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Caring for your trees year-round

Wednesday, January 15, 2014   by: Greener Ideal


Tis the season… to all things there is a season even when caring for trees!

Nature remains, by far, the best teacher when it comes to caring for the planet and its fruits by which we live and exist. And when it comes to creating and/or maintaining that favorite shady spot in the yard beneath the (insert your tree name here) there is no exception.

So what does nature have to teach you and me about the birds and the trees? Perhaps the most basic and yet easily over looked rule is to all things there is a season. And taking the wrong action at any given time of year could be detrimental to the livelihood of our oxygen generating friends. Here are a few guidelines to get you thinking and work like mother-nature herself.



Trees, particularly in colder climates, remain dormant during the winter season. This is a very good time to prune, especially if you are hoping to see dynamic growth come spring. Think about it, wind, rain, ice and even snow often are the tools mother-nature uses to perform her own style of pruning. While our efforts need not be so dramatic they can be equally effective. Tree trimming can be a bit intimidating and depending on the size and type of tree it can be safety issue to both you and the tree. It which it is always best to speak to a tree care expert.



Have you ever taken a stroll through the forest or a heavily wooded lot? Notice all the pine needles, leaves, branches and debris covering the forest floor? Even that has its purpose. Yep mother-nature recycles. After spending the winter months decaying and fermenting beneath the umbrella of its wooded scape, all that debris now becomes food, rich in nutrients which will soak through the top soils and penetrate the very roots from which it once existed. Beautiful really. Almost poetic. The circle of life. So look around for a nice place to neatly compose those pruning’s and grass clippings you can even add additional ingredients like vegetables, plants or bushes you have clipped. And as the ground begins to thaw and the rain begins to fall, lay a nice layer of compost at the base of your tree, but be sure spread it out covering the entire root system.



Good ole’summer time, warm sun on your face the sweet smell of blossoms filling the summer breeze as the springtime blossom heat up to send an enticing aroma throughout the air, a dinner bell really, calling in the surrounding wildlife to feast on its bounty. And that’s exactly what they do. Big or small. Birds, bees, squirrel and deer to name a few, they all gladly answer when mother-natures rings. This is the harvest of some trees and the sculpting time for others. All those sprouts that shot off in the wrong direction this is when you can do your fine tuning. Not only will it enhance the appearance of your trees it will also conserve the trees growth energy and maintain pest that may migrate on unhealthy branches and fruit.



Oh the colors, breathe taking and vibrant. Auburns and yellows and browns oh my! Hands down one of nature’s most spectacular transformations. Leaves begin to fall as their host cuts off the nutrients to its outer most limbs to begin its perseverance for the winter months ahead. Again not without a cause. Each leaf, pedal, needle, fruit or nut that falls serves its purpose in preserving the integrity of its creator for future generations. Again just another example of Mother Nature’s expert care in harvesting, pruning and fertilizing. And she should be she has had thousands of years of practice, luckily for you and I we don’t have to be.

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