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View Room Comments for Wednesday, Mar. 12 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Pink Peony 3/12/2014 6:54:09 AM Report

Good morning! Why this popped into my head this morning, I'll never know.

Ontari ari ari o
Grump 3/12/2014 6:58:46 AM Report

Good morning everyone. David in response to your e-mail yesterday, I totally agree. Sort of like the Gong show. Wisen you are right I did miss you . With all six shots. HAR HAR dork. Have to run, have a great day all. Sootoday is going to have to get a vaudeville hook and give a certain someone an exit stage left.
David Poluck 3/12/2014 7:01:52 AM Report

Good Morning Grump and Pink!

Good news..Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan formally ends; army set to leave
The last Canadian commander, Maj.-Gen. Dean Milner, says the training mission taking place over the last three years has been invaluable preparation for the Afghan army, but the progress made is not irreversible and the West needs to continue nurturing both military and civilian institutions.
The war cost the lives of 158 soldiers, one diplomat, one journalist and two civilian contractors.
David Poluck 3/12/2014 7:14:14 AM Report

Olivia Chow plans to launch Toronto mayoral bid on Thursday

Look out Ford Nation!!
Javaman 3/12/2014 7:37:56 AM Report

There are just too many candidates for mayor in Toronto with Chow entering the race. This will split the vote and allow Ford to sneak back in.
Pink Peony 3/12/2014 7:51:51 AM Report

So fakebook allows a group to be formed that displays images and videos of homeless people being bullied in Calgary. Good for nothing punks that created the group, as well as those who participate in the group. They should be careful and hope that what goes around doesn't come around for them.
statusquo 3/12/2014 8:11:36 AM Report

Yeah but Pink P.,

According to Wiesenheimer and Hunter, poor people have brought it on themselves .
According to them there is no excuse for poverty caused by illness, accidents, upbringing and just sheer bad luck and the parents one were blessed with . All you need to do is work hard and invest in the stock market....or so it goes.
Then again...what do I know.....
99% of the time in here I am talking out of my ass.
Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 8:21:52 AM Report

When someone is born to be a whistle, will never make it to a horn, and that's what may happen to John Tory. Perhaps this time he can make it and I have no doubt he'll be a great mayor.

I spent the last 10 years I've been in TO in Lakeshore West.

I can't understand why Olivia Chow is running, but must have good reasons, also her step son is an alderman in TO, I believe for Spadina, but not sure.
Campaigning in TO, for those that only read about it, is slightly different than here in the Soo and you have to be prepared for the deeper's subterfuges.
Wisenheimer 3/12/2014 8:22:37 AM Report

The disappearance of Flight 370 appears to be looking more and more like an alien abduction.
Perhaps the posters involved in yesterday's "wasteland" would like to weigh in.
grump, gurpy, tp, irishlady, etc.
har, har.
Wisenheimer 3/12/2014 8:26:46 AM Report

Bobby .. did you lift that from something you read ?
theprotector 3/12/2014 8:30:14 AM Report

I told you it was aliens!!

Just be thankful that rob ford or harper werent on that flight - it would sink like a rock to the bottom of the ocean!

Or if they crashed in the mountains I can just see them eating the others "Hey rob, I didnt know you liked chinese" "Yeah well I can eat anything..."
theprotector 3/12/2014 8:41:34 AM Report

She should do ok as long as she doesn’t use the campaign slogan “It’s Chow time…” it will cause at least one candidate to stampede.
Stanley 3/12/2014 8:49:45 AM Report

peace and love
Wisenheimer 3/12/2014 8:57:57 AM Report

Canadian Bank stocks hit all time high.
RRSP money flooding into the financial sector.
Great for private and public pension plans as well.
I believe I mentioned this was going to happen.

What a wonderful country we live in.
Wisenheimer 3/12/2014 9:00:01 AM Report

TP .. "well, there you go again".
right wing 3/12/2014 9:18:42 AM Report

The village idiot a.k.a. "the protector", a.k.a. "the mental eunuch", speaks again.
Wisenheimer 3/12/2014 9:52:39 AM Report

Breaking News .. stats is talking out of his ass again.
northernmale 3/12/2014 9:55:19 AM Report

It is interesting how Shell put there gas up to 1.37.9 and the rest stayed at 1.33.9 . Now Shell has dropped back down as the rest did not follow. And they say we do not have price fixing on the gas in the Soo.. ya rite
Pink Peony 3/12/2014 10:09:15 AM Report

"99% of the time in here I am talking out of my ass."

That must really stink. Bummer.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:26:33 AM Report

Nothing on here about the building that collapsed in New York this morning?
Wild Turkey 3/12/2014 10:28:10 AM Report

Wisen---Payback for missing bitcoins?
Sumatra Aceh separatist rebels
Muslim terrorists from South Thailand
Muslim separatists from Chinese Sinkiang
Muslim separatists from Philipines
Radical Viet Minh units working in the dense jungles of Viet Nam--(see the last instalment of "Finding Bigfoot-Viet Nam)
Pissed off heroin dealers from the golden triangle.
The Canadian Navy recently seized tons of the stuff in that vicinity
The disputed island group in the South China Sea--claimed by about 7 different nations
There's likely a few more that we in the West are unaware of.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:34:55 AM Report

The plane that went missing,is it possible it flew over the Bermuda Triangle? I haven`t really kept up on the where and when of that particular story.
rama gramma 3/12/2014 10:50:04 AM Report

Really Gurpy

Did you have to try hard to come up with that response or are you just naturally mentally challenged
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:52:47 AM Report

rama grama
I did not address along!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:53:51 AM Report

You must be related to another poster on here with an "attitude".
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:54:44 AM Report

OH GOODY! Somebody new to play with!!!!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:55:50 AM Report

What were you saying about 3 for 5???? Give some to Rama grama!! LOL LOL
rama gramma 3/12/2014 10:56:24 AM Report

I'll gladly run along and leave the moronic responses to you.

When I want to read some intelligent views I'll learn how to scroll past your name.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:56:39 AM Report

She must be adjusting her girdle!! TEE HEE!!!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:58:05 AM Report

OOOOH! She`s scarry!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 10:58:50 AM Report

That WAS FUN!!!
rama gramma 3/12/2014 11:01:56 AM Report

Bring back the metal collander I think Gurpy just lost sight of her cats.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 11:03:10 AM Report

Oh! Girdle has been adjusted and her dentures are back in! That was fast!
rama gramma 3/12/2014 11:11:41 AM Report

Well at least I take care of my problems. Got my girdle on and the dentures in, time to jump in my Mercedes and head across the ditch for some cheap gas and leave the view room to the latest cyber bully ROFLMAO
theprotector 3/12/2014 11:15:27 AM Report

damn wisen and right wing are done spooning. Hey guys who is big spoon and who is little spoon or do you rotate?
Gurpy 3/12/2014 11:26:03 AM Report

Good luck in getting across the ditch after the explosion in New York this morning!!
flyhawk25 3/12/2014 11:29:50 AM Report

What explosion?
theprotector 3/12/2014 11:36:36 AM Report

was it an explosion or a beginner's fitness class on the roof?
Gurpy 3/12/2014 11:37:05 AM Report

Around 10:00am an apt. building exploded. It`s all over the news.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 11:37:39 AM Report

In New York.
theprotector 3/12/2014 11:40:47 AM Report

if it exploded its more than just all over the news!!!
Just Curious 3/12/2014 11:44:12 AM Report

Kinda insensitive there ,Pro...People got killed, try and have at least a little class...:(
Jimssm 3/12/2014 11:51:15 AM Report

Theres no problem getting across to the USA... no lineups.

Contractors were working on the building so it was probably a gas leak or something.
Just Curious 3/12/2014 11:58:41 AM Report

Jimssm; I've been following it on Ch 21 all morning, along with the car chase..Yes, once they start getting over the 911 mentality it's beginning to look like a gas leak. Sure did screw up that building tho..:(
theprotector 3/12/2014 11:59:16 AM Report

really? Who you trying to kid JC! Just looking for something to attack me on? Thats all you got? LAME dude really weak and lame!!!
Just Curious 3/12/2014 12:17:06 PM Report

Not really Pro... You are a rude,crude A$$ hole with absolutely no saving graces.. To make light of an explosion that has killed at least 2 and probably many more just goes to prove the point. You deserve absolutely no sympathy at all, your parents do for having had you.. :(
Snobank 3/12/2014 12:32:56 PM Report

In reading this morning's postings I am amazed that someone who professes Christian love and charity frequently on this sight can be so quick to spew venom in retaliation for a perceived slight.
There is some sort of mental disconnect going on here.
mallet 3/12/2014 12:36:28 PM Report

Well they have hauled down the flag in Afghanistan, to end the Canadian military effort in that country. The cost 158 military lives, many more injured and crippled and umpteen billions of dollars, and for what? I foresee the country returning to the Taliban within 5 years, and all the work that this country and others have done to pull the country into the 21st centuary, will have been for naught. I sincerely hope that any future government looks back on this and other incidents and learns to leave countries to sort out their own internal problems.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 12:43:56 PM Report

Do tell me why you believe anyone who professes to be a Christian should tolerate anything and everything?? I have every right to protect myself and if you do not approve....TOUGH!!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 12:48:11 PM Report

You must be a supporter of the Liberal government to be so quick to assume a mental whatever! I realize the "in" thing these days is mental health. Not here!
Perhaps it would be of some benefit to you to find a hobby that would fulfill your need for ATTENTION and APPROVAL. You are displaying signs of co-dependent behavior. Shouldn`t you be on meds??
Gurpy 3/12/2014 12:53:38 PM Report

Snobank = turd disturber. Nothing better to do!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 12:59:38 PM Report

You are right! We can`t even handle our own problems here in Canada yet, we poke our noses into the affairs of other countries. We don`t take kindly to them coming here and dictating to us, we should not attempt it with them!
Jimssm 3/12/2014 1:01:02 PM Report


Just a suggestion, but can you try to consolidate some of your posts ?

You don't need 3 or 4 posts in a row to get your point across.
Snobank 3/12/2014 1:02:25 PM Report

I think I've just been officially gurpied. Reminds me of Ghost Busters. I have a strong desire to use all capital letters and spew invective wildly in all directions. I do believe that Christ said to turn the other cheek. He made no mention of that rule applying to only your in group as was gurpied a few days ago. He also said the meek shall inherit the earth. Which part of the planet did Gurpy give away today.

Passive aggressive behaviour?
theprotector 3/12/2014 1:05:56 PM Report

after all we have been through together JC I am hurt....well last time I sleep with your spouse at your request!
And dont worry about me, Ill be fine without your approval!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:07:30 PM Report

Snobank-you are an idiot!
Wicket 3/12/2014 1:07:58 PM Report

Biggest chip on the shoulder of any poster on here; size of a log, I would say.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:08:58 PM Report

You are either Catholic or Baptist.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:10:13 PM Report

It`s a terrible thing when a poster does not tolerate bullying. Tsk tsk
Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:13:25 PM Report

I know you have more important things to worry about!
bounder 3/12/2014 1:14:50 PM Report

News item this AM, fella wants to replace a part on his 17 year old vehicle, cost here almost a 1000.00 bucks, went online and paid 500.00 bucks , he called Toyota and why the price difference , answer was bigger market.
Now Toyota sends him a 300.00 dollar credit on future parts.
I've said this before many times, check on line before you purchase anything here to make sure you're not getting ripped off.
And the parts are ,(MOPAR) manufacturers original part.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:16:45 PM Report

Oh no! Did I add too many ???????? Bad me!
Snobank 3/12/2014 1:18:13 PM Report

Now I've really been covered in whatever was being spewed. Imagine being attacked by a cyber bully who can only think in sentence fragments. You gotta love it.

Oh well, one sentence postings up the hit numbers and increase the likelihood that this section won't get dropped. I am able to turn the other cheek.
theprotector 3/12/2014 1:20:32 PM Report

umm MOPAR is a trademark name from Chrysler dude!
Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:25:25 PM Report

It is YOU that is the cyber bully. Mind your own business. Really not that difficult. Think about it!
Snobank 3/12/2014 1:36:37 PM Report

Very good. Two sentences. Now, why the attack on me? Your name never came up in any postings I made today until you went on the attack.

"Judge not that ye be not judged" is another of His commandments that you are breaking frequently. Your theology seems a mile wide and an inch deep. I invite a rational and reasoned response.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:38:50 PM Report

Gee, what happened to "turning the other cheek"? LOl Lol
theprotector 3/12/2014 1:39:19 PM Report

hugs and kisses for JC xoxoxox
Jimssm 3/12/2014 1:41:03 PM Report

Jimssm 3/12/2014 1:41:14 PM Report

Jimssm 3/12/2014 1:41:25 PM Report

Jimssm 3/12/2014 1:41:38 PM Report

Gurpy 3/12/2014 1:41:42 PM Report

I just caught something. First I`d like to apologize to Jimssm for double posting.

Snobank-your rant about judging is NOT one of the 10 commandments.
At any rate, I`m a tad bored with you! Please do not disturb!!
Javaman 3/12/2014 1:57:46 PM Report

This site is getting sillier by the day. Posters fighting amongst themselves in cyber space.I think its time to delete this from my "favourites".I will be back when the grownups come home.
mallet 3/12/2014 1:59:56 PM Report


About turning the other cheek, remember you have four, eh. Some people get off on that!! be careful...
Gurpy 3/12/2014 2:02:49 PM Report

Snobank 3/12/2014 2:04:10 PM Report

Gurpy, I don't have to follow the biblical commandments. You do or be labeled a hypocrite. I shall not go. To quote a certain poster after removing the superfluous capitals and punctuation: I can say whatever I want.

Remember your book says, "Be ye kind to one another " Ephesians and 4:32 I believe. You must be kind to me if you want to be like him according to your book.
flyhawk25 3/12/2014 2:06:21 PM Report

Jinssm're right.
Brevity bis the soul of wit. Some of these gas bags and too much time.
Count the number of times in a day the adults post.
There's a lesson their kids.
Snobank 3/12/2014 2:06:23 PM Report

Mallet, I forgot that. Some people would have trouble telling my sorry old cheeks apart.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 2:13:36 PM Report

It`s all about "control" for you! You can quote the bible and tell me I HAVE to do what it says? I HAVE to treat YOU a certain way. Really? It doesn`t work that way. What you are doing is a form of withcraft. Did you know that? Of course you did!
Once again, I really am not interested in being bothered by you. Take a hike!
Snobank 3/12/2014 2:16:46 PM Report

Good night Gurpy.

The remainder of this column is now reserved for fly and those he deems fit to post. Good luck.
flyhawk25 3/12/2014 2:18:45 PM Report

Snobank...see you when you hit puberty.
Snobank 3/12/2014 2:26:37 PM Report

Goodness fly, are you and she who should not be named now a team?

I shall continue to think better of you.
Eagles Fan. 3/12/2014 2:44:40 PM Report

WOW!! It's been a while since I've been on here, but man, the shit being spewed back and forth in here is HEAVY!!!

As far as that missing plane goes, you would think, if it crashed, that they would have found at least one piece of debris to indicate this!! In my opinion, it either landed somewhere, or as someone mentioned earlier, those freakin aliens may have taken it!!

Wild Turkey 3/12/2014 3:01:26 PM Report

Eagles Fan----great to hear from you----Lots on here to bring back old memories----Desperado----Take it to the Limit -----One of these nights--And the catch all for some of the children---"Hotel California"--all about bad drugs, good drugs , missed meds and such.
Ya the plane thing is so far a mystery but don't forget --that one off of Brazil took a while before they figured it out.
Don't despair---it's not always this bad-but it has been a very long cold winter and some of "them" are suffering from cabin fever and have gone a bit squirrelly.
Just Curious 3/12/2014 3:39:42 PM Report

Pro, every time you post you just add more proof of your ignorance.. And that wasn't my spouse, I don't have one, it was a Blucher street hooker... She said she was clean but I hope you showered after...:)
Just Curious 3/12/2014 3:46:48 PM Report

Dear Sootoday; Regarding your new poll, I think it is right on time and will get a lot of response but I feel it's missing 2 words on the last question.. It should say "so far" at the end.....LOLOL..:)
T-rat 3/12/2014 4:13:10 PM Report

Snobank: you may have left the building but after scanning (scrolling) through the posts on here today, and in light of similar posts recently, I am in full agreement with you that there are any number of mental disconnects being exhibited. It is a more common affliction than you think, and I'm not even sure that there's a cure.

Regardless, one thing is certain: "I have come to the conclusion that diarrhea of the mouth is a direct side effect of shit for brains."

Signing off now.
Snobank 3/12/2014 4:24:02 PM Report

T-rat, I wish there was a "like" button on your post for me to push.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 4:25:10 PM Report

Birds of a feather........
Just Curious 3/12/2014 4:40:38 PM Report

Looking at the pics of the building that blew up in New York, and as a comparison, could you imagine the old Windsor Park blowing up and collapsing?? It would take out half of Queen st and we have nothing to deal with something like that..My heart aches for the victims of this..:(
Snobank 3/12/2014 5:06:06 PM Report

It is a tragedy.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 5:08:51 PM Report

Don`t run off. Check in once in a while. Your opinion is valid on many subjects, but the conversation here, lately, has taken a nosedive. Don`t despair.

Good that the G-7 have written an open letter to Putin and Russia. It may bring some reason to the negotiating table. I see Dick Cheney still yapping about going to Russia and kicking some butt. That imbecile has brought nothing but misery to the world and still has the audacity to think anyone cares what he has to say. And the `right`like to poke fun at Gore....maybe rightfully, but let`s not overlook Cheney`s dementia.
steelworker 3/12/2014 5:14:38 PM Report

It's better than Obama and Kerry pissing and moaning like two kids. Putin must be having a good laugh at these two ass-clowns.
Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 5:31:23 PM Report

Putin is not having any good time. Russia and China are involved in a territorial war and Putin can't respond.

He's playing in Ukraine because there is no China near.

Buy your tickets early, because China is dealing with the religion of peace and their sheep herder allah will need help from Satan to create enough virgins for his followers.

I don't like muzzies and it would be interesting to watch China dealing with them in the way the west can only dream about.

If you think they don't know what happen to a 777 loaded with chinese citizens, you're wrong. They will wipe Uighurs and while they are at it, mongols and tibetans will be vaporized.

Seat and watch.
Grump 3/12/2014 5:39:36 PM Report

T-Rat your post was bang on. Great.
Gurpy 3/12/2014 5:43:22 PM Report

Birds of a feather.....
Gurpy 3/12/2014 5:45:18 PM Report

Your 2:18;45pm post was right on!
flyhawk25 3/12/2014 6:09:49 PM Report

BB...I used to think Bush Lite was a monster. He's just a dummy. Cheney is evil. World class.
He is a right wing with no soul or conscience. Many people died because he made things happen that got people killed.
He is war criminal and should be put on trial and face the victims and survivors he is responsible for.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 6:27:14 PM Report

There is no doubt fly. Bush isn`t capable and therefore not really to blame. He was a puppet of the machine, headed up by Cheney, Rumsfeld and big oil. He was way over his head.

Sadly, they used up much goodwill, declaring war on Iraq over lies. The rest of the world is very aware and leaves the country with zero credibility. Obama is coming across weak, but what are his choices. He is, once again, living with the legacy of Bush, which includes zero credibility, as a result of US imperialism, under Bush.
lookaround 3/12/2014 6:28:56 PM Report

Reading this so called forum shows how immature some are on here are. Posting a million posts. I mean REALLY?
Jimssm 3/12/2014 6:38:53 PM Report


You're mistaken if you think China cares at all if a couple hundred citizens die in a plane crash/disappearance/alien kidnapping.

As far as the 'muzzies' being involved... any evidence other than your own prejudices ?

Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 6:41:08 PM Report

Did I said something?

Chinese satellite images show debris suspected to be from missing Malaysian plane. G&M
Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 7:01:03 PM Report



Islamic terrorism in China:

If you take a minute and check a map and locate the border between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, then you'll have an informed opinion, and not a discriminatory message. Islam is not a religion of peace and no religious fanatic is a religious neither is a peaceful person.

Here is the map, that's a region rich in natural resources and that's why Russia is securing the Ukraine, because the west will seat on their hands while Putin plays nice guy.
statusquo 3/12/2014 7:10:51 PM Report

steelworker 3/12/2014 5:14:38 PM Report

"It's better than Obama and Kerry pissing and moaning like two kids. Putin must be having a good laugh at these two ass-clowns."

Similar pissing and moaning of Bush The Lesser and Cheney when Putting raped, what's the point you so desperately trying to make?
statusquo 3/12/2014 7:11:55 PM Report

one too many tee's and a g.
Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 7:13:03 PM Report

BB, forget Bush and Cheney, they are part of the past.

The world is accommodating the load.
Few years ago Japan was to be fear. Then Korea and so on.

Today is China and India, but they are not capable to handle situations with the precision USA and it's allies did, and the terrorists know it well. And so Russia knows that it's much easier a fight with USA and allies than with the chinese and all the camel herders. A fight with the west will be clean, will have rules, judges and TV cameras, while with the chinese and al qaeda, will be a much different music.

Remember that Taliban wasn't created yesterday, they where jihadists against the russian invader and the russians couldn't finish them.

Do we know anything about the conflicts in that area of the world? Seems to me we don't and on top of it, if you bring the question to the table, you do that because you are full of prejudices.

Ask the 3400 americans and many other nationalities dead on 911 if they have any prejudice against the muzzies.

lookaround 3/12/2014 7:16:35 PM Report

status you are so right. kudos. Steelworker hasn't got his facts straight. He types without any thought. Typical myopic thinking lol. Gotta love them because without them we would not have a laugh at their expense.
Jimssm 3/12/2014 7:30:17 PM Report


Did you even read the Global Research article you provided the link to ? Or some of the other articles posted there ?

Tin foil hat stuff.
statusquo 3/12/2014 7:38:26 PM Report

Once Russia realizes that the "West" is no longer the real enemy and starts to behave accordingly maybe then we can hope for some lasting , mutual respect.
The real enemy is poverty and resentment.
Muslim extremism is born from a deep resentment of the West and all it stands for.
And it is not unfounded.
Having said that, what is done is done, and no amount of goodwill from Western countries will alleviate that militancy any time soon.
Islam has always been a repressive ideology...patriarchal and rigid. But so has Christianity and Judaism. There is a common thread in all religions and that is the subjugation of the weak, ie women and minorities. The enlightenment and subsequent reformation toned it down to levels that are tolerable in our corner of the world but Islam never had a "reformation" and so has not embraced the separation of Church and State.
We will have to endure decades of terrorism as the chasm between our cultures will never be bridged.
You only need to read some of the posts in here coming from "dedicated" Bible thumpers. It's rife with magical thinking and predictions gleaned from "relevation" and related as literal fact.
In light of this, how can anybody even think that rational, science based thinking has any chance at all?
Islamophobia is a legitimate and understandable condition. It is as legitimate and understandable as the deep mistrust Middle Eastern countries have towards us in light of our past and current behaviour.
Jimssm 3/12/2014 7:40:34 PM Report

China and India don't need precision.

They are all about quantity not quality. Just ask any country that fought them.

As far as your opinion of Muslims goes, we can just agree to disagree.

Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 7:42:27 PM Report

Jimssm, the expression tin foil is rude and discriminatory and of course it doesn't imply prejudice.

statusquo 3/12/2014 7:44:27 PM Report

And steelworkers little monosyllabic grunt proves my point that misguided and uneducated ideology is not going to be helpful in solving complicated issues. It takes quite a bit more than watching FOX News or CNN to truly appreciate the nature of geopolitical conflicts and how out of control they can spiral when hotheads take the reigns.
Grump 3/12/2014 7:51:11 PM Report

Status , hotheads or no heads as in Baby Bush.
steelworker 3/12/2014 8:01:51 PM Report

...or someone sits around with their collective thumbs jammed up an orifice. Isn't that right Neville?
statusquo 3/12/2014 8:06:06 PM Report


Bush Junior was not stupid in the conventional sense, but a product of his time. He truly was convinced that he could usher in a "Pax Americana" but he was way over his head. He was surrounded by snakes....Cheney, Wolfowitz and an assortment of outright freaks.
He morphed from an aimless cheerleader into a dangerous creature and was moulded by personal circumstance to become an Evangelical Christian, heavily influenced by charlatans like Billy Graham.
These folks are certifiably insane!
His father, George senior was a cool and calculating individual. Not a bad president. Junior an entirely different story. His entourage, the Teabaggers are still lingering on and influencing American politics. It is a disease for which there is no cure against.
Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 8:06:25 PM Report

status, if we do a bit of roll playing, and I always like to talk about what we know, then, I hope no part takes offense.

Let's say that this is Caliphate. And the so proclaimed Caliph in Chief is not other than our very own Spellchecker.

Then, Sootoday is the mosque. Spellchecker, the caliph.
And of course you'll continue to be the infidel that refuses to pay the tithes.

Describe how do you see yourself in the picture.

He'll sign no one but three fatwa and the immediate castration of the rubber doll.

ya ali madad!
northernmale 3/12/2014 8:08:06 PM Report

is it possible the plane lost all radio contact electrical fire??And the pilot tried to turn the plane back. But without instruments in choose to fly lower. And the plane may have safe landed on the ocean then just sank.Any thing is possible.
Jimssm 3/12/2014 8:10:31 PM Report


'Tin foil hat stuff' refers to the website, not you.

So I can't be 'rude' to a website.

My apologies if I wasn't clear.
Stanley 3/12/2014 8:12:51 PM Report

statusquo 3/12/2014 8:06:06

The idiocy in that post is breathtaking, truly breathtaking
statusquo 3/12/2014 8:15:32 PM Report


"Describe how do you see yourself in the picture."

Hmm..lemme think.....

Laying on pillows being fed grapes by voluptuous nymphomaniacs and watching steelworker being tickled to death by Nubian eunuchs, with Jimmy Hendrix on the harp . Or something like that.
statusquo 3/12/2014 8:16:37 PM Report


Thank you. Peace.

(smiley face)
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 8:21:30 PM Report

Nightmare of nightmares...Steely has bred. The offspring, Stanley, is a chip off the block. His depth of analysis, striking presentation, etc. all spawn of steely.
Bobby Nerves 3/12/2014 8:25:25 PM Report

northernmale, that's a possibility. Then where is the black box call?

I think they had an electrical fire with smoke in the cabin and probably they even closed all circuits and the transponder and intend to fly the airplane manually. There is some communication in that respect.
They turned searching for a landing, went down slow till they went below the radar and lost totally. Then, in my opinion, they hit a mountain and while everyone is searching the sea, the plane is not there.

The other, a shoe bomber or the co-pilot with 2000 hours start ala ala ala and see you tomorrow.

Remember also in those countries there are three powers: The politicians, all criminals, drug barons and arm traffickers, then the second power the religious people and finally the military, and they are only united for racketeering, but each one cares about his own business. The government is muddying the waters probably to cover something, but China is there with all the available resources, live and now, because they also have their own fox and cnn.
statusquo 3/12/2014 8:29:02 PM Report


You sure about that?...

"Stanley" seems genuinely concerned and outraged whilst "Steely" is still "Steely"....grunting incoherently and googling Chamberlain .
But maybe there is some genetic similarity as all they do is burb every now and again, without a trace to string together three coherent sentences, Christ....Gurpy has a larger vocabulary than those two clowns combined!
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 8:45:17 PM Report

Well Stats, I didn`t witness the conception. Whew...something to be thankful for.

His short, but pointless rant, was strikingly familiar.
statusquo 3/12/2014 9:00:10 PM Report


They are all the same. Short, monosyllabic little farts...but spread across the entire day. Not once do they take the time to elaborate.
I pegged them as paranoid individuals lacking imagination . rw is the exception, he actually puts some effort into it, misguided as it may be but he tries and you must admit he is entertaining.
Steely and Stanley are just your garden variety filler between real events and I am mildly embarrassed I even respond to them. But hey, it is after all the "sandbox" and under duress I'll play with just about anybody.
It is entertaining after all and I learn a lot....
statusquo 3/12/2014 9:17:08 PM Report

Today officially marks the last day of Canadian involvement in Afghanistan.
The results...Afghanistan is still a god forsaken gravel pit...the Taliban is alive and well,drug trade is flourishing, the country is still staunchly Islamic without a sign of letting up on it's bucolic , primitive and repressive belief system and 158 of our youngens will never come back!

Splendid idea from the get go!

What a damn shame!
steelworker 3/12/2014 9:30:28 PM Report

I like to keep it simple for the inbred on this site. (smirky face)
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 9:39:39 PM Report

Stanley has been here in years gone by with a couple of different pseudonyms, and believe me, if you get Stanley going you lefties will meet a formidable foe. He has been unusually quiet in his latest appearance but he seems to be winding up a little. Go for it, Stanley.
bounder 3/12/2014 9:40:30 PM Report

T-rat post was about you.
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 9:45:03 PM Report

He was here before most of you. You haven't seen Stanley in action yet and I surely hope you do. His distaste for lefties is extremely high.
statusquo 3/12/2014 9:46:54 PM Report

"if you get Stanley going you lefties will meet a formidable foe."

really?..I too remember him.... If you consider Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin "formidable" then yes, he sure was something to a garden variety way that is.
He took offence I think to my off the cuff remark about Billy Graham being a "charlatan" .
If that is true then he will be chicken feed if he ever dares taking it up with "moi". I eat these cretins for breakfast.
(smiley face)
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 9:49:56 PM Report

Stanley was vocal in here long before the appearance of teufel or statusquo. If statusquo was here in those days he was uncharacteristically quiet.
statusquo 3/12/2014 9:52:00 PM Report

teufel was "reborn".

(satany face)

T-rat 3/12/2014 9:52:02 PM Report

bounder: Grump may be boorish, insulting, bold and brazen but at least he is direct and specific. He doesn't exhibit symptoms of oral diarrhea, and no, I did not have him in mind with my comment.
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 9:52:12 PM Report

His main opponent was a fellow named Ron S., and no, it wasn't Ron Schinners. It was a dyed in the wool lefty and the confrontations were great.
bounder 3/12/2014 9:55:47 PM Report

T-Rat like your spewing right now.
statusquo 3/12/2014 9:57:03 PM Report

I miss those too. They had "bite".
Today we get puerile name calling and lukewarm attempts at being "witty".
Do you remember the "ranting tory"?
He was a hoot!
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 9:58:14 PM Report

I think you may have misunderstood me again. I know who teufel was. Statusquo told me.
statusquo 3/12/2014 9:58:37 PM Report

before I his bio, as he had his own column...he referred to himself as the "defender of Biblical truths"........priceless!!
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 10:00:20 PM Report

Of course, how could I forget the ranting tory, and one of your favourites, wife.
statusquo 3/12/2014 10:03:11 PM Report

ah...memory lane.....what about, "hammer time" or "hammer" all time favourite was "Horton". I still have unclean thoughts about her....may I be forgiven.
statusquo 3/12/2014 10:06:09 PM Report

Ah yes...."wife" I do recall...I actually told her to "f_ck off" and I nearly got banned for life for that littul misstep.
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 10:06:24 PM Report

I love it. All kinds of colourful characters have come and gone from this room over the years.
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 10:07:25 PM Report

Where's Prolific? We want Prolific.
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 10:08:38 PM Report

She wouldn't hire me for a proofreader even though I never applied for the job.
statusquo 3/12/2014 10:10:47 PM Report

"Voice of reason"


"princess dramatica"...aka "Horton"

"roxx "


and last but not least and sadly ...very sadly not with us anymore.....the one and only......drumroll............


Spellchecker 3/12/2014 10:12:04 PM Report

statusquo 3/12/2014 10:15:55 PM Report

ok...yes...that one.

sorry Sunni.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 10:16:49 PM Report

I thought the drumroll was for Skipper. He is missed.

Sunniedelight is still
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 10:18:04 PM Report

BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 10:20:11 PM Report

Spelly....give it up; I`m incorrigible.
Spellchecker 3/12/2014 10:21:29 PM Report

I know but I can't give it up entirely. I've been trying to. Haven't you noticed?
statusquo 3/12/2014 10:21:59 PM Report


We were talking about inanimate scrappers. The "skipper" had soul and then some.
"Sunni" has vanished....I guess she had enough of the bullshit, but I think she still walks her pugs every morning...or so I hope.
It would be nice of her to at least say hi every now and again....after all...I did put the "moves" on her.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 10:23:51 PM Report

I`m listening to Don MacLean`s Starry, Starry Night.....what a beautiful song. Very melancholy, with lyrics so touching and singing so sincere.

Definite panty remover. Excuse my non political correctness. Kids should be in bed.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 10:27:59 PM Report

Yes you did Stats. I think you had her, intellectually. She liked your not so central view of things. But, eventually she couldn`t imagine eating deep fried vaginas.

You`re correct....Skipper did put the boxing gloves away and became the philosopher. And he was very well grounded and had a great worldview.
statusquo 3/12/2014 10:29:44 PM Report



That is about Vincent Van Gough! That freak cut his ear off for Christ sake!!
"Panty removers" are any insincere utterances pertaining to "mating of the souls" and copious amounts of sugary alcoholic beverages....when will you ever learn!

statusquo 3/12/2014 10:34:33 PM Report

BB , I think you're correct...I lost her with my Hippo Vagina Bourguignon a la Mode.

Succulent...tender...savoury, but profoundly offensive.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 10:35:57 PM Report

Yup, I think you had her, till she found out the menu.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 10:37:35 PM Report

Talk about panty remover. She strapped on the chastity belt and swore off men, after one look at the menu.
BIG BROTHER 3/12/2014 10:40:07 PM Report

Insincere utterances require copious amounts of alcohol for those with a conscience. I always admired or despised the scoundrels who could lie without the alcohol. I just couldn`t do it, so I would drink up some courage.
statusquo 3/12/2014 10:42:17 PM Report

We better stop now.

If Wisenheimer reads this he'll go blind!
right wing 3/12/2014 11:12:03 PM Report

You two should just get a room and remove each others panty's in private.....
Snobank 3/12/2014 11:16:36 PM Report

That's the remark to end a perfect day here.
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