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View Room Comments for Saturday, May. 10 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
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rockbanger 5/10/2014 6:42:38 AM Report


Now the smelts 'R' running...

Go get em......Folks.
bounder 5/10/2014 7:15:18 AM Report

Rock would that be up North, Harmony, Chipeawa river and area?
rockbanger 5/10/2014 7:44:45 AM Report

Hello Bounder

Smelts are definitely running east around Thessalon and St. Joe's..On the main page of there is an article about it.

Smelts will be running around the Goulais, Batchawana etc. soon..... if not tonight...

I know smelts are not a great topic for a blog forum..however they are a delicacy and an example of what living in this GREAT AREA of the world has to offer.

Now get out there and enjoy the great North.

cheers to all
bounder 5/10/2014 8:21:57 AM Report

Thanks and that's a great post anytime anywhere.
theprotector 5/10/2014 8:33:48 AM Report

maybe I will head out tonight. Nothing like a good feed...then a few feeds in winter
old-cat33 5/10/2014 9:47:14 AM Report

rockbanger: What is that seismic thing that happened to those poor miners and could it have been prevented?
djjazz09 5/10/2014 10:09:54 AM Report

So I just have a couple of issues today that really make think that a change of government is seriously needed in this country.
Yesterday's Day of Honor should have been called a Day of Shame for the way that our veterans have been treated. From closing veterans affairs offices to not acknowledging that veterans are in dire help to deal with PTSD and giving them that help in a timely manner is a black mark on Harper.
I did not feel very proud watching this candy coated event, but an overwhelming sense of sadness was felt instead. Our veterans are hurting and taking their own lives, but the government is only putting a band aid on the situation.
My father was a veteran of WW2 and he would be rolling over in his grave about the way our soldiers are being treated.

The other thing that bothers me is the world response to the 300 children kidnapped in Nigeria. While this is a horrible event for these people, why doesn't the world get upset when over a thousand native women in Canada are missing or have been killed. Where is the outrage over this story. Why is the Harper government not responding to this story. Is it because they are native and not white. What if they were all white women, would the response be different?
The RCMP wanted to hold a public inquiry to find out why this is happening, but the government says that it will not. Another example about how native peoples are being treated as second class citizens in this country.

The time for Harper to go has come and it is time that we stand up and be heard and elect a government that will listen to the needs and wants of its citizens.
mallet 5/10/2014 10:18:48 AM Report

Old Cat 33..

Siesmic activity cannot be anticipated or controlled. In mines you get two types of events "Air Bursts" and "Rock Bursts", there is some disputes as to which is which but basically air burst is when you get a fall of rock and rockburst is when the rocks burst under extreme pressure.. Since they went to VRM system of mining, these events are quite frequent but normally do not cause fatalities.. Vrm is Vertical Retreat Mining, and leaves large caverns which are then filled with a mix of tailings and cement, which however is less dense than the rock removed and after a time the ground settles and you get a siesmic event, which can cause a rock burst.. You may ask how I know, I worked for Inco at their Creighton mine on the 7000 and 7200 levels for ten years, and experienced a few jolts...
mallet 5/10/2014 10:33:57 AM Report

To .. Et Al..

There is a piece in the national news about complaints regarding the Census. It appears certain "stake holders" are not happy about it being not mandatory anymore. I always thought the census was about how many people were in the country and where they lived, so governments could put resources where they were needed. Now it appears that anyone with an agenda can use these reports. I would really be interested to know exactly who has this information and who are these "stake holders" and what is the cost to them for that information....
BIG BROTHER 5/10/2014 10:53:24 AM Report

It is no secret as to just what the census info is used for. Other than guiding politicians, business research studies, demographic studies for policy decisions, etc. Actually, politicians use them as much as any group to determine age and stage of a given population in a given area.

Our city posts the information on their website for all to see and guide decisions on what type of business may be desirable in a town, given a certain population (group) that may require the service.

Ultimately, they are a very important tool for many reasons and people.
BIG BROTHER 5/10/2014 11:07:14 AM Report

Actually, it is one more sore spot with Harper and his lack of vision or foresight. Without a census, decisions and policies are developed without sound basis. It is like playing darts in the dark.

For example, when they built a hospital in SSM, how did they decide the number of beds that would be required, given our population. What services should our hospital provide, versus Toronto or better, Sudbury.
old-cat33 5/10/2014 11:09:36 AM Report

Mallet: Thanks for the info ole chap,I was going to put my name in for working in a mine at Elliot Lake a long while back but changed my mind when more work came up in Algoma Steel.
7058262 5/10/2014 11:54:04 AM Report

Same ol same ol Conservative come out with facts figures and numbers Liberal supporters hit back with slander lies misinformation and wishful thinking. All you Liberals out there, kindly remember we live in a province which is living proof Liberal policies don't work. Not unless one of you can point out the part of the Liberal record that you admire the most. Is it the autistic kids they promised to support then turned their backs on, was it the cuts health care coverage McGuinty promised not to, is it the debt and the deficit which not only hamstrings job creation and must be paid on the backs of workers, is it the lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs or the fact we lead in lost jobs, is it us being on course to under perform for the next two decades,is it the lies the broken promises, the missing billion over E-Health and the liberals refusal to allow an investigation, is it the 5 Liberal seats bought with 1.1 billion of our money, is it the 320 Liberal friendly consultants, is it the cleaner kick back scandal or is it where they were caught funneling millions into Liberal insider pockets or the criminal investigation into the E-Mail cover up or the Orng criminal investigation including millions in missing money and related to 8 deaths. So please I've listed some high lights what makes you so utterly devoted.
mallet 5/10/2014 12:03:55 PM Report

Big Brother...

I understand what you are saying regarding government use and to some extent politicians, but I am still wondering who are the other "Stake Holders" and exactly what information is being shared. With the use of computers today and the inevitable "Hacking" I am wondering just how secure the information on those forms are. The few times information has been lost due to computers being left in vehicles and loss/theft of flash drive devices, one has to wonder just how secure the government (any) would be with all this information. As for how many beds a hospital needs, seeing as how North Bay hospital is closing beds, (for financial reasons) I would suggest the powers that be just toss a coin and say so many beds, heads, so many tails. As for funding for hospitals, I have a not new idea, how about the money follows the patient rather than the patient follow the money, that way the hospital gets paid when the patient attends the hospital rather than the wait times for various procedures. The same as with the income tax, a flat amount for all, the more you earn the more you pay, and that goes for corparations as well as the individual, I know, I know, heresay EH..
BIG BROTHER 5/10/2014 12:40:34 PM Report

You are all over thee map, with your assertions.

Suffice to say, 'stake holders' would be you and I if we were starting a business, providing a service or more generally, doing research on a given population. Otherwise, as I said, it is like playing darts in the dark. The internet doesn't provide the stats, the census does. The internet just records them and makes them public.

As for the Ontario liberals, they are very hard to defend. Having said that, the alternatives are pathetic.

Similarly, Harper wasn't elected for his charisma. He was seen as the best of the sad lot. If the liberals, federally, had put a decent candidate forward (Iggy! Stefan!!) we wouldn't have suffered the years of Harperism that we have had to endure. Thankfully, Trudeau is the new saviour.
Wild Turkey 5/10/2014 12:52:28 PM Report

@705---I usually watch the news from Hamilton,as theCTV news for the north doesn't much say anything about us, unless it's some civic embaressmemt.Last night, they interviewd The Ontario Green Party Leader.Seems like a bright guy with some good ideas.I thought at the time"Why not"?But realistically, they don't have a chance anywhere.
Thanks for reminding me why I should hold my nose and not vote for those clueless Liberals.
rockbanger 5/10/2014 12:55:04 PM Report


We in Ontario experience seismic activity all the time.

At Parry sound we are at the northern border of a geologic sequence called the Grenville province. At this point the Grenville rock rides over top of the Archean shield that we here in the Soo area call home.
The Grenville Province was a collision or sequence of collisions that occurred about 1-Billion years ago (well before the Pangean collisions)... Everything south of Parry Sound to upper New York State and east to the Atlantic are members of the Grenville Province... There are many faults that still are settling in this area and as a result we experience shaking when these fault lines have activity. May happen everyday but being so deep and faint we as measly humans cannot detect it.

It is a complicated scenario. But most of our shaking we get here is due to the Grenville province settling or moving along fault lines.

Do not want to get to much more into this as it is so in depth... If you google 'maps of the Grenville Province' you will see how large the Grenville province is and it is much younger than the rock we live upon.

The unfortunate mining accident in Sudbury recently... I as a geologist have learned to say... I do not know for sure, as I do not have all the data. But yes we have and will continue too have seismic activity from western Quebec... We may not notice it but if you are underground and drilling in roof bolts in a mine... The rocks may feel it and react accordingly.

God bless all those who go underground to earn their living. Mining is a dangerous job even hard rock mining.

Hope I have not rambled too much as we in the North are not immune to seismic activity.

Hope this sheds light about your question.

Good question. Good thinking.

rockbanger 5/10/2014 1:02:37 PM Report


Just wish to highlight that the Sudbury Igneous Structure was formed by a meteor collision dated about 1.7 billion years ago...

This structure will also have many faults do to natural processes and as a previous blogger has mentioned... the technique used to mine will have a huge effect on local seismic activity..

Again it is a complex issue but a great question.

Most northerners who know little of mining do not understand. I am a believer that there should be more geology taught in our schools, starting at a young age.

Geology is a very fascinating subject and I hope you do some digging to come up with 'possibilities' for seismic activity in our area....'

Have a good weekend.
Budster 5/10/2014 1:27:31 PM Report

Thank you rockbanger; I for one do appreciate your expertise on geological formations.
Politically we in Ont. don't have a good situation. There is bad, worse, and worser in federal and prov. gov'ts.
Worser is my made up word for badder...LOL
Wicket 5/10/2014 2:52:31 PM Report

Woo hoo, official statement not yet been released, BUT, Doug Milroy's Sault Star column has let the cat out of the bag!
RYTAC property is NOT for sale any longer.
Sault College will own it, operate it, rebuild it, use it for their outdoor activities programs, Algoma U will use the tennis courts and the PUBLIC will get to use all of it (as yet, to be determined when and how).

Wild Turkey 5/10/2014 3:17:11 PM Report

Wicket---you are so right--No T.V. Station, No local newspaper to speak of, no tour boat, maybe no Norgoma, No railroad, crappy 'plane service etc., etc, Finally some very good news.We should all thank Dr. Chow and others for their persistant efforts to save this historic, and valuable asset!!!!!!
Mr. Poster 5/10/2014 4:18:42 PM Report

One has to the Soo really OPEN FOR BUSINESS ? Sudbury is growing in leaps and bounds...we are slowly becoming the new Elliot Lake retirement home.
Bobby Nerves 5/10/2014 4:31:58 PM Report

Mr. Poster, you may reconsider your opinion. Elliot Lake is a retirement town with a particularity, the retirees living there are from all the high concentration areas and mostly with huge pensions.

I know three families that are living there and they were our tenants in TO, one couple were a teacher and a UT professor, the other couple the gentleman was a bank auditor and the third couple were a coca cola manager and the lady was working in an education related job.

Most retirees there are old fashion way and you'll never be able to guess the bank account due to their feathers.

Eliot Lake, therefore, has an infusion of capital that doesn't occur in the Soo, at least in the way I see it.
mallet 5/10/2014 5:00:48 PM Report

Big brother...

I am not making assertions, there has been numerous times sensitive information has been left, hacked, or stolen, remember the minister who left stuff at his girlfriends place? As for setting up a business I think I would look round locally to see if there chances for that business to succeed.. What I was really getting at, is when you fill out the "long Form", there are a lot of questions that the government does not really need to know. The number of rooms in my house, bathrooms, income, religion, ethnic back ground, education, how one spends their spare time, and a lot of other questions that has no relationship to how many people are in the country. You may ask why I do not agree with all these questions, but would you like to have all those answers about yourself floating round for anyone to peruse.. Everyone is on about privacy for the individual, but do you not think that this is a vast invasion of that privacy. MPAC knows how many rooms my house has, Revenue Canada knows what my income is, CPP knows how old I am, why is any other information needed... and for whom...

As for hospitals, as I said, if they are closing beds, then why did they build so many in the first place, someone obviously did not do their homework.

As for our local hospital, built under the "P3" system, I would ask if they will be in the same condition as the old hospitals after 50 years..They are still standing, will the new one still be?? and it will have cost nearly half a billion dollars by the time the mortgage is paid..

lookaround 5/10/2014 5:15:24 PM Report

Bobby not so. There is currently an influx of low income families either on some form of social assistance moving in because of the low rent. Many seniors choose to live in Elliot Lake because of the low cost of housing but when you factor in the lack of a fully integrated health system and that they no longer have a mall the sustaining factor is cost. But then again you have 300,000.00 cottages going up and for some healthy seniors a perfect place to live in the summer and venture down south in the winter. With all the natural surroundings with hiking trails, an abundance of fresh water, an 18 hole golf course and the picturesque North Channel close by it is a draw for those who can afford to live there.
theprotector 5/10/2014 5:53:38 PM Report

well I hope they tear down the old builidng since there is no saving it!
mvnnth 5/10/2014 6:10:31 PM Report

"I am not making assertions....

What I was really getting at, is when you fill out the "long Form", there are a lot of questions that the government does not really need to know."

What is this if it is not an "assertion"?

You gotta love it. LOL
Bobby Nerves 5/10/2014 7:18:10 PM Report

Yes, seen it from that side you are right, la.

I don't know the kind of property those people are in, (the couples I referred to) but it could be as you say, they may be snowbirds. One of them was, the other two couples I don't really know.

Wicket 5/10/2014 7:22:20 PM Report

Alright, this is NOT a woohoo! Apparently the boardwalk from the foot of Church St east to the east boundary of the former Plummer Hospital is now closed. If it is because of the construction, then it is the responsibility of the owner to put up fencing and not interfere with the enjoyment of the river from that vantage point. Many people go there, either walking or biking (and until this winter, in their cars) to sit and enjoy the solitude. Many even paid the parking lot fee to park there and many more went there to watch the July 1st and 4th fireworks.

Someone (within the city hierarchy, I would think) has made a very bad decision that is impacting on the citizens.
Bobby Nerves 5/10/2014 8:22:02 PM Report

Sorry, but... what decision is bad?

Snobank 5/10/2014 8:27:36 PM Report

If there's a bar where everyone knows your name, you're probably an alcoholic.
Wicket 5/10/2014 9:22:00 PM Report

bobby nerves - the decision to close the boardwalk
SandyM 5/10/2014 9:33:28 PM Report

Protector... tear down what old building?
Bobby Nerves 5/10/2014 9:57:39 PM Report


I couldn't believe that people was sitting there waiting for the July 1rst. and 4th. firecrackers.

I'm glad you told me... I was ready to go there with the trailer and the sausage buns.
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