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Almost everyone has these 6 eco un-friendly habits

Tuesday, July 29, 2014   by: Greener Ideal


Being environmentally friendly can be hard work, but once you kick some of those bad habits and get some new ones, it’s usually pretty smooth sailing.

Many of us can’t even fathom going to the supermarket without our reusable bags, or ordering a beef burger for our dinner.

But there are still a few lingering habits some of us haven’t even thought about yet! Let’s take a look at some of the un-environmentally habits that you probably are still doing, and how to stop doing them!

Bad Habit #1

Using Plastic Bags To Put Your Fruit And Veg In In The Supermarket

supermarket produce

Photo: Liz West

I’ve heard every excuse under the sun for using plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables at the supermarket.

The shopping carts are full of germs.

Yup. And your hands, which have just been touching that shopping cart, lifted that fruit and/or veg from its shelf to place them in the plastic bags.

Bacteria/germs travel fast. Just wash them when you get home.

I’m afraid they’ll get squished.

Just segment your shopping cart. Place your fruit and veg in one corner and make sure that you secure bigger items, such as cereal boxes or milk, around them (be sure that they’re lying down so that they don’t fall). If you have a 2-tiered cart, or one with a cage already in it, well ta-da!

How much do you think a plastic bag will protect them anyways?

It gets messy if you don’t bag them.

Ok, I confess. Spinach out of the bag is a pain. For this, I’d suggest re-using some plastic bags. Keep the bag and then bring them with you with your other reusable bags!

The cashier hands will dirty them.

Again, everything in the place is dirty. Just make sure you wash them when you get home and you should be fine!

Bad Habit #2

Not Keeping Wrapping Paper

Ok, I get that if you had to rip the thing open because somebody used too much cellotape (which, by the way, is also an environmentally unfriendly habit to have) then I guess you have to throw it away. Unless, of course, you’re super artsy and can find uses for everything.

For the rest of us though, getting a nicely wrapped gift is always great. My favourite are the ones that open super easily.

Because that way I can fold them right back up and bring them home with me and reuse them for somebody else!

Ribbons and bows too! Keep them! They’re super easy to reuse, and will save you money in the long run!

Another great idea is to check out WragWrap or this method of wrapping presents without paper, by using fabric as gift wrap to encourage people not to be wasteful.

Bad Habit #3

Using Disposable Chopsticks

This only applies if you’re an Asian foodie fan, but if so – are you guilty of using disposable chopsticks and then throwing them away?

I know I am!

They always came with my takeaway and I didn’t think anything of it.

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