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Why these locals went to Toronto yesterday (14 photos)

Sunday, January 27, 2013   by: Staff

Faithful reader April Jokelainen submitted these photos taken yesterday at a union rally in Toronto.

She was part of a large group of local Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) members who traveled from Sault Ste. Marie and Thessalon to attend the afternoon event at the Liberal party Convention.

To read a news release issued by CUPE regarding this rally, please click here.

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mpa 1/27/2013 4:20:44 PM Report

I am not a civil servant but I am part of a Union. GOOD JOB!!! Instead of being critical people, we need to stick together because if we dont, we all will loose.

OLG wake up and form a union!!!
junkyard dog 1/27/2013 4:59:07 PM Report

Was with you in spirit...way to go!!
Tommy2Toes 1/27/2013 5:11:31 PM Report

@mpa....the OLG forming a union would be the quickest way to see those jobs lost due to the casino closing down. It's already close to it...a union would push it over the edge.
Polis 1/27/2013 5:12:07 PM Report

Good work! I so wanted to go too! Thank you for representing us all so well! I hear there were 30,000 people protesting this assault on our democracy! It must have been so empowering!
Bono 1/27/2013 7:50:53 PM Report

Why to waste your weekend doing something most people could care less about..... Idiots....
Saultguy41 1/27/2013 8:07:34 PM Report

In all honesty Bono, you are the idiot! These folks are fighting for something they believe in. As a Union person myself, I commend these people.
Ricatoni 1/27/2013 8:23:35 PM Report

Bono.....LOL the only one whos an idiot here is you BONO..LOL you will be thanking them in the future BONO....... LOL
Ricatoni 1/27/2013 8:24:52 PM Report

30,000 people yea thats nobody BONO.......LMAO!!!!!!! BONO comon .LMAO!!!!!BONO....
Norm 1/27/2013 9:13:21 PM Report

MPA, loose what? Also, did they go on the Soo Greyhound Bus?
Bono 1/27/2013 11:57:44 PM Report

Oh ya, thanks for nothing.... All these people, teachers, etc... If you have it soooooo bad, quit and go find something better.... Thing is, you won't, because you already have it way to good... The majority of the public doesn't have it as good as you/us... It's like the millionaire who wins the lottery and expects people to congratulate him.... You think you're doing the right thing but the majority of the public just looks at this and laughs...
J_B 1/28/2013 7:54:31 AM Report

Hey Bono,
Get yourself a lottery ticket. Sure, get accepted at a Canadian University, Get a four year honours degree($18,000 per year if you don't get accepted at Algoma), Earn an average of 78% or higher to get accepted at Teachers College (there's another $18,000), supply teach for a couple of years, and then if you're lucky you get to stand in front of a bunch of entitled kids who don't give a darn. Then when you try to motivate them their parents call a lawyer because they say you were too mean. Sounds like a real low stress cash for life lottery win for me. You got it wrong Bono, we're darn lucky to have great principals, teachers, E.A.'s secretarys custodial staff, bus drivers, and cafeteria team. All I can say is thank God you're not one of them.
Bono 1/28/2013 9:04:55 AM Report

Ready for this, I am...... I just know how good I have it and don't expect anymore because people put there would kill to have what I have.... So there ya go... Only difference is, I went to a real school, not Algoma where a 12 year old could get a degree
pruden 1/28/2013 9:11:35 AM Report

Way to go CUPE - the sleeping giant awakens.
As for you Bono, thank goodness we the union can hope to educate ignorant people like yourself. Bet you are looking forward to collecting your pension if it's still there when you need it because it's the likes of the unions that will protect everything we have fought for and hopefully will always fight for.
Young people today are so busy trying to stay afloat they are going to be relying on the unions to fight for their rights. So very proud of you CUPE - we had a great time knocking out Harris for the stuff he was trying to do, in fact if it wasn't for the Unions Welfare would be a thing of the past and Workfare (free labour) would now be enforced whether you like it or not.
Bono 1/28/2013 9:37:17 AM Report

Lol, it's that kind of attitude that gives us a bad name... Pensions aren't going anywhere, our benefits aren't going anywhere, nothing is going anywhere... The fact unions use these "scare tactics" shows they will say and do anything.... It's really a "cult like" society... It's really scary...
flasher 1/28/2013 11:00:30 AM Report

Unions from all across Ontario didn't come to the rally on Saturday just to support those who supposedly "have it made". There is a much bigger picture here. The fact that the government disregards the right to collective bargaining by introducing legislation such as bill 115, should be very troublesome to working people. Is this really okay with some people? I guess as long as it isn't them, for now it is. On the other hand, it is not okay with the 30 thousand people who showed up on Friday, to let the Liberals at their leadership convention know that working people will fight for their democratic rights and also fight to preserve very hard fought for gains they have made in their work places.
I was honoured and proud to be part of this rally, to stand up to the bullying of this government with workers all across this province.

Ricatoni 1/28/2013 1:11:10 PM Report

dont worry folks bono is the type of person whos parents probably took full advantage of all the oppurtunities this country offered in order to give their kids a better life. This bono is the result of being spoon fed his whole life and pampered with whatever he wanted probably never had to work a day in his for his comment that he is one of those who are out there protesting its probably just another made up dream by a silver spoon fed spoiled brat......nobody agrees with him so that speaks for itself........LOL....sorry pal nobody believes you or agrees with you.....
AAP 1/28/2013 1:36:27 PM Report


The real BONO would be proud of you...NOT!
Polis 1/28/2013 6:30:35 PM Report

@flasher: Amen Sister!
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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