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View Room Comments for Friday, Feb. 28 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
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David Poluck 2/28/2014 6:39:12 AM Report

Gurpy 2/28/2014 6:44:03 AM Report

-40 with the windchill! Anyone see the groundhog???? Have a wonderful receipe for groundhog STEW!
Javaman 2/28/2014 6:55:49 AM Report

This global warming has got to stop !!!!!
Grump 2/28/2014 7:21:25 AM Report

Good morning everyone. I was sick of winter months ago but I kept my mouth shut until the children had a white Christmas. Now enough already. We certainly have some political experts on here who are either dumb, poorly informed or dreaming in technicolour, or possibly a bit of all three. a Harper majority, Pick up the seats in Quebec and other assorted fantasies. Two more Tory MPs openly speaking out about the Harper government. Harper will be lucky to hold it together until 2015 ,let alone win it. Have a great day all.
Wisenheimer 2/28/2014 8:12:37 AM Report

Grump .. brilliant political discourse.
Go to work.
right wing 2/28/2014 8:54:16 AM Report


It's called climate change and it's going to change again in about 4 to 6 weeks.
right wing 2/28/2014 8:57:39 AM Report

More bad news for the Harper haters....

"Overall, the Canadian economy grew by two per cent last year.

That's about three-tenths of a percentage point stronger than predicted by the Bank of Canada or the latest federal budget."
bounder 2/28/2014 9:54:14 AM Report

RW the correct term now is (Climate change pause).
mr.monty 2/28/2014 9:56:54 AM Report

nice day. I went outside and no bugs to swat,no poisonous snakes or alligators in the river. thank you winter. if you can't take the cold MOVE to a warmer climate. it is that easy. or you can just blame your parents foe bringing you up here! have a nice day everyone.
soowat 2/28/2014 10:05:01 AM Report

The cold weather is Steven Harper's fault

Now I feel better
learningaswego 2/28/2014 10:07:04 AM Report

ah, the lefties never learn do they, even with repeated training.

When it comes to elections:

It's the economy, stupid.

The lefties special interest groups, opposition politicians and the obsessed with Harper bashing msm...... get all in a froth about drive-by smears, over-priced orange juice in hotels, and express their faux outrage, yada, yada......

But when it comes to the VOTERS - you know, the people who actually ELECT governments.....

It is indeed, the economy, stupid.

The voters in 2015 will - once again - flip the bird to the above noted Harper-bashers, and opt for strong, stable government, sanity, reason, and stability in the economy.

The Harper-haters will go in their usual post-election frenzy about how our political system is "broken" (because they lost), how they only got elected by "cheating"; yada, yada. the dinosaur Craig whats his face on CTV will look even more bewildered than he usually does; Robert Fife will almost spit his dentures out on national tv trying to contain his hate...all because the voters dared to elect who THEY wanted, instead of who the obsessed with Harper hating morons think should be elected.

It'll be even sweeter than last time.
right wing 2/28/2014 10:30:33 AM Report




See my post from yesterday on Man-driven-global-warming-climate-change-pause.
Wisenheimer 2/28/2014 11:48:33 AM Report

Man-made global warming caused the drought in California.
Current heavy rains hitting California, caused by man -made global warming.
Thanks Al, you should have quit after inventing the internet.
bounder 2/28/2014 12:02:41 PM Report

Right Wing, ooops I missed that one for sure and retract my correction forthwith. Good info .
Snobank 2/28/2014 12:24:08 PM Report

Personally, I blame the weather on the metric system.
flyhawk25 2/28/2014 12:30:49 PM Report

one bclimate expert has portrayed the denial of climate change as akin to a blind man examing an elephant.
At analogy. You cannot grasp the sum of the parts to make an informed judgement.
Apparently we have a few still beating that old drum
flyhawk25 2/28/2014 12:32:26 PM Report

'akin' and a capital.
Wisenheimer 2/28/2014 12:42:55 PM Report

I blame the metric system for trying to make us believe, that gas at
$1.34 per litre, is not the same as $6.04/gallon.
theprotector 2/28/2014 12:44:30 PM Report

Its not broken.. just have a moron running things. As far as economic growth. .funny how the percentage is within the statistical margin of error thus rendering the percentage neutral. But when you need to grasp at straws (sorry supersized fries) fatass and the umpa lumpa look like supersized losers!
mac headrick 2/28/2014 12:49:56 PM Report

learningaswego and right wing the economy? Stop using logic and common sense.

Isn't the stuff that really counts now nice hair; or a smile; or apparently sticking one's foot in their mouth.
learningaswego 2/28/2014 1:45:10 PM Report

That, and deep thinking like:

He's so, like - "for the environment" and "for the middle class" and so, like "human rights are important too, eh?"

The tens of thousands of unemployed BA's in gender studies, sociology, poli sci, and philosophy, etc; and the so-called "activists" (read: unemployed, and mostly unemployable) will all swoon with admiration and are lead like lemmings by the Millionaire ManChild Who Wants to be King - Justy Boy. He'll tell them he "feels their pain" about being $40,000 in student loan debt, and promise them all a new Katimavik "job", where they'll get paid for about 9 months entirely by taxpayers... to bake bread, rake lawns for seniors, and volunteer in soup kitchens....just long enough to qualify for EI. Then, they can continue to be paid for a few months - again entirely by other people that work, and then be unemployed "activists" for most of the rest of their lives.
They will think Justy Boy is the greatest thing that ever happened to them.
buffy 2/28/2014 2:04:39 PM Report

FYI if you call the PUC and tell them you are running your water at a small trickle from now until Spring, they will take an average from last years readings and bill you accordingly. That way you will hopefully stop your pipes from freezing and not be billed extra for the water use. You do have to notify them though.
Wild Turkey 2/28/2014 2:19:04 PM Report

Looks like "Learning" heeded M. Hendricks advice
mcgregor 2/28/2014 2:40:01 PM Report

Thankyou Mr Trudeau Sr. for the metric system I remember it well ..
BIG BROTHER 2/28/2014 3:07:44 PM Report

It is hilarious to listen to a bunch of whack-jobs scream, at anyone who happens to disagree with Harper, that they are 'Harper Haters'.

Then, those same people have an obsession with everything Justin. Methinks they are displaying huge 'man-crushes' on the "Shiney Pony'.....not that there's anything wrong with that. Simply ironic!!

Carry on.
Grump 2/28/2014 3:09:58 PM Report

Now you neo-cons are so far out of touch with things that the Dippers are agreeing with you. Your fantasy world now has visitors/ LMAO
learningaswego 2/28/2014 3:33:08 PM Report

I guess even Dippers - at least some - can see a fake, a fraud and a TOOL when they see one - especially if they are a threat to take away their votes.
Bobby Nerves 2/28/2014 5:50:10 PM Report

Harper the Pawless cat, because he can't cover he's own poo poo.

I heard it through the grapevine.

Wisenheimer 2/28/2014 6:29:57 PM Report

Good, Boobie, good .. we'll put your poo-poo post right up there on the fridge.
Grunt can read it, after taking his pill.
Bobby Nerves 2/28/2014 6:54:08 PM Report

I hope you didn't invest in bitcoin. LOL

You remind me of gamblers -should your histories be truth, you're a gambler in some way- they always relate to the big winnings, those winnings that only few know about, but they will hide and deny any loses.

Good luck pretending to be counting money among poor people, what about if you adopt a new handle, Barri Minkow, and your associated the preacher man.
Wisenheimer 2/28/2014 7:20:47 PM Report

Whaaaht the hell!
theprotector 2/28/2014 7:43:12 PM Report

Lmao @ neocons!!!
steelworker 2/28/2014 7:51:34 PM Report

Don't laugh too hard or your pea- brain might fall out.
Javaman 2/28/2014 9:41:17 PM Report

Justin Trudeau's wife delivered their third child today. Justin is hoping 3 times is a charm.
Hunter101 2/28/2014 11:39:08 PM Report

theprotector, better get those napkins ready for when the neocons get re-elected in another majority.

If you don't want to pay for them (I know you lefties love free stuff) you can swipe a few dozen from McDonalds right after you finish ravaging through your dollar menu treats and before you waddle out the door.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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