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NetSocial Forum for Friday, Mar. 14 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014   by: NetSocial TodayWelcome to the NetSocial Forum - a virtual bulletin board where multiple topics are up for discussion, and questions for others in our community can be posted daily.
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bounder 3/14/2014 6:23:17 AM Report

Good morning all, rain this afternoon is that possible? Above freezing wow.
theprotector 3/14/2014 7:39:12 AM Report

yeah but it is kinda sad we will be around the minus 20 mark for the weekend.... :-(
Gurpy 3/14/2014 8:59:31 AM Report

This winter just refuses to let go!
irishfey 3/14/2014 9:14:50 AM Report

Morning Friends... Up and at em, or just go back to bed ,lol I think i"m getting a wee cold, must be the changes in the weather. No wonder Mother Nature is reffered as a " she "... She keeps changing her mind ,lol... Have a good day folks...
irishfey 3/14/2014 9:25:42 AM Report

Celeste... Wake up dear :)
celeste5 3/14/2014 9:42:26 AM Report

Good morning everyone.


I`ve been up since 5am.
I just got back from a walk,
It`s mild out there but damp,
So, it`s tea time, I`m chilly.

irishfey 3/14/2014 9:50:41 AM Report

Celeste, lol,, i was up at two, went back to bed at five,,, no walk for me till the afternoon ,lol.. ejoy your tea,,....
soowat 3/14/2014 10:16:51 AM Report

We often hear the expression that something "is the greatest thing since sliced bread."

My question is ---- What was the greatest thing before sliced bread?
irishfey 3/14/2014 10:31:12 AM Report

soowat.. The knife?? ,lol
mallet 3/14/2014 10:43:27 AM Report


Dull and still out here today and going to make a quick trip into town...

I have a friend who is following the Bow Lake enviromental tribunal, seems the deck is somewhat stacked in favour of it going ahead, only the animal or human health is allowed to be presented as evidence against the proposal. I have to presume that the eviroment is open to big business and government but closed to everyone else. Seems even the enviroment radar is not safe, the lower 4 nodes will be impacted by the windmills but as the rest will not it is okay, guess these lawyers would say if you have a 28ft ladder and you cut the bottom 4 rungs out it is still useful, don't you just love the logic!!

Anyway TGIF you all have a great weekend..
celeste5 3/14/2014 10:49:45 AM Report

Toilet paper
irishfey 3/14/2014 11:00:31 AM Report

Celeste.. You nailed it ,lol
celeste5 3/14/2014 11:21:02 AM Report

I would also think sanitary pads.
Those pore women wore rags and rolled up toilet paper, LOL.
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 11:27:49 AM Report

Oh yes, glad I never experienced the no toilet paper era!! ewwww!! kaka!

Mallet/bounder, I'd like to ask you a question regarding firewood. Not sure if you would want to supply that information here. If you's could email me, that'd be great.
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 11:28:55 AM Report

LOL Celeste!! Bloody mess I tells ya!
celeste5 3/14/2014 11:29:56 AM Report

Poor, I didn`t notice I used the wrong word.
Wicket 3/14/2014 11:34:08 AM Report

PinkPeony, wonder if a wood cook stove would also work; I would love one of those. Of course, they are bigger and take up more space and would probably look funny in the living room - lol.
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 11:36:09 AM Report

A few years ago, I remember reading about poor countries, third world countries. The women basically sit on a pot for a few days until all is over and done with for the month.
bounder 3/14/2014 11:43:58 AM Report

just ask the question here , unless your seeking private info.
bounder 3/14/2014 11:44:03 AM Report

just ask the question here , unless your seeking private info.
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 11:45:39 AM Report my dreams!! I'd love one of those but the size, you're right and it would look funny in the LR. I'd have to buy a bigger house. I have a cast iron mini wood cook stove. It was my mothers. Very small...maybe 6" high and wide. It even has little cast iron pots and a pan. Doesn't quite generate enough heat for the house though, lol.
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 11:47:00 AM Report

bounder, yes private information I think but maybe not. Where/who do you buy your loads of wood from?
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 11:48:32 AM Report

I'm assuming it's hardwood too.
bounder 3/14/2014 12:00:13 PM Report

Pink,, 90% hardwood , the thing with hardwood is it creates a lot of ashes versus softwood , btu are higher with hardwood.
Out in Goulais bay , you can buy from various guys, I,ll e-mail the info and number.
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 12:13:46 PM Report

bounder, I got it. Thank you!
bounder 3/14/2014 12:17:28 PM Report

don't forget to keep a pot of water on the stove , keeps the humidity up a little bit more.
Good for the teapot also.
irishfey 3/14/2014 12:22:27 PM Report

Aha.. Wicket and P.P,, now yer talking ,lol.. I had one of those "blessed " stoves years back. The warming ovens and side water pot. I Just loved it!.. We had to fight tooth and nail to get it insured as it was an oldie, but won out. Now i think you wouldn"t be able to get it insured unless it was a newer one. I had to do the old trick of putting my elbow in the oven to feel the right temp.,,, but food never tasted so good as when cooked in it. I had a very large kitchen back then also ,lol.. ohhh the memories,, thank you...
irishfey 3/14/2014 12:25:35 PM Report

Bounder. yes i do... your talking to a countrygirl! ,lol..
bounder 3/14/2014 12:28:21 PM Report

my Grandmother had one also made in Renfrew Ontario, trademark was Acorn , the emblem was on the oven or the warming oven , can't remember.They put an oil fired burner on the back side of it.
Pink Peony 3/14/2014 12:37:40 PM Report

They have a wood cook stove at Hearth pool & patio (not where I'm getting my stove). It is magnificent!! Really big, just gorgeous. I didn't even ask how much but I'm thinking at least $5000.
irishfey 3/14/2014 1:55:46 PM Report

Pink Peony.. Yes, i have seen them there,, they are beautiful!!.. Down Desbarats way, some Mennonites make the wood cook stoves also, smaller sizes too. We got our woodstove at St Joe Island.. Kents.... Another poster got theirs there too, Kents will help you out with every detail you need, good prices also and often give you a break in the price if you"r buying all the parts there too... Worth checking out!... If i had known that we would have been in a bigger house again,, i would have kept me old stove and put it in my LR. ,lol....
Wicket 3/14/2014 2:14:58 PM Report

Pink Peony - you can get firewood from Meakin Forest Products on Mcnabb (east of Black Rd - they have hardwood and birch or you can get clean blocks from Thayer Lumber. We get from both along with getting windfalls out of the bush for our campfires and the fire pit at home.
irishfey 3/14/2014 2:15:39 PM Report

bounder.. pay no mind... I think we all enjoyed our talks of woodstoves and have learned a lot too.... I bet your Grammas stove was a beauty....
irishfey 3/14/2014 5:04:48 PM Report

Well, that's it for me for the night,, Hope you all had a great day,, is snowing like crazy here now. night folks....
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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