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Proud to be Canadian

Tuesday, July 01, 2014   by: David Root

Quite a lot of us never had a choice regarding our citizenship. We were born and raised here in Canada, end of story.

Others did have a choice. They were not born here, although some were raised here in Canada, after their parents emigrated. Others were born and raised in other countries, and did, indeed, choose to come here.

However we got here, by birth or by choice, we are all Canadians.

There are many things I love about Canada, and which give me tremendous pride in being able to say “I am Canadian.”

I had initially intended to craft an eloquent essay on the many reasons we have to be proud of our country. However, I soon realized that this is not the subject of an essay. 

School’s. Out. For. Summer. 

So, no essay.

It is an emotion that needs to be expressed.

I’ve mentioned this before… our American cousins do the big, showy displays of patriotism much better than we do. 

As you drive around town, you don’t see many Canadian flags flying, other than those at government offices and a few businesses. Yeah, a few hang from porches, and you’ll even find the occasional flag pole in a yard, but these are rare displays.

A bit more common is the window flag flapping madly above a car or van, but there are still not a great number.

Still, we Canadians are proud in our own, quiet way. And with good reason.

This is a GREAT country!

It is so great that people from around the world want to come here.

I do want to make one essay-like point. 

I hear and read people companying about various aspects of our country, especially our government. I grow weary of these complaints.

Not that I have none, myself, mind you. But let’s be realistic in our complaints. We all have pet peeves that irk us, and we wish things were somehow different.

But some complaints I hear really are pretty far-fetched. Calling our Prime Minister “Herr Harper,” or describing him as a “dictator” is just nonsense.

I get it. You don’t like him. You don't agree with the direction he has taken his government. You disagree with some of his policies. But to suggest that he bears a similarity to an infamous fascist dictator is beyond hyperbole.

In some countries, people are being shot in the streets, simply because they support a particular political party, or speak out against their government.

In some countries, people are imprisoned for opposing the government.

Here in Canada, we are free to express our disagreement with the government, and its leader, and any other politician, for that matter, without fear of reprisal.

So, let’s keep things in perspective.

What I’d like to do now is offer a few things I really like about Canada, and then invite you to offer your own celebratory points in the comment section.

Please, celebrations only. Today is a day to be proud of our country, and share our love of and enthusiasm for Canada.


• My first “like” I borrowed this from a minister I know from Eastern Ontario… that our Coat of Arms includes a UNICORN. That is just so cool.

• My second “like” is that we are a multi-cultural nation, welcoming immigrants from around the world. Let’s not forget, we are a nation of immigrants. For most of us, our forebears came to this country seeking a new life and new opportunities, some before this land was even recognized as a country, some more recently.

It was immigrants who built this nation, and immigrants who continue to bring diversity to this great nation.

• Finally, although not my last “like” by any means, is the vast beauty of this country. We are free to travel from town to town, from province to province, from coast to coast to coast.

We can see natural wonders, beautiful vistas, striking skylines, and so much more.  I have travelled to the West Coast and back, and marvelled at the beauty of the prairies, majestic mountains, and the spectacular coastline.

I hope to travel to the East Coast some day, and to the Arctic. And, once again, to the West Coast. There is so much to see.

So… what do you like about Canada? What makes your chest swell with pride?

Leave a note in the comments section and share your pride in this amazing country with others.

Because it truly is an amazing country, and we should be proud to call it our home.


But… that’s just my opinion.

Happy Canada Day!

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