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View Room Comments for Saturday, May. 24 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
flyhawk25 5/24/2014 7:52:03 AM Report

Good morning.
It looks like this will be the perfect weekend - the tree buds are popping.
It's been a long winter so let's enjoy.
bounder 5/24/2014 7:54:22 AM Report

Good day coming, I don,t how to put this, either it's good or bad news, the official release on gas prices versus the Usa is now they pay 30 percent less than us, and we're an oil producing nation, so if planning a trip, where do you go and save 30 percent right away.
Mr. Poster 5/24/2014 8:08:43 AM Report

It is great to live in a border town...we have choice as to where to spend our money after taxes.It helps stretch those pension dollars.
BIG BROTHER 5/24/2014 8:39:20 AM Report

...and the bait has been planted. Just have to find the right depth and temperature!!!
northernmale 5/24/2014 9:25:58 AM Report

If you have not received your PUC bill yet get ready. I no people who have had an increase of over a 100 dollars for the month . They never had bills this high in coldest month of year. I am not looking forward to getting mine.
AlwaysAWinner 5/24/2014 9:58:50 AM Report

"It is great to live in a border town...we have choice as to where to spend our money after taxes.It helps stretch those pension dollars."

except one choice hurts our local economy, and another choice helps our local economy 

the truth is people in wawa and other cities do fine. this 'need' for cross border shopping is an ignorant excuse to save money and keep it for themselves 

people buy their gas and groceries in Michigan, then sit there and wonder why their 16 year old son can't get a job in this awful town. 

keep pumping money into an economy that isn't ours, good idea.

keep whining about the roads being crap, don't blame it on the fact that 2 cents on every litre of gas sold here goes towards the local city it came from, to be used for road maintenance. no, ignore that and blame "the government" for your problems. 

you'll never be able to convince these people they're hurting jobs and an economy, they're too caught up in their selfish life to think about others, especially when they need smokes and beer and wine. 
soowat 5/24/2014 10:14:15 AM Report

I was reading Doug Millroy's column in the Sault Star. He suggested viewing the following web site. It is a hilarious example of how not to do something
mallet 5/24/2014 10:17:36 AM Report


If the government had not allowed big business to export many well paying jobs overseas, then there would not be any need for ordinary people to try and save money by going overseas for the gas and groceries that are cheaper. If governments had not let in "temporary" foreign workers, to be paid less than the current rate of pay, then there would be jobs for youth and others. There is of course always the other side of the coin, that investors want the maximum return on their investment and will go where it is cheaper to produce, and universities churn out graduates with degrees they know are not in need. There is a basic cause for all this and that is greed, on both sides, companies want more profit and workers want more money, it is a spiral which will end one day, but I don't know when...
Zing 5/24/2014 10:47:14 AM Report


I stopped reading when you cursed the Lord's would be nice to see you post without swearing.
AlwaysAWinner 5/24/2014 10:53:05 AM Report

isn't that the definition of closed minded? ignoring statements because they don't go along with your ideology? you could learn a lot if you open your mind. just because I say a word you don't like, doesn't mean my points aren't valid
Just Curious 5/24/2014 10:59:12 AM Report

Always, I have to agree with Zing. Make your point without the profanity. You make some valid points but you can do it without insulting or swearing. People are getting kicked off here for doing that now, as they should be..
Zing 5/24/2014 11:05:53 AM Report

You telling me how to think,AlwaysAWinner?
Do you think I need an education so that I can listen to your 'open-minded' statements in a public forum?
Why don't you check out the Sootoday membership guidelines and get back to me.
I'm sure, with a little practice, you can make a little effort to just leave out or replace certain parts of your comments. The use of it gleans something about your character which, to me, negates the content of your statements.

Have a nice day.
KENNEDY919 5/24/2014 11:09:21 AM Report

As Canadians we cannot continue to pay more taxes to be managed by incompetent governments.Enough is enough.
After the provincial election we only have two options to deal with our spiralling deficit and that is raise taxes or cut public sector costs. Either option will be painful medicine.
Governments should not be allowed to spend a penny more than the tax dollars they take in. With the aging of the baby boomers we know health care costs will continue to skyrocket. Younger workers will be looking at lower wages than their parents. If we are to compete with growing economies in China,India,Indonesia and the Right to Work States in the USA. The entitlements going forward for the many retiring will not be sustainable. The bubble will have to burst.Once this bubble bursts there will be declining wealth,lower real estate values,slower economic growth and reduced revenues flowing to government which will only increase their deficits even further.Like the USA we have unmanageable deficits for a population of 35 million.The USA however has a lot more room to tax with a population of 300 million to get them out of debt.The USA does not have the political will to increase taxes for any reason or cause.
Canadians must develop the political will that they will not pay more taxes unless they can be assured that the money is managed by competent people in government
Mr. Poster 5/24/2014 11:12:32 AM Report

You cannot blame those on very fixed, low incomes, from doing everything they can to stretch those dollars. I feel that over my lifetime...and now...I pay my share of taxes to this province and this country. Whatever is left over for me...I feel I can spend anywhere I wish.
AlwaysAWinner 5/24/2014 11:24:53 AM Report

my comment was removed for saying "jesus christ"? my god you people are a bunch of sissy boys, whining about the government and people using the "lords" name in vain. my opinion shouldn't be silenced because someone can't handle seeing "jesus christ" without foaming at the mouth 

maybe if you people had backbones you wouldn't complain so much about trivial issues. my comments get removed but people here can say absolutely 100% false nonsense about wind farms. it's unreal how these sites cater to the lowest common denominator. 

if I actually swore there would be a defense. I didn't swear. if you think saying the lords name in vain is a swear, that's your ideology, it's not a group collective. the F word is 'bad' and most people agree, saying 'jesus christ' is completely subjective to your religious ideologies 

once again 2000 year old nonsense rains supreme. it's funny how you can pick and choose out of the bible what you like, but I can't say a made up guys name because a bunch of god worshiping sissies can't handle it.
Zing 5/24/2014 11:28:14 AM Report

Mr. Poster

I agree with your post; not everyone can afford the high cost of gas, dairy, and other highly taxed items in Ontario.
Sometimes it is quality that forces us across the border.
Did you know that Canadian cream cheese contains no cream?

Canadian cream cheese ingredients:
Milk ingredients, modified milk ingredients, bacterial culture, guar gum, plus a bunch of other stabilizers.

American cream cheese ingredients:
Milk, cream, bacterial culture, guar gum

I prefer American cream cheese, sour cream, and cottage cheese.

Just a few examples of reasons to buy American besides gas for your car.
Just Curious 5/24/2014 1:15:02 PM Report

Somebodies bucking for a time-out, I think. I thought this kind of stuff was done away with on here...
irishfey 5/24/2014 1:52:28 PM Report

ALWAYS.. That "2000" year old nonsense, has came back to kick our butt.. Islam!.. Go '" over there" and use Allahs name in vain and see what type of respond you get.... Nice knowing you.....
djjazz09 5/24/2014 2:32:38 PM Report

I quite enjoy this site now that the bullies are gone and a sense of normality has returned.
steelworker 5/24/2014 2:40:05 PM Report

Quite so. There are still a few dinosaurs though.
Jimssm 5/24/2014 3:38:36 PM Report


Regarding cream cheese... you can't compare labels between the US and Canada as we have different labeling rules.

example...We can't list 'milk' as an ingredient if it's been changed in any way other than adding or removing fat. That is why it turns into 'milk ingredients' instead.

According to Labelwatch, US and Canadian Philly Cream Cheeses are identical, but you'd never know it by reading their labels.
bounder 5/24/2014 4:02:16 PM Report

Good Lord what did I start a verbal barrage of words, my goodness, if you insult and swear off to the to the penalty box.
rockbanger 5/24/2014 4:05:43 PM Report

Bringing back Milk Products From US:

Did you know there is a $20 limit on milk products and the Canadian Border Police can charge duty on anything thereafter?

I used to go and get $50-$60 in cheeses and milk per run and tell them I had $60 in groceries. Last time I had a similar load and when I said $60 in groceries the officer said what did you buy and I said mostly cheese.

They pulled me in and gave me a going over. Told me that next time I would pay the 100% tariff.
CBP said they were saving our dairy farmers from cheap US dairy products.
All the cheese was made in Italy?

There are limits on everything...
bounder 5/24/2014 4:28:38 PM Report

Well I got to say, I want to support the Canadian economy, therefore beer from Quebec and cigarettes from the reserves, to bad I couldn't get car insurance from one of the Government run programs in other provinces.
lookaround 5/24/2014 5:06:15 PM Report

Holy Crap the birds are fighting outside. Natures drama. Grackles and robins along with some blue jays.
lookaround 5/24/2014 5:14:57 PM Report

Since spending good money on a high Efficiency Amana furnace with a DC motor my hydro bill has dropped a 100.00 a month. You have to spend money to save money. But damn 7 grand is hard for me to swallow.
Now when I get those three new windows in the back with solar blinds my hydro should drop further.

lookaround 5/24/2014 5:17:35 PM Report

Bounder my nephew owns a Depeuner in Wakefield and he sell a whole whack of beer but he cannot sell Ontario Craft beer. So being privatized is not always what it is cracked up to be.
Wild Turkey 5/24/2014 6:39:09 PM Report

So we're having an interesting discussion regarding cross-border shopping.There were some very good arguments against it, but very shallow reasons for supporting it.
It seemed like screw local business ,I intend to save a lot money shopping in The U.S.Greed at it's worst.Then they pile on the guy for using a common expression for frustration and all intelligent discourse comes to a screeching halt.
Welcome to the new , kinder ,gentler Blue Room.
northernmale 5/24/2014 6:39:39 PM Report

I just came back from the gas station , I took over a one gallon can $9.80 to fill it???Something does not add up.
rockbanger 5/24/2014 6:47:17 PM Report

One gallon for $9.80....NO. That is world price and you must have been in Europe to pay that much...

At $1.35 per litre your container must have been a 2 U.S. gallon or roughly 7.6 litre in size.

Ironically you make a good point...
Be cautious how big your next vehicle is... When the financial controllers in North America move us to world price for gasoline you will pay about $9.80 per Imperial gallon.

Just watch.
statusquo 5/24/2014 7:08:21 PM Report

Zing 5/24/2014 10:47:14 AM Report


I stopped reading when you cursed the Lord's name...."

What an incredibly stupid statement.
Think about it!
AlwaysAWinner 5/24/2014 7:25:57 PM Report

"So we're having an interesting discussion regarding cross-border shopping.There were some very good arguments against it, but very shallow reasons for supporting it.
It seemed like screw local business ,I intend to save a lot money shopping in The U.S.Greed at it's worst.Then they pile on the guy for using a common expression for frustration and all intelligent discourse comes to a screeching halt."

ding ding ding. thank you.

they want JOBS, they want TOURISM, they want IT ALL. but the second they can save a dollar on milk AND screw over the local economy, they do it.

there's little foresight from people in this town. just now now now. save me money now.

I'm just hoping people can realize and make a connection. how many parents are frustrated with the fact their kid can't get a summer job, yet they buy their gas and groceries in the states.

and they wonder why there aren't any jobs?
statusquo 5/24/2014 7:44:45 PM Report


As you may recollect we don't agree on much, but on this topic you have some very valid points.

Hence my above comment to "Zing" that somehow sees fit to not read any further because you used the name of "his" Lord in vain.

I did not see what you posted as it was pulled by the sootoday STASI, as this room must remain "nice".
They might as well amalgamate the View Room with the Red so we all can partake in loving each other ad nausam.

Mr. Poster 5/24/2014 7:47:48 PM Report

Because of ALWAYSAWINNERS crusade I expect there will no longer be lineups of folks out to cross the bridge.
steelworker 5/24/2014 7:56:07 PM Report

They should rename this room "The Sunshine and Lollipops Room".
Albedo 5/24/2014 8:10:39 PM Report

I read this board for some time before posting and I have to agree it has lost much of its 'personality'.
The intelligent heated debates have all but disappeared and that is the 'personality' that I liked.

Jimssm 5/24/2014 8:17:13 PM Report

'Personality'... is that what you call it ?

Thank God I have no 'personality' then.
Albedo 5/24/2014 8:22:39 PM Report

I was sure that I clarified when I stated intelligent heated debate and Jimssm you were one of those that used to partake.
Personality takes many forms does it not?
Jimssm 5/24/2014 8:32:20 PM Report

I for one do not miss the 100+ posts of which 90 were drivel.

Any intelligent posts were lost in all the low IQ noise.

bounder 5/24/2014 8:54:00 PM Report

Steely worst post this year,not to be repeated.
Albedo 5/24/2014 8:58:49 PM Report


I had not applied any specific numbers, just that here were some good debates and in my opinion a debate always requires some heat.
Of course you are entitled to your opinion.
Good day.
Snobank 5/24/2014 9:08:56 PM Report

If you try to please everybody you usually end up pleasing nobody.
mallet 5/24/2014 10:09:28 PM Report

I have often wonder why people go out of their way to be obnoxious, when there is no need for it. Whether it is for their 15 minutes of fame, or to try and draw attention to what they are saying, when it is not a liked subject. I wonder whether WINNER can say why Walmart is full of shoppers while Sears is on the verge of either being sold or going under. If you happen to be a member of the Sunshine club and can afford to shop in Canada, great, but unfortunately not every belongs to that club, so to stretch the dollar the recieve as wages or pension, they go to where the prices are lower. Just as corporations tend to go where labour is less expensive and does not have the same labour laws as we do, so people go to where the prices for the end product are cheaper. Just as the Provincial government closed parks and did not hire forest rangers, not many people were that bothered, just the few who had had that experience, and found it worth while, however according to Winner it was the campers fault for not using the parks, maybe the price of camping and the price of gas and groceries they had to take with them was a contributing factor. As far as whinging goes, yes, I do my share, especially about the cost of power from these Green Energy plants. After our gracious government paid them so handsomely to make power as opposed to the other methods, which had worked out so well and reliable and EFFICIENT, before the enviroMENTALists had lobbied so hard to become green. The only green thing I see is going into the pockets of the people who build and run them. Why not have converted the coal plants to wood burning, they are in Europe, yet we allow hundreds of thousands of hectacres or forest burn every year and nothing is said unless it threatens a town or city, strange where all the enviromentalists go then isn't it...
lookaround 5/24/2014 10:22:15 PM Report

I will shop in the US if it saves me money. It is my money and my concern and take that to the bank.
lookaround 5/24/2014 10:24:55 PM Report

Spelly's list will be a long one on Monday.
soowat 5/24/2014 11:28:50 PM Report

Always a winner

“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.”
― Spencer W. Kimball

You might reflect if this is an accurate description of you
statusquo 5/25/2014 12:03:09 AM Report

lookaround 5/24/2014 10:22:15 PM Report

"I will shop in the US if it saves me money. It is my money and my concern and take that to the bank."

And you're entitled to do so. But don't EVER complain about potholes,property taxes, the lack of job opportunities, the disrepair of our public facilities, the gritty look of our down town.
The prices in the U.S cannot ever be beat by our merchants. It just cannot be done! Tax, labour and insurance regulations, the sheer size of the distribution system of the U.S. etc.

I cannot morally or ethically justify shopping across the river unless it is for something I cannot get here.
You come on to this forum on a regular basis and from what I gather you despise the Conservatives, and yet you behave like one. You seem to be in this game for yourself without any regard for the community at large.
If you like the prices in the U.S for the consumer goods that apparently make your life so much better and the savings derived from such nefarious activities like shopping across the river, then maybe you should consider to see if you can legally move over there and enjoy all the benefits Northern Michigan has to offer.
In the end it amounts to nickle and dimeing and I never had any patience for that. Frugality is one thing, but greed quite another!
The damage caused by cross border shopping to our city on this side of the river is astronomical!
But I am glad your bank account is doing well.
Snobank 5/25/2014 12:25:23 AM Report

Status, how do feel about vacationing outside of Sault Ste. Marie? Is that acceptable to you?
rockbanger 5/25/2014 7:19:39 AM Report

Always a Winner??

R Your 'Piles' acting up.
Your out of sorts try preparation H.

Remember Preparations A-G were a failure...
BUTT on the hole Preparation-H works fine.

Calm down and blog without profanity or negativity.. Try anyway.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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