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Biogas plant use –a step to help nature

Tuesday, December 10, 2013   by: Greener Ideal


Biogas typically refers to renewable energy generated through biological waste. It is considered as an environment friendly energy because it is produced from all kinds of throw away which includes plant compost, animal and human waste.

Biogas plants capture the methane gas produced through the decomposition of biodegradable material and burn it to form energy which can be used in our everyday life. But have you ever thought how the plant works. The plant basically has a huge tank called digester, where the waste is collected. It also works as a converter because this is where the organic waste is nourished and transformed into gas. Here are some of the benefits of biogas and the steps taken by these plants to save the nature.

  1. Production of electricity: The methane gas generated in the digester is transferred to a different chamber where it is burned and the power produced here turns the turbine which ultimately generates electricity. The electricity generated can be used for different purpose in our day to day life. Moreover, the electricity generated through this gas plant is brighter and safer when compared to kerosene lamps which are largely used in farming areas.
  2. Fertilizer: The waste that is left after burning of methane gas can be used as fertilizer for growing crops because they are safe, nutrient rich and also organic. These fertilizers can be directly applied to crops in order to increase the productivity. They are cheap and have less negative effects when compared to the chemical fertilizers that are readily available in the market.
  3. Heat Energy: When methane is burnt, a large amount of heat generates. This heat is captured and used for several purposes which include space heating. Several industries are using this heat for creating mechanical motion which eventually reduces pollution and helps in protecting our natural heritage.
  4. Reduction of Methane in Atmosphere: Methane is a greenhouse gas, emitted from bacteria that break down organic waste which is generated from various human activities. Methane has a major impact on global warming, even though its concentration is lower than CO2. It is also considered as a damaging gas after carbon-di-oxide. Today scientists are more focused towards cutting down of methane emission. Biogas plants play a major role here. They collect the methane released in the atmosphere and turn the same into electricity, thus they help in protecting our environment. The gas released after the burning of methane is carbon-di-oxide. Though it is also a form of greenhouse gas but the damage caused by it to the atmosphere is 20 times less than when compared to raw methane.
  5. Odour Reduction: If you live near any animal or agricultural farm you will know that the smell emitted from these farm waste are how annoying and uncomforting. Biogas plants helps in reducing the smell. They collect the bio waste and burn them to make electricity. This electricity can be used in the farming area for cooking, lighting the homes and other activities. Agricultural machines can also run using the electricity generated by these plants.


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