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Ontario Election 2014 - So Far - Part Two

Monday, May 26, 2014   by: Mac Headrick

It was a beautiful weekend. Linda and I along with the dogs spent some time at the trailer. Attended my first concert at Hilton Beach and travelled back in the past with the folk singer Valdy. Everything about the concert was excellent. Today’s column will recap the last week of campaigning. 

Now I started off the weekend in a very good mood courtesy of our local provincial representative David Orazietti and the NDP leader Andrea Horwath. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you. The individuals above provided a couple of examples of that. First was the announcement by Mr. Orazietti that Tim Hudak didn’t care for Northern Ontario. Proof provided by David was Mr. Hudak’s refusal to attend the debate on Northern Ontario issues in Thunder Bay. Wait a minute… in the last election the Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty didn’t attend this same debate. Hmmm, using consistent logic does that mean that sometimes the Liberals don’t care about the north? 

Every political party in this election knows tough choices have to be made to reduce the deficit. The provincial government is spending too much money. One of Horwath’s ideas is to create a financial accountability officer. Do I understand this correctly? Government is spending too much. To address this we should create another government position with the necessary supporting staff. What about this concept just doesn’t cut it? The finance minister and the ruling government are mandated do the jobs they are elected to. 

By the way I believe Tim Hudak missing the debate was not a scheduling problem. The Conservative Party does not want to publicly have to defend their platform in an unscripted event. 

The best idea of the week came again from the Green Party. Allow craft breweries to open their own store fronts to sell their products. I know this concept will go nowhere.  However, being a fringe party does allow you to think creatively. 

Andrea Horwath is taking some heat from long time NDP supporters for pulling the plug on the Liberals and defeating the last budget. This action irritated me. Horwath is faced with the following dilemma. I have followed politics for over 50 years. Coming from an NDP family I accepted long ago the NDP’s main purpose was to influence the other parties. The NDP comes up with an idea that gains popularity. Eventually (usually the Liberals) some other political party would introduce their own version, receive credit and life went on. Personally I was alright with this reality. Horwath wants power. The NDP leadership has decided to achieve this meaning a move to the right is necessary. This has created some confusion among its true believers.

The Liberal Party released their platform on Sunday. As in their budget there are plenty of things I like about it, but I cannot find any reference to reduced spending. I do not agree with Tim Hudak’s proposal to fire 100,000 civil servants and reduce corporate tax rates further, but at least the Conservatives have presented ideas. The NDP would raise corporate tax rates to 12.5% to increase revenue and help eliminate the deficit. I am not advocating any of the above. I just wonder if and when the Liberal Party will stop talking about spending. At some point they have to discuss the deficit or perhaps not. The Drummond Report from 2012 was a Liberal initiative. They do not seem to reference any of the ideas put forth to rein in spending. 

Tim Hudak seems to like the Drummond Report. From this Liberal inspired event came the idea to eliminate full day kindergarten classes in elementary schools. This report also recommended eliminating one of the lottery main offices. One is located in Toronto and the other in Sault Ste Marie. Two part question. If Tim Hudak gained power would he follow thru on eliminating one of the lottery offices? If so which one? These are important questions. 

I must admit I was fooled by the Conservative promise to create one million new jobs. I actually tried to research it. I assumed there was some intellectual basis to it. Presently there are approximately 588,000 people unemployed. What’s the plan…fire 100,000 civil servants, reduce corporate taxes and hire the 588,000 unemployed? What about the 412,000 unfilled positions? I got it, partner with the federal Conservatives and use the temporary workers program to import refugees to Ontario! I now realize this plan isn’t a serious economic statement, it is symbolic. It is directed to the Conservative base that dislikes government employees and believes they should be punished. Despite the failure of lower corporate tax rates to create job, Conservatives still cling to the hope that the factory drain to the United States will end. As for the idea that the civil service would be reduced by attrition? Well, that doesn’t pass a close inspection. For example the elimination of full day kindergarten would be an immediate, permanent job loss. 

I was born at night but not last night. I know that the deficit has to be reduced. I also feel very passionately about Sault Ste Marie. Have you ever noticed than when government jobs are eliminated (federal and/or provincial) they are consolidated to Sudbury, Toronto and sometimes Thunder Bay? Is there anyone reading this that really believes that there are factories waiting to set up shop in Sault Ste Marie if the corporate tax rate is reduced further? Every job loss locally means another young person moves away to seek employment. 

As I see it the campaign continues. I cannot see too many more promises being made. Hopefully the debates or debate, depending on the political party concerned, will shed further light on the intentions of the next potential provincial government.

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right wing 5/26/2014 8:13:37 AM Report

Yes you are orange to the core Mac...
So according to you the NDP comes up with all these brilliant ideas, the ideas get hijacked by the other parties and dressed up as their own...but as a lifetime NDP'er you simply accept this cause your party of choice is never going to actually run the country.


And Hudak is not going to fire 100,000 government employee's Mac, that statement is absurd and completely untrue.
To help balance the province’s books in two years, Hudak is proposing a less than 10% downsizing of Ontario’s public service — 100,000 out of more than a million positions.

Much of this will be accomplished by attrition (not replacing people who retire or quit) and by not filling positions currently unoccupied.

Remember the when Paul Martin, then Finance Minister, supported by Chretien, slashed 45,000 Federal jobs in the 1990's

Martin said the only was to balance the books and restore the economy was through a prolonged period of fiscal restraint in the public sector.

Is that not what Hudak is now calling for.

right wing 5/26/2014 8:21:26 AM Report

"the only way to"
Mr. Poster 5/26/2014 8:57:35 AM Report

One would thin k that having a member of the so called "ruling party"...Mr. Hayes could stop the federal job drain.NOT SO.
The NDP LEADERSHIP is in disarray. Andrea will be lucky to keep her job after the election. She made a big mistake by bringing down the Liberals on that budget. Hudak...not worth discussing.
mac headrick 5/26/2014 11:06:01 AM Report

right wing I knew i would get your attention.

Paul Martin and Mike Harris had a plan.Tim Hudak doesn't. Tim not I stated he would eliminate the jobs in education. This cannot be done through attrition but elimination.

Now being true orange, does that mean I support lowering taxes on small business, the area in which jobs will be created.

Guilty as charged.
MYPOINT 5/26/2014 5:37:24 PM Report

In the past , I have voted for all three main parties at one time or another. This was done to give each one a crack at doing their best for this Province.

The only problem was, when I should have voted Liberal, I ended up voting NDP. Then when I should have voted NDP, I ended up voting PC ( I assure you I will NEVER again vote PC even if they bribed me with a million dollars - ok I WOULD take the million dollars first but I would NOT vote for them lol ). When I should have voted PC, I ended up voting NDP ... which of course, was the wrong choice to make since one of the other party got in :(

All of that being said, I am left with no choice in this upcoming election. I will NOT vote PC ( see above ) because I do not trust that little toad HUKAK for even a micro second. I will NOT vote NDP because to be honest, they should have accepted the budget ( which was not really a bad budget all considered ) and make the decision to bring down the government at a later time. Although I absolutely hate what the Lying Liberals have done over the McGinty era, I must say that Wynne is NOT McGinty so she should not be held totally responsible for HIS mistakes. David Orazietti has brought a lot of things to this area but we must ask ourselves 'at what cost' ?

My prediction is that we shall end up with another Liberal minority government ( more or less than previously ) and in another 3 - 4 years, we can begin this process all over yet again. This is why I have repeatedly made the comment that there should be a 'recall' method put into place where 51% + 1 of the eligible voters in any given area could recall their MPP and maybe even fire them!

As always, the above are my opinions only :)
Just Curious 5/26/2014 7:12:19 PM Report

Mac, I stand to be corrected but I think all breweries can sell beer out of their own on-site stores. Northern did, Labatts does and so does Sleemans and Molsons. Maybe the Green member doesn't drink??:).
right wing 5/29/2014 8:23:44 AM Report


Do you not have a political "gyroscope" that tells you never, ever, vote NDP.

Oldie Goldie 6/1/2014 4:49:15 PM Report

Very few Posters ever speak now about the Huge Health Tax that McGuinty brought in after his first Election win.
Even after he promised NO NEW TAXES !
Unfortunately the new Health Tax was not all put to improving Health Care in Ontario or we would have more and better Health Care now.
Those who say that Ontario's Health System is going bankrupt can blame the Fiberals for that mess.
There should be plenty of Taxes to cover our Health Care needs.

Another good reason to NOT vote Liberal !
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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