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View Room Comments for Wednesday, Apr. 30 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Grump 4/30/2014 6:02:58 AM Report

Good morning everyone, a tad damp out there. I was following through on yesterday's post about an award for the dumbest daily post. I was having a tough time with so many swampers in the running, but then I came upon Wisen's. His "I'm a staunch defender of Conservative values" receives the moron of the day award. Harper is a Conservative in name only because McKay was dumb enough to hand it over to him. Preston Manning, Reformer (Right Wing Conservative and former Harper mentor) doesn't even agree with him now. The real Conservatives bailed either when he was elected or when they saw what a twisted incompetent he really was. Harper is farther away from being a Conservative than Angry Tom is. Have a great day everyone.
Nunavut 4/30/2014 7:37:45 AM Report

Dumb is not realizing that Harper has guided Canada thru a global economic mess , where now we are the envy of the world, and even with the much needed economic stimulus spending to kick start things , Harper and his staff are easily on course to balance the budget for our future generations to be able to be as proud of Canada as most Canadians can be now.........yep if Harper is doing a bad job it seems its only the eyes of those blinded by ignorance.
flyhawk25 4/30/2014 7:46:29 AM Report

What flavor of Kool Aid are you drinking?
statusquo 4/30/2014 8:08:03 AM Report


The reason Canada wasn't dragged into the financial mess like a lot of other countries have is because of a very solid, regulated banking system and historically cautious financial institutions that were established and entrenched long before Harper was even born.
As far as "easily" balancing the budget, I sure hope you're right but I am a bit skeptical .
If any government deserves credit for keeping the books in order it would be the previous one with Paul Martin as finance Minister.
right wing 4/30/2014 8:08:25 AM Report


Just plain loathing and despise on their part.
They cannot stand the fact that the Liberal party was sent into the basement and that the conservatives won a majority.
Thus it has been since day one.
The fun part will be watching it all over again when the conservatives win in 2015 Federally and in the province of Ontario.

right wing 4/30/2014 8:11:44 AM Report

Yes Paul Martin...the one that raided other programs to bring you the "balanced books" another great liberal myth.
...and don't forget, Matin did his "magic" during economic times that were comparatively bloody fantastic.
statusquo 4/30/2014 8:19:18 AM Report

I "could" say the economic times were fantastic "because" of Chretien and Martin. But then I would be guilty as "yous guys" are in crediting the current government for our so called alleged well being.
statusquo 4/30/2014 8:21:52 AM Report

Have you gotten back to "debo" yet?

If you need help you might want to ask "hunter" , he determined that the paper was a good read in a mere 2 hours.
debo 4/30/2014 8:28:11 AM Report

Stats, Thanks for the attempt at a "reminder" to rw. Yeah, rw how about posting that "link"?

I'm betting we're about to see another "wisenheimish shuffle".
flyhawk25 4/30/2014 8:31:21 AM Report

Two guys sipping from the same drink.I hope they're using separate straws.
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 8:32:29 AM Report

Told ya!
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 8:34:37 AM Report

Liberal lime ... gross!
grump mixed it before heading to work.
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 8:43:16 AM Report

Paul Martin, my favorite liberal finance minister. A very bad Prime Minister.
But RW is correct, he put Canada back on a stable footing, by downloading everything but the kitchen sink, back on the provinces.
Liberals and Dippers howled, but that's just par for the course.
See #1 post for how "howling" sounds.
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 8:45:06 AM Report

1st quarter GDP in the U.S. roars in at .01%. This is what a "very bad" President looks like.
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 8:48:24 AM Report

BNS and TD break to all time highs .. both up over 150% since 2009.
That's what "a good economy" looks like.
bounder 4/30/2014 8:49:00 AM Report

GRUMP winner by acclamation for his dumb post everyday, and now he's going to pay more taxes as being a big money maker, thanks Wynne .
flyhawk25 4/30/2014 8:49:15 AM Report

Of course.Imagine how much better off the US would be with McCain or Romney.
What else do you want to blame on the POTUS?
Mr. Poster 4/30/2014 8:50:53 AM Report

Katie Wynne has an ad out indicating that Hudak and his cronies will cut 10 thousand educational assistant positions IF HE IS ELECTED.That should get her another four years..
steelworker 4/30/2014 8:52:04 AM Report

"Howling?" - sounds more like squealing. The lid on the septic tank must have hit him on the head this morning as he climbed out to face another day in Harperworld. LMAO
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 8:58:27 AM Report

Romney would have had that place "out of the ditch" long ago. The guy there now is a nice symbol, but little else. Becomes more apparent by the day.
right wing 4/30/2014 8:58:36 AM Report


I did get back to debo and I did read the paper.
It is not a two hour read if you want to truly understand what the points are.
I went through it thoroughly over a couple of days.
I then filed it in my continually expanding files on this subject, this one was filed under Global Warming Catastrophe Believers (attempting to appear neutral), it's a really big file. I expected debo bailed on any debate.
Check the archives in between oil changes....


...debo here is your link.

Mr. Poster 4/30/2014 8:59:02 AM Report

Which party can lead us out of the forest and be better than what we have?
We are in such a financial mess in Ontario that no party can "fix us". I am watching the leaders to see specific steps to improve things for the taxpayer. Lots of specifics on how to get there.
steelworker 4/30/2014 9:02:36 AM Report

Don't worry fly; the libs are still crapping on Bush Lite for stuff that happened years ago. The present POTUS is just a shuck and jive artist that golfs a lot and love to vacay on the taxpayer dime.
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 9:04:07 AM Report

Just what we need .. 10,000 educational assistants to assist 10,000 regular teachers to assist 10,000 supply teachers, to fill in, when they take their 10,000 sick days, to man 10,000 all day babysitting positions.
Move on people .. nothing to cut here!
right wing 4/30/2014 9:15:58 AM Report

This is the type of information that you must dig for as it won't be found on the front page.
Not as good a sell as global catastrophe is.
It is not an example of "talking past each other" (you know what I mean debo you read the paper right)that you will find as it does not fit the ideology.
It actually addresses the myth of scientific consensus.

"Stenhouse and the Guardian also attempted to isolate and give unique credibility to the small percentage of AMS meteorologists who self-identified their primary job focus as research. This, by definition, excludes almost all meteorologists who don’t work for government. Therefore, the survey results show that the majority of meteorologists whose jobs, salary and publishing activities are dependent on government funding and the perpetuation of the mythical global warming crisis say global warming is occurring and humans are the primary cause.

Wow, that’s quite a news flash. Meanwhile, for the vast majority of meteorologists who don’t fall within that group – those who aren’t beholden to government funding and who don’t have a funding dog in the global warming debate – only a minority say global warming is occurring and humans are the primary cause."

Read more.
flyhawk25 4/30/2014 9:58:00 AM Report

"the vast majority"...yup.
So much for empirical evidence.
debo 4/30/2014 10:06:06 AM Report


Why all the MEALY-MOUTHED EQUIVOCATION on your part?

- Anyone following the conversation can see that your "link" has nothing to do with the questions I asked you.

- Your "link" has nothing to do with me calling you out on your BS. But you know that already.

-Try as you might to DEFLECT the conversation elsewhere, how about responding to the questions I actually asked?

- So, how is it rw, that a poster who puts himself out there as a stand-up, straight-talking, no patience for BS kinda guy, is reduced to doing some iteration of the "wiesenheimer shuffle"?

- Are you relegating yourself to "apeing"(a wisenword) the aforementioned shuffler?

Hunter101 4/30/2014 10:30:54 AM Report

rw, I also want an explanation from the alarmists on your article.

So, how is it that Antarctic ice is increasing instead of melting, despite all of the nasty man-made global warming?

I won't hold my breath. Might turn Liberal.
theprotector 4/30/2014 11:05:18 AM Report

wow and the morons on the right continue. Figured them for a ralley so support sterling
steelworker 4/30/2014 11:10:01 AM Report

Do you start drooling when your eyes open?
Bobby Nerves 4/30/2014 11:12:54 AM Report

Three items from the Ontario Budget to be presented tomorrow:

Income tax increase for high earners.

Tax increase on jet fuel.

Tax increase on tobacco.

steelworker 4/30/2014 11:22:53 AM Report

The tax increase is just over the limit for base salary for your MLA. Go figure.
Bobby Nerves 4/30/2014 11:29:35 AM Report

If I hear it correctly, above $ 50 thousand?, that's a low bracket.

I can take the jet fuel, but tobacco taxes make no sense because people will buy more illegal and the factories will start to lay off people... other than if the tobacco factories start piping the cigarettes through the reserves.
steelworker 4/30/2014 11:35:46 AM Report

Above $150,000. Base MLA salary is about $147,000.
Grump 4/30/2014 11:37:11 AM Report

Well maybe you deniers should call and tell those in the Mid west of the USA that this freak weather has nothing to do with us polluting the planet. These folks lost loved ones and in some cases everything they owned. You folks have been walking around so long with your heads buried ,you know where, that the oxygen to your brains has been cut off and you have become brain dead. I am going to have to stop stirring up the swamp in the morning as alone you all are bad enough but together one has to wonder about the future of mankind. Yes rw and Wisen it is just GLORIOUS that Harper has balanced the budget with a new Finance Minister. Problem is that amount of a surplus doesn't begin to pay the interest on the debt Harper has buried Canada in. rw you again mentioned all the money Martin clawed back and paid down the debt. Tell me what items on that list did Harper not claw back plus. The difference was Martin paid the debt down and so far (8 years) Harper has only added to it.
Bobby Nerves 4/30/2014 11:45:53 AM Report

I didn't hear it, it's not my field anyhow... I'll earn that in about ten years.

Be dead then.
steelworker 4/30/2014 11:47:37 AM Report

Just wait til the glaciers reach Texas. It happens every so many years ya know.
debo 4/30/2014 12:27:14 PM Report

The non-response that I anticipated rw ... As the farmers say "Spread it thin, it's a big field" and your donkey, pulling the manure wagon(hence the vehicle name ... wisenwagon), needs constant supervision lest he veer right, deep into some "swamp" and pollute your source of drinking water.

Despite his need for constant attention I can understand your attachment to the poor beast, rw.

He represents a free and apparently inexhaustible supply of the material you are presently spreading(Ref. answered questions). Just remember to stay to the front of the wagon! :)
soowat 4/30/2014 12:27:16 PM Report

Obama's ratings have got so low that the Secret Service is considering changing his code name to George W. Bush

courtesy of Dave Letterman
BIG BROTHER 4/30/2014 12:31:58 PM Report

Here's the survey. It does not show that a majority of scientists do not ascribe Global Warming Caused By Human Activity.

52% say yes, it's humans.

Therefore, the 48% would be important to know just what their answers would be. Forbes is up there with Fox, for credibility.

It somehow fails to mention the rest of the results, which attributes to partly human and partly nature, which most on this site would ascribe to. It's nature, at the end of the day. Man is just the cause...the effect is nature.
BIG BROTHER 4/30/2014 12:33:28 PM Report


Yes: Mostly human

Yes: Equally human and natural

Yes: Mostly natural

Yes: Insufficient evidence [to determine cause]

Yes: Don’t know cause

Don’t know if global warming is happening

Global warming is not happening

Just 52 percent of survey respondents answered Yes: Mostly human. The other 48 percent either questioned whether global warming is happening or would not ascribe human activity as the primary cause.

I say Bull us what the other 48% answered...don't tell us!!!!
soowat 4/30/2014 12:52:27 PM Report

Question--What does it prove when Wisen and Steely agree with each other?

Answer: Two wrongs don't make a right
steelworker 4/30/2014 12:57:51 PM Report

When we agree the human race moves forward a few baby steps.
bounder 4/30/2014 1:03:49 PM Report

Hunter 101,
the Artic is not measured just on area but also depth of ice, these two calculations give a good idea of ice mass.
soowat 4/30/2014 1:23:39 PM Report


Wrong again
soowat 4/30/2014 1:28:18 PM Report

From CTV news

" Ottawa Police arrested a 62-year-old man this morning, after complaints about an adult male exposing himself at Mooney’s Bay Park.

Donald Popadick has been charged with Indecent Act and Mischief."

You can't make this stuff up

the handyman can 4/30/2014 1:43:03 PM Report

The one thing that most scientists are not taking into account about global warming or whatever they call it is the fact that the earths magnetic field is distorted and has been since the start of the global warming phenomenon. The disruption of our magnetic field has a lot to do with the weather change
theprotector 4/30/2014 2:49:20 PM Report

actually they do take that into account in some research papers, but the bottom line is the climate is changing. It is not something you can realistically is happening. Now Im not talking the Al Gore propoganda machine but hard core science. The issue is our degree of contribution. How much have we excelerated the process and can we slow it down by eliminating many of our bad habits as a planet. Then when you get into the geopolicitial game with developing countries its like "we have what we have but you cant do it because its bad..." thus quashing their industrial revolution.
the handyman can 4/30/2014 3:09:23 PM Report

I do not deny climate change I only pointed out that the distortion of the magnetic field is the main cause and no matter what humans do we can not change that. Humans have not contributed to the distortion of the magnetic field.Can it be measured what the distortion contributes compared to humans so called carbon footprint on our planet.
rockbanger 4/30/2014 3:10:02 PM Report

The warming of our planet.... Electromagnetic fields.
We are all high end scientists, beyond reproach..!

May we blame the US weapon called HAARP for messing with the ionosphere... Yes the ionosphere is part of the earth's natural magnetic protection.

Now as we are all Ivy league scientists this must be the reason fro global warming no?

Does anyone "really know" if the US tornado's pre-1995 were as severe and as frequent as they have been in the last 5-10 years.

Please ALL brainiacs figure this out..

steelworker 4/30/2014 3:18:50 PM Report

I think that a lot of people on this site are wearing too many fridge magnets on their heads.
Zing 4/30/2014 3:19:48 PM Report

I cannot take the cheap shots, name calling, ignorance, or any of this blue room any longer. I am with Spelly. I will check in on rare occasion, but until sootoday cleans it up...good bye.

I am letting the door slam me on my way out. Sootoday does not deserve my hits any longer. I am changing my home page as well. There is no reason to beat my head on a brick wall any longer. The headlines are designed to get you to click on them which increases revenue...I won't play that game any longer.

rockbanger 4/30/2014 3:43:25 PM Report

Take it easy..

Yes there are a lot of stupid comments... Sometimes mine are dumb as well. Maybe more designed than dumb. No one should really take any of these blogs seriously...!

Calm down and come back tomorrow. You will be better equipped to put up with the mindless ones.
We all find this site a bit nauseating at times so don't think your alone.

But as for my last blog.... I was serious.
HAARP is a weapon of mass disaster and that is fact.

the handyman can 4/30/2014 3:59:40 PM Report

I do apologize to every-one for trying to have an intelligent discussion on this site. I did not attack any-bodies beliefs I only was trying to shed a different light on a dark subject.I have been watching this site for months and I should have known better. I won't let it happen again. Bye
right wing 4/30/2014 4:28:58 PM Report


You should be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.
right wing 4/30/2014 4:36:04 PM Report

the handyman can

An intelligent conversation on this site.
Good luck.
There are a few that I have been able to debate with, B.B., statusquo, shakespeare come to mind.
The rest run and hide when asked the hard questions.

I agree...perhaps time to take a long sabbatical from this site.
Eventually the postings should drop to about the same as the Red Room.
Bobby Nerves 4/30/2014 4:46:52 PM Report

Isn't legal aid publicly funded?

If it's, must be taxpayers money.

Or it's just charity from the Rizzuto clan?

Anyone in the know?

Albedo 4/30/2014 4:58:09 PM Report

the handyman can

I had the same experience.
The first time I posted on this site I let emotion get the better of me and said something to another poster that I should not have but apologized in a timely manner.
The apology did not seem to matter and it was suggested from the poster that I apologized to that I was perhaps dumb.
I did get a chuckle from that accusation as I have two degrees, one from the ESD PhD program at MIT.
right wing 4/30/2014 5:25:47 PM Report

Before I take my vacation...
I had to go and find "the questions" that debo was harping about.

LMFAO...(in the key of Grump)
You whined like a new born puppy about my asking that you post a direct link to the article then you went on to what amounts to nothing but a character assassination. (it's not even a really good one, I've had far better attempts)
I took the appropriate time and read the paper so that I could debate it with you...and trust me pal I could have discussed it in depth with ease.
I posted to you that I would get back to you when I had finished the article and I did.
I then asked you one simple question, you have done a splendid dance ever since.
You were on the dodge ball team in grade school weren't you.

You have a nice day now.

debo 4/28/2014 10:19:02 PM Report

Well just a couple of things for you to consider:
- Was it more difficult to find the writer's work with the information I provided vs some alpha-numerical "link"? (Are your keyboard skills that deficient)?
- Are you so intellectually myopic that you can't distinguish between an individual and a group of people who share SOME political/social values and thus you can only perceive people with views contrary to yours as a monolith(my cohorts)?
- Have I at any point in the past beset you regarding how you offer information? I'm not talking about the "quality" of the information ... That's a discussion for another day or several days.
- Perhaps you might actually review the information offered first rather than give yourself a hernia trying to find some way to put a negative spin(a word apparently "big" in your lexicon) on a given post.
- Oh yeah, take your time reading the article ... It must be difficult to make out all the words ... With your head that far up your ..... :)
flyhawk25 4/30/2014 5:56:19 PM Report

This whole thing is 'self purging'.As the people with some self discipline leave the remaining few snipers and name callers will go on to other venues.
This whole anonymous blogging phenomenon is still in its infancy.
I suspect that eventually it will establish its own normative behavior.
lookaround 4/30/2014 6:32:14 PM Report

What did I miss today?
theprotector 4/30/2014 6:35:09 PM Report

sorry zing I forgot how much better you think you are than everyone else. Thanks for the announcement that you are leaving. Dont see many begging for you to stay. Perhaps your own self righteous attitude got the better of you. Personally since spelly came out with those racist remarks a number of weeks ago I could careless if he comes back...he is like sterling or in the same category as is right wing. You however seem to think you are above it all, yet big surprise you are not...see ya...hugs and kisses.
theprotector 4/30/2014 6:36:23 PM Report

uh...lookaround...take a look around!!

bahaha sorry Ive been wanting to say that for like ever!!
bounder 4/30/2014 6:42:40 PM Report

Lookaround what do you contribute to this site ?? Other than inane blather....You're inept and boring.
lookaround 4/30/2014 6:43:14 PM Report

Let's see Steelworker as he at infinitum complains about that jive President that goes on a vacay v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n (to the normal people) and Harper goes on a vacation to Israel and goes site seeing. Do you NOT see the similarities? Ah but I do understand that you are one number short of a full BINGO!
lookaround 4/30/2014 6:49:07 PM Report

Hunter 10 nothing. The ice pack is not increasing. Research before you type. Thanks Lookaround you are right or correct. Next time before I type lookaround I will research and try not to undo scientific data. Thanks Lookaround .

You are Welcome 101 I understand.
lookaround 4/30/2014 6:53:13 PM Report

Bounder I have aright to have an opinion. As a woman I am not inept. That is rude. For anyone saying this about Sreelworker and his abortions and other idiotic statements you damn right we ALL think he is dumb. My stataement sticks you don't like it you have the right to scroll on by. Got fit. Good
lookaround 4/30/2014 6:56:52 PM Report

Bounder I came on here saying "what did I miss?". Wow you have a big problem buddy don't you? Why don't you crap on Steelworker the worthless conduct that he exhibits on here is paramount to being downright moronic. Thanks Bounder.
lookaround 4/30/2014 7:02:59 PM Report

Albedo welcome to the site. If someone puts you down or discourages you remember your opinion counts and we all would love to hear from you. This is the new age of the internet where some hide behind a computer and get away with being bullies. Best is to not let the n'er do wells discourage you as long as you don't act in a vile imbecilic manner.
bounder 4/30/2014 7:04:09 PM Report

Lookaround just reposted what you posted to Wisen last night, ah don't like it, don't post yourself.
debo 4/30/2014 7:27:55 PM Report

As I said right wing it would be just that on your part .... a non- response.

Some time ago I checked back in on this site and commented on its change in tenor. Unfortunately,, after reviewing some of my posts I see that rather than ignoring posts of that ilk, I've bought into that all too common and seemingly endless war of egos/opinions. Taking a self-imposed "sabbatical"!

Hunter .. I found the brief interaction ... positive.
Grump 4/30/2014 7:48:19 PM Report

Right on rw it's time to cut and run as just about everyone is on to your B.S. and now when you get cornered it's the old avoidance shuffle. Don't let the door hit you on the a** on your way out . In any case you will be back, once a sniper, always a sniper. Hugs me. LMAO
Grump 4/30/2014 7:50:21 PM Report

Bobby, legal aid is another of your tax dollars at work. Have a good one chum.
Grump 4/30/2014 7:53:34 PM Report

Bounder now you are trying to bully women. You are certainly some kind of hero. Go back to the Red Room and play patty cakes with all your little friends. This site is far too grown up for you. Run along twit.
bounder 4/30/2014 8:32:03 PM Report

Grump you meant grown up and wide in your case my little butter for the lady what goes around comes around moron!
Bobby Nerves 4/30/2014 9:30:58 PM Report

TO mayor Ford to take a leave of absence. Will seek help for substance abuse.

Right thing, wrong time.

He should have taken it six months ago, then returned into full campaign and he could very easy, won the position once more.

I think now, it's to late.

Perhaps Mr. Harper is considering a leave for obsolescence.
flyhawk25 4/30/2014 9:36:46 PM Report

Bobby...there is no rehab for unfettered ego and arrogance.
Bobby Nerves 4/30/2014 9:57:06 PM Report

Sometimes I think these people are a product of an era.

How many mayors are addicts and do it in public and believe it's the right thing to do?

The same thing happens with the Clippers billionaire owner. How many billionaires have a black mistress 50 years younger and tolerate that the mistress gets the pipe tail lubricated by black guys, but will not allow them to post the picture over instagram.

They belong to a parallel universe, it one exist. And if none exist, then they are lost in time and space.
Wisenheimer 4/30/2014 10:36:05 PM Report

A very scary scenario ... everyone with an I.Q. over 110 leaves the blue room, leaving Grump, Teeps and Nervous Bob as the remaining contributors.
Fly remains, just to keep the three from tearing each other limb from limb, a result of inadequate direction.
After the Provincial and Federal elections, which the Conservatives win handily, the trio, now horribly rabid are taken for a nice ride in the country.
Told ya it was scary!
flyhawk25 4/30/2014 10:48:52 PM Report

Rather than trying to engage people into adolescent name calling, why not explain why the Tories will be so successful?
Hunter101 4/30/2014 11:58:37 PM Report

debo, I never cast the first stone. I always give credit where credit is due and those who cannot provide me with answers to my questions....well....we know where that stands.

You have people like Grump, fly, stats, BN & BB who decide that bringing emotions into the picture is a rational decision.

That is a POOR decision. We are after objective points; not subjective meandering.
Wisenheimer 5/1/2014 5:33:40 AM Report

Provincially people come to their senses.
Federally the electorate is wise enough to understand how good the economy is.
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