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NetSocial Forum for Wednesday, Apr. 16 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014   by: NetSocial TodayWelcome to the NetSocial Forum - a virtual bulletin board where multiple topics are up for discussion, and questions for others in our community can be posted daily.
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Bobby Nerves 4/16/2014 7:35:44 AM Report

Good morning.

Hey Mallet, how are thing in you neck of the...snow? smirk...smirk... smirk.. smack!
soowat 4/16/2014 7:41:03 AM Report

Question for today

Is it just me or does anyone else think that we're stuck in a giant snow globe with some jerk randomly giving it a shake?
Bobby Nerves 4/16/2014 7:41:12 AM Report

OK, I have one for your here in the bag:

There's this old priest who got sick of all the people in his parish who kept confessing to adultery. One Sunday, in the pulpit, he said, "if I hear one more person confess to adultery, I'll quit!" Well, everyone liked him, so they came up with a code word. Someone who had committed adultery would say they had "fallen".

This seemed to satisfy the old priest and things went well, until the priest died at a ripe old age. About a week after the new priest arrived, he visited the Mayor of the town and seemed very concerned. The priest said, "you have to do something about the sidewalks in town. When people come into the confessional, they keep talking about having fallen." The Mayor started to laugh, realizing that no-one had told the new priest about the code word.

Before the mayor could explain, the priest shook an accusing finger at the mayor and said, "I don't know what you're laughing about, your own wife fell three times this week."

celeste5 4/16/2014 9:37:43 AM Report

Good morning

Another chilly morning,
Well, at least the Sun is out,
That`s always nice.

Those fraudulent calls that everyone is getting are always East Indians.
I always get them. I frustrating one, with all my questions.
The phone number was all o`s one time and yesterday it was +201312119, that call woke me up, it was at 11:28pm.
My credit card was used four times, someone booked a first class flight with it,
Another time in Florida someone went shopping and bought an expensive purse and shoes, I was notified by Master Card because of unusual spending.
One time I just had my card canceled and two days later someone was using it again.
I had to go to the bank four times and sign papers saying it wasn`t me.
Sure glad they never question me, anyway I no longer have a Master Card.
Anyway, how did they get at my card so quickly.
I quess, I should change my name.
mallet 4/16/2014 11:21:02 AM Report

Morning folks..

A nice bright sunny morning out here, most of my weather station thermometers are in the sun now so I do not get a real accurate readings but they are all showing well above that Zero mark. So Bobby ... Har de Ha Har!!!

I have never been hacked to that extent but even when you are on the so called Do Not Call list, the CRTC DNCL, that does not mean that some of these people wont call you.. My favourite one is the one calling claiming to reduce your credit card interest rate, how many times they have called claiming it is my 2 and final call to do that, I cannot recal but a lot more than two...

You all have a great hump day and maybe the Easter Bunny will visit this weekend!!!
celeste5 4/16/2014 11:40:40 AM Report


I just asked my husband about my credit card because I couldn`t remember the place it used one time,
He remembered it was Saudi Arabia because they spent 666 dollars, must of been the Devil, eh.
mallet 4/16/2014 2:21:25 PM Report


You better be very careful what you say regarding Saudi... you never know when they might issue a fatwa against you for saying anything that might offend the Profet... very touchy lot over there...
Bobby Nerves 4/16/2014 3:24:16 PM Report

OK Mallet, blonds are so insipid in bed. The world belongs to brunettes!

Here we go again, and this is a bbberrrryyyy good one:

A blonde orders a beer.

The bartender fills the mug and slides it down the bar. It hits the blonde woman's boobs and splashes all over them. The bartender goes over, retrieves the mug and licks the beer off her boobs.

Each time the blond calls for another beer this happens. So after the third beer, a guy decides to help the bartender out. The next time the bartender hit her boobs, the man jumps up and starts to lick her breasts. She decks him!

He is lying on the floor moaning, 'Jeez, lady... Why do you let the bartender do it and not me?'

"Helloooo!", says the blonde. 'He has a licker license!'

bounder 4/16/2014 4:20:01 PM Report

BN ., that's crazy right there.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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