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View Room Comments for Wednesday, Mar. 19 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Spellchecker 3/19/2014 6:30:53 AM Report

For shakespeare -
Bobby Nerves 3/19/2014 6:48:13 AM Report

Good morning sc.

Two more sleeps to spring.
David Poluck 3/19/2014 6:56:06 AM Report

Good Morning!!
Hump day!

Grump 3/19/2014 7:13:35 AM Report

Good morning fellows and everyone still pounding their ears on the their pillows. Sparks, agree with you on the Republicans. It's like watching a buffoon climbing contest. Have a great day all.
flyhawk25 3/19/2014 7:19:50 AM Report

Good morning.
I watched an attack ad on Trudeau Lite last night.I thought 'Is that the best you've got?'
The idea is he's not fit to lead.
Then I read that Harper's 'Action Plan' cost $60M and never actually did anything.
But his $6M for snow machine trails in Quebec was more the the $600 K he spent on the rest of Canada.
So - whose not fit to lead?
irishfey 3/19/2014 8:28:48 AM Report

Morning Folks... Are there no NDP supporters on here?... WILD TURKEY..I thought i was the only one who got confused by Bobbys speach, but we are dealing with a folk that gets upset when i use the word.. "me" ,lol.... STATUS...If you think that the four headed beasts are just.. " beasts" ,lol,, I suggest you read the book of Daniel.. it will explain "who" these " beasts" are,... and maby you are taking .. one too many " puffs" while you read :) :).... Have a great day.....
lookaround 3/19/2014 8:30:26 AM Report

Then Harper has Oliver take Flaherty's position after Flaherty questioned Harper on income splitting. Makes you wonder that anyone that speaks up in his cabinet is a goner. In Canada we call that a dictatorship.

Another question would Coca Cola or Seimans or Ford keep a CEO that acts like Rob Ford? No
redranger 3/19/2014 8:35:30 AM Report

You bible pushing semi-literate Irish females remind one of the Magdalene Sisters You know so little that you are dangerous.
irishfey 3/19/2014 8:47:18 AM Report

Redranger.. I know more than you think.. go take a pill, fe** off or just go away,, as in the words of .."Grump".. "" i don"t give a rats a**" what you think or say!... My post was to Status,, not you.....
irishfey 3/19/2014 8:55:03 AM Report

Bobby.. your nothing but a , pig!!.. you know that right??.... Done in here today....
Bobby Nerves 3/19/2014 9:03:55 AM Report

A pig's orgasm last 30 minutes. How do you know?

Just Curious 3/19/2014 9:09:37 AM Report

Irish, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?? Take it all tongue in cheek, hon, some of these guys just like to pull your chain...:)
right wing 3/19/2014 9:12:23 AM Report

"I hope you agree that we are exploiting the planet to a degree that will leave it barren for future generations.
On the energy front the only and most reasonable solution is nuclear power!
It is safe, clean and abundant in comparison with what we have now. And I can back that statement up!
Chernobyl and Fukushima notwithstanding.
Climate change?....meh!...not sure about that. Pollution and finite resources are definitely a thing we should be contemplating!"


The human race, since the industrial revolution, has had to learn to become better keepers of this's the only one we have.
Strides have been made in controlling our pollution but definitely not where it should be, yet.
The bigger problem is countries like China that are burning coal like crazy with no scrubbers, etc.
Lets just call them up and tell them to tone it down a bit.
Completely agree with you on the nuclear but once again an agenda by the enviro-wackos against nuclear (remember the movie The China Syndrome) was the beginning of the end on nuclear power.
Folks watch crap movies like that and actually believe it's the truth. (see an Inconvenient Truth)

I don't agree it will be left a barren waste land for future generations.
You're a Mad Max fan aren't you.
Perhaps I am overconfident and rely on human ingenuity and science to much but I do believe there are solutions to all problems.
This planet has survived natural catastrophes thrown at it by Mother Nature for millions of years...mankind being a threat to the planet, mankind being a threat to the words of George Carlin, "the planet will shake us off like a case of bad fleas".
...and remember climate change is real and has been happening to this floating blue ball since it's's just not man driven and caused by C02.
I for one am hoping it heads to slight warming during the cycle and not cooling for my lifetime.
right wing 3/19/2014 9:15:18 AM Report


I believe the word you should have used was pervert.
Lets have some respect for the pig and not place it on such a low level.
irishfey 3/19/2014 9:16:12 AM Report

The Monitor is looking,, a post was pulled,, thank you... This is a site that our Grandmothers are supposed to be able to read right?.... I saw a post on fb that was right on the nose when it came to " potty talk"".. It went as this... "" A person that talks with "diarihea mouth".. proves that they have sh** for brains"".... We are supposed to be " adults" on here remember??...
soowat 3/19/2014 9:28:46 AM Report


Personally, I always liked the line that reads,"Profanity is the crutch of the illiterate."
irishfey 3/19/2014 9:29:16 AM Report

lol... Rightwing.. Thank you, i humbley apologize to the pig species and darned if i know anything about the pigs sex life, but someone on here does :)... JUST CURIOUS... i feel fine dear,lol.. I know that folks " chains" get pulled on here , but most end it with a smiley face :).... Have a great day now...
irishfey 3/19/2014 9:32:48 AM Report

Soowat.. lol.. that is so true ,lol... Now i really have to go,, have work to do today.. bless you all...
Just Curious 3/19/2014 9:35:49 AM Report

Francis street closed today, maybe for a couple of days for a frozen sewer. A lot of morning travelers ticked when they come down Railroad or London to Francis and find it closed. Was out with the dog and you could see them and almost hear them swearing at the signs..LOL. Making it rough on the hookers tho, no traffic on Francis or Blucher. They'll have to work Tancred today..:)
right wing 3/19/2014 9:40:02 AM Report


Yes I am aware that the correct symbol is pH and if that is the only hair that you had to split I'm good with that.

right wing 3/19/2014 9:41:36 AM Report


Are you sure you did not plug it with one of your B.S.'ing sessions.....
Jimssm 3/19/2014 9:53:58 AM Report

rw...I agree with you for the most part.

I do not have the confidence you have in science or technology to keep things on an even keel. That takes money to do and most corporations look at the bottom line while most governments would rather put the fix down the road somewhere.

As you say, Earth and Mother Nature will take care of things. Whether humankind is included in the end result is another story.
Just Curious 3/19/2014 10:05:22 AM Report

rw, no, it's in front of the house next door..LOL... My crap is usually pretty warm and would help it thaw, I would think. LOL..:)
Jimssm 3/19/2014 10:07:24 AM Report

"Federal lawyers say Ottawa has no special obligation to those who've fought wars on behalf of Canada"

....Thanks to the Canadian Government for their support of our troops and veterans.

In other news, two more Afghan vets committed suicide this week.
Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 10:13:01 AM Report

All I said was .. " the skeletal remains of Stats., Teeps and Boobie were found in Grunt's big mother-effing truck at the drive-in.
They had pulled in to watch the new block buster "Closed for Winter".
What's not funny about that!
Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 10:16:58 AM Report

Jimmsm .. settled on Hilton Village off -season, 219.00/nt CAD, @
Should do the trick.
right wing 3/19/2014 10:21:50 AM Report


The fact that corporations look at the bottom line is one of the reasons why I have faith in the development of science.
Especially corporations that invest in technology, research and development.
The number one rule for any business, find a problem (or need) and fix it (or fill it) and the result will be a profit.
I agree there are some poorly directed corporations but most of them are properly run and responsible.
The last thing a responsible corporation wants is a bad public reputation.
Profit is not a bad word and at times a dash of greed can be a positive thing.
The "evil corporations" agenda is another bunch of crap that has been overblown...certainly an easier picture to paint after the mortgage fiasco.
Think about the fact that the light bulb was introduced around 135 years think about what we have developed technology wise to date.
Imagine what the next generation shall bring.

right wing 3/19/2014 10:30:29 AM Report

Nice cherry picking there Jimssm.
Shame on you but I'll give you points for trying.

This is the entire statement that Jim selectively picked that from.

"Federal lawyers say Ottawa has no special obligation to those who've fought wars on behalf of Canada and that it's unfair to bind the Harper government to promises made nearly a century ago by another prime minister."

...and this is the entire story which I believe is important to read in its entirely in order to form an opinion.
Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 10:33:36 AM Report

Reading the tributes to Flaherty and Harpers' stewardship of the economy, from even the liberal press, flies in the face of comments on here, from the resident peanut gallery.
JT figures that budgets just "balance themselves."
Advice to Cons. "stay quiet and let the young fellow talk".
Jimssm 3/19/2014 10:46:21 AM Report


I specifically left out the Harper reference as to NOT blame just them... so no, I wasn't 'cherry picking'
right wing 3/19/2014 10:49:43 AM Report


This is an issue that I have been following and is also showing up in the oceans.
A real threat to the health of the human race.
What the microscopic particles do in absorbing pollutants is great but in turn getting into the food chain is potentially, dare I use the word,...catastrophic.
right wing 3/19/2014 10:54:41 AM Report


If you did not intend I do apologize for inferring that you did...but with your statement:

"....Thanks to the Canadian Government for their support of our troops and veterans." did not have to state "Harper" or turn on your sarcasm button.

It was enough to come across, at least to me, that you were cherry picking.
Jimssm 3/19/2014 11:00:50 AM Report


No, I am not a 'Harper hater', I dislike all government(s) equally.

KENNEDY919 3/19/2014 11:06:10 AM Report

Justin Trudeau's fate will really dictated by the results of the provincial election in Quebec. If the PQ get re-elected and again ignite their will to separate from Canada it will be wise for the rest of Canada to not choose a Prime Minister from Quebec.
I personally would not want a Quebecker to negotiate the interests of Canadians outside of Quebec.
cathyh 3/19/2014 11:14:38 AM Report

right wing: I respectfully disagree with you about our servicemen and women. What was true 135 years ago for our military is true today period. The men and women still put their lives on the line just as they did then. Shame on you for in my opinion agreeing with a gov't that is belittling the role our servicemen and women play in society. IMHO our military should be held in the highest regard both while in and when retired from duty. We should treat our men & women in the military with the respect and care they require. A pension befitting their role should always reflect their service to their/our country.
right wing 3/19/2014 11:19:53 AM Report


Fair enough.
My biggest issue(s) with governments are two fold...governments should not own anything in the business sector, i.e. LCBO, railways, post office, etc. (watch the attacks I get for that one) and second...they should stick to what they were intended for, to govern and nothing more.
Governments have been very slick at creating a segment of society that believes that without them (the government) they would not survive.
Sadly this belief is increasing as are the numbers of those that have placed themselves there.
right wing 3/19/2014 11:23:18 AM Report


What are you talking about.
I stated nothing about my position today on the government in respect to the military.
I posted a link to an entire article so that folks like yourself (I'm assuming you did) could read it and give an opinion.
I have to head out now but I will gladly give you my opinion on it later.

You have a nice day now.
right wing 3/19/2014 11:25:48 AM Report

...and Cathy, the 135 years ago was in reference to the light bulb....something perhaps you should turn on when reading.

Big Bad Bob 3/19/2014 11:26:50 AM Report

With apologies to any fellow posters not interested in the Putin /Ukraine crisis, I cannot resist returning for the record to certain points raised yesterday.
My objection concerning the referendum in Crimea as compared to the two in Québec was not aimed at its result, or at the fact that only the people of Crimea voted , but at the fact that it was obviously rigged and run by a foreign power, which was not the case in Québec.
status quo
My estimate of Putin is about on a level with yours and I agree with your opinion- as far as it goes -that “the Ukrainian situation is something between the Russians, the Ukrainians and the people in the Crimea (the vast majority of which are Russian.) “ What Putin has done so far did not surprise me a bit, and if he goes no further, I will gladly rest my case. I am not so certain as you are , however , that this whole affair is not “going to make a difference on the Global scale” and that Putin will will not attempt to go further. I certainly hope that you, not I, are right, and if you are, I’ll try to look you up and offer you a drink the next time I visit the Soo.
lookaround 3/19/2014 11:58:22 AM Report

Wisen why don't you ask Paul Martin he had a surplus never mind the balancing which should have been done years ago NOT in 2015. There that should shut the Muppet gang up.
cathyh 3/19/2014 12:00:46 PM Report

right wing: You're right about the 135-year reference, my bad. Everything else I said in my prior post is what I believe in when it comes to supporting our military. The article I read on the CBC on-line article stated that Canada has spent a lot of money supporting the military and well they should. By the way, you are so rude in your postings on this site that you might be considered a bully.
lookaround 3/19/2014 12:04:21 PM Report

Note of caution to those that think your doctor is telling you everything. As I was waiting for my gallbladder surgery unbeknownst to whomever to who was responsible for my chart from 2006 to the present. I read it. Kept certain things memorized. Under EKG graph possible silent heart attack. To followup. How come I wasn't told? Then angiopathology of the white matter after a brain MRI. Meaning small vessel weakness or past seizures. Maybe I am being paranoid but hell should I not know?
irishfey 3/19/2014 12:37:07 PM Report

Rightwing.. re.. Cathy and the 135 yrs., light bulb.... You folk talk about a "niner",lol.. I give you a 10 ,lol,, that was funny... Cathy.. some posters have a problem with just scanning the posts without taking the the time to " read ".. We all are guilty of that from time to time,, no worry,, but Rightwing a bully?? No i don"t think so, he?she? ( what are you dear?,lol) always puts a smiley face on after the comments,, to me , that is not a bully, just somene posting their views....that is just my opinion though :)
irishfey 3/19/2014 12:51:17 PM Report

KENNEDY919.. GREAT post!!! Now "why" havn"t any of you others thought of that??? Something to think about.. no????......
flyhawk25 3/19/2014 1:00:13 PM Report

This Rob Ford drama keeps getting nuttier. Now the police have the video.
You know - the one that he denied and blamed the media for lying.
The gut is nuts and needs to get defeated.
Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 1:03:19 PM Report

lookaround .. my little tulip.
As you obviously don't remember, the Libs and Dippos schemed to bring down the PC government, because the stimulus plan wasn't big enough for their liking.
Bowing to the pressure the plan was increased, resulting in the current situation. The public, unimpressed with the "coalition from hell" idea promptly gave the P.C.s a majority.
Flaherty's last budget ensures a surplus probably before 2014 is out.
Hate to burst your bubble with facts.
flyhawk25 3/19/2014 1:37:54 PM Report

You want facts
Why not respond to the Action Plan and the Quebec snow machine trails?
Or is that $60 M+ just chump change?
lookaround 3/19/2014 1:42:23 PM Report

As ususal Wisen you are wrong. Look at the facts we had no deficit but a surplus prior to Harper. Harper has spent the whole country into the worst debt and a deficit which was not necessary. Harper has failed fiscally and I know you can't see those broken rose colored glasses but facts are facts. GET your facts Wisen. Wise you are not. Definitely not.
lookaround 3/19/2014 1:46:22 PM Report

60 million on a Job Action plan that technically doesn't exist. A FAILED POLICY WITH NO FISCAL INSIGHT. Money for attack adds that are not winning him any friends or voters. Time for Harper to go. 2015 is too far for me. It wasn't the 2008 bailout that caused the deficit Wisen . It was the insane spending on pet projects. Facts.
theprotector 3/19/2014 1:46:53 PM Report

it is true, harper has sent this country down the tubes! Now watch them all bail to go to work in private sector for some of the big businesses they helped! What? Oh its happened already go figure!!
Wild Turkey 3/19/2014 1:46:54 PM Report

@Kennedy---Great post--however ,if that were the case then the only choice would be The Conservatives.I don't think the Greens have a chance this time.
We have had some great P.M.s from LaBelle Province, from both major parties.And who could forget Jack ?
One could argue that a P.M. from Quebec would be better qualified to deal with separatists.And don't forget the 40 to 50 % of Quebecers who won't vote for Marois.Likely the latest polls reflect the outcome of the next election,so where the guy comes from won't matter to voters at this time.
redranger 3/19/2014 1:53:10 PM Report

I knew that you knew it was pH. I just don't want a Korah graduate getting sloppy in his posts...right DT
Javaman 3/19/2014 1:53:52 PM Report

Can CHOW beat FORD? I say ONLY if TORY drops out, If TORY stays in he will split the vote and allow FORD to slither up the middle and win.
mallet 3/19/2014 1:56:16 PM Report

Big Bad Bob..

The Crimea region is heavily populated by Russian speaking and Russian born people. Their parliament was elected with a majority of Russian speaking voters and they are the ones who called for a referendum/plebisite on rejoining the Russian mainland. I did not see Putin down there stumping for votes. Now you say there was outside interference, how do you know that for sure? As far a quebec goes, not knowing how old you are, perhaps you remember a certain outside president uttering those famous words "Vivre Le Quebec Libre" I guess you would not call that inspired intervention by an outsider??
lookaround 3/19/2014 1:56:29 PM Report

The Youth of Canada favour Justin Trudeau over Harper according to the recent polls and surveys. To most Harper is from the same old boys club.
theprotector 3/19/2014 2:00:06 PM Report

I think there are enough voters in toronto that fear ford getting in even if Tory stays, chow will win!
Maybe ford will run for leader of the conservative party when harpo steps down
mallet 3/19/2014 2:02:51 PM Report


Chump Change.. It depends if you counting in millions, billions or trillions.. I am certainly getting a little disappointed with the present government, whom I have supported in the past, but the lastest idiotic chasing of votes by smoozing with the Ukraine, has put the damper on it. I have written and told both Harper and Baird so, may not make a difference but at least they know that not everybody is on board with their decisions.
lookaround 3/19/2014 2:50:40 PM Report

Really Harper is on a junket again?

Wow that's why I pay such high taxes and have a deficit till infinitum and the debt I could just scream.
Where the hell is the money going to come from to pay this astronomical fiscal failure? Is harper going to nickel and dime us again. Raise fees, less transfer payments for health, education and roads? Canada needs help.

Bobby Nerves 3/19/2014 3:02:44 PM Report

Tomorrow is the last day of winter. Spring will be here the next day and I'll be driving around with my car windows down and my dog with his body out breading the fresh cut grass smell in the air.

steelworker 3/19/2014 3:03:40 PM Report

If Chow ends up as mayor of Toronto you will see a Canadian version of Detroit.
Bobby Nerves 3/19/2014 3:07:40 PM Report

A judge authorize the release of more documents related to the investigation of TO mayor Ford and his friend, the con Lissi.

The Police is pointing to the drug trafficking.

Everyone agree, it's time to kill the turkey.


Yours truly,
The pig :)~~~~~~~~
Zing 3/19/2014 3:19:53 PM Report

Just Curious 3/19/2014 3:21:05 PM Report

So now we know...Flaherty wouldn't go along with income splitting so he's fired and the new guy agrees totally with Harper about it....We talking Dictatorship here????. What a friggin' load of crap our government is... Bye harper, Hello anyone else...:(.
Zing 3/19/2014 3:21:17 PM Report


"If Chow ends up as mayor of Toronto you will see a Canadian version of Detroit."

steelworker 3/19/2014 3:34:53 PM Report

Being a good little socialist she is used to living off the taxpayers dime and will drive T.O into bankruptcy in no time. Expect way higher taxes and more bicycle paths at the expense of business. Her and her hubby are nothing but frauds.
Javaman 3/19/2014 3:36:53 PM Report

How do we know Flaherty was fired?
David Poluck 3/19/2014 3:38:56 PM Report

First Nations group blocks Toronto-Ottawa Via Rail trains, demanding justice for murdered aboriginal women

A lesson on how to protest and gain attention for your cause. Salute!
cathyh 3/19/2014 3:43:17 PM Report

Does anyone know why one has to pay to park at the Service Canada office on Bay St?
irishfey 3/19/2014 3:46:20 PM Report

LOL,LOL... nah, i won"t say it , tempting as it is, I"m going to be nice :):)
Just Curious 3/19/2014 3:53:38 PM Report

Javaman , we don't, but look at it. harper and flaherty went nose to nose over this several times, now Flarhety is gone and the new guy agrees with Harper totally....It's not rocket science...
Just Curious 3/19/2014 3:54:35 PM Report

cathyh, they need the money to balance the budget...LOL...:)
soowat 3/19/2014 4:01:49 PM Report

Steelworker your 3:34:53 PM post is an egregious example of illiteracy

First, you need to learn the proper use of a pronoun

Second when you write "Her and her husband..." that is an even more egregious mutilation of the language. Other than those two examples you "done real good."
cathyh 3/19/2014 4:03:53 PM Report

just curious: Really? I already pay taxes to support gov't and the buildings, why a parking fee? The gov't will never balance the budget they will just talk about it.
Just Curious 3/19/2014 4:05:11 PM Report

soowat, it's Spelly's job to correct grammar here, quit trying to cut in..In the end you will just give up in defeat and collapse and the bad grammar will continue unabated...:)
steelworker 3/19/2014 4:30:16 PM Report

soowat: you are an egregious example of a sphincter.
Just Curious 3/19/2014 4:30:18 PM Report

Another example.. the loonies down so the feds change the rules... We are gonna miss Flarhety...
lookaround 3/19/2014 4:49:51 PM Report

BUT STEELWORKER you are the real thing lmao.
We call it like you say. Enough said. lol God help us from SW poor chap, no friends, about as smart as a cucumber. Only thing is a cucumber has its uses.
Just Curious 3/19/2014 4:51:04 PM Report

cathyh, my point exactly... I am unemployed and broke but I have to pay a buck to go and file for unemployment insurance??? makes no sense at all does it?? But that's our conservative Government that rw and others are so proud of...:)
lookaround 3/19/2014 4:56:30 PM Report

Steelworker yes answer why Chow that is Mayor Chow will bring Toronto into disparity? How do you know? Just look at Canada's job losses and dismal job growth with Harper LOL hahahaha

Enough said. Thank You

After all who wants an obese crack addicted foul mouthed mayor who on top of everything lies?

NO ONE chump

Grump 3/19/2014 4:56:50 PM Report

Good evening everyone. A little history, it was two Prime Ministers from Quebec , Trudeau and Chretien who quashed the last two tries at independence. Yes rw there is something really sad about a government that abandons vets while whizzing money away on total stupidity and gifting foreign countries from here to there. As far as Federal Lawyers go they are currently Harper lackeys. Wisen re Canada's Economic Action Plan, mostly just another fraud as damn little of the money was ever spent. Flaherty may be a decent fellow after all, he just doesn't have the stomach for harper any longer.
steelworker 3/19/2014 4:58:44 PM Report

lookaround: I guess you would know all about cucumbers. To quote a famous troll: LMAO.
steelworker 3/19/2014 5:11:29 PM Report

...and maybe Ford could run for Chows' seat for No Damn Plan party.
lookaround 3/19/2014 5:34:51 PM Report

Steelworker give up. Why do I even respond?
right wing 3/19/2014 5:35:33 PM Report


That is how you take it, nothing I can do about that.
Has nothing to do with my embarrassing you for your unwarranted attack post at me now does it.
As was pointed out I almost always place a smile or a wink and most on here take my sarcasm as it is meant...
Don't worry when I am intentionally rude you'll know it.

...oh before I forget...

right wing 3/19/2014 5:46:31 PM Report

lookaround a.k.a can change your moniker all you like, you still don't know a dam thing about anything.
right wing 3/19/2014 5:50:27 PM Report

The libs have their crystal ball doing overtime this afternoon.
Careful you might rub right through the gazing glass.....
Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 5:50:56 PM Report

Lookaround .. you've starting doing that hahahaha thing.
Soon you'll be lumped in with grunt, teeps and boobie.
After patiently explaining our current deficits and how they were exacerbated by the libs and dips you disregard my offering.
Bad form.
lookaround 3/19/2014 5:54:10 PM Report

right wing when
did I become eversons?
Sorry but I have been here since October and am not a male. I am of the female persuasion :)
lookaround 3/19/2014 5:57:19 PM Report

Wisen really I understand fiscal responsibility after all that is my career. Believe me I watch your advice on stocks and money markets.Great advice but Not always the sound advice. I was mentored by Larry G. of RBC Investments,
right wing 3/19/2014 6:18:13 PM Report


Yes everson(s) I know that you are female. for when you became eversons,, hard to say Cybil with all 16 of you in there.

Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 6:20:28 PM Report

Larry G. was my first broker these many years ago.
Got me into Norsat at the time .. in at $4.00 out at $34.00. Nice start.
It's still out there as a contrarian pick, but back to pennies.
lookaround 3/19/2014 6:20:43 PM Report

I could be anybody but I am not. Who are you anyway?

lookaround 3/19/2014 6:21:35 PM Report

Sorry Wisen I don't want to give his full name.

right wing 3/19/2014 6:21:44 PM Report

...speaking of gender.

Irishfey....I am a male...a confident one so I am O.K. with showing my feminine side....I even occasionally wear a pink shirt, especially if I'm going to run into statusquo at the Metro....
lookaround 3/19/2014 6:22:29 PM Report

He was a great broker I miss him dearly.
right wing 3/19/2014 6:22:54 PM Report


Larry would not care as he is well know in the investment world...ain't that "Grand".....
lookaround 3/19/2014 6:27:29 PM Report

right wing where you the gentleman that responded to the furnace question I had. I bought one. But I figured 7000 was steep but you get what you pay for and my last one was out of code. No drains in floors.
So for 10 years no worries. At 53 10 years is a long shot in life. When I bought my windows they told me 25 years.

lookaround 3/19/2014 6:29:17 PM Report

Yes right wing but I thought it was etiquette to not name names. Just out of respect.
Grump 3/19/2014 6:30:04 PM Report

Lookaround and Wisen, I'm sure I must know both of you as L & C are old, old friends. Wisen I had no idea that they also dealt with morons but I guess everyone makes mistakes, that said it doesn't sound as if that relationship still exists.
right wing 3/19/2014 6:31:21 PM Report

Yes I responded to your furnace question.
You stated that the price was an installed quote and I asked you who was going to install it but you never answered.
Not that it matters now, the job is
right wing 3/19/2014 6:32:41 PM Report


C's late brother and I were good friends.
Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 6:33:33 PM Report

Nope Grunt .. moved on many years ago.
You are certainly a popular guy in your own odd way.
Grump 3/19/2014 6:34:48 PM Report

lookaround did you vacation in South America and complain that you didn't even get kissed.
Wisenheimer 3/19/2014 6:36:27 PM Report

Carmela would not be upset if her name is known. She was/is a competent professional.
Grump 3/19/2014 6:37:29 PM Report

rw, C was almost like a young sister to my brother and I, that said she always did a hell of a job for me.
Grump 3/19/2014 6:45:05 PM Report

Wisen ,now that's the first thing you have said that is actually funny. You calling any normal human being odd is truly laughable.
shakespeare 3/19/2014 6:45:39 PM Report

I take a great fascination in identifying someone's writing in terms of grammar, spelling, word choice and personality. I could nearly always tell when my students were not writing in their own voice. Wisen, in his thinking that tp was eversons, was totally out to lunch. I think rw has a better perception.

It really is a small world in the Sault in terms of whom we know. I expect that several of us were in the same room a couple of years ago for a very sad event for a beleaguered family.

Spelly: thanks for your graph, which I think reinforces my point about rampant inflation.
cathyh 3/19/2014 7:05:27 PM Report

right wing: P to you also. A smiley face doesn't cut it for me.
Spellchecker 3/19/2014 7:08:10 PM Report

The devaluation of the currency is inflation. Surely you don't think that devaluation from $1 to 5 cents is going to stop there. The rampant part of the inflation will come when the velocity of all that fiat they've been printing is released as debt.

Also when the foreign creditors send all the devalued stuff back to our shores and interest rates rise to encourage them to buy more of the unpayable debt. Russia and China are planning their exits from the US dollar as we type.

These things take time but I'm pretty sure we're going to see it. The only way to pay unpayable debt when foreigners stop buying the bonds is to create more funny money.

The government is a legal counterfeiter. Governments do the same thing as counterfeiters do in their basements and the end result of the proliferation of dollars causing the debasement of the currency is the same.

There has never been a fiat currency in history that has not gone to zero value and ours will be no different.

I've explained this in the past so have no interest in continuing along this worn out trail any more today. I've got Sun News and Fox News to catch up on.

Have fun, see you later.
Spellchecker 3/19/2014 7:16:15 PM Report

Just Curious, thanks for your defence of my job, lol. You're right man, it does get somewhat disheartening.
Bobby Nerves 3/19/2014 7:29:06 PM Report

I'd read that smoking is not good for you, and I quit smoking.

I'd read that alcohol is not good for you, and I quit drinking.

I'd read that religion is not good for you, and I quit religion.

I'd read that having sex every day is not good for you. I quit reading.
Bobby Nerves 3/19/2014 8:06:13 PM Report


China and Russia are planning nothing.

I posted the article yesterday.

At the time USA was facing the bursting real estate mortgage bubble, Russia call the chinese and proposed the play hard on USA sending Freddy Mae and Fannie Mac down the hole.

The chinese had an envoy talking to Paulson and USA did the necessary arrangements.

The USA did the necessary arrangements and walked out of the situation.

Here you have a reading about it:
sparks7 3/20/2014 3:42:13 AM Report

Sure Spellchecker,

Keep telling us that till the Can $ goes to 80 or 78 cents vs USD $.Then I will short your your stuff and go the other way.
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