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Batchawana Bay Provincial Park resumes regular operating season

Wednesday, January 23, 2013   by: Staff



Batchawana Bay Provincial Park resumes regular operating season

McGuinty government encourages families to enjoy park’s natural beauty

Ontarians will be able to spend more time next season enjoying the great outdoors at Batchawana Bay Provincial Park.

After an annual review of opening and closing dates for provincial parks, Ontario has decided to return Batchawana Bay Provincial Park to its previous operating season for 2013.

The park will open May 10 and close October 15.

Last season, the park’s operating dates were adjusted due to low visitation rates at the beginning and end of the operating season and because similar services were available at nearby Pancake Bay Provincial Park.


“I’m happy to announce that we will be returning Batchawana Bay Provincial Park to its previous operating season for 2013. Opening and closing dates for all provincial parks are reviewed annually. This change will allow visitors to enjoy this incredible park well into the fall.” - Michael Gravelle, minister of natural resources

"Batchawana Bay is one of the most beautiful provincial parks in Ontario, and keeping it open into the fall season allows local residents to enjoy it to its fullest. The park also serves as an important tourist destination, which strengthens the region’s economy and supports jobs." - David Orazietti, MPP for Sault Ste. Marie

Quick facts

Batchawana Bay Provincial Park is located on the north shore of Lake Superior, approximately 70 kilometres north of Sault Ste. Marie.

Batchawana Bay has one of the finest beaches in North America with 3.2 km of fine sand. It is sheltered from Lake Superior by two protective, prominent masses of land that form the bay.


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Ms Alotta 1/24/2013 6:40:39 AM Report

During the early 60s our families and friends enjoyed long endless summers on the beach. We will never forget those days. It was bitter sweet for us to say good bye to overnight camping, but an absolute travesty to shorten the picnic hours last year. Glad to have every minute back. As a dedicated beachbum having lolled in the sun on some of the best beaches in the world, I'm proud to say that it all started at Batchawana Bay.
nana4j's 1/24/2013 8:18:10 AM Report

So, I should get a refund for the months I was not able to use my seasonal pass. Yeah right!!
Pictureman 1/24/2013 11:05:52 AM Report

Okay people... The good old Gov't has bowed to some local pressure and has reversed its former decision. Let's get out there this season and USE the park. Show support for Frank at the Voyageur who played a part in this matter. It's a beautiful park and very close to our city. As the saying goes: "use it or lose it !" Let's not give the Gov't an excuse to close it again.
Cormorant 1/24/2013 6:47:56 PM Report

Hey Big Man

You have said some terribly misinformed things. So here’s the true story.

The Voyageur Lodge had nothing to do with the petition to keep Batchawana Day Park open longer in the summer. Frank O’Connor only agreed when asked by local people to put that petition in his restaurant to gain more signatures. The petition was a grass roots movement and was drawn up by locals at Batchawana Bay, placed in the post office, and brought around to others who live here. Then it was collected and sent to Mike Mantha, MPP in Elliot Lake. He presented them in the legislature.

As for David Orazietti, he never showed up at the park gate protest nor did he represent himself in any way in this issue. To my knowledge he never contacted any one at Batchawana Bay over this issue. Now he is quoted in Sootoday as though he had an interest in this. This is very hypocritical at the least. To try to take any semblance of credit by acknowledging the reversal of his government’s policy when he was not on our side only discredits his office. It was the “People” who did the leg work.

Now for you Big Man. Why do you dump on Voyageur Lodge who close the LCBO outlet for less than two months (mid November to early January) and not criticize Agawa Indian Crafts who shut the LCBO outlet for the entire winter? I have two options for you to consider. One is to stock up in November on your liquor or beer and then you won’t have to drive to the Goulais outlet. The second is to drive a bit further and attend an AA meeting during the winter if you are that desperate for booze.
Cormorant 1/24/2013 10:06:15 PM Report

The Big Man

Read the article pal and you might see David O's quote about the park.

Yah, I know who our MPP is. I've worked with him. Have you?

Isn't it great that we finally have an MPP that we can work with and who works with us?

As for your recommendation that I take Economics 101, sorry but I'd learn more about political boundaries in a Politics course.

Hey, maybe you will join us in the next big protest coming to the Bay!

Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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