs and scholastically to earn as many scholarships as possible to reduce my education cost.

Today, I am happy to simply have a job…yes, that pays quite well. But our family is a 2-parent working household with 3 children.

To hear all of the woes spoken by those who are probably teachers, crying about this not being about money, I say this…I feel zero sympathy. Do any of you non-teachers realize that most teachers will accumulate ridiculous sick time benefits which will allow them to, upon retirement, receive FULL pay for years prior to actually beginning to collect their pensions?

I say that we non-teachers gather together. Each and every parent go to your school at 3:31 p.m. tomorrow.

Just after that bell rings and let’s form a human chain….and calmly and “without violence” protest the protest and spread information to the teachers that WE are unhappy with the freefall this has brought down to us…those who pay the teacher’s salaries.

Let’s see how fast our City Police act to move us. They are quick to hide behind these two protests and plead innocence on their part, preserving the right to peaceful protest.

I especially love that the teachers are beginning this protest at 4:15. Right smack in the middle of the down town core’s trip home. Most teachers I know are eating their supper when I am only leaving from work heading home. I speak for many when I say, I don’t want your flyer or your information. I put my honest 8 hour day in (and perhaps longer) and I am on the way home to cook supper, do home work with my children, because heaven forbid, the majority of school work was actually completed in school, and then off to get them bathed and to bed.

And finally, I just pray my children don’t have the misfortune of being taught by the so-called teacher hiding behind the handle, “little lulu”.
GG5 1/28/2013 4:55:35 PM Report

I forgot....of the numerous teachers I know personally and am related to, most if not all got in it not for the children, but for summers off.

To continue to hide behind all of the ridiculous facades you are trying to convince us that this is really about, how about showing us that you actually DO CARE about the kids...oh, that's right, I don't really believe that you do.
sueloo 1/28/2013 5:21:02 PM Report

We have to stand strong and realize that bullying happens in all forms and stages of life and this goverment are bullies..the worst kind a bully with power..please help in our fight against this bully witch is Bill 115
sunnie 1/28/2013 6:34:07 PM Report

Oh my goodness, seriously? The ignorance in the comments on this topic is totally off it's rocker.
How interesting and simple our lives (we the people) would be if people would just get informed before making such comments. Just saying...
little lulu 1/28/2013 7:08:55 PM Report

Sunnie, I couldn't agree more...unfortunately it's easy to go after teachers because of the time off and's the one thing I hate most about the job that I love...and GGC or whatever your initials are, your rant holds no facts...only personal opinions and experience....I as a teacher will NEVER pretend to know what any job entails aside from my own....I believe EVERYONE works hard or believes that they work hard, regardless of private or public....I will no longer defend what I do because this is not the issue...get informed, read the bill, and then come back with some solid proof that teachers have it so great that they don't deserve the right to oppose what the government is doing!
little lulu 1/28/2013 7:45:11 PM Report

noitznotme: sorry that I overlooked your great contribution to the discussion....unlike so many on this forum, I am not here bashing one profession...everything that I say here, I say in person when asked about my stance on the issue at hand....
candio21 1/28/2013 7:52:16 PM Report

The real issue here is not what the teachers are bargaining for, it's their rights to a fair and equal opportunity to bargain being taken away. If the government can choose when you can or cannot strike for your leverage in bargaining then they may as well just dictate everyones wage, vacation, sick days etc...
GG5 1/28/2013 9:32:57 PM Report

Okay, little lulu. I could not resist responding to your own childish rant.

Hi, Kettle, this is the Pot. You're black.

Since we all are so unaware of what one another's jobs are, how about you re-read my post and see that I am making comments about my job in comparison to what is common knowledge about any teacher’s position. If I am so wrong, well then, why not offer up how much time of yours is spent in your classroom/extra activities/marking, etc. I volunteered that in my position, my hours greatly exceed those which are considered normal working hours in any given week. Yes, I was quite clear that the extra curriculars in teaching completely equate to those doing overtime which is not paid in the private sector.

My own salary, though high enough that my family is comfortable, is one earned throughout the 52 weeks of the year. I have 4 weeks paid vacation. Please correct me if I am wrong, but any teacher has a standard of one week at March Break, 8 in the summer and then 2 at Christmas time? That totals 11 weeks. Far more than most which could be found in a lot of private sector positions. Yes, I understand that several of those weeks involve planning for the coming year, so even taking those out of the equation, leaves you with what, let’s say 8 weeks to be completely fair? Well, as I outlined, that is 4 more than what I have, and I think I am pretty lucky.

Just to check, was I going after your time off and pay, because you really “hate” that most about your job? I wasn’t going after that, I was simply comparing it to my position. And outlining to you that I, just as every other Ontarian without benefit of belonging to a Union, am without Collective Bargaining Rights. So, is it your fault you make that great salary? No. I didn’t say that.

I said that the money earned for what you actually do is something that certainly does not need bargaining. I know how many pay increases you’ve had over the past 20 years; remember it is public knowledge and you can stop trying to defend it, come on. You want to protect your rights because not many jobs in the private sector offer that because in this economy today, it is not possible. Many of us are taking pay decreases to protect jobs in smaller companies. Can you say the same? The only reason it is possible for your profession to hold on to such a great rate of pay and benefits is because of collective bargaining rights, sure. But, does that entitle you to continue to receive such obnoxious pay hikes and improvements in benefits? Seriously? We are an evolving world and the days are coming to an end where the government jobs will be forever protected for the overpaid. Of course a huge number of Union employees in the province are crying about this Bill....if I had them, I'd not want to lose them, but it is inevitable, if we ever want the Province and the Country to get out of this pit hole of Debt.

I understand and appreciate the time all teachers put into extra-curricular activities because this is something benefitting our kids and I do appreciate it is an "unpaid" extra that you do. Well, as I said, I put in many extra hours in my work week because that is the nature of my job. And, as I said, I receive no remuneration for that work.

I never said I professed to be completely well-versed in exactly what Bill 115 is about. In all honesty, since most of the rants by those much like yourself are claiming “COLLECTIVE BARGAINING RIGHTS” ad nauseum, then, why don’t you outline exactly what collective bargaining rights are? Are you, in a blue-collar, union-heavy town such as Sault Ste. Marie, really that naïve? That you think we are not aware of what that in itself means? What are you bargaining for? Well, collective bargaining rights are defined as, “the agreement establishes wages, hours, promotions, benefits, and other employment terms as well as procedures for handling disputes arising under it”.

Essentially that means this is truly about pay, benefits, and all that we, the non-teachers are so upset about. It is indirectly about the money and the benefits.

Why can’t any of you just admit that once and for all? Perhaps if you did, you just may get a little bit of support for your credibility…for speaking the truth. For all that is out there right now by the childish rants you accuse others of, yet are actually spewing yourselves, we know nothing other than you are all whining and throwing temper tantrums like a bunch of 2-year olds.

I stated I would hope you are not responsible for teaching my children as your run-on, disjointed thoughts and overuse of ellipses make me question your writing skills, which are essential to teaching. That is not a bash. That is a concerned parent. I actually wrote in complete sentences and used proper grammar and punctuation. Any low-blows I made against you were done out of my frustration in those professing to be experts in this entire Bill 115 nightmare spewing pretty taglines like collective bargaining rights and being unable to explain what that really means. So, here it is, enlighten me, and the rest of us.
little lulu 1/28/2013 11:04:31 PM Report's an article...I'm not getting into it with you again...feel free to read...or not....I refuse to stoop to your's by a teacher so I'm hoping that your mind isn't...already...made
Polis 1/28/2013 11:26:13 PM Report

Good for you, little lulu! Stay strong. You know why you're doing this...and that is a fabulous article you've chosen.
KMF61MCF 1/29/2013 12:03:10 AM Report

Get the Violins out play this sad song again boohooo poor Teachers.Cheese with your " W(H)ine?" OSSTF YOU BLOW AND SUCK AS A UNION AND FIGHTING FOR YOUR MEMBERS. YOU all deserve what the Government is doing to you.ZERO sympathy from me!!!!
GG5 1/29/2013 7:02:13 AM Report

The Huffington Post...

Says it all. L

aughing. Hysterically. At. Your. Attempt. To. Make. Those. Who. Come. Here. To. Believe. It. Is. News.

little lulu 1/29/2013 7:13:50 AM Report

and how is your opinion any more valid than the huffington post? you resort to belittling and hurling insults....i guess whatever works to make you feel better!
sunnie 1/29/2013 7:48:12 PM Report

115... ( yell out loud ) It is Union busting at it's best.
Leave the Teachers alone because they EARN..... every dime they make. If they do not stand strong then all union and non-union jobs will be at risk for the government to walk in and dictate salaries, vacation and sick days to any hard working person out there. GET INFORMED before slandering and making ignorant remarks that you really have no idea about. Like a few others on here I have read all that I can to inform myself on this issue and others before saying my piece.
Oh ya...BTW... I am not a Teacher. :) but having raised 2 children in the seperate and public system I wholy agree to the Unions reactions and methods of handling this situation as best as they can. Stand Tall Teachers you Honestly do make most of us PROUD. Kudos
guestwho 1/30/2013 10:10:13 AM Report

little fu fu and the rest of you cry babies,why not bring your fight to the people your fighting with?You involve people such as myself who don`t give a shit about your problems,but I have to put up with your whining because you insist on involving me,go bitch to the people that are enslaving you to hard times for christ sakes!!!
sunnie 1/30/2013 4:19:51 PM Report

Really... nobody twisted your arm or anyone else s arm to make the ignorant comment or comments on here.
Apparently your comment about us discussing this elsewhere proves your ignorance to the topic. We have done plenty of talking to the media, which btw is exactly what this site is. We have also held peaceful demonstrations never mind the fact that the government forced this whole issue by taking away our collective bargaining rights.
I also haven't be-little or swore to or about anyone on here as a few have.
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