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No school for Algoma public elementary students this Friday

Wednesday, January 09, 2013   by: Staff



Algoma District School Board receives notification of one-day protest by Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (EFTO) on Friday, January 11, 2013

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation has formally notified the Algoma District School Board (ADSB) that teachers will not be reporting for work on Friday, January 11, 2013, as elementary teachers will be holding a one-day political protest in response to the Government of Ontario’s passing of Bill 115 and Minister Broten’s decision to impose collective agreements.

Due to this political protest, ADSB has advised parents that as of today, as per Section 19 (2) and (3) of the Education Act, all elementary schools in the Algoma District School Board will be closed for elementary teachers and elementary students on Friday, January 11, 2013.

Parents have been advised that classes will not be held and elementary students will not be picked up by buses that day.

Community daycares and Parenting and Family Literacy Centres that currently operate in ADSB schools will continue as usual on this day.

All secondary students will attend classes as usual, and transportation for secondary students will be available.

All elementary schools will re-open on Monday, January 14, 2013 and instruction and regular transportation will resume for elementary students.

The Board apologizes for the interruption to student learning and for the inconvenience this may cause parents.

Additionally, the Board advises parents to continue to monitor the media and its website in the event that legal action by the Ministry of Education results in teachers returning to work on Friday.

In the event of such action, the Board will immediately notify parents of the change for Friday.


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Cam 1/9/2013 5:26:08 PM Report

Do we pay their wages to not teach this day? Just curious.
mac headrick 1/9/2013 5:31:16 PM Report

No the teachers do not get paid.
TJP 1/9/2013 5:37:35 PM Report

What a bunch of babies. I wish I could just choose when I want work. Go to work and earn your paycheck. They should just lock them out and hire all new staff.
happy camper 1/9/2013 6:07:22 PM Report

Hey heres an Idea Do something with your kids. Go toboggining with your kids or play some hockey with your kids or sit and watch some movies with your kids or have lunch with your kids . Get the hint they are your kids do something special with them enjoy the day with them.
TJP 1/9/2013 6:14:45 PM Report

@happy camper..... Heres an idea. I work and would like to be able to work so i get paid and can feed my kids. But thanks for that great advice on how to enjoy time with my kids. Never would have thought about tobogganing or playing hockey with them. None the less watching a movie with them. Thing is if I'm not working I can't afford toboggans or hockey sticks or movies. Get a life and think before you type.
Steve77 1/9/2013 6:16:33 PM Report

happy camper

I'd love to but I have to work Friday.

If the teachers really cared about the students, they'd hold the protest on Saturday.
cjborg 1/9/2013 6:26:17 PM Report

The Y have an excellent daycare program available ... from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 pm... Check it out...

The only suggestion I could add is that Teacher fines of up to $2000 per day should be paid to the YMCA ... parents should not have to pay for this daycare program.

Union fines (Hopefully, up to $1,0000,000 per day, should be set aside to cover governmental legal costs and further banking for future unlawful strikes of this nature ...)

Plans should soon be announced that the government party(s) plans to negotiate a 25% reduction to future teacher salary levels when they come due in 2014.... The Provincial government (or majority of two parties in the case of a minority governnment) should openly commit and run on this promise and platform for the next election.... (I would think only the NDP would oppose this idea as their past practice has been to wait until they get in power, try to spend their (our) way out of a recession before they then institute "Rae" Daze........
Ginga 1/9/2013 6:40:30 PM Report

Good for them stand up for yourselves .. i wish people would understand that this could affect all union members down the road.
Tom_Bom 1/9/2013 6:56:37 PM Report

They ain't gonna be having fun picketing out in that storm
stinky 1/9/2013 7:13:15 PM Report

muf 1/9/2013 7:33:42 PM Report

TJP ....see what happens when you work in a non union workplace. One day off and you cannot afford a toboggan.
cizman 1/9/2013 7:37:22 PM Report

To TJP: I think you should get the facts straight, the gov't is ramming the teachers with this stupid Bill and it's not fair. Plus with your bright idea of firing them and replace them with new ones?? Give your head a shake, the retired teachers get called back instead of calling the on-call teachers. This is a bigger problem so back to work you go, just like the rest of us!!
TJP 1/9/2013 7:46:23 PM Report

Hahaha.... Obviously one day of work will not hurt me financially it is just the point of the matter. And second the teachers are getting rammed because they are all over paid babies. It is outrages they think they should be able to bank sick days year after year. They are SICK days therefore should only be used for that reason. And as a non union employee I can bargain for myself and do not need some monkey bargaining for me. You union members will be getting a big wake up call soon and I love seeing you all cry about this bill. I think this bill is fantastic and hope all the best for you union workers. Better hope they don't decide to force these teachers back to work because that would just suck to see them have to actually do a full days work.
TJP 1/9/2013 7:48:02 PM Report

Oh and I think they should fire all these teachers and bring back the retired ones as they were not sucks and did their job without complaining. And I bet thwy were making less then these sucks.
Menard6969 1/9/2013 7:55:58 PM Report

Hey TJP, if it wasn't for unions you wouldn't have half of the wage you're currently making. You obviously have no clue how the world works. Now go crawl under your bosses desk so you can negotiate your next raise.
Longlake 1/9/2013 8:01:44 PM Report

Unbeleivable! I hope the government fines them a huge amount. How can anyone in today's economic climate justify accumulating paid sick days for retirement? And let's not forget the teachers enjoyed 8 years of above average wage increases. They have excellent working conditions and a ton of job security, something no one has in the private sector anymore.

People have to wake up and realize the Ontario government has no more money. The spending has to stop on all levels. The only problem is McGuinty waited too long before taking action. If the government had not signed unsustainable contracts years before we wouldn't be in this position.
I'm In 1/9/2013 8:10:08 PM Report

Menard6969: Rioght on, TJP will need to buy knee pads to get his pay increase, it looks like he is the monkey under the table.
TJP 1/9/2013 8:33:00 PM Report

I'm willing to bet that menard6969 and I'm in are about 5 feet tall and maybe 150 pounds. Little guy syndrome just flowing on sootoday. I would rather be on my knees for my boss (seeing as my boss is a lady)then on the bottom for some union rep. You union people need to just take it like a real man or women. Let's see how lippy you are in about a year haha. Bill 115 is GREAT and am all for it and love seeing grown men and women cry like my two year old does when I tell him it is bedtime.
Zarm27 1/9/2013 8:39:08 PM Report

The main focus I find should be more limited to the union itself, I'd be wondering if Mr. Sam Hammond would receive the fine just like the teachers he's leading into this act. If someone was to actually hear/see the way the unions nowadays operate, less people would want to pay into it and would just be satisfied with their pay and benefits that are superior than the rest of the country. I do believe things should be handled locally, also I do think there should be a mandatory retirement after 25 years. Most teachers would agree that what they receive in todays financial classes is nothing to scoff at.

I personally think that some Government official should write up something that would legislate the ability of a person to work without the unions interference. 1 out of 10 do not vote to strike, so how many vote out of wanting to maintain their place amongst their peers?

rcamp211 1/9/2013 8:46:20 PM Report

tjp i have a union job and i cant afford a toboggan!!
hockeyman18 1/9/2013 8:46:48 PM Report

If it was in their contract to be able to bank sick days why wouldn't they want to keep them. EVERY single person complaining would love the opportunity to have that benefit. It is a matter of a third party coming in and stripping the rights of these individuals. Hell, look at the NHL players. Locked out because they actually want more money even though they make millions a year, plus bonuses, plus pensions, plus endorsements yet people support them.
Zarm27 1/9/2013 8:47:32 PM Report

Oh, another thing, the minimum wage people receive is also reflected in the cost of many of our essential items. A loaf of bread in our foreseeable future will be $4 (not dempsters but the noname cheap brands). So despite any possible raises for teachers, all jobs will actually get a raise since our debt will slowly be increasing and all items we spend our money on will cost more. It's hilarious though, since if we all do jump onto the band wagon and buy cheaper products, the greed of the company will result in higher prices.

We need to find a common ground which should be the betterment of Canada. I just wish people could be called out publicly and denounced as a traitor to the country and hanged.
hockeyman18 1/9/2013 8:48:04 PM Report

Also, teachers have to go by what the union tells them. You cannot go against your own union if you ever want your job back.
j.r.98 1/9/2013 8:56:25 PM Report

Teacher salaries in Sault Ste Marie under the present government have increased by 28.7% while under the Conservative government salaries increased by 17.7% and under the NDP they increased by only 4.9%. When grid increases are included, the average teacher salary in Ontario has risen by 34% over the past eight years and for 60% of teachers that means a salary of over $94,000 which is the highest in Canada.
muf 1/9/2013 9:13:45 PM Report

What the union haters fail to is the future. People like TJP can`t see it. Their children are the future . Get rid of the unions now and watch wages, benefits, pensions all start to revert backwards . Not to mention working conditions that will deteriorate. Your kids can work under the pressure of do it or else mentality from their bosses. Alot of companies pay better wages now just to keep the unions out. Without unions good luck keeping those wages up .
As for the ministry of labour and the ESA,thats a gov`t agency that can be changed anytime the gov`t feels . So don`t count on them to cover your butt.
crk 1/9/2013 9:22:38 PM Report

Dear Teachers: Do you strike, protest, and cancel classes to gain public support??? Perhaps you should rethink your strategy, because judging by the responses and public opinion, it's clearly not working. These are difficult economic times; the gravy train has stopped for teachers, and I am among the vast majority who think that it's about time.
aurora 1/9/2013 9:51:33 PM Report

Friday would be a good day to drop their children off at the Board office!
muf 1/9/2013 9:54:10 PM Report

You mean Davey O`s office
catmom 1/9/2013 10:07:21 PM Report

Teachers are protesting the Liberal government's imposition of Bill 115, which is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Consider the following statement I read on a tshirt and I couldn't agree more:
"I am a union member. We live here and pay taxes here. We work hard to support our families. We're NOT the problem and we're NOT the enemy. If you're jealous of our benefits, fight for your own, not against ours! The rich created this problem and they're pitting Middle Class Families against each other. Fight Back - join a Union!" Enough said.
Zarm27 1/9/2013 10:38:18 PM Report

I would wonder how the lower class families are situated in that comparison on the shirt. It's biased, it has no facts, strictly a statement. Most comments on here are statements, and the majority of people blast people for speaking their opinion. So how is it that you feel obligated to spout it? If the teachers want to bite the hand that feeds them, that's their choice. It's different when people who are voicing their opinions supporting our governments decision to fight back. All it takes is consideration to the facts, how is it going to affect the economy, how will it affect the minimum wage, how will it affect the essential items we all use. Eventually people will see the results of this bickering, until then have at 'er and we'll all be watching.
Johnedater 1/9/2013 11:37:32 PM Report

"I am a union member. We live here and pay taxes here. We work hard to support our families. We're NOT the problem and we're NOT the enemy. If you're jealous of our benefits, fight for your own, not against ours! The rich created this problem and they're pitting Middle Class Families against each other. Fight Back - join a Union!"

Hitting the "LIKE" button
harry dick 1/10/2013 12:57:10 AM Report

it is very interesting to read all the different ways that the teacher's day of protest is affecting people and their thoughts on it.
the teachers may very well be overpaid as some of you suggest, but it was the different provincial governments that gave the teachers their raises and sick days in the first place .
the thing i am appalled at is that the government actually took away the teachers right to fair and proper negotiation through their union , which is guaranteed in the constitution. you cannot by-pass unions and negotiations just because you are the governing body in ontario.
when this fight over bill 115 goes to court , everyone better hope the supreme court of canada upholds the teacher's right to free negotiation through the union system.
this fight between the government and the teachers union is the test to see if EVERYONE'S RIGHT TO BARGAIN IN GOOD FAITH IS UPHELD. do you not think if the teachers lose their right to free negotiation , it will spill over into the other government unions and MOST OF ALL into the PRIVATE SECTOR TOO?
people have pension plans and health care along with dental and vision plans ONLY because of the UNIONS. there isn't a company that would willingly give us any of that stuff . unions have negotiated these things over alot of years , through long strikes like the one at inco in sudbury last year. that one lasted a YEAR.
muf 1/10/2013 6:47:41 AM Report

Here Here HD . Great comment
mr.monty 1/10/2013 8:29:45 AM Report

if you can not take time to raise and care for your kids then do not have them. men work and mothers stay home and raise the kids. worked for centuries, oh yeah union or non union. we all get paid for ot. extra coricular for teachers should be ot. live with in your means and get to know your kids. take the money from the xbox baby sitter and buy a toboggan.
Job Developer 1/10/2013 9:01:57 AM Report

"this fight between the government and the teachers union is the test to see if EVERYONE'S RIGHT TO BARGAIN IN GOOD FAITH IS UPHELD."

I have yet to see a union come to the table and bargain in good faith. They bargain in a hostage negotiation. "Give us what we want or else" Where is the good faith in that. Clearly the government was baragining in good faith with those that wanted to because contracts where reached and ratified.

If the teachers truly want to bargain in good faith they would have done so before this bill was imposed and could bargain in good faith now.

Its about time the government called them out. Now they just need to hold true. The next round of politicians trying to get elected at all cost will mortgage the province to death to get into power and stay there.

There is massive waste in all levels of government and it has to stop.
Superior1 1/10/2013 9:04:06 AM Report

Maybe the parents should have a protest and not send the children to school for 2 days. From what I understand the schools are paid by the number of kids in attendance. No kids, no pay for the school. That might get the attention of the people involved. The Catholic School Board settled, what is the issue with the public school board.
legend16 1/10/2013 9:30:51 AM Report

HD, well done! Hopefully you dumbed it down enough that all the jackass' who posted can understand. TJP, you're a d bag.
golfnuttt 1/10/2013 9:48:42 AM Report

Job Developer...well said, probably the most intelligent response on this issue.
Slim Shady 1/10/2013 9:50:42 AM Report

@ Harry Dick


Union or non-union (I've worked at both), my family and I are where we are and have what we have THROUGH OUR OWN HARD WORK ETHIC, not any efforts of Unions. My education, experience and skillsets dictate my remuneration, raises and COLA. Companies pay me what I'm worth or they don't get to make money off of me. If a company treated me unfairly in the past - I stopped working for them, plain and simple. Nobody forces you to work for any employer. Your employer has to abide by the Labour Act as ar as providing proper work environment etc. If you don't like your Job role, that's a different matter... quit and do something that you think is "not so beneath you". You think all employers are jack-offs? Quit compaining and run your own business! You'll soon see just what pricks some employees can be!

Teachers are using Parents and Children as pry bars for their own issuses with the government. On the topic of Teachers, I am quite aware of the issues. Both my Sister and my brother-in-law are teachers. They love teaching and their job. They coach hockey and are quite involved outside of regular hours. They do complain at times and we disagree. But nobody forces or expects them to do their extracurricular activities. Nobody can tell me that a teacher doesn’t get paid well for what they do. They know the gig before they sign. When you look at the entire picture it is a well paying job with good vacation – you can’t disagree with that. Are they worth it? I think so – the future of our children depend on it. Should they be allowed to strike? Yes and No. Working in a Public sector union is different than Private sector unions. If Essar goes on strike, companies that need steel get it from elsewhere (employees suffer not you) – your cars, equipment, merchandise etc. still get built…. Life for you goes on. If Teachers, Police,., Firemen, etc. go on strike the government doesn’t have the option of getting competitive services. In the Teacher’s case, we don’t get refunded tax dollars and go hire private tutors! Should Teachers be able negotiate a contract through arbitrators? Yes. When it is settled, Teachers will get any back monies owned retroactive to the end of their last contract. Leave the kids and parents out of it! Keep in mind that the province and the rest of our country are in a financial squeeze… the government is not just picking on the teachers.
zick999 1/10/2013 9:53:54 AM Report

Hey Job Developer ... right on. For everyone worried about Bill 115. DON'T BE ... and don't listen to the teachers and their union say it will spill over to the rest of the unions and private sector. First off the gov't has already rescinded this Bill. BILL 115 was only used to attack the teachers ridiculous contract situations. An uncooperative stubborn and massive union not willing to negotiate. They have only received increases the last 20 years. 35% wage increases in the last 8 years ... obviously they rule the collective bargaining agreements in the past against the government. They can't believe a government is finally standing up to them.

By the way ... my union is currently collectively bargaining. I hear we have agreed to our wage freeze like everyone other union ... except our teachers who left the bargaining table as if it to say I DARE YOU to the government. I don't really see the need to force a contract on anyone other union because our wages/benefits are in line and reasonable with the actual amount of time we are working. You know ... 9 to 5 and we have to work in the summer too.
Polis 1/10/2013 11:49:00 AM Report

Hey folks. I see many of you are drinking the government Koolaid! Yikes, so much ignorance and misinformation. Thank goodness the teachers and ed workers have a backbone in standing up to this gross abuse of power. In the end it will improve conditions for all workers in Ontario. Stop complaining and try to be part of the solution and not the problem!
lucyp 1/10/2013 12:33:24 PM Report

TJP or what ever your name....I am not a teacher...I work a Union Job and I totally agree with these hard working teachers......On Friday when these teachers are protesting their HARD WORKED earned union rights trying to teach your children and mine, why don't you go to work for no pay, and then go home and work a few more hours with office work that your boss says he will pay for and then he tells you NAAAA I decided not to pay you...then tell us how you feel...oh and by the way we can bank our sick days too, not just the teachers and if I get enough I get a whole week off with pay...not just the teachers...
cjborg 1/10/2013 2:18:15 PM Report

To: zick999 1/10/2013 9:53:54 AM Report... quoted in part.............
"Hey Job Developer ... right on. For everyone worried about Bill 115. DON'T BE ... and don't listen to the teachers and their union say it will spill over to the rest of the unions and private sector. First off the gov't has already rescinded this Bill. BILL 115 was only used to attack the teachers ridiculous contract situations."........

You appear to be a very responsible thinking individual and your comments are most welcome and refreshing...

I have never belonged to a Union but recognize their importance and contributions over the years. You and they are to be commended for your current insight.

In a democratic society we cannot allow undemocratic actions like the current greedy Public School Teachers Union/Tachers to overshadow you and other responsible unions and their members long term economic and worthwhile contribution to our society, province and country.

Society could now benefit further if other sectors become more aware and responsible to play their part and help us emerge from the economic mess we are currently in...

We and our children will all benefit if we learn to treat others as we wish to be treated.
Alystr 1/10/2013 4:48:23 PM Report

I would really like to know where you got your $94000 figure from lol.. Half of my wife's family are teachers and the oldest one at near 60 makes around $80000 while the ones who have been teachers for just over 10 to 15 years are making around $50000.. Get your facts straight before you post erratically high figures. I doubt professors make 95K per year..
Jimssm 1/11/2013 7:07:05 AM Report

I am wondering why the schools are closed today.

The teacher gave notice that they won't be there...fine. The school board closes the schools under terms of the Education Act.

Why couldn't the Board keep the schools open, use administrative staff and supply teachers, and get the per-pupil grants for the day ?
panda26 1/11/2013 7:31:17 AM Report

so they have announced that the teacher walk out is indeed illegal and it is supposed to be cancelled....i sincerely hope that these teachers walking out illegally will have to face the 2000 dollar fines, if they feel they are being treated unfairly they can appeal the bill that was impossed threw the courts.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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