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NetSocial Forum for Friday, May. 9 2014

Friday, May 09, 2014   by: NetSocial TodayWelcome to the NetSocial Forum - a virtual bulletin board where multiple topics are up for discussion, and questions for others in our community can be posted daily.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
epc 5/9/2014 7:40:43 AM Report

Good Morning Roomies

I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying our spring weather.

Have a great day!
celeste5 5/9/2014 7:53:20 AM Report

Good morning everyone.

Epc, I`m enjoying the spring weather,
But, could do without the rain,
I know we need it, but not day after day.
Just Curious 5/9/2014 9:17:56 AM Report

Just beat the rain on the mutts first walk this AM. Got the big job done so he's good 'till noon anyway. Can't do our regular walks in this weather so we play in the house more..:).
irishfey 5/9/2014 10:48:11 AM Report

Good Morning Friends... MALLET .. I left you a message late last night.... MRS. SPELLY.. So, do you still have a greenhouse?lol... I felt bad about your clothesline, all that work to do over again. We must be of the same mind ( poor soul,lol) I love doing laundry as well and nothing smells better that clothes dried off the line. I had the same thing happen years ago, the line broke,, it was just old... and it was a "long" line. It was in the Spring also and the ground was all wet and muddy. Wouldn't have been so bad but we had three dogs then and they thought the clothes, sheets,, were new toys to play with ,What a mess! Wouldn't it be easier for you just to paint your house green?= " greenhouse!" ,lol.. I hope nothing blew away on you last night.. all we got here was a bit of thunder and some rain... I LOVE storms and was a bit disappointed, Hubby say's i'm a sick Woman ,lol... Good luck with your new line, might be a bit costly but worth it..... We should all have one day in here to vent our " stuff" ( bit** session ,lol )....
irishfey 5/9/2014 10:53:26 AM Report

Oops,, best not have that " vent" session, the Husbands might want to get in on it ,lol..
irishfey 5/9/2014 11:02:02 AM Report

Morning PRO... Yes you are doing great in the B.R.. wish some of the others would take your lead! Can't keep reporting all the stuff, Sootoday might kick us off for being a pest ,lol.. They will have to just do it themselves.... JUST CURIOUS.... Mornings are meant for the 'big one" ,lol.. I send Hubby downstairs for his :).... Getting more work done today. Have a great day folks....
Redmop 5/9/2014 11:11:28 AM Report

Can anyone tell me were you go on to gripe and complain ??? Need to vent an issue I have had for months ???? Tks
mallet 5/9/2014 11:21:57 AM Report

Morning Folks...

An english beer morning... you know... wet and warm...

Well it is wet, it is warm, and the ice has left the bay.. at long last... in the 35 years we have had the property this is the latest we can recall the ice being on the bay, just a few ice floes floating about now...

Usual jobs today, go collect the mail and paper, which i guess will not happen in a few weeks if they do what they say and print it Barrie, send it to London to have the flyers inserted and then deliver it back here, yesterdays news today, I guess.

Well TGIF, you all have a great weekend...
mallet 5/9/2014 11:33:12 AM Report


Just read your post of last night. No, I don't think you were babbling, when I was doing a lot of travelling, I used to put like 50/60 thousand Kms per year on a vehicle at one time, my wife had the same instructions. I know they can do marvelous things today, but here the argument comes in quantity versus quality, and having been there and seen certain aspects of life, I opt for quality. Our maker may have plans for us but I have the power of when I meet him...
celeste5 5/9/2014 11:39:53 AM Report



When I have issues,
I write them down on paper,
Maybe, that will help you.

irishfey 5/9/2014 12:47:50 PM Report

Mallet , I do agree with the" quantity verses quality" That's the reasoning my Son takes and i would accept his wishes. We can agree to disagree on this subject and i like that. If it was a matter of " pulling a plug",, that would be ok, but i'm a coward ,lol and wouldn't have the nerve to do it any other way, and of course my belief would not let me... Lets just hope that when our time comes, we just die in our sleep ,lol That would be ok with me :)... Take it easy today.... later...
irishfey 5/9/2014 1:00:04 PM Report

REDMOP, Welcome.. We do gripe and complain in here but most in fun, but do discuss other issues also. It would depend of course on what your issues are. This is a Social Site but maby you could put out just a little of what's bothering you and the folks in here might want to respond and help, as i said, it depends what the issues are. If it"s too much for in here , the Blue Room is always available, but.. "Beware" lol you might not get the answers you want, but maby you might ,lol..... CELESTE, yes, writing things down helps, but sometimes a folk needs to talk it out too. Let's give Redmop a chance, we don't know what his/ her issues are yet.....
celeste5 5/9/2014 1:01:40 PM Report

Tribute To Grandma

Grandma is such a wonderful name,
I love to hear it again and again.
My grandma meant so much to me,
Now all I have is a memory-
Of her beautiful smile, her serene face,
The way she did everything with grace.
She loved us all with a feeling so strong,
And made us feel we could never do wrong.
I miss her so much, but she`ll always be near,
In the memories she made with me year after year.
And I know that she`s happy with God up above,
But I can still feel her presence and undying love!

Debra Hollis
celeste5 5/9/2014 1:10:45 PM Report


Vent away, like Irishfey said, maybe talking it out will help,
And other opinions might give you a different view.
irishfey 5/9/2014 1:19:20 PM Report

Thanks Celeste,, We need to make others feel welcome in here... Beautiful poem btw. Loved it!
irishfey 5/9/2014 1:32:05 PM Report

I have an issue i want to vent on!!! How in the heck does one end up with soooo much "junk"? ,lol.. You know the kind.." drip, drop, drape,, don't want to throw it out , i might need it later".. stuff. Gee, feeling kinda overwhelmned here..... Just close my eyes and throw out????... later....
mallet 5/9/2014 5:12:17 PM Report


One persons junk is another persons treasure...

Have you never watched "Antiques Roadshow" both the American and English versions or the Canadian or American "Pickers"?? How about all the tools you pick up around the house for a Garage sale??? that'll please hubby.. Opps better not put ideas into your head.... There was one programme in the states where this lady picked up a side table for $20 bucks and sold it at auction for nearly half a million, after having it appraised on the show...
bounder 5/9/2014 6:59:56 PM Report

What's that big yellow shiny thing up in the sky?
Haven't seen that lately. Enjoy.
Pilgrim 5/9/2014 7:19:21 PM Report

Actually, there was a time when this forum was used, by many, to bring up concerns, issues or vent and ask for assistance, ideas, or suggestions.

The responses were always done is honest, compassionate and enlightened ways.

I know I was the recipient of some very needed "ears and shoulders" a few years ago when my wife died quite suddenly.

What amazed me the most however was how diverse this group was and the breadth of knowledge. They not only helped me through the grief but also the "legal minefield and administrative/business" that death brings.

Just saying ....

Be safe all.
mallet 5/9/2014 7:40:59 PM Report


I don't know... It is not on the forecasters sheet for this area... they said rain and possible thunder showers... Guess Sudbury is over the horizon so they can't see what's happening this far away...
mallet 5/9/2014 7:41:33 PM Report


I don't know... It is not on the forecasters sheet for this area... they said rain and possible thunder showers... Guess Sudbury is over the horizon so they can't see what's happening this far away...
mallet 5/9/2014 7:42:46 PM Report

Sorry folks about the double post.. had a window come up saying thay the website did not allow this content to be posted... strange...
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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