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View Room Comments for Monday, Jun. 2 2014

Monday, June 02, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
theprotector 6/2/2014 7:20:25 AM Report

theprotector 6/2/2014 8:40:39 AM Report

Is there a boycott that I was not aware of???
notpc 6/2/2014 8:59:20 AM Report

Maybe everybody is waiting for somebody else to introduce a subject worth talking about. Or they all slept in today and aren't going to get into gear until noon.
Mr. Poster 6/2/2014 9:10:21 AM Report

...or hate getting shot down on a gloomy Monday
Spellchecker 6/2/2014 9:13:52 AM Report

Shakespeare, great little lesson on 'its' and 'it's' yesterday. I've tried many times. I think it's probably occasionally effective in effecting the desired outcome.
notpc 6/2/2014 9:14:38 AM Report

Let's see if we can get this forum going with an interesting survey result that came out in the last day or two. Apparently 66% of Canadians believe that selling sex should not be illegal but 56% believe that purchasing sex should be illegal. Any thoughts on this apparent disconnect? A majority of Canadians seem to be saying that it should be OK to offer a product for sale, but that it is not OK to buy it. What does that say about their understanding of this issue?
Wild Turkey 6/2/2014 9:21:25 AM Report

That simply means for every three hookers , you need two customers.
theprotector 6/2/2014 9:53:12 AM Report

seems to be math by the ndp
Binder 6/2/2014 10:09:18 AM Report

What would be the benefits of legalized prostitution besides sex?
fatafr 6/2/2014 10:34:44 AM Report

Now we see that "super hero" Harper is off to Europe to solve some more problems....elsewhere. I really think that the Prime Minister has to begin worrying more about what is happening in this country, Canada, and less about what is happening in the rest of the world. Harper keeps spending millions of Canadian Taxpayer dollars outside of Canada. I truly believe it's obvious that Harper is simply building up his legacy on the backs of the Taxpayers of this Country.

Maybe Harper should give this some serious thought or he most definitely will be gone next year in the federal election. Harper has shown poor leadership in so many ways and thus, has done a really good job of giving Justin Trudeau credibility. Now that's very sad indeed.
Wild Turkey 6/2/2014 10:56:08 AM Report

No-body has mentioned the latest newsletter from Mr. Hayes.Apparently,unlike Sault Ste. Marie residents, the Feds see the price difference between U.S. and Canadian prices on the same items as a problem that has to be fixed.
I can see them blaming Wal- mart again.
Is gasoline re-labled bilingual when it's imported from the States?
Are they going to do something about the price of gas in Canada.?
Not bloody likely---they collect to much in taxes to give that up.
Bobby Nerves 6/2/2014 11:01:40 AM Report

Mr. Fata, I may not have understood your message fully, but will ask you a question based in what it transpire from my angle of view:

You disagree with Mr. Harper policies and interests as it seems not focused in Canadian interest, but rather in a personal interest about his legacy.

You disagree with Justin Trudeau as he seems non credible to your ideal of Canada.

Is there someone you would like to suggest as a positive leader that we can have an opinion about?

Thank you for your time.
bounder 6/2/2014 11:02:43 AM Report

Turkey and you pay more here per litre in taxes here than our counter parts in Southern Ontario. Thank God beer is the same.I think.
theprotector 6/2/2014 11:29:59 AM Report

Regulate it, tax it and if we can keep the bad guys out of it then do it
soowat 6/2/2014 11:35:06 AM Report

For whatever reason SOOTODAY will not allow comments on the article headlined"Hair's to you." Therefore I will comment on this forum that I think the service they are offering is excellent and extremely praiseworthy
IB-fine 6/2/2014 11:52:21 AM Report

I was just responding to the news story that Councillors Butland and Christian have sent an open letter... read released to media and public, and when I pressed to post my response, it went back to the story that they stopped comments due to many inappropriate ones.
Wouldn't it have been better just to delete those ones? and the rest of us have a discussion about the article??
irishfey 6/2/2014 12:25:54 PM Report

notpc... Selling sex is legal???... Darn!!! Sitting on a " gold mine " all those years and didn't know it ,lol
Mr. Poster 6/2/2014 12:49:03 PM Report

I suspect the 2 councillors complained and sootoday caved in. WHY have a forum for comments when you stop people from commenting? I thought many of the comments were helpful and brought forth many different perspectives. Disappointed.
flyhawk25 6/2/2014 1:10:27 PM Report

The controversy in the US of the Army POW being exchanged for five alleged terrorists in Guantanamo is an example of the right/left divide.
The White House sees him as a POW but the neo-cons suggest he is a deserter and a traitor.
Some have gone so far as to say the man was home schooled and took ballet lessons.The inference is hardly subtle.In spite of the fact he is an NCO in a combat unit his patriotism and masculinity are being questioned.
The five detainees were being held without a trial but the Ted Cruz crowd don't see it as a fair exchange.
Were he my son and even if he deserted I would expect the White House to free him.
The values of some of these politicians is troubling.
mallet 6/2/2014 1:37:53 PM Report


A topic worthy of discussion. Okay, what happened to the "We do not negotiate with terroists" that has been the doctrine for so many years of the Presidents mandate? So the U S got back one NCO in return for 5 top Taliban commanders, on the understanding they would not return to Afghanistan for a year. Want to put money on the table they will be back in the "Stan" in the next few weeks?? There have been how many lives lost there that you would bend over backwards (or forwards) to save one more?? Do you recall any prisoner swaps during the second world war with any of the axis powers?? I think you will find that popular opinion and also most veterans will disagree with this swap, wether it was done for political popularity I would not really like to speculate. For his parents it is great news, however his capture has some strange facts about it, and again not being privy to that knowledge, I would not like to speculate as to the outcome...
MYPOINT 6/2/2014 2:22:15 PM Report

I think it is shameful that Sootoday put an article up here about the 2 city councillors who wrote an OPEN + PUBLIC letter to the PUC demanding action and then, due to some supposedly 'numerous inappropriate comments', decided to not allow any of us to view the comments that had already been made in the article OR to make any further comments. It would have been a lot fairer and made a hell of a lot more sense to simply delete those comments found to be inappropriate to SooToday staff ( in my humble opinion).

Those of us who view this site on a daily basis are old enough and usually wise enough to view ALL comments or opinions from all others ( regardless of the actual comments made ) and to come to our own conclusions about the said comments.

I think we should be able to voice our opinions on the true reason that these 2 city councillors sent our local PUC that OPEN + PUBLIC letter via this site.

I truly believe that it is time to have our local PUC do something about the 'brown, dirty, stinky water' situation that we have in this city.

I hope someone somewhere can somehow explain the rationale for that 'one answer fits all' decision?

As always, your views may differ :)
irishfey 6/2/2014 3:38:58 PM Report

Seen on the National news site..... Why would Canada "not" want to participate with the U.S ballistic missile program???? The U.S and Canada are joined at the hip so shouldn't Canada be involved in this to keep our Country safe... especially with what's going on in the world these days?.. Just wondering why Canada would say no to such a good protection program......
rockbanger 6/2/2014 5:21:01 PM Report


By not going in with the US...perhaps we have or at least show to the world that we are not interested in Intercontinental Ballistic War?

Remember once one side launches the first strike, then the other side launches their retaliatory strike .... Earth as we know it is doomed. The living will envy the dead.

Whether or not you are part of any treaty is mute. There will be no place to hide... not north,south, east or west.

If the US wants to cover Canada with a star wars shield then they will. But they really do not care for us but their own interests.

It is said that as of today the US Iron-Shields in use can only stop 60% of incoming missiles. Consider an all out assault of hundreds of warheads.
From my reading many nuclear ICBMs upon re-entry from space spilt up and have 6-10 live warheads and 6-10 dummy warheads.
Now if the enemy launches 150 missiles in there first launch?? I'll mix a nice rum and coke... get my shades on and sit on the back porch and watch the end.

"There is no such thing as a winnable war."

Jimssm 6/2/2014 5:57:21 PM Report


....Since it is the US arms industry which is lobbying to have Canada join in, that is kind of a reason NOT to do it.

The US will do what is best for them, even if Canada is an ally in this endeavor.

Two missles headed our way, one towards Ottawa, one towards Washington.... who do you think gets the best defence ?
Pink Peony 6/2/2014 6:28:12 PM Report

To change the topic for a moment, I popped the cork on a bottle of white wine and I am enjoying a glass of it right now. Thank you KIND sir! You know who you are :)
rockbanger 6/2/2014 6:35:40 PM Report

White House announces plans to cut CO2 emissions from coal fired power plants.

According to Obama and the White House this CO2 is really a concern?

So many right wing screwballs in Canada have argued that this CO2 was just a story.

Does this announcement highlight a serious concern that many people who denied this fact, were blowing smoke up everyone's BUTT.

BIG BROTHER 6/2/2014 6:49:51 PM Report

The EPA is instrumental in this story. They are the group saying that there is no more time left to negotiate this issue.

Albedo 6/2/2014 6:59:04 PM Report


The answer to your question is both.
You can trust me on this one.
I was on the design team for guidance systems.
The U.S protects much more than many folks are aware of.
BIG BROTHER 6/2/2014 7:00:45 PM Report

The Climate Change Deniers actually remind me of those dinosaurs from the tobacco lobby, back in the days when they were promoting cigarettes as having no direct connect with cancer. The money spent and the propaganda used was huge. But it was inevitable that change was imminent.
notpc 6/2/2014 7:22:58 PM Report


Here's a link to some news clippings a few decades ago when the big scare was global cooling, not warming. Scientists were "really" sure it was coming then, and they didn't like it when people denied it.

Now the global warmists have changed the term to "climate change" so that any violent or extreme weather at all can be blamed on it. They had to when the warming that they predicted just didn't materialize. Nor did the oceans rise or the polar bears start dying in droves.

66cherokee 6/2/2014 7:23:44 PM Report

We, in this area are getting taken to the cleaners by the price of gas. It's $143.9 and the further east you get it gets cheaper. Even in cottage country, tourist trap area, gas is $130.9 That is a difference of 13 cents a litre. Something is drastically wrong. What gives? Does anyone have an answer?
irishfey 6/2/2014 7:58:59 PM Report

Ok,, Thanks folks, I get the picture,, now i can sleep better, hah!!
rockbanger 6/2/2014 8:01:22 PM Report


First you know what your blog name means...scientifically? Tell the readers. It is very interesting and relevant to the global warming world we live in.

Second... if you were part of an ICBM guidance system design team? Do the dummy warheads on re-entry have guidance control as well or are they just falling back to earth to mess up tracking systems?


mallet 6/2/2014 8:05:32 PM Report


Between the refinery and the retailer there is a wholesaler, everyone has to get a piece of the pie, guess who gets the lions share!!!
mallet 6/2/2014 8:06:27 PM Report


Besides the governments that is!!!
rockbanger 6/2/2014 8:07:32 PM Report


I hate the cost of gas as well..

However, get ready as the nasty money people.... will be sending North America to world price for gas...

If I have this correct, it is at least $2.35 Canadian funds per litre.

Thank goodness for cross border shopping as the Yankees historically have subsidized their gas prices to keep their great economy moving. So we can save a few cents per litre there..

Anyhow... Yah the price of gas is outrageous.
Realize that the price of gas is by design...

Time to get a hybrid.

mallet 6/2/2014 8:21:44 PM Report


A lot of ICBM's have been dismantled within the various disarmament treaties, I am not sure whether the various inspections have been successful in limiting the numbers or not, however I suspect that is something the general public shall never know. I doubt very much that there would be any dummy warheads, why waste space and weight constraints on dummies, most MRVs are/were in the XX kiloton range in my day. I am fairly sure the MAD days are over, but one never knows for sure, with the number of countries that now have that capability, some of which fall under the "unstable" catagory. I am just happy that we come under the US of As umbrella...
SuperiorNorth 6/2/2014 8:47:17 PM Report

The Truth About Wind Energy
jonesur 6/2/2014 8:58:19 PM Report

RE: Gas Prices
Several years back when prices were fluctuating regularly, many in these parts were clamouring for the Government to enact "Rate Regulations", or some darn thing. It never happened however, but now it seems the Oil Distributors are giving us "Locals" a taste of that desired result.
redranger 6/2/2014 9:35:44 PM Report

I will bet that Albedo at least knows the difference between "moot" and "mute". You, on the other hand, don't.
BIG BROTHER 6/2/2014 9:37:47 PM Report

Google your Steve Goddard. He is a joke character. A pseudonym for some whacko. Just an FYI.

Jimssm 6/2/2014 10:10:15 PM Report


The point I was trying to make is that the US will get the 'better' defence because they will have control of the system.... no matter what promises/agreements/treaties were made with Canada.

I am glad I am situated near the strategically important Soo locks.
Jimssm 6/2/2014 10:12:58 PM Report

Climate change was always called climate change. Global warming is a small part of the Climate change model.
right wing 6/2/2014 10:13:26 PM Report


Yes of course I do.
'If', there is no if, I was.
I never waste my time on dummies, well almost never.

right wing 6/2/2014 10:15:35 PM Report

...I hated to step in but I could not resist the dummy line.

Wisenheimer 6/2/2014 10:36:34 PM Report

According to news reports, Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his post after souring on the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and calling the U.S. the most "conceited" country in the world.
Reports also state that 8 fellow servicemen died during re-con missions to find him.
I'd say Barrack Obama is the worst U.S. President in the history of the union amd proves it daily.
Wisenheimer 6/2/2014 10:38:41 PM Report

Man made global warming is a liberal's wet dream.
AlwaysAWinner 6/2/2014 10:52:08 PM Report

oh god the windmill hate

jesus you people are old and dumb. windmills aren't a problem you bored idiots, they don't cause health problems and they don't damage wild life, no more than a telephone pole does (powerlines kill birds too)

man it frustrates me when there's clean energy resources but idiots have to wave their signs in the air and protest because they're fed wrong information and don't care to see if they're full of BS or not
Jimssm 6/2/2014 11:25:01 PM Report

So Albedo is Right wing ?
IRONICAL MAN 6/2/2014 11:59:24 PM Report

i bet you believe in climate change too.. friggin hippies!!!
rockbanger 6/3/2014 5:52:33 AM Report


Yes Albedo is running under 2 names..
Albedo and right wing... Cowardly little troll. But that is mute or moot.....LOL

No balls loudmouth.

Oh yes he designed the guidance systems for ICBMs....OOOOOOOahahahahaha---LOL
right wing 6/3/2014 7:39:55 AM Report

rockbanger really are a dummy.
Read what I wrote.

Sorry for hi-jacking what should have been your response Al....but I wanted to go fishing and I did hook a big one....


Just Curious 6/3/2014 7:42:14 AM Report

I don't care how many names rw posts under but Always a winner needs to learn to post without swearing and calling people idiots...It's getting tiresome and I thought the term idiot wasn't allowed in direct references...
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