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How cideo Conferencing can kill your commute

Monday, June 02, 2014   by: Greener Ideal

Is your daily commute eating away your personal time and energy?

If yes, then luckily there is an emerging technology that can help reduce your need to commute. It can also help you to work greener and smarter.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Quite simply, video conferencing is the ability to connect with others over the internet by two-way audio and video transmission.

If you are familiar with Skype, then you are already using a form of video conferencing. Corporate systems however usually offer advanced features such as these:

  • Multiple people able to connect and communicate simultaneously
  • Presenters can share their screen to display spreadsheets, documents etc.
  • Meetings can be recorded for archiving or future playback

As well as team and client meetings being possible via video conferencing, it is now also become popular for interviews and training to take place on live video linkups.

How It Can Help You

If your job already provides opportunities for you to work from home, then video conferencing can help increase your work productivity, as well as reducing the necessity to go into the office as regularly.

Imagine connecting to your colleagues or clients seamlessly through video linkup directly from your laptop or desktop computer.

While it may take a short time to adapt to the new format, very quickly you will be able to communicate in a way similar to being together in a physical meeting room. The big difference of course is you don’t have to commute to an office. This could save you time, money and hassle.

You can also turn your personal gains into benefits for your company.

Rather than arriving to your office tired from a long commute, wouldn’t you prefer to use the saved time and energy from staying at home to focus on your work? You may also find that a home environment is less distracting than working in an office.

As some companies are already realising, with more home workers, less office space is needed. Dedicated employee desks can be replaced by ‘hot desks’. These complement the idea of staff not needing to come to the office every working day.

Smaller office space = lower costs and energy usage.

How It Can Help The Environment

While there is no denying that some energy is required for your computer and internet connection at home, this will be insignificant when compared with a typical commute (the world average commuting time is around 40 minutes each way).

Unless your journey to work consists solely of walking or cycling (well done!), then your car, motorbike or chosen public transport system is contributing to the growing energy supply demands. Additionally, any exhaust pollution from your commute could be increasing the poor air quality found in many towns and cities.

Exchange your commute to video conferencing from home, and you will start to reduce your impact on the environment. You may also find that where your family had two cars, you are now able to get by with just one. It feels good to go green.

Video conferencing has arrived, and you can expect the compelling benefits to individuals, companies and the environment to continue to transform our working lives for the better.

Located in the UK, Craig J Todd is the co-founder of Eco Tech Daily website. He is passionate about technological and its potential to have a positive impact on our environment. Read more of his articles here:


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