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NetSocial Forum for Tuesday, Apr. 8 2014

Tuesday, April 08, 2014   by: NetSocial TodayWelcome to the NetSocial Forum - a virtual bulletin board where multiple topics are up for discussion, and questions for others in our community can be posted daily.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Just Curious 4/8/2014 2:46:35 AM Report

Damn, I guess I get first dibs on both pages today as I haven't been to bed yet, well, yes I was but couldn't sleep.

Good Morning World.. How's the pooch, Irish..? Hugging mine, thinking about your's..
Bobby Nerves 4/8/2014 7:38:38 AM Report

Good morning.

If you have a bad morning do not blame me.

When should you buy a crow?
When is going cheep!

If you feel you're a crow, do not blame me
Bobby Nerves 4/8/2014 8:19:27 AM Report

Disclaimer: If you are not, or associate not with crow, disregard this message.

There was a crow who walked into a store and said, “got any candy?”
The storekeeper said, “no, we don’t.” The next day, the crow went into the same store and asked the same thing and got the same anwer.
The crow kept going back every day for a week and asked the same thing and kept getting the same answer until the store keeper got so angry he said, “if you come in here and ask that again, I will hit you on the head with a hammer!”
The next day, the crow walks into the store and asks, “got a hammer?”
The store keeper says, “no.”
Then the crow asks, “got any candy?”
irishfey 4/8/2014 10:23:29 AM Report

Morning Friends.. I have a quick minute as my baby is sleeping. This is just about my 3rd. attempt to type on here this morning because i couldn"t see through the tears. ( will explain in a minute ) First off,, again to J.C, i am so sorry to hear of your loss. My pal is doing fine! He ate a wee bit last night and took his meds like the little trouper that he is. He/we,lol even went out for a pee. He was still a little a little uneven in his walk, but is doing better this morning. and has already had his breakfast and meds again. To all that cared to post on his behalf.. his name is Buddy and has been just that to me me for the past 16 yrs. Buddy is a Bichon/Poodle mix ( mostly Bichon) and is all white and if i don"t get his fur trimed he looks like a little soft cotton ball with big brown eyes....... The tears this morning were because this mornings post was to be a goodby post because of Bobbys sick, arrogant, insufferable, perveted post from yesterday!.... But then i read the posts from last night and cried at the response from you folk, bless you! I wasn"t sure if anyone would pick up on what Bobby was doing in his post, but you did. Last night was supposed to be a good night for me untill i read that post! I just about cried meself to sleep thinking just how cruel a folk could be, but .. there was Buddy licking away my tears so i focused on what was really important and that was that my Buddy made it through the surgery... that post was NO coincidence, it was done out of mallice and hate!.. From you responses last night to him i hope he knows where he stands, and that is .. alone!!... Mallets joke on the dog and the genie was in no comparrison to what Bobby posted!.... I will stay on this site and not let some ignorant pervet scare me off!!! Wickett,, you mentioned some time back when Gurpy and i were talking religion on this site and suggested that we just e-mail one another... well since Bobby only likes to interact with Mallet ( not about you Mallet ) I think he should do just that and use the e-mail instead of putting up his usless crap on here!!,, But that"s just my opinion! As i said before, me hubby didn"t know i was on this site as i knew he would not approve, but he sure does now as i had to confess as to why i was so upset last night, which should have been a good night for us. I think hubby was up half the night going over these posts and told me i had to leave, but when i explained i had some nice folk on here he said it was up to me then.... MR. BOBBY... As your learning english as a second language, i hope you are learning to read minds as well!.. This is in NO way a threat to you, but me hubby is a 6ft.2. Black Irish Man with hands the size of baseball mits and eyes of steel! He would never lay his hand to such a "" little man" as yourself, but one look from him would have you pooping you pants and curling up in a ball!..... Sorry this was a long post but had to get things off me chest.... Thank you all again for standing up for our babies that mean the world to us!... I'm done now, arn"t you glad ,lol... sorry again.... Have a great day.....
irishfey 4/8/2014 10:27:59 AM Report

Good grief,, i didn"t realize my post was soooo long, I am really sorry, i hope i left room in here for the rest of you.. please forgive.. xo
mallet 4/8/2014 10:34:58 AM Report

Morning Folks...

Another day where the temps are on the plus side, Wow, spring has really sprung, by the looks of it... Hardly any snow left on the roof now...

Cleaned off a few of the solar lights that have come to life, however not much else i can do yet, the ground is still frozen a few feet down, just the top few inches soft at the moment.

Not sure whether to start any seeds off indoors yet, they could get real stragly before I could get them in the gardens.


As most older English people will know fruit and vegtables were hard to come by during the war and rationing was the word of the day...

This lady wanted to make a stew with the meager meat ration she had, so she went to the green grocer and got some potatoes,carrots,parsnips,turnip, but could not find any onions, so she went to the man and said "I would like a pound of onions please", the man replied "sorry lady there aint no onions". Next day she went back and asked for a pound of onions, the man replied "sorry lady there are no onions". This went on all week and on the saturday she went in again and asked for a pound of onions, this time the man said "you know the EE in beet" "yes" she replied and the "TT in lettuce", "yes", and the "F in onions", she thought for a moment the said "but there aint no F in onions", "lady I been telling you that all week"..
celeste5 4/8/2014 10:56:39 AM Report

Good morning everyone.

It`s another nice day.
Spring is finally in the air.


That was a good joke.

Brietsy 4/8/2014 11:48:15 AM Report

Irish, that was quite a wall of text, but, I'm happy that I did read through it.

Trolls are going to be trolls. If I've ever said anything offensive, I apologize. I figured a news site like this we might all be grown up.

I am sorry if some posters have not.
redranger 4/8/2014 11:49:04 AM Report

a good "F" in joke
irishfey 4/8/2014 12:35:37 PM Report

Celeste, I am sorry about the strife in my post today as i know you don"t like it, but enough is enough!.. Did you eat all that cake? ,lol.... BRIETSY .. Thank you for reading all my post, it just had to be said! I really am not proud that i did this as i feel i was brought down to someone elses level, and no, you have no reason to apologize to anyone. Everyone has the right to post what they like but that post was just to cruel to overlook. I detest anything that has to do with harming animals, even in with some folk say is a joke, which it was not!..... MALLET, just my thought but i would wait a wee bit before starting off your seedlings. I did mine once to early and did not turn out well. We have a huge back yard and is very well treed in so i don"t get too much sun there, so this year i"m going to do most of my garden with pallets. I seen this on fb. and you plant the seeds inbetween the pallet spaces. It makes the weeding easier. All i have to do now is watch and see what parts of the yard gets the most sun..... lol, that joke was good!.....
Bobby Nerves 4/8/2014 12:51:31 PM Report

Mallet, I have 10 or 15 sore losers a day trying to show me the F in onions, and they're convinced that because I don't know how to spell I'm easy.

This morning I did the Bank, pay all bills for this week, interview two prospective losers, answer the message of another six and participated as a contender in two R's kissing contest.

Put another good joke because I have to go back to the demolition machine and be back this afternoon.
Just Curious 4/8/2014 1:06:09 PM Report

Irish, no thanks are necessary.. Right is right and wrong is wrong, end of story.. I see it hasn't got thru yet to some but that's OK, some just can't change. Actually looking forward to meeting you sometime. You said you spent 20 yrs as a bartender so I am sure I have told you all my problems somewhere before...:)..Glad to hear Buddy is doing well, it is amazing how fast they bounce back. We are still feeling shitty about something and the mutts are busy chasing sticks...LOL..:).
celeste5 4/8/2014 1:32:43 PM Report

Good afternoon.

While, I was napping,
But the phone woke me up.


No need to apologize,
Glad to hear your`re dog is eating.

irishfey 4/8/2014 1:35:11 PM Report

JUST CURIOUS.. I think a " thank you" is always necessary, it was the way i was raised, and shows respect. I"m so glad we have many pet lovers in here and i hope your baby will stay fit so you don"t need to see the Vet. If our paths have ever crossed in a Bar,, i sure hope that i have never "" cut you off"" ,lol, By the sounds of you i don"t think i would have lol.. I hope you had some sleep today, you need to heal. That"s what i"m going to do now, get a wee nap and snuggle. If a problem ever happens with your baby, let me know and i will sure try to help out. We are not rich by any means but would do what i could to help out. I'm afraid i left a little " nasty" in the Blue Room :), but it was deserved and i still feel a bit ticked off .... later friend....
mallet 4/8/2014 1:36:27 PM Report


Never tried the pallet idea, might be good for lettuce and other small root things like raddish etc... and I could put them on a bench so I don't have to bend down,,, umm that might just work...I think I will try that I have a couple of pallets lying around...
celeste5 4/8/2014 1:49:12 PM Report

Just Curious

I`m sorry to hear about your`re brother.
My mother is the only one left in her family too.

Just Curious 4/8/2014 2:45:51 PM Report

Thanks for the kind thoughts, friends..

Irish, I will tell you the same as Spelly. When I get my Ebike up and running this summer I may take a ride to Bruce Mines. That is a beautiful little picnic area just this side of town, my mutt loves it.I miss all the little trips I used to take just to let him out to play..Rydall bank is another great spot, the mutt chased the fish and ducks out there every time we stopped on our way around 638..Gonna pick up a small generator so I can recharge the bike on the go and then I'll be able to get around quite nicely.
mallet 4/8/2014 3:22:28 PM Report

Just Curious...

Technology regards electricity is not my forte, however could you not do a small solar panel in the handlebars??? I have a small gen set but the weight is not light, i am talking like 60/70Lbs. and its only 2500 watt, my 7000watt you need chainfalls to move without the wheels. I am not sure what it (Ebikes) need for power but I think you will have trouble getting a real small generating set...
Brietsy 4/8/2014 4:35:22 PM Report

A solar panel big enough to power an E-Bike would unfortunately be bigger then the E-bike. It is one of the issues with solar power, it requires a lot of space.
Just Curious 4/8/2014 5:05:02 PM Report

Mallet, unfortunately a solar panel big enough would serve better as a kite...:)
I had until recently a 2-stroke,950 gen-set that didn't weigh much more than my lunch pail when I was younger. Sold it as I wasn't thinking about the Ebike at that point.. A new one is about 150 bucks at ToolTown but I may be able to get my old one back as the guy doesn't use it. It would carry quite easily in the trailer with the dog and recharge the battery in a hurry. A friend of mine said I should just hook it to the battery and run it all the time I'm riding..The bike would still be electric and under the radar...:).
Grump 4/8/2014 5:07:26 PM Report

Irish I have no idea where you formed an opinion as to Bobby's size. I am almost 6' and 240 lbs. and I look small next to Bobby. As with most big men Bobby is a really sweet fellow so don't know how you two got off track. Well there you have it.
irishfey 4/8/2014 5:11:28 PM Report

Hi friends... Well i did lay down for awhile and snuggle with Buddy, but i couldn"t sleep although i really wanted to and did need the rest, but the Vet. told me that i have to watch Buddy close and that he wasn"t to be jumping off the bed for awhile, so he slept and i just cuddled...... JUST CURIOUS.. I would love for you to come down this way this summer. I know of the camping area you are talking about but i havN"t been in there yet, would love to see it. We also have the Marina by the water here too, it"s a nice place to go sit, picnic and just relax also. They have the Chip Stand there too, all healthy stuff ,lol.. Will be my treat.... If you get this E Bike.. where would you put the pooch?.. You can always charge the Bike up here at my place too.Make sure you give me a heads up as of when you would be coming so i can send you packing with those cabbage rolls etc. and the Wine.. hope the Bike has a place to store things.... This may be my last post of the night, hubby just got home so we will have supper and get to bed early. He has caught me cold now too, so i have to pamper him some since most of my attention has been on Buddy as of late ,lol.. He is a very understanding Man...... I am going to say one more thing to Bobby and i hope he reads this. When that Trevon fella thought that Bobby was threating him with death, i was not insulting Bobby, in fact i stood up for him and said that i thought it was all just a misunderstanding of words! As of late i have been telling Bobby that his Shark jokes were good, trying to be nice etc. but for some reason he don"T like me and as of now i really don"t care. So this is the end of it, i will say no more on the subject and put it behind me.... You all have a great night now and J.C. get some sleep!...... Nighty night Celeste....
irishfey 4/8/2014 5:22:36 PM Report

Grump... I seen in a post awhile back that "your" friend was a short man and someone said he was suffering from.. " small man syndrome". I have no idea why he hates me so much and in your words right now, " I don"t give a rats furry A** why! If he is big in stature, he is very small minded in my opinion. So, there you have it too!!! This is done now, so don"t you go and add more coal to the fire!!
mallet 4/8/2014 5:39:19 PM Report

Just Curious...

Right!! I have a 10lbs sledge hammer, 20 years ago I could use it One handed, now it takes both hands and a hernia belt to swing it. As the old saying goes, what I used to do all day, now take me all day to do it...once!!!
Bobby Nerves 4/8/2014 5:50:15 PM Report

Grump, you do know a bit about me and I'll be concerned if you have to express a bad opinion about me, the rest can keep watching from outside.

I may call you tomorrow for that material, if I have time to make phone calls.
Bobby Nerves 4/8/2014 5:57:31 PM Report

And please, do not lie to them, you know very well that hispanics like me, we are just 5'4", dark skin, dark hair, short arms and no beard, bowlegs, shorty and with prominent belly. Don't misguide them to believe that I'm a big body person, I'm a midget with good sense of humor and I know how to laugh about me.

You are easily 10" higher than me, tell them the truth, please.
irishfey 4/8/2014 8:18:52 PM Report

For that at least,, thank you. We should all be able to laugh at ourselves,, It beats the other people from doing it. :)
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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