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The Dog Master

Monday, August 25, 2014   by: Mac Headrick

The following paragraph was copied from Wikipedia. 

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan was a reality television program that featured Cesar Millan with problem dogs. In the United States, the program aired exclusively on the Nat Geo Wild. The series finale aired on September 15, 2012 

It is time for the next step in the training of dogs. Please allow me to introduce myself, Mac Headrick the Dog Master. Over time I have developed a new theory in the training of dogs. This has occurred in the last 18 months with my retirement gift (a pug named Raji). I am one with the dog world. Unlike Cesar Millan my approach recognizes the value in having the dog as a partner in the relationship – an equal partner. 

Listed below are some of the results from the training provided to my year and a half old pug, Raji: 

  1. I use one word commands that result in multiply tasks. For example when I say “treat” Raji heads to the cupboard where I give him a dog biscuit. He then flops to the floor were I scratch his belly followed directly by a 180 degree turn so I can rub his back;
  2. After taking care of his morning business, without any prompts, Raji heads for the couch were he joins me for the morning news and a pre-breakfast nap;
  3. At bed time which is signaled by the command “bed” Raji grasps his favourite toy and heads for the bedroom. He patiently waits for me to lift him onto the bed and picks out his sleeping spot;
  4. When walking together, Raji and I share responsibilities. I put on the harness and leash. He picks out the spots to urinate. In Raji’s case this is every fire hydrant and bush in the east end of Sault Ste Marie. I still have some work to do on this one;
  5. I have trained Raji to indicate when he wants attention when I’m watching television. The specifics are he walks up one side of me then slides down the other side. As he circles behind me he gently chomps on my ear. My choices are rub him and whisper how much he is appreciated or have him repeat the routine. I invariably choose the former; 

Now this training is not just a one-way street. I have learned much from Raji. Listed below are some of the skills I have picked up over the last year and a half. Besides listing them I will describe how they can be applied to everyday life: 

  1. At some point in life mature couples have to downsize. Of course, Raji sleeps in the bed beside me. I have heard rumours that some pet owners actually expect their pets to sleep in their pet beds. Raji is a 21 pound compact dog. At night his frame seems to expand to approximately six times his normal size. I am a large man but have acquired the ability to sleep within about 12 inches of the bed. On occasion the area might expand to a foot and a half;
  2. Apparently as we age maintaining our balance becomes more difficult. Not in my case. As an extension of the above I can be sound asleep balanced on the edge of the bed. I have learned how rise from the bed in the morning; flip around landing with my feet in my slippers while reaching to scratch Raji’s belly. (Raji likes to wake up with a belly rub/scratch);
  3. Older people feel the cold more. Not I! Apparently I do not need any blankets. On a regular basis I wake up uncovered with Raji sleeping on top of the blankets nestled comfortably;
  4. Raji is a master at getting out of his collar when he immediately proceeds to the neighbour’s house for a rub. Due to this fact, my powers of observation and reaction time have greatly increased;
  5. If a washroom break is needed, Raji runs in a quick, tight circle. I learned this signal very quickly; 

I’m thinking along with television I should market a series of DVD’s, books and perhaps some new toys. Personal appearances shouldn’t be a problem as Raji is very social. What do you think “Pug Dynasty” or perhaps “Dog Master” as a television show? 

As I see it Raji and I have created a great relationship based on equality. Well I think we are equal. Anyway it is time to fill the dog training void.

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