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View Room Comments for Tuesday, Apr. 22 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
irishfey 4/22/2014 6:30:23 AM Report

I guess i"m the first this morning. I read the posts from last night as i seen they continued on after i left. All good and interesting stuff, and for the most, all in a mature fashion.. nice to see! I did crack up at Rightwings.. " things to do on Earth Day", was truly a Charlie Sheen moment,lol..... Zing.. I'm sorry if i disappointed you by calling that Baptist guy a creep, but he really was and made me angry and i'm sure others, at the stunts he pulled. Being a Christian, i guess i should watch what i say but as i said before.. I don"t walk on water... yet ,lol... I don"t think that Jesus would have liked what that guy was doing, and maby He would have just called him a fool and not a creep..... Anyway.... Today is a new day and i wish you all well... Enjoy, as i hear we might be getting some "flurries" by the weekend :)... Have a good one folks.....
Grump 4/22/2014 6:46:33 AM Report

Good morning everyone, another dull looking day. Rocky when I post a news story about Harper doing this or not doing that you accuse me of inciting hate. I noticed yesterday that you had some true but unkind remarks about the neo-cons. Are you an evil twin or because you are so pure of heart you can make these remarks and it's somehow different? I didn't receive an answer to my last post to you so is it possible you are just a hypocrite that likes to berate others for what you do yourself? Not to worry you won't be lonesome on here. Have a great day all.
statusquo 4/22/2014 7:06:36 AM Report



Actually. Never mind....have a great day and God bless!

( trying to smile face)
irishfey 4/22/2014 7:20:55 AM Report

Morning Grump... Yes, i seen that post too.. "inciting hate" And i didn"t think too much of it either! HATE.. is such a strong word and shouldn"t be used in here,, Maby was a slip of the tongue on his part??? Some in here post without thinking. I know i " slip" all the time ,lol But lessoned learned for all i hope. A good post from you today... see.. He " bumped",,you "bumped" back, but you didn"t start it... No one expects another poster to just sit and take the " bumps " that are thrown at them. I'm proud of you, you said your piece and did it all without the " rats furry a** , hee, hee. (I did like that one though :) ).. You have a great day Grump.....
irishfey 4/22/2014 7:27:15 AM Report

Status.. Why thank you. Yes i knew what would be coming, but you didn"t, so i thank you for that... So, God bless you too..." BIG Smiley Face "
theprotector 4/22/2014 7:29:23 AM Report

nutbar anyone?
Jimssm 4/22/2014 7:33:09 AM Report

Happy Earth Day everyone. Have a good day.

.... waiting for the tire burning invitations.....
irishfey 4/22/2014 7:45:18 AM Report

Pro.. No thank you dear, i already had my breakfast :)
right wing 4/22/2014 7:57:35 AM Report

Irishfey....LOL,, that was his self description.

David Poluck 4/22/2014 8:44:52 AM Report

Herb Gray, deputy prime minister under Jean Chretien, dead at 82
theprotector 4/22/2014 8:58:10 AM Report

theprotector 4/22/2014 8:58:45 AM Report

to the nutbar comment, well ok the dead guy thing as well
soowat 4/22/2014 9:36:08 AM Report

It's spring and there's a bear on River Rd.

How does one solve this problem?

Spring bear hunt anyone?
mallet 4/22/2014 9:40:12 AM Report


Nah... capture and release in downtown TO... have always said there is more than one way to skin a cat!!! or a kathrine...
David Poluck 4/22/2014 9:46:20 AM Report

Hi pro!
Moonshiner 4/22/2014 9:57:08 AM Report

Pick up leave bags starting today??? I am not sure about anyone else but I still have a foot and a half of snow or more in my front and back yard. Is the city going to change the dates till may at least??
Zing 4/22/2014 10:36:08 AM Report


Not a problem, I was just a little surprised at your comment.
theprotector 4/22/2014 12:54:00 PM Report

hey DP
theprotector 4/22/2014 1:02:09 PM Report

just how are my tax dollars doing these days?
Wisenheimer 4/22/2014 1:16:21 PM Report

Been away ... avoiding physical harm from the big guy.
What happened in the case of the youth killed on the reserve and a trial in February of the senior charged ?? Not a peep.
#2 .. where can one pick up the "National Post" these days ?
steelworker 4/22/2014 1:27:48 PM Report

You can get the National Post beside Ernies' Lunch on Queen St.
right wing 4/22/2014 4:35:07 PM Report

It has been so civil on here lately and the massive return of new and old posters that had stayed away due to all the rude posters is just overwhelming.....
Lets see...yep, 21 posts.
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 4:41:19 PM Report

I am relatively amused by the shenanigans of our federal gov.'s inability to get past square one with their projects, either Keystone XL or the Kitimat BC option play.

Harper is so ill-equipped to take 'no' for an answer, I have visuals of his face getting redder and redder and him personally having tantrums in his chambers. Unleash Baird for another round of come-uppance for Obama. Laughable if it weren't damaging to Canada.

It seems ironic that Trudeau admits he admires China for the Premier's ability to make decisions without the clutter of democracy. Harper and co. make political hay out of the statement, yet act in ways that are similar to the Chinese ways, yet get put in their place on a seemingly more frequent basis, by the day. Now the hump backed whale has been downgraded by our feds to a lesser level of protection, due to their presence in the inter-coastal waterways of BC in which the tankers would like to haul the bitumen to China.

I am amused, but somewhat skeptical about Harper's motives. He is appearing very much self-interested in the tar sands. The relative benefits for Canada and Canadians is somewhat low, with the oil companies receiving the largest rewards. Is Harper ensuring a nice reward for himself in this whole story or am I so disgusted with the person, that I'm imagining this.

steelworker 4/22/2014 4:45:33 PM Report

Ya it's a fragment of your imagination.
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 5:00:42 PM Report

The Russian Ambassador to Canada echoes what I have read here...Harper and Baird are acting/speaking as if they actually matter and it is having negative effects. There will not be a war over the Ukraine crisis. Therefore, it would be wise to stay in the negotiating stage. Not Harper.

Mamedov had harsh words for the Conservative government, advising it to join the international community in working with Russia and Ukraine rather than sitting on the sidelines.

"I told them, if you want to be serious players, if you want to help Ukrainians, if you want to be instrumental in national reconciliation in Ukraine, join the group. Be with us, Americans, European Union, yes we argue, but we are trying to do something. It's much harder than just standing on the sidelines and badmouthing everybody," Mamedov said,
bounder 4/22/2014 5:01:05 PM Report

The spring bear hunt should go on as the activist have ill conceived ideas of Mother bears leaving young ones to feed at baiting stations. Never does a female leave young ones,period.
right wing 4/22/2014 5:09:28 PM Report

The Russian ambassador you say...well then how can anybody argue that.
Another of your he as upstanding as you hero Chavez.
(when Chavez was standing up that is)
irishfey 4/22/2014 5:10:35 PM Report

Right wing.. They just might be testing us to see if it"s for real or not, and the day"s not over :) Did you see Stats post to me this morning? I think i"m still in a state of " shock"! When i read his post.. the skies parted, the sun came out and i seen hundreds of Doves decending from the Heavens,, i heard music too ,lol... He even said.. " God bless "... I was going to put out an Amber Alert on him as i thought he may have been abducted by Aliens ,lol... I best shut this down in case he changes his mind and gives me what he really wanted to say... Again.. Thanks Stats... I do believe in miracles!!! :) :)
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 5:13:19 PM Report

....and another jucy quote...
'The Russian ambassador also said it was "deeply offensive" that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird compared Russia's occupation of Crimea to Nazi Germany's annexation of Sudetenland in the former Czechoslovakia in 1938.'

These guy's are whacko....totally indefensible behaviour. Now Canada is relegated to sideline status. Exactly where we were in the first place, except now Russia and basically even our allies can hardly stand us either. Great diplomacy.
steelworker 4/22/2014 5:18:32 PM Report

Not to worry-Obama sent Joe Biden to the Ukraine to settle Putin down. Obama had a Beyonce/Jay Z concert to attend.
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 5:19:05 PM Report

Harper has his head so far up his arse, he can see his tonsils. Everything he touches is turning to crap. It's like he's going to do as much damage as he can before he gets the boot.
Jimssm 4/22/2014 5:20:59 PM Report


I'd rather have 21 intelligent (or semi-intelligent) posts than 100 posts of 2 guys throwing crap back and forth at each other.

.... but that's just me.

My scroll key is going into withdrawal.
right wing 4/22/2014 5:51:07 PM Report

The latest poll from Angus Reid.

The survey, released on Tuesday, has the Harper Conservatives ahead of the Liberals and NDP both in terms of 'eligible voters' and 'likely voters.'

Q: If a federal election were held tomorrow, which one of the following parties would you be most likely to support in your constituency?

Eligible Voters & Likely Voters

Conservatives 32% 34%
Liberals 30% 29%
NDP 27% 26%

What was that all that babbling about a Russian Diplomat.
right wing 4/22/2014 5:53:02 PM Report


I agree but that was not the point I was making.
irishfey 4/22/2014 5:53:25 PM Report

Jimssm... come back on and throw some intelligence into the mix.. the rest might follow...might be a new trend starting:)... Before you say it.. ya, ya,... I"ll try and keep to the Red Room. can"t promise though ,lol
right wing 4/22/2014 5:55:19 PM Report

There are going to be some massive red faces that will turn into full on head explosions when the conservatives get back in.
I do believe it is going to be more fun doing face rubbing than it was the last time.
steelworker 4/22/2014 6:10:11 PM Report

Poor Grump might get stuck with a truckload of crow.
flyhawk25 4/22/2014 6:13:04 PM Report

Well it must be time for the opposition parties to throw in the towel.
Harper will return to his throne and all will be well in Canada.
Silly me to think otherwise.
lookaround 4/22/2014 6:19:20 PM Report

Yes right wing but that was before todays fiascos and the anger over foreign service workers and Harper bullying his way in BC for a pittance of jobs(most like foreign workers) and all for almighty oil. Sure lets devastate the Environment and tax Canadians for the clean up while BIG Oil runs amok with their money. Money and a few jobs do not make this a good deal. Yes if it meant a big tax break and some royalties I will go for it but for what we are getting it is a big regrettable faux pas. Harper has angered many in BC so that poll means squat.
steelworker 4/22/2014 6:25:19 PM Report

How's that magic eight ball working out for ya Sparky?
Wisenheimer 4/22/2014 6:45:03 PM Report

Harper has dick all to do with whether Keystone XL gets approved or whether a referendum in Kitimat gets yayed or nayed.
If you think otherwise, you are known as a low information voter. But we already knew that.
Oh, by the way, XL and Gateway and Energy East will all go ahead eventually.
Buy TRP and Enbridge ... preferably on weakness.
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 6:48:09 PM Report

Anyone who may be interested in some intelligent banter, where responses are longer than one sentence long and actually pertain to the topic, may I suggest Reddit Canada Politics.

There are at least 5 hot button issues going on with our pathetic government. The most reasoned response to any of the issues, comes in the form of a poll (from the person who doesn't believe in polls until!!), bragging about his beloved being 3 whole points ahead of the NDP. Not recognising how pathetic the situation truly is.
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 6:51:24 PM Report

Dum Dum,
He's already approved it. It is all the roadblocks that, if he were king, he would run right over.

I'm sure they will be resolved, but he is using a sledge hammer to kill the proverbial mosquito, where a little diplomacy may come in handy.

He's an idiot.
steelworker 4/22/2014 6:59:59 PM Report

I guess "diplomacy" involves paying off the local extortionists/enviromentalists while grabbing your ankles.
Resident 4/22/2014 7:37:15 PM Report

r. w. Just look at a couple of the posts and you wonder why people (including regulars) are hesitant to bother posting? At least there are SOME who try to ignore the nasty/narrow minded/sniping posts and have a civilized discussion. Difficult to do!!
Trvlr 4/22/2014 8:00:58 PM Report

The Russians are thugs. Their concocted narrative about protecting a Russian speaking population from extremists is laughable...yet people believe it. They took Crimea for strategic naval reasons, it wasn't about protecting endangered Russians. They're also a key player in keeping the bloody civil war going in Syria. Ensuring the status quo so their naval base can remain in the Med. Meanwhile, a million+ Syrian refugees stream from the country. Wouldn't want to lose influence there, even if it means supporting Assad who should be at the Hague being tried for war crimes.
The only people in Ukraine wearing masks, carrying mil-grade weapons, manning illegal checkpoints, taking over government buildings are the "pro-Russian forces". Is their any doubt that these uniformed folks are just Russian special forces and other implants into Eastern Ukraine. As an outsider, listening to the Kremlin's BS is a joke. Glossy media outlets like RT and RT Arabic continually spout nonsense.
Strong economic sanctions will isolate and reel Russia in like it did with Iran. Already the Russian economy is taking a big hit. I would prefer Canada ramp up its tough talk and call out Putin. He understands that. Get onboard with international banking sanctions against Russia--tanking their economy will get their attention.
Oh btw, booting out diplomats (and yes of course they're spies) is useless.
Bobby Nerves 4/22/2014 8:04:28 PM Report

Resident, as I said to Grump, why would you give explanations?

Your friends don't need any.

Your enemies will not believe any.

Stupid people will not understand anyways.

PS: When I said stupid people, I'm not referring in any way to a person with any sort of disability, rather to those with an incomprehensible and annoying attitude and the socially marginal.
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 8:17:07 PM Report

'I would prefer Canada ramp up its tough talk and call out Putin.'

Um, and what if Putin calls our bluff. Harper should 'shut up' and take on a supportive role....period! Heis an embarrassment to thinking Canadians.

Sanctions have kicked in and Russia hasn't blinked.

The Ukraine people revolted against their democratically elected government. How do we square that elected versus usurped power. This is Russia's back door....they have every right to make sure stability exists in their region. Diplomacy is the only avenue, therefore, and Harper/Baird/Canada are rapidly becoming a laughing stock.
Trvlr 4/22/2014 9:11:13 PM Report

Big Brother,

Re: the Cdn Govt Response...Keep it factual, keep it tough, and call them out on their BS. There's no bluff to call when you're stating the truth.

The economic sanctions have not been in place long enough to take full effect. There is a lot more leverage that has yet to be applied in that area.

"I told them, if you want to be serious players, if you want to help Ukrainians, if you want to be instrumental in national reconciliation in Ukraine, join the group. Be with us, Americans, European Union"...I love how Mamedov presents Russia like a peace dove in this process, using the words "join us". That is a joke. Sure, its their backyard, but they are clearly destabilizing the situation.

It was a fed up population that kicked out the corrupt leadership/government of Yanokovich. I sure haven't seen anyone trying to bring Yanokovich back to power lol. Interesting how he fled to Russia. I think the people spoke, regarding "the legitimate democratically elected government", and spoke clearly.

The Neville Chamberlain approach will not work with the current Russian leadership.
Grump 4/22/2014 9:25:55 PM Report

rw now that you have a poll that you feel you can hang your hat on. I think now would be a good time to finalize our little wager. Don't be shy little one, you may pick a winner yet. LMAO.
Grump 4/22/2014 9:37:39 PM Report

Harper has a lot of nerve advising anyone about anything. He hasn't come near anything yet that he hasn't screwed up. His history will read Mr. Incompetent Dictator. You swampers were more palatable acting like cavemen than now trying to be intellectuals.
BIG BROTHER 4/22/2014 9:42:39 PM Report

'The Neville Chamberlain approach will not work with the current Russian leadership.'

Well, Harper and Canada aren't the ones to be leading this charge. If this situation goes the way of Chamberlain's folly, Canada will be supportive observers of the situation. We are destabilizing the situation also, except we don't have the might to back anything up. Harper is in over his head....I think you know it.

The people of Ukraine spoke when they voted for Yanokovich. I'm not sure of their election cycles, but another election would be on the horizon. That is how democracies are supposed to operate. Because he was warming up to Russia, not the EU, there were some who disagreed. So what. So, we sanction revolution when it suits our ideology.

As for sanctions, Putin appears to be fully aware of what those would be and he is not deterred.
Hunter101 4/22/2014 10:18:16 PM Report

Yeah rw, you can bet there's going to be a lot of crying in here when Harper gets another majority.

Not from me of course, but you know who LMAO.
soowat 4/22/2014 10:45:28 PM Report

right wing

Is taht the same face rubbing you did when Obama kicked Romney's Butt back to Massachusetts after you predicted his victory?

BTW just in case you forgot,

"right wing 10/28/2012 6:34:55 PM Report

Romney will have over 300 electoral votes, win the popular vote and the Republicans will pick up the Senate.

...and all will be well. "
right wing 4/23/2014 8:08:52 AM Report


At least I have the balls to make predictions and stand by them.
My winning predictions over many years of following politics have heavily outweighed the few that I was wrong on.
right wing 4/23/2014 8:11:58 AM Report


You are correct but you should be aware that you are trying to make a point with a person the idolizes dictatorships.
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