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View Room Comments for Tuesday, May. 27 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
bounder 5/27/2014 6:32:15 AM Report

Good morning everyone,
a job fair to help work on the coke ovens, what wrong with the previous workers, ah the dollar working its magic, cheap labour instead of skilled workers, I hope they fail miserably and no one gets hurt or worse, gets killed in favour of cheap labour practices.
Don't think I've not seen this happen right before my eyes, young people trying to make an impression willing to do anything for a few bucks.
statusquo 5/27/2014 7:51:05 AM Report


I call it the "Walmartization" of everything.
The pursuit of ever lower and lower costs,
a never ending race to the bottom.
"Cheap is Good" is the new religion.
Save on everything.....competition for goods and services is now measured by cost and not quality .
We are already paying dearly for being cheap.
And I won't get into the crossborder shopping issue even though it would be appropriate in this discussion ...but all I would get would be excuses and not real arguments.
Wild Turkey 5/27/2014 8:12:26 AM Report

Cross border shopping has been around for centuries.The Mohawks wiped out their neighbours in the battle over furs.This is what can happen when serious issues are not addressed.
Everyone knows that Canadian cash flowing south can't be helping the local economy.

Oh well--those cross-border shoppers are just greedy.Is greedy an interchangeable word for thrifty, or smart shopper?
Obviously the situation is not serious regarding our three levels of government,or they would be addressing it.
Iguess those that oppose it are a very small minority and don't warrant any sympathy let alone assistance.
bounder 5/27/2014 8:29:15 AM Report

Stat and Turkey, sounds weird , anyway I myself shop cross border, however I limit myself to same name brand, same manufacturer and same item, no knockoff products.
Thrifty is my word for it,why should I pay $300.00 bucks plus taxes for a slave cylinder on my Jeep here when I can get the same exact product for $89.00 bucks , I don't mind paying a few extra but not that much extra.Anything here for a few bucks more I'm good, but one has to draw the line somewhere.
Wisenheimer 5/27/2014 8:52:36 AM Report

Default .. the result of recurring expenses not be covered by recurring revenue.
A rock star of this form of governance coming to your city soon!
irishfey 5/27/2014 8:58:59 AM Report

Morning.. as to Stats posts... things are made cheap these days! Older products such as stoves, tv's, fridges etc. were made way better way back then and lasted for years. Now, why in the he** should we have to pay for an extended warrenty ( sp? ).. on a tv that is supposed to be " new"?.. Are things made now to just last one year???... That is where greed comes in ( in my opinion ) and not the crossboarder shopping.... Just saying.....
David Poluck 5/27/2014 9:03:37 AM Report

Good morning!
Smoggy up on the hill today!

Cross border shopping...good topic.
I wonder how long the provincial governments across Canada will go on with the loss of tax revenue without figuring out a way to raise their revenue.

Is a cross border fee fair?
irishfey 5/27/2014 9:03:56 AM Report

Steelworker... As the folks here say.. " you owe me a new keyboard " ,lol.. Referring to your first post in the news section about Wynns visit. Guess i should learn to swallow my coffee before i read anything :).....
Bobby Nerves 5/27/2014 9:05:00 AM Report

Did you ever stop to think that -mechanics for this case- know exactly if your car is serviced on this side of the wall or over the greener side... but they are there watching the funeral pass by and they know that sooner or later you'll have a situation that will not allow you to go over the bridge.

Then, the ball is in their field, and that's the time you'll regret your savings and probably will seriously considering going back to the horse and buggy.

It will happen to all of us sooner or later. Once, the insurance paid 3500 dollars for a repair of a diesel engine and the local mechanic installed a repaired turbo (500 dollars) that 2 weeks later was burst 300 km away of a mechanic. (it wasn't SQ)

I said it few days ago, there are few items that people should take into consideration at all times, confidence, trust, honesty, service, unbiased advice.

For the service people, they should perform in a way that every customer will, without a doubt, recommend their family to contract their services.

The rest is a matter of personal taste.
We are fortunate to be in a border town and have the service we enjoy and the multiple choices that many others lack. Let us all enjoy it and be as honest as we can.
irishfey 5/27/2014 9:10:52 AM Report

Good post Bobby...
Mr. Poster 5/27/2014 9:18:22 AM Report

Free trade opened the door wide for cross border shopping. If its good enough for the government to implement ...then I would be a fool not to take advantage of what they have allowed me to do.If they do not want us cross border shopping then change the rules...charge me for everything I bring back.Those working in the customs booths could care less what we bring back anymore...other than cigs and booze.
Just Curious 5/27/2014 9:25:40 AM Report

On this cross-border shopping thing, what ticks me more than the price of gas is the difference in the cost of booze between here and there. $58 and change for the same size bottle that goes for $12 bucks over there. 24 beer there for the price of a 6-pack here..You want to talk unfair pricing, there's a classic case of it.. I get so depressed about it,it makes me want to get drunk and forget it, but I can't afford to because of the price..(smiley face)..
Wild Turkey 5/27/2014 9:33:58 AM Report

Mr. Poster----our customs officers are giving you a break.The law states you must stay in the U.S. for 24 hours before you can bring back anything.They could rescind this priviledge at any time.All it will take is a bunch bringing back ever increasing amounts and not paying duty for Canada Customs to say "Whoe Nellie--we're obliged to enforce the law as it reads"
Mr. Poster 5/27/2014 9:53:42 AM Report

ANYONE else wondering why the local Liberals did not announce that Wynne was arriving in town yesterday? Was the purpose of her visit to prop up and support the party faithful? Was she trying to avoid any possible anti Liberal protests? David O is usually first out of the block when it comes to press opportunities...but not this time. Curious.
Zing 5/27/2014 10:30:04 AM Report

Mr. Poster

There were news announcements re; Wynne coming to the Sault.
flyhawk25 5/27/2014 10:32:09 AM Report

Has anyone seen a picture of the Conservative stealth candidate?
Mr. Poster 5/27/2014 10:35:51 AM Report

zing...that announcement I believe was AFTER she arrived. One would have thought David O would have announced thru his photo ops this big WYNNE on the weekend.
Zing 5/27/2014 10:38:37 AM Report

Mr. Poster

I didn't realize that....possibly it was on the Sault Star website.

Did you go to see Wynne?
cathyh 5/27/2014 10:38:55 AM Report

Flyhawk25: I agree, where is the conservative candidate for the Sault? It's sad when a person running to govern is afraid to come out and at least allow the constituents who are going to vote a chance to hear what he has to say on the issues in our riding. What do his handlers want to hide?
Mr. Poster 5/27/2014 10:41:24 AM Report

zing...the only way I knew she arrived was the fact that I was driving down Bay Street and saw her with a small crowd outside the Holiday Inn corner bruce and Bay.
Mr. Poster 5/27/2014 10:48:29 AM Report

This election is wild. We have a faceless Conservative candidate. We have Celia who has to travel to Sudbury to meet Horwath. We have Wynne slinking into town to meet the party faithful. We have a Libertarian candidate who cannot even vote for himself. wonder voter turnouts are so low.
redranger 5/27/2014 11:13:48 AM Report

Wynne's visit was announced on the 6 o'clock news on Monday.
Bob the builder 5/27/2014 11:57:17 AM Report

Totally off topic - A friend of mine would like to rent a "dunking booth" for a Church picnic. Any ideas who he could call?
BIG BROTHER 5/27/2014 12:22:06 PM Report

I find it more than a little hypocritical and somewhat demeaning, that the PC's claim they can "create" a 'million jobs', as if out of thin air, while screaming from every mountaintop that 'governments don't create jobs'.

Which is it Hudak....or is it just more rhetorical bull shite that we are supposed to swallow, while you want it both ways.

Why not a bazillion gazillion jobs!!! Makes as much sense, yet sounds even better.
BIG BROTHER 5/27/2014 12:26:49 PM Report

I'll take 'photo op Dave' over the ghost like Bryan any day. At least we know he's (Dave) still alive. For all we know, Hayes is lying on a beach in Mexico, catching a few rays with his pal's Duffy and Wallin. It seems he would accomplish just as much. He could proxy his parliamentary vote to Harper and make it official.

At least Tony was visible at the Soup Kitchen.
soowat 5/27/2014 1:50:01 PM Report

Wild Turkey

You are correct about what you can bring back w/o paying duty.

The problem for the customs officer is the effect of free trade. So much of what you bring back is not dutiable that if the customs officer sends you in with your $100.00 worth of purchases the end result will be such a minuscule amount of duty that it is not cost effective to send you in to pay duty. Of course if you got booze or cigarettes it's a different story
Powerwise 5/27/2014 1:55:43 PM Report

which meal will turn into superior feces?
flyhawk25 5/27/2014 2:06:44 PM Report

BB...every candidate to date - winner or loser - had a history of community involvement and leadership.
Except Rod Fremlin.
So ask yourself - what can we expect if he wins?
Hayes Lite?
Wild Turkey 5/27/2014 2:43:49 PM Report

Soowat----fair enough---even playing field---So is the cross-border thing really even an issue?
Instead of a re-entry fee that everyone has to pay,why not charge H.S.T. on all incoming imports?Would this recover some of the lost gov't revenue, or would it be not feasible to try and collect it?
cathyh 5/27/2014 2:57:49 PM Report

IMHO the government would have to 3x the size of the new bridge plaza in order to take every vehicle entering Canada and inspect it to see how much each person in said vehicles spent. Then more border inspectors would be needed which does not fit into the conservative mandate. Maybe our governments should look at reducing the hst to make our goods cheaper on the Canadian side of the border.
Mr. Poster 5/27/2014 3:16:15 PM Report

FLYHAWK....there is a pic of Fremlin on local 2.
rockbanger 5/27/2014 3:29:43 PM Report

Most of you all do not get it.

There is very little difference between Canada and the US and hasn't been much change since the Mulroney years.

Closing borders and adding tarriffs is an outdated or obsolete way of thinking. Actually very anti business.

Realize the US consumers can and do come over to our side of the border for some things.

Everyone knows that gas is the main item we all go over if we grandstand and put huge tariffs on filling up across the river you have only helped the big oil companies..! Think about this. You will not save any jobs in Soo Ontario from my fill-ups as I always use self serve.

Thus we as middle income people must be careful who we are fighting for. Big oil or our own bank accounts.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it...!!
gcubed 5/27/2014 4:30:55 PM Report

Flyhawk: As you are aware, I have great respect for you and most of your non-political opinions. However, your sarcastic remarks regarding Mr. Fremlin are only a reflection of your political preference. Let's face it. Mr. Fremlin was late in becoming a candidate and was required to be out of town at the start of the campaign. He is a business owner and employer, not retired or living on the government payroll. It is my understanding that several news releases were issued to the media, and not published. Yesterday, if you looked, there was an excerpt from today's interview in the video section of this page. There were also photos of the candidate published earlier, so enough with the "stealth" already!
flyhawk25 5/27/2014 5:48:33 PM Report

G3...ditto. And I for you.
I find myself in a bit of a quandry on this whole story.
I know - as you do - more about this than I will make public.
That said - Mr. Fremlin is a candidate for public office.By the nature of that he has put himself where he had better be able to handle criticism.
As you know I have friends in the Conservative party. While I may never vote for them I respect many of them.
I have challenged candidates from every party.
I am not adverse to being critical of any politician.
As for your comment about my pension...that is beneath you and simply not true.
But if you want to be an apologist for for Hudak's party have at it.
He may win this election but I would be disappointed. Stranger things have happened.
The voters are always right.
Bobby Nerves 5/27/2014 7:12:13 PM Report

Nice to read from you G3.

A bit late, but, how was the California wine?

Forget politics, we do not feed of it.

One good thing I noticed from all candidates is the decorum in the campaign, just few signs, few pictures and few presentations.

I guess people made up their mind, more or less.

lookaround 5/27/2014 7:13:44 PM Report

I feel a wave of red overcoming Ontario.
BIG BROTHER 5/27/2014 7:38:49 PM Report

'He is a business owner and employer, not retired or living on the government payroll. '

Rod is a retired Firefighter. He is, therefore, no longer on the government payroll, as you like to call it.
BIG BROTHER 5/27/2014 7:42:13 PM Report

Having said that, Rod is a great guy. Hard worker, straight shooter, etc.

Sadly, wrong party and maybe, the wrong skill set.
rockbanger 5/27/2014 8:06:44 PM Report

Anyone who is thinking red.... ask Orazietti, why he gave Essar Steel the OK to not fund the pension fund properly for the next ten years.

He cannot say that the workers voted on it, they were coerced... The workers would have never voted on this item if Orazietti had done his job when Essar first approached him and he just said no Essar, you must fund the plan as the law states.

The unions were then strong armed and told bankruptcy was imminent if the union members did not vote yes to a "different" funding formula.

Dave is no friend of the 2251 or the 2724 USWA local unions.

Do you think Dave knows why Essar has not paid their bills?

Dave is out for Dave.
Jack the Stripper 5/27/2014 8:38:59 PM Report

out on bail?

gcubed 5/27/2014 8:52:34 PM Report

Fly and Big Brother:

My reference in my note to Fly was a comparison regarding the three candidates from the larger parties. Fly, like you, I am on an earned pension. Nothing wrong with that! What I was trying to get across is that although Mr. Fremlin is a retired Firefighter, he does own and operate a construction company and therefore had less time available at the start of the campaign when compared to Celia Ross, whom I understand to be retired, and our current M.P.P., whose job right now is to campaign. Do Provincial Ministers continue to be paid during an election campaign? I don't know. Are some of his current workers being paid as civil servants? I don't know the answer to that question either.
Bill_the_Cat 5/27/2014 10:30:43 PM Report

I went to the library this evening to see the candidates. Fremlin did ok for an amateur politician--he certainly seemed honest.

The young man running for the Libertarian Party impressed me though. He was erudite, and quite certain of what he stood for. It's great to see young folk stake out their claim in local politics.
atticus 5/27/2014 10:43:21 PM Report

g3 Who has more time to devote ... the retiree, the incumbent sans other job or the full-time worker on pension?
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