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View Room Comments for Friday, May. 23 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
BobRobert 5/23/2014 7:27:45 AM Report


You want to see a picture of Fremlin? Here's a link.
Mr. Poster 5/23/2014 7:37:15 AM Report

Is Fremlin still running for the PC's or did he quietly drop out? I have never seen such a lack lustre campaign in this city by a major political party.
Just Curious 5/23/2014 7:54:50 AM Report

There was a lot of activity and a large Fremlin sign in front of the old Indian Friendship Centre on Wellington for a couple of days but the wind kept knocking the sign over and they have taken it down now. I thought it may have been his campaign headquarters, assuming he is gonna run one..:).
Just Curious 5/23/2014 7:59:41 AM Report

And Bobby and Irishfey, I agree about the comments being made re; the Seaton death. I will probably get pulled for this but judging by the past actions of Sootoday in some regards, I am amazed that the comments section of the story was allowed to stand. In certain other instances we know of it was dropped immediately..:.
Wild Turkey 5/23/2014 8:07:50 AM Report

The comments on the gambling addiction story would have been of interest to me.They were all deleted.Why not delete only the offensive ones, like in The Blue Room?
Bad job, Soo Today.
And look at the Blue Room participation levels.Off by at least 50 % I would say.
Soo to-day---you are on the wrong track!!!!!
flyhawk25 5/23/2014 8:34:17 AM Report

This site was due for a cultural shake-up.
While it is true that comments are down we have ridden ourselves of the ceaseless short multiple ramblings of a few who used this as some type of therapy.
We also got rid of the constant sniping and name calling that intimidated many.
I know that I have stopped wondering what part of any comment might set off a personal attack and consequently cleaned up my own tone.
The rest is up to us.
Do we want thoughtful comments or do we want what we had?
Just Curious 5/23/2014 8:44:32 AM Report

My sentiments, Fjyhawk.. One gives what one gets, as a rule..Now back to lurking...:).
irishfey 5/23/2014 8:49:12 AM Report

Morning Folks.. JUST CURIOUS.. I don't understand why some of those comments are still there either, the condolences, yes, but not the rude ones. As Hubby says.. some folk have "sh** for brains" and shouldn't be even allowed to post!... I don't know what's up with Rod not making any statements either, yes i know him but havn't talked to him for quite some time and it's n.of.m.b. anyway....... Going to be nice one today, so go enjoy.....Have a good one folks....
irishfey 5/23/2014 8:56:00 AM Report

Fly... Good post but some don't see it that way and are not happy unless the insults fly.So big deal the comments are cut in half, at least some can post an opinion without getting a strip tore off them.... Good job Sootoday, in the B.R!!!
theprotector 5/23/2014 9:00:51 AM Report

well to be honest its nice to think that I have repaired a few bridges. Our opinions differ on many topics but its nice to be able to express those differences without being attacked, and thus attack back and watch the site go down the toilet. The same way if you ate too much oatmeal right irish?
Dead End Kid 5/23/2014 9:07:59 AM Report

What I don't understand is why all the comments were removed on the gambling article. Sootoday, you could have deleted the comments that you deemed offensive. There were comments such as mine that were not the least bit offensive with no names mentioned,only my opinion. I don't know what kind of game you are playing and I believe that an explanation is in order.
GoHoundsGo 5/23/2014 9:12:49 AM Report

@Sootoday....if you are going to post editorial type articals like the "Gambling Story", you really should keep the comments board open. If there was inappropriate comments, then remove them. Such articals are not "News", they are oppinion and counter oppinion should be aloud. Supression of oppinions of the reader should never be tolerated by the fifth estate. Sun media already does a good job of limiting oppinions that differ from thiers. I certainly can understand removing vulgar of truely offensive posts, but removing the whole board was wrong. You are supposed to be a news org., please do not limit free speech because of the ignorance of a few. And for those violating your rules...remove/ban the users.
flyhawk25 5/23/2014 9:40:30 AM Report

There seems to be a problem with the site temporarily.
Probably a conspiracy by some banned posters seeking revenge.Or either the doggone Russians or Harper's mind police.
Yeah...that's it.
Wisenheimer 5/23/2014 9:48:39 AM Report

"We want Grump, we want Grump".

All work and no play,
Makes a boring Sootoday!
Right Wing and Spelly have
gone bye-bye.
And all that's left is a
"wondering Fly".
SootodayModerator 5/23/2014 10:24:58 AM Report

We try to allow comments on as many stories as we can. We often give users a chance on articles that we feel may elicit inappropriate comments. However, the above mentioned gambling topic was given this chance on previous stories (pre-trial) and the comments were consistently inappropriate and not relevant to the issues at hand. When there are that many negative comments it is counter-productive to go in and delete each one.
Wild Turkey 5/23/2014 10:26:57 AM Report

Wise---Careful---you might annoy some of the site-clean-up "folks".
---My stock top for the day--"Buy,Hold, Prosper!!!!
flyhawk25 5/23/2014 10:40:13 AM Report

Not to beat an idea to death - but I will.
The provincial Tories appear to be running a parallel campaign to Harper's feds.
Harper has his 'Action Plan' which still has no real details. Hudak has his 'million jobs' idea which has no credibility.
The only difference I can see is that Fremlin is running a stealth campaign - no signs and no pictures.
In all my years I've never seen a ghost run much less get elected.But that doesn't mean anything given the number of voters who never look beyond the headlines or their wallets.
The reality seems to be that the Tories believe Ontario ends at Barrie and all of us are just sources of natural resources and are poor hicks.
cilla 5/23/2014 10:52:02 AM Report

just a quick question, are smelts still running, I would like to bring my nephew
irishfey 5/23/2014 11:03:26 AM Report

PRO... I think you're doing great in here!! And you're right about the oatmeal!! ,lol
ROLAND_ROLLY 5/23/2014 12:41:23 PM Report

Where is the PC candidate ?

All is quiet, time to give the Liberals the boot !
GoHoundsGo 5/23/2014 1:53:42 PM Report who is this Bob Mihell person? This 3 part diatribe on the evils of gambling is wild. So Bob, you state many facts on why gambling is so bad for know the 1 - 2% of Ontarians. Basically what you are saying is...because a very very very slim minority have a gambling problem, the rest of Ontarians should forgoe the entertainment value and the 100's of millions of dollars communities have garnered from these Casinos. Thats like saying because a minority of people suffer from alchohalism, we should ban alchohal to. How about this, maybe people should excercise personal responsibility, not blame society for all that ailes them, and causes them to break the law by stealing from thier employer... for those of us that have family that work at our local casino, it is a good paying job, that provides a source of entertainment for its customers. And Bob, if you didn't notice there are two make that three casinos with in 1hr of SSM...Kewadin SSM, Bay MIlls, and Kewadin St. Ignace.
.And they sure as hell aint goin away.
flyhawk25 5/23/2014 2:03:01 PM Report

I did an informal survey of lawn signs today.
Orazetti signs outnumber Ross 10-1.No others in sight.
So I must conclude that the Hudak/Fremlin stealth campaign is working.
Conservatives in a landslide.
Wicket 5/23/2014 2:05:59 PM Report

Saw 3 Fremlin signs on MacDonald; two on the same property of a relative...
Just Curious 5/23/2014 2:26:35 PM Report

I see they finally killed the comments on the Seaton story..GOOD.

I used to frequent the casino but I am now on OA and CPP and can't afford to leave the house now.. These pensions are a very effective way to curb gambling..:).

Wicket, I just walked to the Mall and saw 2 Fremlin, 3 Orazoonies, and maybe 1/2 dozen Celia signs, what does that tell you?

As much as I don't like Celia,I think I will vote NDP on the off chance they make it in. In my humble opinion, I think we are in for another minority government no matter who gets in, and another election in 2 years or less.
steelworker 5/23/2014 2:50:10 PM Report

I think that the more signs you see the more desperate the candidate. Fly: I think that you are quite safe from the "mind police". smirky face
irishfey 5/23/2014 4:06:50 PM Report

J.C... I know a lot of folk that want to get the NDP in but here lies the problem. Lots of people are afraid to vote for them thinking that they won't get in so they throw their vote to , lets say the cons. , just so the Liberals won't take it... Hope this makes sense. If you want the NDP in, then vote for them and one just never knows, they might just get there..... Too bad the NDP won't get this message out there!!......
soowat 5/23/2014 5:23:16 PM Report

The following headline from Local 2 News made me look twice

"Provincial candidates talk Sault issues; swamp dwellers come to town; and what else is happening this weekend?"
mallet 5/23/2014 5:24:15 PM Report


I just went to the CTV webpage to find out who was running in the Algoma Manatoulin riding, apart from Mike Mantha. Seems the Liberal guy is someone named Hughson and the PC's guy is someone named Turner and a green party and libertarian candidate. I know Mike but I have never heard of the others. Strange that in some ridings only the incumbants are the only ones putting out signs...Guess this is the new type of electioneering, canvassing is done by word of mouth...
flyhawk25 5/23/2014 6:20:42 PM Report

Well after a second trip out today I actually saw Fremlin signs.Nifty.
But they all seemed to be on public property.
At least it's a start.
Now where is his picture?
steelworker 5/23/2014 6:45:12 PM Report

If I knew where to get a Fremlin sign I would have one on my front lawn.
flyhawk25 5/23/2014 7:06:14 PM Report

And if I had a front lawn I would not.
gcubed 5/23/2014 7:19:49 PM Report

I am quite pleased that you don't have a front lawn Fly.
lookaround 5/23/2014 7:24:57 PM Report

I have a front lawn and I don't want grubs in my lawn nor obnoxious weeds so to that I say I don't want Fremlin signs sprouting around the yard. A few gnomes or even a pink flamingo or two(can't just have one). But a Fremlin sign never.
flyhawk25 5/23/2014 7:28:09 PM Report

G3...good stuff.
But as you know I have never voted Conservative in my life. Nothing personal - I was friends with a few of their candidates.
But I am a happy lefty.
steelworker 5/23/2014 7:30:05 PM Report

Maybe I'll get three or four signs. I have a huge yard on a major street. If I wanted grubs I would bring home the liberal/ndp candidates.
irishfey 5/23/2014 8:18:40 PM Report

lookaround... You would REALLY put a pink flamingo in your yard??? .Brrrr,, just got chills ,lol.... In my defence,, I'm a Countrygirl :)
irishfey 5/23/2014 8:22:12 PM Report

Did anyone answer.. cillas.. question about the smelts??.. I myself wouldn't know, sorry dear.....
steelworker 5/23/2014 8:36:00 PM Report

Smelts are done in this area.
lookaround 5/23/2014 8:42:22 PM Report

irishfey actually I was trying to be funny well kind of.

I have no statues. No signs either
irishfey 5/23/2014 8:45:56 PM Report

lookaround.. I knew that and it was funny!!
lookaround 5/23/2014 8:49:51 PM Report

Actually my friends one living in Waterloo and one in Kingston had their local PC call to put a sign on their lawn and both said the person on the line could barely be audible let alone have a command of the English language. Typical of those after 5 calls with the Pakistani or whomever trying to sell you something. Is this Hudak's plan? Hire people who barely know how to speak English. He wants to create 1 million jobs. How Timmy are you going to do this?
soowat 5/23/2014 10:23:11 PM Report

steelworker 5/23/2014 6:45:12 PM Report

If I knew where to get a Fremlin sign I would have one on my front lawn.

And if you knew where to get a brain....
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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