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Off To The Polls June 12/2014

Saturday, May 03, 2014   by: Mac Headrick

 Well Ontarians are headed to the polls on June 12/2014. The following statements on the decision of the NDP to “pull the plug” on the governing Liberal government may appear to be contradictory (they are). I have a difficult time remembering a proposed budget that contained so many promises I approved of. The thought of Ontario being governed by a majority Conservative government under Tim Hudak frightens me. At the same time I am not surprised that the NDP took the action they did. In today’s column I intend to outline the positive aspects of having a spring provincial election. I will also give a brief perspective of what is at state for the three main leaders. 

As stated above I personally liked the majority of the Liberal proposed budget. If the decision rested with me I probably would have supported it and took a chance. As the old saying goes I was born at night but not last night. At the best of times any political party budget is a wish list. Recent Liberal budgets have been slow to implement NDP influenced ideas, one example being car insurance rates. Anyone here experienced the 15% reduction? How successful were the McGuinty Liberals at keeping their promises? How was this 130.4 billion plus budget going to be financed? I believe the ruling Liberals knew what the NDP decision was going to be. The main purpose of the budget was to set up the election campaign. 

List below are the positive aspects of the June 12/2014 provincial election. 

  1. I apologize for sounding like an old record. Once again I have the privilege of exercising my democratic right to vote. Apparently only about 50% of my fellow citizens share my passion.
  2. It is about time that the electorate passes judgment on the gas plant and other assorted Liberal scandals. Eventually one has to move on. Whatever the result, I am personally fine with it. If the Liberal Party receives a majority so be it. If the Liberal Party loses power then that is alright. Let the court of public opinion decide.
  3. “It is the economy stupid.” This is probably the most significant political saying of all time. Tim Hudak has stated his party can create a million jobs. The Liberal Party just outlined their vision for the economy. The NDP will not step forward. Let’s see what is put on the table.
  4. The power system in Ontario is a mess. How can you have soaring electric rates while exporting surpluses to the United States at a loss? It is time for the three major parties to publicly present their perspectives and solutions.
  5. The following item is a personal one. The NDP, Liberal and Conservative parties all irritate me. I understand why the NDP pulled the plug. The stench of Liberal scandal was sticking to them. The proposed Liberal budget (in theory) would have helped a lot of deserving groups. What is the NDP plan? The Conservative Party is led by Tim Hudak. Do I need to expand upon this point? What is the positive? At least the electorate will have the opportunity to pass judgment.  

What is at stake for the three leaders? I will start with the Conservative leader. If Tim Hudak doesn’t win at least a minority government he will be gone. The Conservatives could not ask for a better opportunity than the circumstances they now find themselves in. A ruling party mired in scandals; an economy with many problems; a 12.5 billion dollar deficit etc. If the Conservatives cannot win in Ontario now, then they will have to change leaders. 

Andrea Horwath must like high stakes poker. I understand the motivation, move now while the stink of scandal clings to the Liberals. Now I believe Horwath is safe regardless of the outcome. In this respect she has the least to lose. If the NDP gains seats her position in the Legislature will be stronger. If things do not work out Ontario could have a Conservative majority. 

Kathleen Wynne has been successful considering the political hand she was handed. She has positioned the Liberal Party well in regards to the proposed budget. Outside of a complete disaster, I believe her leadership is safe. If the Liberal Party maintains power even in a minority government then the Premier would have pulled of a major accomplishment. 

As I see it an election is needed to purge the malaise of present Ontario politics. I accept and understand the NDP decision, but damn I did like that proposed budget.


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fatafr 5/3/2014 1:45:40 PM Report

Hi Mac. A very appropriate and timely topic that you have chosen. Did I think the NDP leader would pull the plug on this proposed budget ? I have to say I did not. Are we surprised she did; we really shouldn't be ? Many might be thinking there has been a very distinct and noticeable odour in the air and it looks like Andrea Horwath decided that enough is enough !! Maybe ?
The way provincial elections have gone lately, I believe that it will be a crap shoot as to who wins or loses in this election on June 12.
This province, in my mind, is in a very uncomfortable and precarious state, financially. The voters should be outraged on so many levels but with over 50% of them usually not bothering to vote, who knows what the outcome will be. I sure don't.
A lot will depend on the skill and political savvy of each party; the experience of each party leader in selling their brand and trying desperately to convince the 50% that do vote that their party is the "honest to goodness party" that will solve the problems that plague this once proud and economically energized province- Ontario.
We are in for a roller coaster ride leading up to the June 12 election. I hope we have a lot of Ontarians that are going to look, listen carefully and eventually take the time to show up at the polls to vote.
In my mind, one thing is clear;  I hate it, with an absolute passion, what these liberals did by wasting millions and millions of tax payer's dollars like they did on the 2 gas plant disasters. These hard earned tax dollars were literly burnt up, for strictly selfish, personal gains. And for that, I would only be satisfied if those responsible were charged and sent to prison. But, we probably know that isn't going to happen.
I am going to follow this election very carefully. I believe we have had very good representation in David Orazietti. I believe that he has done an admirable job representing this City. But, we each will have to judge whether you vote for the man or whether you judge him on the merits and your opinions of the party he represents.
I,as I know many of you, want to do what's in the best interest for our City. We also should be very concerned of the direction this province has been taking and is heading towards. Maybe some of you will simply look at it and say to yourselves; " who do I think is the least worst of the 3 major parties" ?? Sad but true, in some people's minds. 
Good luck to all of us in this once proud province. We will most definitely need it, going forward............

My call on this election. I think we will end up in exactly the same place we are now; a minority liberal government.
Have a great week end everyone...........  
Mr. Poster 5/4/2014 7:42:42 AM Report

To me..Wynne is the one with leadership skills.She is smart...dedicated...determined and to many the most "likeable".Horwath appears to be bitter...unable or unwilling to state how she would fix the economy.She is to blame for propping up the Liberals for too long and will pay a price.
Hudak is a threat to unions and appears to be a guy in a nice suit that few find likeable or trustworthy. I just don't like the guy. He comes off as a snake oil salesman.
So...if voters vote according to LIKING one of the party leasers then I see WYnne as the winner of a new minority government.
If ever...this is the time for a huge voter turnout..PLEASE !!!
Great news 5/4/2014 10:35:22 AM Report

My predictions, Liberals will form a minority government with PC being the official opposition and NDP having the same say the PC have had up to now. NONE
mac headrick 5/4/2014 10:41:51 AM Report

Great news the first election poll would seem to support your prediction.

Now during the last session the NDP had a lot of say in fact the defeated budget IMO was the best NDP budget I can remeber.

The first election poll supports my view this budget should have been backed by the NDP.

right wing 5/7/2014 7:29:10 AM Report

Wow, unbelievable.
Not one mention of the massive hole in our energy needs that this Liberal government has given us.
In Ontario we are paying more for energy costs than any other province in Canada.
Yes the gas plant fiasco is a biggie but driving existing and future business out of this province and tapping the wallets of it's citizens to the max while chasing an illusion of cheap free green energy is reason to tar and feather the bunch.
I really wish voter would get over this "likeability" crap and educate themselves on party politics.
If Ontario votes the Liberals back in I will say what I said when they voted McGuinty in for another fully deserve the disaster that awaits us all.
The McGuinty disaster came to full speed and he it is continuing as the Liberals spend millions more they don't have to buy your vote once again.
My prediction...a conservative minority...with a possibility of a majority.
(crossing fingers, four leaf clovers and rabbits feet)
mac headrick 5/7/2014 10:04:29 AM Report

right wing my prediction a Liberal minority. Now normally considering the Liberal record I would have agreed with you. Perhaps my view is clouded by my lack of respect for Tim Hidak.

Another issue is I do not know what party represents the left. Horwath sounds like Tim; the Liberals preposed the most NDP budget of all time.

Also the election is decided riding to riding so it does depend somewhat on the candidate.
right wing 5/8/2014 7:28:45 AM Report


Why do you have a lack of respect for Tim Hudak?
I do not have respect for Dalton McGuinty but that came when he cut and ran leaving behind the mess that he did for his party while shredding and deleting his tracks.
Prior to that I simply did not agree with his politics and the direction he was taking our province.
What I am driving at is I basically respect anybody that is willing to take a run at political office at it is for the most part a thankless job.
That being said there are things that certain politicians do that cause me to lose respect for them thus my McGuinty example.
So I am curious what it is or was that caused you to lose respect for Tim Hudak.
mac headrick 5/8/2014 7:58:05 AM Report

right wing good question.

Please note I stated in point five all the present parties irritate me.

Andrea Horwath is presently number one in leaders that piss me off. Of course it is because her actions could result in a Tim Hudak lead Conservative government.

It is not a Conservative government that bothers me it is a Tim Hudak as it's leader.

Perhaps a better phrase might be I do not trust Hudak's judgement. He seems ready to start wars with labour to what satisfy his base support? His right to work mindset IMO doesn't work.

Right Wing as an individual interested in politics you must of spoken to like Conservatives. Listed to them Tim Hudak doesn't get a lot of respect from within his own party.

I do not "respect" the radical right or left in politics. As stated somewhere else on Soo Today I congraduate Rod Fremlin for throwing his hat in the ring.

In conclusion my "lack of respect" is not base on political party but more the individual. Perhaps there is a more accurate phrase i just cannot think of something right now.
mac headrick 5/8/2014 8:40:22 AM Report

My brain is waking up right wing I agree with your opinion on McGuinty and yes rate Tim Hudak above the former premier.
right wing 5/8/2014 3:13:12 PM Report


Glad to have awakened you. ;)
I get what you are saying about your political views.
Yes I talk to fellow conservatives, I am a card carrying member.
Hudak gets a bad rap and has been pegged as not being "likeable" by the media.
Most conservatives I know do not have any problems overall with him.
steelworker 5/8/2014 5:39:25 PM Report

The Liberals threw out this budget mainly to keep the support of the NDP, This didn't work as even the NDP couldn't prop up this criminal organization any longer.
Sam C 5/8/2014 6:14:22 PM Report

Mr Poster... I agree, Wynne seems to be the better leader, but... that not may be enough to get the Liberals out from the home they have dug for themselves. Then again, the other two parties aren't credible at all.

Horwath didn't even pretend to consider what the budget had to offer, and Hudak annoy Ced months ago the Conservatives wouldn't support it. Both cry that the Liberals won't work with them... their hypocrisy is astonishing.

Wynne and the Liberals will likely be re-elected, but not to a majority
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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