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Jason charged with possession of stolen property

Tuesday, December 11, 2012   by: Staff





City Police patrol officers arrested 19-year-old Jason Genua of 23 Churchill Ave. with one count of possession of stolen property.

Mr. Genua attended to a west end pawnbroker on December 10 and pawned two knives.

It was later determined that these two knives were stolen during a break and enter from a residence on Peoples Rd. which occurred on December 4.

Mr. Genua will appear in Provincial Court on January 14, 2013.


To read today's full City Police Beat report, click here.

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Tom_Bom 12/11/2012 6:24:33 PM Report

If we still had the teen center, kids would have something to do besides steal stuff from us. Just a thought.

When it was around, it kept kids out of trouble. they could use the computer, chill out, and just be in a place where they felt they belonged. Where they could network and be in a safe environment that encouraged a sense of community.

Now that all is gone, and the kids today don't have a sense of direction. And there's nothing there to give them a sense of direction. School is good for education but it doesn't teach you much life stuff.

I really do wish we still had a teen center.
THE Warrior 12/11/2012 6:58:54 PM Report

Don't blame the parents.. it couldn't be their fault. It has to be someones fault other than the parents. Take time with your kids.. then you wouldn't have to read about them breaking the law..
Tom_Bom 12/11/2012 7:11:59 PM Report

kids when they're teenagers though... you know the deal. They're really hard to keep on a leash, especially once they enter into the social paradigm of highschool.

But to your point yes, some parents simply don't care or don't get involved enough in their childrens lives.

But there are more facets to the situation then just that, you know?
Darkwing 12/11/2012 7:35:54 PM Report

You realize this is a 19 year old we are talking about here....ADULT....pretty sure that he is beyond parenting
Zenobia 12/11/2012 8:06:52 PM Report

There are plenty of things for teenagers in this city to do - and they don't need money to do it. They could volunteer their time to organizations that need assistance. They could find part-time jobs (of course, they would have to 'work') but then they would receive pay. Or they could stay at home and help with chores around the house - or better yet, do their homework to improve their grades.

Then there are the FREE cadet organizations for ages 12-18. Sea, Army and Air Cadets. (of course there are RULES they would have to follow) but the rewards, travel, friendships far outweigh the rules. They might even learn about responsibilities, leadership, citizenship.

So, just because the teen center is gone, doesn't mean there is nothing for teens to do.
moem 12/11/2012 8:17:55 PM Report

I agree TomBom a teen centre would be great, especially if it had added programs in addition to recreation for example a mentoring program, or a teen phone line that others with problems could call and speak to youth trained and supervised by qualified adults...

And to the person who said 19 is beyond parenting, first off having children is/should be a life long commitment, secondly I'm sure he didn't turn down the wrong path on his 19th birthday, he was likely not heading down the right path. Granted there are some children who regardless of the type of parenting they get will take a bad path however the vast majority of those with addiction problems etc came from homes that had addiction, neglect, violence and so on. I'm sure that a lack of supervision contributes to the problem too but some parents are doing all they can to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table and the neglect is not intentional... That's why a well staffed teen centre could help, whatever happened to the " it takes a village to raise a child" mentality, we all have a duty and responsibility to children, all of them not just our own!!!
anapeg 12/11/2012 8:39:55 PM Report

At 19 my Dad was back packing across Europe fighting a war. At 19 I was working, supporting my wife and son. At 19 my son was working part time and going to school. If we want our "kids" to keep their feet on the ground we need to put some responsibility on their shoulders and stop molly caudling them. Start expecting something from them instead of helping them by making excuses why they are the way they are.
You enable them when you make excuses for them and they get a learned disability. Not a learning disability a "learned" disability and this is the cruellest blow of all.
the coach 12/11/2012 9:31:52 PM Report

When do kids move out of the house? When you throw them out for being what they are, imbocilic.
moem 12/11/2012 9:37:38 PM Report

I don't think anyone said they shouldn't work but that parents still need to take an active role in their child's life. I was working well before the age of 19, however I stayed in school and got a post secondary education so that I could have a career and not a job. I will encourage my child to work part time or volunteer but I will also play a role in ensuring that he gets an education. My hope is that my child grows up and has children when he is mature, educated and established in his career. It's not about coddling children it's about being a positive role model and letting your children know that you are there to listen to them and to protect them. Having children should be seen as a privilege not a right, it is the greatest responsibility one can have, if people don't have the time or the patience they shouldn't have them. The people commiting all these crimes, and those who have addictions were not born bad, somewhere along the way something went wrong, there's no such thing as a bad kid!!!
bigG47 12/11/2012 10:10:58 PM Report

I'm with anapeg, don't be an enabler!
Jchevs 12/11/2012 11:45:18 PM Report

I also agree with anapeg. But I won't deny that a teen center is a good idea eh.
sinikka 12/12/2012 6:26:29 AM Report

perhaps some of you missed something of relevance in the article. The only thing missing was pills. Could it be that this young man is yet another drug addict. How can you blame the parents when it is obvious that the parents have lost this kid to the drug culture that has plagued north america. When we were young it was booze and pot , now it is pills and coke. Our children have graduated. Financing this lifestyle at such a young age can only be accomplished through breakins and hold ups. You read about them every day and there is reason to believe that this will become even more prevalent.Not much the parents can do at this point but put this kid into rehab. Sad , very sad.
lizard79 12/12/2012 8:18:28 AM Report

These are two separate stories. The 19 year old with the knives and the pill break-in are two different reports.
what about bob 12/12/2012 9:05:41 AM Report

This Jason Genua has already been in the police news. This is not his first arrest. He needs to get into some kind of reform program. I know the family (not well though) and I do know that both parents have good paying jobs, and my hunch is, the kid has been spoiled since childhood and then, perhaps, fell into the wrong group of friends, and now involved in a potential drug habit (just speculation about the drug habit). I do agree with some of the posters here that education starts EARLY with the PARENTS. It is the parents who are responsible.
Stevie-E 12/12/2012 10:27:25 AM Report

Teen centres are a crutch. I believe in Darwin's Theories and can't stand blaming everything but the parents.

Start by going after the parents of young offenders, making them liable for the actions of their kids on the FIRST OFFENSE. When you use a vehicle such as money to drive behaviour, you might wake some people up.

Throw some fines at these loser parents we should see an improvement in the community as a whole.
what about bob 12/12/2012 11:01:14 AM Report

Sootoday got the street name wrong. It is Churchill AVENUE, NOT Blvd. I wonder how long it will take to make the correction. I've already advised them of the error.
Louis 12/12/2012 6:20:16 PM Report

Maybe if parents had the RIGHT to PARENT their children beyond the age of 16 we could actually have some sort of effect to keep them out of trouble! Unfortunately the moment they turn 16 we no longer have any control. The police will NOT bring them back home if they run away (unless they are a foster child) so what is one to do?
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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