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Global warming isn’t “paused” – just ask Rudolph and Santa’s other reindeer

Friday, December 27, 2013   by: Greener Ideal

Santa and Rudolph

Increases – not decreases or some silly pause – in global warming are causing the famous horned caribou (also known as reindeer) to die off, and disappear completely by the end of the century, due to the environmental stresses of a rising climate.

Recent studies have shown significant drops in reindeer populations, as increases in summer temperatures force herds to continue to migrate north, as they seek cooler climates. However, migrating herds diminish in size en-route, because reindeer just weren’t built for warm climates.

Reindeer cannot physically handle high summer temperatures – they have almost no sweat glands, and don’t shed much, so they keep their winter insulation, meaning they can easily overheat.

Despite declines in reindeer – some species have gone completely extinct already – there’s been a lot of debate of late about whether global warming has paused.

Those claiming global warming has paused, say the planet hasn’t actually been warming over the past 15 years, however recent reports show the “pause” theory is based on bad data.

A recent video by a New York University chemist shows how this “pause” theory ignores a lot of temperature data, making their highly publicized report false.

The left out data stems from the most heavily hit regions by global warming – the Arctic and Africa.

How convenient for those claiming global warming doesn’t exist. Just sweep under the proverbial rug any proof that it does exist.

Those denying climate change have always based their political rhetoric on poorly proven falsehoods. However, it appears that rhetoric is now being dressed in the language of science – which is even more frightful, as science is based in unquestionable fact.

Unless that science is false – or intentionally misleading – as in the case of the pause of global warming.

Poppy cock.

Global warming – or any global environmental system – can’t simply be put on pause like your MP3 player.

Although temperatures have been increasing by mere degrees over the past decade, that is a lot. A five degree drop put most of North America under a massive ice sheet over 20,000 years ago.

When scientists talk about one degree of increase, they are talking on a planetary scale – the effects of which have major impacts locally around the world.

From more severe hurricanes and tornadoes wiping out entire communities and displacing millions of people, to even the disappearance of whole species, such as reindeer, that can’t run for cover when the bad weather breaks – global warming is sweeping across our planet.

Deniers of global warming should be ashamed of themselves for using mock science to gain support for their political cause.

And politics is what it is about.

Real, legitimate scientists know it doesn’t matter what impact their research has on our economy, because if global temperatures continue to rise, eventually we may not be around to worry about our economy.

However, those denying global warming are only concerned for the present. They fear environmentally-friendly green alternatives to our disposable society, our fossil-fuel-based economy, and our petroleum products-based economy will cost them money.

So rather invest more into alternatives to our current economic ways, they feed us pseudo-scientific garbage, claiming global warming doesn’t exist.

It’s all safe now.

Don’t worry.

Those that run big oil say so.



Reminds me of a story my mother read to me as a child. About two kids, Hansel and Gretel, that get lost in the woods. A nice old woman living in a house made of candy invites them in, saying: “don’t worry, it’s all safe now, have some candy.”

The kids go into the funky house, and instantly become trapped by a wicked witch, that tries to eat them. Luckily, they didn’t continue to fall for her lies, and escaped to safety.

Don’t fall victim to the modern-day lies of global warming deniers, no matter how sweet the candy appears.


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notpc 12/18/2013 9:12:08 PM Report

It's amusing to see this author accuse global warning deniers of the very same mistakes that global warming proponents have been making for almost 2 decades. Such as selective use of data. The author cites warming in the Arctic and in Africa, yet ignores cooling in Europe, Russia, Antarctica, and much of North America. This diversity of temperatures is exactly what one would expect when one considers the cycles of warming and cooling that have occurred for centuries in the world.

He ignores the fact that global warming and cooling correlates much better with sun spot activity than with CO2 levels.

He jumps to the conclusion that the George River caribou herd has declined because of global warming when in fact scientists are suggesting that it is a combination of mining and industrialization in the calving grounds with overgrazing from a herd that was at the upper end of its historical population. The author doesn't mention that wild swings in this herd's population have occurred before. In the 1940's for example, the herd declined to about 3500 animals yet global warming wasn't a consideration back then.

This author's simplistic approach in assuming that his readers aren't particularly well-informed is part of the reason why so many people today are skeptical of almost any claim that global warming proponents make.

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