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Look what finally opened today (3 photos)

Thursday, January 03, 2013   by: Staff

Motorists in the north end of the city were pleased to see the barriers and 'road closed' signs finally come down at the Pine Street extension at Northern Avenue today.

The delay in opening the Pine Street extension from Northern Avenue to Second Line was due partially to the last-minute funding confirmation from the Ministry of Transportation, City of Sault Ste. Marie Design and Construction Engineer, Carl Rumiel, told

This pushed back the completion of construction on Second Line, Rumiel said, and the extention couldn't open until the intersection at Pine Street and Second Line was finished.

The intention of the extension of Pine Street is to ease traffic congestion along the Great Northern Road corridor.

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Beej 1/3/2013 5:15:22 PM Report

Massive waste of taxpayer dollars right there.
I think the average person would be mortified to know how many millions were squandered on this when there were far more pressing things that needed to be looked after first.
opinionated 1/3/2013 5:22:27 PM Report

IF the lights make going straight through on pine to second line and then up to great northern faster, it will work. That is the direction that many people are going anyways (pine > northern ave > great northern).

It might help during busy times.

Someone somewhere figured it looked like a good idea on paper.
thomas 1/3/2013 5:32:11 PM Report

Well I for one, thought the same about Carmen's way and now I think it is VERY convenient.
I imagine I'll find the same about the Pine St extension.

Once the new high school and senior citizen's home opens, the Pine St extension will help with congestion too.

Once the new traffic lights on Second Line start operating, I hope drivers adjust their speed during slippery conditions.
Newsjunkie 1/3/2013 5:38:42 PM Report

I would assume they would activate the lights at Second Line today as well, no? Otherwise it would be a poor decision to open that section of road.
NB113 1/3/2013 5:58:54 PM Report

intention not intension
vic-star 1/3/2013 6:05:24 PM Report

It would be excellent if they could put a left turn light from Northern, south onto Pine. I work at the Extendicare, and have a family member who lives on Northern Ave east of the lights and it is near impossible to turn left of the green light for all the cars turning right onto Pine. Also, Pine street has such a long light, it is a ridiculously long wait for the green light when you are headed west.
Tommy2Toes 1/3/2013 6:08:55 PM Report

It's a toss up for biggest waste of taxpayer money between this project or the westend rec. center...
Watchdog1 1/3/2013 6:18:01 PM Report

You people can complain about anything. Why so negative? Just stop complaining and be happy.
Newsjunkie 1/3/2013 6:20:54 PM Report

The West End Recreation center is not a waste of taxpayer money. It was needed and is used constantly. Just because you don't go there doesn't make it unimportant. The parking lot is always full when it is open. I am there at least once a week with my kids for indoor soccer and many other groups, including Soo Lacrosse, also use it. I also plan to use the Library quite frequently in the summer months. It is so much brighter and easily accesible compared to the old one on Second Line. It was NEEDED.
iamtc 1/3/2013 7:14:57 PM Report

how about fixing all the streets in this city before doing any kind of project there are alot of potholes everywhere cars and trucks go thru front end parts more then anyone in this province its a joke the way are money is spent clean up downtown its looking very disgusting and stinks put a little money where needed also cut property taxes a little
stiJJy 1/3/2013 7:24:17 PM Report

I, for one, welcome this with open arms.
rcamp211 1/3/2013 7:35:38 PM Report

a bad spot for traffic lights on a hill for transports this time of year.its not if but when an accident will happen!!
santa-fe 1/3/2013 7:38:26 PM Report

So glad this is opened. With the 3rd Line and this opened, it makes traveling so much better.
Jimssm 1/3/2013 7:42:06 PM Report

This was a great idea.

It sure speeds up my commute and eases traffic on the highway between Northern and 2nd Line.
scoobie doo 1/3/2013 9:10:28 PM Report

This was much needed! traffic between Northern Ave and 2nd Line bottle necks and it's impossible (and unsafe) for cars to get onto Great Northern from that street where Rental Car place is?? so happy to see it. Is it perfect? probably not, but there were few choices as to how to ease up traffic on Great Northern. With the hospital being up that way now, and with all the new stores and businesses going out that way, the city had to do something. It's called progress folks,and like it or not, it's what has to happen when cities expand.
zartan 1/3/2013 10:09:49 PM Report

Good! Finally, more traffic lights than vehicles, we'll be famous!
Wisenheimer 1/3/2013 10:14:04 PM Report

Increased traffic Pine to 2nd line makes left hand turns onto Pine from Tilley, Willoughby, Pleasant, Food Basics nearly impossible. Driving traffic back up Great Northern. Brilliant!
guestwho 1/3/2013 10:14:53 PM Report

finally 2yrs / 1/4 mi.of road,amazing speed!!!
Ricatoni 1/3/2013 10:53:28 PM Report

sure glad i dont live around pine street.....
its going to be freeway for speeders.....instead of using the two lanes on GNR.....may as well use one lane residential area road with school x walks.......vroom, vroom,
Ms. Mc 1/3/2013 10:56:20 PM Report

hey Beej you are a waste
Right of Centre 1/3/2013 10:57:23 PM Report

Weisenheimer, how about back up Willow, to Northern, to upper Pine? All right turns. It's not rocket science.

I am ecstatic that Pine is finally open to Second Line.
Right of Centre 1/3/2013 11:00:22 PM Report

Ricatoni, it's not as ridiculous as having only one main road running north/south through town.

You wouldn't live in the P patch, would you?
Wicket 1/3/2013 11:06:44 PM Report

OMG!!!!!! Give it a rest with all the GD negativity will you!!!! I despise using Grt Northern Rd to get anywhere along that strip. I drive to Black Rd,, go up 3rd Line and then backtrack. I also go up Pine to McNabb and then head West to get to Cambrian Mall rather than go up Pim St. Also, go Black Rd to Hiawatha to 6th Line to the Hwy and head north to avoid Grt Northern Rd. SO YES!!!! It was time for Pine St. to be put through to the 2nd Line Bypass, and all the side streets coming onto Pine St. you will just have to be a little more patient before you can make a turn, just as those of us who live on streets feeding Queen St. have to wait until traffic passes.
mau 1/4/2013 8:39:45 AM Report

Great they have an extension to Second Line. What about Great Northern Road from Second Line heading north of there? That is still mass traffic.
debbiedoo 1/4/2013 9:38:30 AM Report

Now to fix the turning lanes and their lights to run longer to remove the congestion.
Really?? 1/4/2013 10:52:19 AM Report

They want to alleviate traffic congestion in this city?? How about setting up the traffic lights on our main arteries to operate in unison!!

If you travel along Great Northern or Second Line, and do the posted speed limit, you are likely going to have to stop at EVERY traffic light, making a simple 3 or 4 km ride take 10-15 minutes!!

You can drive the same distance along Bay St, Queen St, Albert St and Wellington St, and while doing the speed limit, will hit every light green and cover the same distance in 2 minutes!!

Or how about creating double left turn lanes at our most busiest intersections, like Second Line and Great Northern?? Drive in Sudbury, their double left turn lanes keeps traffic flowing nicely!!

My point is, this city still has a lot of work to do, to get traffic congestion alleviated!! In many cases, it could be accomplished rather inexpensively!!
Tom_Bom 1/4/2013 1:56:10 PM Report

I hadn't heard about this. I wonder if it will make things easier on transit on whichever route goes around that location?
Wicket 1/4/2013 3:12:51 PM Report

They tried double lane straight thru and left turn at Wellington and Trunk (Esso stn), didn't work, people in the Soo don't know how to drive in those situations, City removed same. How many people turn into the farthest lane instead of the immediate one and then signal to move over to the curb lane - not many.
jmdg 1/4/2013 3:59:52 PM Report

My only concern about the extension is that people will continue to speed on Pine St. I live on this street and often cannot get out of my driveway nor cross the street because of how people drive in the Sault. Please be aware that many people live on this street and that the hill is dangerous. Please be careful and watch your speed. A concerned person who lives on Pine St.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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