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View Room Comments for Monday, May. 12 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Spellchecker 5/12/2014 6:23:33 AM Report

Shakespeare, I'm happy for you and your granddaughter.

Thanks to That Figures for the late evening post and all the others who had nice things to say about the WORDS OF THE WEEK.

Grocery day folks. I'll see you in the Soo.
soowat 5/12/2014 7:30:33 AM Report


Momma and I have a bet going as to which of us will be the first one to get busted by yourself. Whoever loses,is forbidden from making negative comments about our least liked political leader for a week.
bounder 5/12/2014 9:56:12 AM Report

Way to go Kitty Cohen, in case you don't know her she threw the opening pitch at the Blue Jay game, 101 years young.
Pilgrim 5/12/2014 10:25:09 AM Report

HEADLINE - "Canada Post can 'reinvent itself,' says its CEO"

Excerpt 1 - "Chopra said the post office was built on the premise that it would provide uniform delivery to all Canadians and that citizens would support the service by using it, but said Canada Post can no longer count on that support."

Excerpt 2 - "I think what has happened is that Canadians have quietly walked away from their end of the bargain, of this unwritten social contract," he said

Is anyone insulted by this arrogance?

The whole article makes for interesting reading but if it was intended to get sympathy for their plight it certainly didn't work for me.

IMHO they are an example of a business that didn't either see changes coming, couldn't or wouldn't adjust or were so complacent with the attitude "it's worked like this for years.. if it ain't broke don't fix it".. Well Mr. Chopra I think it was broke and you and your predecessors had your head in the sand.

I have had a few issues come up with the Postal Service and I have to say their response was less than satisfactory.

Pilgrim 5/12/2014 10:27:43 AM Report

PS .... Interesting that after 848 comments about the article ... it was closed....
Zing 5/12/2014 11:05:22 AM Report

Thanks for the link Pilgrim.

We already have to use a community mailbox. We have to supply our own lock and shovel around the box or there will be no delivery. The person delivering the mail to the box does not work for Canada post.
I usually go through 2-3 locks per year due to freezing and thawing causing the locks to fail.
I might use 3-4 stamps per year but do travel to the independent post office to pick up parcels (they don't deliver parcels to the community mailbox).

Transportation to and from the postal outlet is very limited.
flyhawk25 5/12/2014 11:18:06 AM Report

I've never been able to understand why Canada Post just didn't cut home delivery to three days a week and leave the home delivery intact.
That is a 40 % cut that should result in savings of some sort.
Zing 5/12/2014 11:39:38 AM Report

Good idea Fly.

Chopra seems to be blaming Canadians for not buying stamps. Remember some time ago the price of sending unsealed envelopes, or post cards, was cheaper?
Everyone I knew started sending electronic Christmas cards.

They seem to be shooting themselves in the foot.
Pilgrim 5/12/2014 11:43:17 AM Report

"He outlined stark differences in the annual costs involved: $60 per address to deliver to a rural post office; $120 per address to deliver to a community mailbox; and $275 per address for door-to-door delivery."

@Flyhawk - exactly !!! using the figures above, as quoted by Mr. Chopra, it certainly would have seemed to be a great place to start.

flyhawk25 5/12/2014 1:02:41 PM Report

I do not need five day delivery. Even two days a week would be enough.
mallet 5/12/2014 1:34:50 PM Report


Yes, I would agree with you except for the fact they would need a champion weight lifter to deliver twice weekly, due to the amount of junk mail we get. Out here we have community boxes and half the time the only thing in them is junk mail (political and life insurance blurbs) and flyers, I get maybe 5 letters a month, mostly bills as I will not go on line for them or pay them on line, still not trusting the internet that much... I do however send E Cards for birthdays and anniversaries etc, and can converse with friends on line etc rather than write letters which will take 5 days minimum to the U K to be read, digested and reply maybe a week later and then another 5 days to get back here, which if you were not on the phone someone could be dead and buried before you knew they were sick and died...

flyhawk25 5/12/2014 2:31:54 PM Report

The tension between free enterprise and its need to show a profit to shareholders and the unions reacting to threats of job loss with gold-plated contracts for little production will lead to an eventual collapse of the system.
Right now we are treading water on the backs of taxpayers who continue to want more for less.
Wicket 5/12/2014 2:47:20 PM Report

Hilarious - 2:47 p.m. - less than 15 posts!
Wicket 5/12/2014 2:51:17 PM Report

Just like sitting around the campfire, after a couple of hours the conversation dies down; along comes the troublemaker, sits down, gets everyone riled up, laughing, joking, a few jabs here and there, couple of disagreements, a bit of name calling and lo and behold another couple of hours go by and the troublemaker gets called a couple of names, everyone laughs - yup, that's him/her. Oh well.
Zing 5/12/2014 2:52:29 PM Report

Someone must have decided to stop with the insults and name calling. Maybe it was sent out in the mail?
flyhawk25 5/12/2014 2:56:27 PM Report

Some have surfaced in Blue Room Remediation on the news sites.
Wicket 5/12/2014 3:13:14 PM Report

Problem in writing words is there is no tone, no gestures, no eye contact, no determining if something is said "tongue in cheek", so unless the writer clarifies at the end what the intent was, everyone puts their own spin on the intent and that is where the problem lies. Even name-calling (which I deplore) can be said in jest and the recipient can laugh, but not with the written word and certainly, not in here.
66cherokee 5/12/2014 4:03:23 PM Report

This is not a response to anything said today. Just something nice. On Saturday, May 10th, the VOLUNTEER Firemen in the little town of Bruce Mines recognized a man, Bud Black, that has given of himself for 50 years, yes 50 years as a volunteer fireman. He just recently resigned and his fellow brothers wanted to thank him and most of all recognize, and of course his wife Margaret, all that they have done over the years. Also recognized was Jim Strum for his 38 years as a volunteer firemen. He is still a member. They get called out at all times of the day. They are community minded people, and all of the firemen were acknowledged for their dedication.
mallet 5/12/2014 4:30:41 PM Report


I applaud all volunteers, no matter how little is appreciated, they do their job willingly. I have used the GRFR twice, once when sick and then the fire dept, both times they responded in double quick time, and I thank them for it. Today it is getting more difficult to get volunteers for these services, time, age and distance is cutting into their ranks. Let us all hope that the younger generation finds it in themselves to join those already there...
mallet 5/12/2014 4:42:01 PM Report


Nothing much to comment on, the politics is the same old, same old stories, smoke and mirrors and promises gallor, but no mention on how they are going to be kept.

One piece of news the appeal of the evidence in the Hallam murder trial. The news mentions two dates 2009 and 2011. This is the trouble with the Justice system today, how can any witness be sure of what happened 3 years ago, 5 years ago. This is scadalous as far as justice is concerned both for the family, and the defendents, I can see this being dismissed under the "speedy trail" section of the Charter of Rights, in the not too distant future. Our court system needs a chronic overhaul, and soon...
Wicket 5/12/2014 5:23:29 PM Report

Mallet, you are right about the trial situation, I was going to post about the lengthy time and was wondering if it takes this long in other cities to process. I know it took many months of investigations including the dump in Michigan, but once that was concluded, why has it taken to so long to present the evidence and get on with everything.
mallet 5/12/2014 5:56:00 PM Report


I dislike defence lawyers, they come up with some doozies as to why their client is not guilty of a crime, be it the NCR one to various adictions, not once have I every heard one say they have no excuse for their clients actions. I know it is their job to get the least sentence for their clients, but as most are on legal aid, they (lawyers) are just sponging off the taxpayer in as big a way as they can find. The longer they can linger it out the more they can charge, otherwise there would be a lot of poor lawyers in this town...
Snobank 5/12/2014 6:10:32 PM Report

Mallet and Wicket both raise valid points about the length of time to get to trial and the validity of witness testimony after a long long wait.

A lot of studies have shown how our memories of events can change over time. Without meaning too we can add, alter or even omit events in our memories without realizing it. We tend to take our memories and add narrative to them. It's as if our minds demand that everything tell a story instead of being a series of sometimes random events.

I think the longer the time between an incident and the trial that follows, the less likely the witnesses are accurate and the less likely the real story, whatever it is, is to come out. The guilty may walk and the innocent may be punished.

I hadn't thought of it when I started writing this, but, I guess the imperfection of memory is a good argument against the death penalty.
statusquo 5/12/2014 6:47:33 PM Report

mallet 5/12/2014 5:56:00 PM Report


I dislike defence lawyers,"

Easy now mallet..

I get why one might dislike defense lawyers,however, that dislike will vanish when you need one, especially when wrongfully charged.

Don't forget that when the State or the Crown as it were comes after you, for whatever reason, you will need a very, VERY good defense attorney to make sure your rights are not trampled over.

Our system is by no means perfect but you don't need to look too far back in history (Nazi Germany) or even into other jurisdictions (Sharia) to realize that what we have here is preferable.

I am sure Guy Paul Morin, David Milgaard, William Mullins-Johnson and Steven Truscott, to name just a handful of the wrongfully convicted wish that they'd had better defense lawyers.

And those are only the ones we have heard about. How many more innocent people are lingering behind bars or even worse, how many were executed in the U.S?

statusquo 5/12/2014 6:57:53 PM Report


I posted this before and I think it's worth re-posting.

A quote delivered by Paul Scofield in a play by Robert Bolt about the persecution of Sir Thomas More during Henry VIII reign ....

" And when the last law was down, and the Devil himself turned round on you — where would you hide?... the laws all being flat?
This country is planted thick with laws from coast to coast — man’s laws, not God’s laws — and if you cut them down — and you’re just the man to do it — do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?
I would give the Devil the benefit of the law..... for my own safety’s sake!"
lookaround 5/12/2014 7:07:52 PM Report

Wow buddy I hope the moderator knocks you clean to Pakistan on a flying carpet with fleas.
statusquo 5/12/2014 7:08:08 PM Report

Great stuff rider....I am impressed....
I won't report assured ! As I want you to come back one day, when you're grown up and have kids, to re read what you just wrote.
statusquo 5/12/2014 7:11:06 PM Report


The very sad part of this is, he is probably an adult .
But his post should remain as it is, so when he sobers up he has a chance to re read it and reflect.
lookaround 5/12/2014 7:12:26 PM Report

please Status this child will raise a pack of wolves rather than humans. Don't let him breed.
statusquo 5/12/2014 7:20:16 PM Report

I am afraid he already has....I've seen worse. He is just your garden variety idiot . In a twisted sense it's actually quite hilarious.
I couldn't help but laugh out loud thinking about him posting that, while his wife just walked in the door loaded with pork rinds from Walmart.
statusquo 5/12/2014 7:21:49 PM Report

and lookaraound,

I resent your remark about wolves.....wolves are highly intelligent.
irishfey 5/12/2014 7:24:58 PM Report

Lookaround, please don't insult the Wolf Family.. Gee , where did this one come from? The " aka" is different , but the words ring a bell to anothers.... The Moniter will take it off, reported or not! I don't think the Hallam case should have even made it to trial!!.. I still have nightmares if i think about it!.......
mallet 5/12/2014 7:26:09 PM Report

status Quo..

I did not say do away with defence lawyers, I just dislike them...

Do not get me wrong, I am not that religious, but I try to live by a few of the commandments I do not kill (well not anymore) I do not steal, and I bend few of mans other laws, like speed limits and such. So I really do not have much to fear from the governments prosecuters. I certainly do not covet my neighbours wife or his posessions, I might covet one down the road, but she's single. But you know Sharia law is not all bad, it is fast, especially drinking laws, and drunk drivers, in some countries, never drive drunk again.. Of course using a priest as defence and prosecutor, may not be to your liking there Stats, gives a new meaning to a religious movement doesn't it!!!
statusquo 5/12/2014 7:28:26 PM Report

"I don't think the Hallam case should have even made it to trial!!"

Really now? Interesting take . Expand and illuminate if you may.
Claudius 5/12/2014 7:29:59 PM Report

Rider_ posted a similar scatty rhyme late last night; then he followed it up with a quote from Othello. He may be leaving little clues. Is there method to his madness? <GRIN>
statusquo 5/12/2014 7:35:12 PM Report


"So I really do not have much to fear from the governments prosecuters."

Neither did Sir Thomas More . He did not fare so well .
As far as coveting your neighbour's wife...that is a "thought crime", if you will. That would be "God's" jurisdiction or Kim Jong-un's, if you happen to live in North Korea.
lookaround 5/12/2014 7:39:21 PM Report

Okay me bad Hyenas I retract hyena not wolves.
mallet 5/12/2014 8:22:54 PM Report

Status Quo..

Ah well, old tommy more, mmm that's a thorny subject, today that would be like being a Muslim and converting to a Baptist and saying that the Ayotolah could only have one wife..I feel pretty sure you would get charged with treason if you were in Iran or Pakistan or some place like that. Unfortunately we cannot pick and choose the laws we like and dislike, we are suppose to obey them all. I suppose if we just had the Ten Commandments it would be so easy, but the law has lawyers and they have to have "make work projects" which is why we have parliaments which are stacked with lawyers.. Oh for the simple life!!!
Claudius 5/12/2014 8:24:14 PM Report

O.K. Just routinely bonkers, I guess.
BIG BROTHER 5/12/2014 8:34:25 PM Report

'One flew East,
And one flew West...'
lookaround 5/12/2014 8:35:33 PM Report

Anyone hear the spring peepers this year?
rockbanger 5/12/2014 8:41:38 PM Report

Canada Post

Heard on CBC radio the 'Canada Post' has 26 Vice Presidents with the lowest wage package at $650,000 each per year...
Does anyone see an issue here?

statusquo 5/12/2014 8:52:05 PM Report


Or it could just be a case of delayed "anal stage" .

During this period, 2 to 4 years of age, Sigmund Freud believed that the primary focus of the sex drive was on controlling bladder and bowel movements. The problem arises when the child (rider in our case) struggles to master his bodily needs.

Success or failure is hinging upon the approval of his parents, caregivers and/or fellow View Roomies. We can encourage positive outcomes if we praise him in his attempts to control his verbal diarrhea. Parents who utilize positive feedback and rewards for using the toilet at the appropriate time encourage desired outcomes and help children feel capable, productive and loved.

Step by step rider will improve and maybe greet us every morning with a "Quack" or an "Oink".....folks who have been here for awhile know what I am alluding to.

(smiley face)
Claudius 5/12/2014 8:54:06 PM Report

Big Brother

Thanks! Your wit made me smile.
Mr. Poster 5/12/2014 8:56:44 PM Report

Imagine the severance package for those 26 vice they can hardly wait for the post offices to close.
lookaround 5/12/2014 8:58:23 PM Report

Well it happened and with visual satellite proof the West Antarctic Ice shield has collapsed and now as it drifts into warmer currents the ramifications of a rising sea level is inevitable in a more rapid time lapse than predicted. This not a little floating ice berg this is a chunk of a continent. Global warming or not we are heading for big change.
lookaround 5/12/2014 9:00:29 PM Report

rockbanger just like Harris we will vote Harper and his Not-for- Canada cronies out.
Claudius 5/12/2014 9:01:50 PM Report


Hmm...Herr Doktor, I sink you may have sometink there! Ve shall see!
BIG BROTHER 5/12/2014 9:09:44 PM Report

You're welcome Claudius. SQ is the master though.

Whether or not it is man made or whether or not man contributes, it is happening. And the world had best begin preparing for some drastic changes; our coastlines, unpredictable weather patterns and ferocity of storms.

BIG BROTHER 5/12/2014 9:11:19 PM Report

Reminds me of Cheech and Chong's story...bottom line, 'good thing we didn't step in it'!

Freud had plenty to say about anal retentiveness, among other things.
lookaround 5/12/2014 9:14:47 PM Report

Thank you Moderator
statusquo 5/12/2014 9:19:57 PM Report

did you know that in Germany, Austria or Switzerland the wife of a medical Doctor, whether she has a degree or not is referred to as "Frau Doktor" ? not that I am a "Frau"
nor that this tidbit has any relevance to the case study of "rider". I just thought to bring it up since you correctly used the "k" in doctor.

I find "the rider case" quite fascinating.
My psychological profile of him, as he most certainly is male, between 30 and 40 years old, sexually ambivalent and/or frustrated. More than likely brought up in a very religious or very strict household, with an overbearing mother and an indifferent father.
This, for him is an outlet as it is for all of us, including myself, still lamenting having given up a promising modelling career in the hair fashion business.

Claudius 5/12/2014 9:27:02 PM Report

Carl Jung, move over. You have been replaced!
statusquo 5/12/2014 9:31:59 PM Report

Jung was into dreams and God and such.Not my cup of tea. I prefer folks with a death fixation, Freud and Kierkegaard and to some extent Woody Allen.
Claudius 5/12/2014 9:39:43 PM Report

Just in- criminal charges laid in Lac Megantic train disaster. Engineer, two other employees and company charged.

statusquo 5/12/2014 9:47:58 PM Report


That is a bit rich and "scapegoatish" to charge the "minions" rather then charge the "system" in allowing the transport of highly flammable goods to be railroaded through populated areas.
From what I heard it wasn't heavy oil in these cars but highly flammable i.e explosive stuff that should never have been allowed to be transported in that manner.
This to me is a classic example of diversion and obfuscation of complete incompetence and carelessness way, way farther up the food chain.
Claudius 5/12/2014 9:50:55 PM Report

Yeah. Maybe. I didn't look at it that way at first glance. Your point is well taken.
statusquo 5/12/2014 10:07:07 PM Report

Having said that...I wouldn't want to live along Wellington Street, parallel to the tracks. The noise from the trains would be the least of my worries to get a good night's sleep.
I wonder what "rider's" take on this subject might be....then again...maybe not.
joewho999 5/12/2014 10:35:24 PM Report

Snowbank I hear they are bringing in lawyers from Toronto, talk about delaying the case against this butcher.
mvnnth 5/13/2014 12:45:26 PM Report

IMO they are starting this prosecution at the proper level in your "food chain". The operator/engineer did not follow the proscribed procedures to ensure that the train was safe and secure and unable to roll down the hill it was parked on. You will probably see that the engineer will cite time constraints on his ability to set the manual brakes and those constraints will be laid at the feet of those you would have liked to see charged now. Management will have to answer as to why enough time wasn't built into the schedule to allow the engineer to properly do his job to secure the train. I think it wasn't so much "carelessness" as it was greed.
mvnnth 5/13/2014 9:10:59 PM Report

Sorry, the word used should be "prescribed".
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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