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View Room Comments for Monday, May. 5 2014

Monday, May 05, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
theprotector 5/5/2014 7:54:32 AM Report

ah yes lets restart this day with a GOOD MORNING everyone!!
Just Curious 5/5/2014 7:58:08 AM Report

'Mornin' Pro..:).
bounder 5/5/2014 8:10:02 AM Report

Morning and let's have some nice weather for a change.
Pink Peony 5/5/2014 8:16:56 AM Report

Good morning :) A little chilly this morning. I filled the bird feeders and my finger tips got so cold, they hurt. Hope you all have a great day!
Snobank 5/5/2014 8:22:42 AM Report

Is it safe to come out and play? <Big grin> Oops, accidental snipe. Now that I've used that one I'm going to have to hunt for another snipe. Anybody here ever go on a snipe hunt? I did once at Camp Wanda.

I read yesterday's archives early this morning. I got so involved that I forgot they were archives and added a comment. Talk about a futile thing to do.

I've read several times that it is wrong to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of three evils. I disagree. If your sincerely believe that all three political parties have major defects in their platforms or leaders that is not a reason to sit on your hands and not vote. If we believe in democracy or more properly representative democracy we must vote. I do have a little sympathy for those who destroy their ballot by writing "none of the above" on that ballot. It's a weak message; unless employed by a significant number of voters, but it is far more responsible than not voting and then complaining afterwards. For that position I have no respect at all.
Snobank 5/5/2014 8:27:00 AM Report

I should never write more than one sentence comments on the phone. I can't see the typos very well and auto correct makes some interesting changes. I have never been to Camp Wanda although it does sound like fun.
theprotector 5/5/2014 8:30:04 AM Report

hmm I remember wanda at camp!
Mr. Poster 5/5/2014 8:32:16 AM Report

HEY !!! I married wanda.
Snobank 5/5/2014 8:35:05 AM Report

Oh, that Wanda. We all know her.
theprotector 5/5/2014 8:38:02 AM Report

tell her I said Hey!
theprotector 5/5/2014 8:40:45 AM Report

Do you think PM harper's negative comment about ontario pension was intentional as far as timing was concerned or just a polictical blunder?
BIG BROTHER 5/5/2014 8:41:32 AM Report

What was the comment?
Mr. Poster 5/5/2014 8:46:48 AM Report

latest poll

Conservatives 38 %

Liberals 33%

NDP 22 %
theprotector 5/5/2014 8:52:28 AM Report

I think it was a negative post about foreign workers. Not sure fly was here then he was gone!

theprotector 5/5/2014 8:52:59 AM Report

oh about the polictics...oops
theprotector 5/5/2014 8:54:40 AM Report

I beleive right after the provincial election was called PM Harper made a comment about Ontario pension being a waste of time and money or and ...well stupid to sum it up. It was the timing of the comment...possible political interference.
bounder 5/5/2014 9:04:46 AM Report

Harper is prone to tantrums and possible foot stamping when he's not getting his way, one sign was not answering the phone call from the top court in Canada. Just angry his pick was rejected, talk about a grudge.
flyhawk25 5/5/2014 9:16:24 AM Report

It was not intended to be 'a negative comment about foreign workers' at all.
My intent was to poke fun at Harper's use of foreign workers at below minimum wage.
In the process I used a common two syllable word for illegal immigrants who swim into the US.
Strange that we can use other words like 'bullshit' and not have it removed.But if we use another word deemed improper by the folks running the site it is deleted.
I feared for a moment that I would be sent to join Grump in the Time Out Corner.
But I cannot control the sensitivities of the moderators so I'll find another way.
Now that I know the rules I'll play nice - pinky swear.
ROLAND_ROLLY 5/5/2014 9:17:44 AM Report

all of this civility makes me want to puke.

Just a matter of time before old habits surface.
Snobank 5/5/2014 9:26:55 AM Report

When a control freak senses his control ebbing away he tends to lash out.

Does anybody know what the Ontario pension plan would involve? Would it go to present retirees or is it a new form of contribution for people who hope to retire some day? As much as I'd like a raise I think it would be unfair to give it to those already retired. We have made no contribution to the plan and it would just increase the paycheck deductions for those presently working. We obviously need more details.
Snobank 5/5/2014 9:33:13 AM Report

"Control freak" was a reference to Harper, not fly, lol.

I was surprised by fly's word also. It shows everyone can have a brain fart now and then. ... Hope I didn't offend any brains or any farts. Sort yourselves out.
bounder 5/5/2014 9:40:24 AM Report

I was'nt going to bring up a posters ID but seeing it was , read a bunch of archives from last night.
Booby N has been staunchly defending his friend , admirably I would say, but when it comes to seeing the truth I don't believe his priorities are in line with the facts.
He's accused posters of attacking his friend, and his friend with a Jeckyll/Hyde persona responds to such attacks on his well being, unable to scroll.
But I must say the first volley was fired 90% of the time as the first post of the morning.
So having said that certain posters responded in kind and it escalated to this,voila there is the result, no more insulting post, name calling and degrading anyone because of political ties or belief. Y'all have a nice day.
bounder 5/5/2014 9:43:30 AM Report

That would be another purse for them to draw money on just like UIC, and we all still don't know where the cash went.
flyhawk25 5/5/2014 9:46:23 AM Report

I have met Bobby, Grump and Shakespeare and like them all.
Anonymity is nice but when you meet a person you find out that their on-line personna is often misleading.
Pink Peony 5/5/2014 10:14:36 AM Report

I haven't met Shakespeare. I have always enjoyed reading his posts. I certainly hope he starts posting more frequently again.
Snobank 5/5/2014 10:17:45 AM Report

I bet that even fly's so called snipers would turn out to be reasonably decent people if we all posted under our real identities. Being annonomous seems to reduce some posters' civility. I would be perfectly happy to post under my real name. In fact it might be kind of fun. I know some of the other posters on here but they've never seemed to have twigged to my real identity.

Anybody else feel like petitioning Soonews to have us post under our real names?
Just Curious 5/5/2014 10:42:48 AM Report

Funny you bring that up, snowbank. I was thinking that very thing last night. It would sure increase the civility on here. I, personally would have nothing to lose, at my age most things are already gone...:).
theprotector 5/5/2014 11:11:22 AM Report

fly I think it was the insensitivity of using racial slangs in a negative manner, whether or not for humour.
irishfey 5/5/2014 11:11:29 AM Report

Good Mornin folks.... GOOD MORNING PRO! :) After reading the posts from last night, a certain post gave me some insite as to why a cetain poster seems upset at times ( most).. re post from 10.33. It seems that he thinks that some of us from in here arn't doing enough to help some Foreign people to get their education and all we do is sit here from 7 to 11 on our keyboards. Well, i think we all have an outside life other than being in here and we don't know what the others do, so it's not right to judge us in that area..... Can you see " me" being a Tutor?? ,lol.. that is not in my makeup as you can all see, but i will tell this poster, that on many occasion, when i couldn't find a job, i did a lot of babysitting. I babysat for some of the " Citys' Finest ( policemen) and on lots of occasions i also babysat for some " Foreign" friends.. free of charge.. so that they could go to school to further their education. I also did lots of voluntier ( sp ?) work at the Hospital, feeding those that could not feed themselves. And lets not forget what Jimssm and his Wife do in other countries!!... So i really hope this helps this poster to understand that we all do what we can for others that is within our limits! We just don't go around boasting about it! I think we deserve an apology from this Man, but am not going to hold my breath on that one...... SOOWAT.. No, i don't want my name known as i don't like the idea of " some " of these posters knowing who i am and come knocking on my door, thank you!... You all have a great day now....
irishfey 5/5/2014 11:17:13 AM Report

Sorry.. it wasn't to be Soowat,, but Snowbank....
theprotector 5/5/2014 11:17:50 AM Report

any issue with me knocking on your door ;-) ???
irishfey 5/5/2014 11:18:55 AM Report

lol... Snobank... you too bounder.. Snobank!! ,lol
irishfey 5/5/2014 11:21:29 AM Report

Pro... as the kids say... BAHAHAHAHAHA... :)
mallet 5/5/2014 11:24:13 AM Report


Another layer of pension would not be for everyone... In the UK many years ago the government brought in what they called the "Government Graduated Pension" scheme, I paid into it for about 8 years before we emmigrated here, 40 odd years ago. When I applied for my British OAP it made a difference of 2 pounds 31 pence on the pension I eventually recieved, which at todays exchange rate is about $5 a month. Anytime a government gets involved with pensions for the general population you are going to be, I'll put this politely, taken advantage of. Ms Wynne can call it what she likes but it is just another scheme to take money out of the pocket of the lower paid worker, yep, she got the minimum wage raised and now she wants to take a large portion of it back, and use those funds as low interest loans to towns and cities for infrastucture improvements. I know the old saying money was made round to go round, but somewhere the roundabout has to stop, and when it does, ohh that smarts.
Snobank 5/5/2014 11:28:05 AM Report

Could I ask again for us all to drop the letter ending phrase, "You all have a great day now." I know that some of you mean it quite sincerely but it is the frequent ending to many postings on this and other sites when the poster has written what they think is a killing rebuttal to some other poster's statement. In that context it is meant to be dismissive and comes off as smug and condescending. It has ruined the phrase for others when they actually mean what it says.

JC, we must be the same age. I don't care who knows my identity as long as others extend me the same courtesy. I post on many other sites under my own name and I have never had anyone come "knocking on my door," because of it. In fact it's helped me to connect with a few old friends and meet up with some new ones.
bounder 5/5/2014 11:42:32 AM Report

JC better than saying you can all take a hike.
irishfey 5/5/2014 11:56:10 AM Report

Snobank.. My post was in no way to be a "" killing rebuttal" or smug and dismissive! It just gave me an insite as to why a poster was angry most of the time and was in his words as to how he felt about others not helping folk from other countries..... My door is open to those i want it opened to, such as folk like J.C and some others, but not all... you do as you wish.... and in all sincerity.. I hope you do have a great day....
irishfey 5/5/2014 12:09:30 PM Report

If my post came off as sounding smug etc. ... i am sorry, was not intended to be...
Jimssm 5/5/2014 12:18:03 PM Report


Don't apologise....

...and have a great
Pink Peony 5/5/2014 12:25:30 PM Report

I prefer to remain anonymous on any site on the net. What I have liked about this local site is that people get together every now and then. It is when I attend those gatherings that I am no longer anonymous and I'm comfortable with that.
Pink Peony 5/5/2014 12:35:23 PM Report

Did you know that we have been paying for the cleaning of liberal cabinet ministers' homes. Learn something new every day!
flyhawk25 5/5/2014 12:42:26 PM Report

Sadly just part of the entitlement that too many politicians think we owe them.
It is bullshit.
theprotector 5/5/2014 12:59:33 PM Report

irish....I am deeply sadden by your not really...but it would be fun!
Snobank 5/5/2014 1:44:51 PM Report

Sigh...I tried. Irishfey I never read your post in a negative way. I was sounding off about the misuse of this phrase by many. If you don't get it, that's fine. Maybe it's just me. I hope you have a magnificent day and I'm not being sarcastic.
EricThe SHERIFF 5/5/2014 2:00:41 PM Report

Pink Peony,

Get a small cheap mirror and fasten it to a stick, high enough so you can see into the nest.

I spelled your name wrong in the other room.

Pink Peony 5/5/2014 2:33:18 PM Report

Hi Eric, I responded to you in the other room.
Just Curious 5/5/2014 3:13:01 PM Report

WOW !!!!!!46 posts and no serious name calling.. Way to go, may get some of the old posters back..

Snobank, I'm 71 going on 18..Mother Nature is making me grow old but I flat refuse to grow up...:).
steelworker 5/5/2014 3:29:00 PM Report

The problem was some of the "old posters".
irishfey 5/5/2014 4:29:01 PM Report

Snobank... ok, but was funny that it was just myself and bounder that ended in a .." have a great day " on todays posts and mine was the last before yours... Whatever....... PRO... maby when you have had a belly full of oatmeal with lots of fruit and sugar ( to make you sweet ) that i may let you come knocking on my door :) :).... No hard feelings i hope.....
irishfey 5/5/2014 4:35:50 PM Report

Steels... Someone said it was better to have only a few respectable posts than a hundred nasty ones... I agree. At least now most folks are treating each other with a bit of respect, and a little humour goes a long way too,, right J.C ??
rider_ 5/5/2014 5:19:03 PM Report

don't waste your time voting
Just Curious 5/5/2014 5:23:19 PM Report

I see they cut the comments on a couple of other stories... Good... Some people are just plain rude when no one knows who they are. And Irish, I love a good joke, whether on me or anyone else, laughter is the best medicine they say. The only time I won't laugh is when I'm having a #1. Damn teeth don't stay in worth a darn anymore....:)..
Hunter101 5/5/2014 7:12:06 PM Report

Please tell me they gave Grump the boot.
Snobank 5/5/2014 7:15:05 PM Report

JC, sounds like you are just a few months ahead of me. That means we were around for all the good music.

Irish, don't sweat it, I made a similar plea yesterday but it got lost in all the angst. I love trying to stop the tide with my bare hands.
irishfey 5/5/2014 7:47:20 PM Report

Snobank.. ok, we're good then.... J.C.. ahh, don"t worry about those teeth, we only need them to smile! :).. Mine stay put but when i talk to a baby, you know , the goo goo ga ga stuff, that's when i lose them ,lol.. Yep, no better medicine than laughter, even at ones self... I havn't seen Bobby on today and that's all i'll say on the matter!... BTW,, thanks JIMSSM (SIR!, lol ) for your post.... You all have a great night!! :)
irishfey 5/5/2014 7:57:40 PM Report

Forgot... ROLLAND-ROLLY.. Best to get yourself a bucket dear :).. I think this site is going to be better than ever. I think Sipper Dave sent a prayer down this way.......
theprotector 5/5/2014 7:58:51 PM Report

I feel...I feel like a group hug..

Irish I shall win you over never any hsrd feelings
theprotector 5/5/2014 7:59:06 PM Report

I feel...I feel like a group hug..

Irish I shall win you over never any hsrd feelings
flyhawk25 5/5/2014 7:59:29 PM Report

Hunter 101 - if you post your e-mail address I'll give it to him and you can ask him yourself.
Jack the Stripper 5/5/2014 8:16:38 PM Report

Wisenheimer 5/5/2014 8:55:17 PM Report

I believe the moderator figured out who set the tone for the daily back and forth, and acted accordingly.
Kinda miss "shooting the fish in the barrel" game though.

BIG BROTHER 5/5/2014 8:59:58 PM Report

No worries wisen. You still have the 'foot in mouth' game, or better, the 'shoot self in foot ' game. Should keep you busy, when you're done retrieving the lint from your navel.
BIG BROTHER 5/5/2014 9:02:58 PM Report

Careful to Canadianize the foreign workers. They may begin demanding food, paychecks, that sort of Canadian thing.

The bottom can't be too far off. Jason Kenney is getting tough on the program abusers. ahahahahaha....and the fox is now in full control of the chicken coop.
BIG BROTHER 5/5/2014 9:25:14 PM Report

The irony and hypocrisy behind the foreign workers program is that it is a Con. initiative, the 'bible thumpers' of supply and demand theory. We've all heard it. If supply is low and demand is high, prices rise. Accompanied by a 'get over it'. Well, the same goes for labour. If the business can't afford to hire help at the going rates, raise the rate or find another business. That is supply and demand at work.
Hunter101 5/5/2014 9:26:49 PM Report

LMAO - no I'd like to abstain from his presence, fly.
Wisenheimer 5/5/2014 9:30:34 PM Report

Another fish ... same barrel.
Prometheus 5/5/2014 9:46:12 PM Report

The FWP was created in 1973 by Mr. Trudeau Snr. I don't see how this can be considered a Conservative initiative.
flyhawk25 5/5/2014 10:08:07 PM Report

It would not matter if Sir John A started it.
Harper perverted it.
statusquo 5/5/2014 10:14:53 PM Report

Sir John A. was an alcoholic.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Alcohol! The underrated and unappreciated religion!
Beats Christianity and certainly Islam any day.

mallet 5/5/2014 10:26:06 PM Report


Has Harper every done anything correct or right in your eyes, I mean there must be something he has not perverted or done wrong somewhere??
statusquo 5/5/2014 10:29:35 PM Report

Prometheus 5/5/2014 9:46:12 PM Report

"The FWP was created in 1973 by Mr. Trudeau Snr. By far the best PM Canada ever had. I don't see how this can be considered a Conservative initiative."

There! I fixed it for ya!

You're welcome.

(smiley face)
Hunter101 5/5/2014 10:36:42 PM Report

Today is backwards day! ...And best actually means worst.
statusquo 5/5/2014 10:39:38 PM Report


"Has Harper every done anything correct or right in your eyes, I mean there must be something he has not perverted or done wrong somewhere??'

His hair! I don't know how he does it but his helmet-do is a splendor!

I've tried liang-liang, proposcis monkey's sperm extract (irish fey's secret btw) and various alchemist concoctions... but I keep on getting bad hair days. The ends keep splitting and it just doesn't flow with a healthy sheen like it used to.
I even prayed to God . that usually works..according to no avail.
I am at wits end.
Retreaded 5/5/2014 10:46:16 PM Report

Not to worry...Harper will suddenly retire BEFORE the next election. John Baird will be the front runner to replace him .Tony Clement will try but will be shut down in a hurry.
statusquo 5/5/2014 11:09:51 PM Report

Tony Clement is a weasel. Baird is far more credible but he lacks charisma. Without it you're toast in politics. It's a sad fact.
We need change in Canada . Even if it's in the shape of Justin Trudeau.
The Liberal party is the natural party for Canada.
The NDP will forever be the moral police but they will never govern least not in my lifetime.
We cannot afford another tory government especially when it comes to fiscal matters.....they have proven to be woefully inadequate in balancing budgets!
Google it!
As a matter of fact, provincially the NDP has a better record than the cons or the Libs in managing the budget, historically speaking.
Hunter101 5/5/2014 11:35:12 PM Report

stats? Really?

Don't you remember Rae Days?

Better at balancing the books he says. Pff. I don't claim to particularly enjoy this Harper government but given the choice it's pretty clear we can't have NDP or Liberal governments.

If your idea of keeping a budget is to just tax for the wasted dollars then sure, the Liberals have a great record!
statusquo 5/5/2014 11:38:55 PM Report

And finally,

On the latest developments in our beloved "View room" the obvious fear of censorship and banning has reduced this venue into a douchebags dream!
Sure, the repetitive name calling and puerile back and fro has somewhat subsided...but at what cost?

The cost is having to scroll by the inane LOL's of the irishfeys of this world....the quasi polite jabs of folks that would rather gauge the eyes out of a perceived enemy....the faux "have a nice day" crap.
I would much rather read Grump calling someone an idiot than scrolling by an LOL and false politeness.

I always knew there was a risk in being polite ...
Politeness is in essence...dishonesty!

But since I am addicted to this site I shall strive to conform to the rules of this forum...
But whenever I smell bullshit...I shall call it out.

statusquo 5/5/2014 11:49:25 PM Report

Hunter ,

Really? dont't you remember Harris days?

The "common sense revolution"?


Rea was faced with an empty safe.......there was NO money.....pray tell...what would have been your solution?
I have read some of your posts (with trepidation) and I have to say that I seriously doubt you would have come up with a more sensible solution.

Your fascination with firearms seriously undermines your feeble attempt to appear intelligent.
Tell me something that will make me change my mind and I shall give you a chance to redeem yourself.
But put some effort into it as I can't suffer mouth breathers.
Snobank 5/6/2014 12:23:03 AM Report

Hey statusquo. You've just presented the classic caveman versus civilized man argument. Man you seem to hate subtleties. How come? Rides alta voce

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