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View Room Comments for Thursday, Feb. 27 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Grump 2/27/2014 6:12:30 AM Report

Good morning everyone. Well it gets better and better. The neo-con hero who rode into Ottawa on his big white horse promising no more free lunches is supplying free breakfast and lunches for Conservative only meetings and Conservative PD days. These are not paid for by the Conservative party but by the lowly taxpayer who he made the promise to. The latest proof that he is a really small man is the Con, only trip to the Ukraine trying to buy the Canadian Ukrainian vote as he did with the Jews. Have a great day all.
David Poluck 2/27/2014 6:49:19 AM Report

Good Morning Grump...I see you are full of piss and vinegar today!
Good to see someone is all bright and bushy tailed this early in the A.M.!

Happy Thursday!

I'm looking forward to tonight's SSMAR meeting down at city hall Russ Ramsay Room from 7-9.
There are two information presentations planned. First on the proposed "Continuous Improvement Committee" as a committee of council and the second on the "Preliminary City Budget". Both will be followed with discussion and the gathering of questions in order to work as we should with our municipal representatives.

In this election year it is important to know the issues.

Bobby Nerves 2/27/2014 7:03:26 AM Report

Good morning.

Let's get from the many to give to the few.

Seven thousand dollars pizza party.
right wing 2/27/2014 8:35:34 AM Report


Read your last post yesterday to Nerves.
Completely agree with you on all aspects, that is why I rarely if ever address him.

Wisenheimer 2/27/2014 8:37:05 AM Report

Another 340,000 new claims for U.I. in the states.
Week after week after week.
Obama's only solution, is to raise the minimum wage
and lose another 500,000.
Sound familiar "Ontari-ary-aryio" ?
right wing 2/27/2014 8:46:37 AM Report


Obama's approval ratings are in the dumpster...hope and change has been replaced by gloom and doom.
Word has it Barrack will be moving out of the house soon and doing a world tour with Beyonce.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt is not pleased....
Bobby Nerves 2/27/2014 8:50:00 AM Report

Communicating with you is a liability. Check your van for a tracking device.

right wing 2/27/2014 8:58:28 AM Report

Hey J.T. got an apology hat trick this week.
His third public apology for his "just a joke" about the Ukraine situation.

Javaman 2/27/2014 9:08:12 AM Report

Justin T seems hell bent on imploding even before the next election is called. Anyone else smell a Harper minority government coming up after the next election? The LIBS just don't seem to have that ability to find a candidate to lead them..again.
Spellchecker 2/27/2014 9:19:39 AM Report

That's because they were so enamoured with the thought of the son of their revered former leader that they wouldn't look at anyone else.
Bobby Nerves 2/27/2014 9:20:31 AM Report

For the next election, the reformers will celebrate their loss in a washroom, and still have room for more supporters. RMAOFL
right wing 2/27/2014 9:25:40 AM Report


Agreed except it is more than realistic that we could see another Conservative majority.
I though J.T. would prove to be smarter but so far he is only proving how shallow he really is.
mallet 2/27/2014 10:14:51 AM Report


I thought it was a little petty not to take Justin and Mulcair, however I do understand how it would look bad of Canada to included someone who thinks that Russia losing at hockey is a political joke and the other who was not sure which side to support..

But all joking apart I do feel sorry for the Ukranians, caught between to entities Russia and the EU and not knowing who to be joined at the hip with. Russia will be authoritarian, and the EU who will want to run your country for you under their rules.. I know it comes down to the Money in the end, but it also means you have to give up your soverignty to join..
right wing 2/27/2014 10:26:43 AM Report

"Unidentified people with automatic weapons, explosives and grenades have taken over the governmental buildings and the Parliament building in the autonomous region of Crimea"

Word has it that Putin has been seen, shirtless, riding his horse along the Ukrainian border.
BIG BROTHER 2/27/2014 10:33:55 AM Report

Naw, it was Stockwell, on his jet ski, in his spandex suit.
steelworker 2/27/2014 12:24:36 PM Report

I swaer it was Libby Davies in a thong.
bounder 2/27/2014 12:39:06 PM Report

Blue room frozen today only 16 post, this weather is seriously affecting one and all.
Are the smelts in yet.
Jimssm 2/27/2014 1:12:46 PM Report

The smelts are in.... the water......

.....under the ice.
Wisenheimer 2/27/2014 1:26:47 PM Report

Harper will not stick around if it looks like a P.C. minority. Been there, done that.
He will move aside, join a few prestigious boards and play "Those were the Days" into the sunset.
Would gladly welcome Prentice, Flaherty or Brad Wall to take over.
All adults with proven track records.
Wisenheimer 2/27/2014 1:29:42 PM Report

I hear man-made global warming is still bathing the Soo in splendor.
Trust those windmills and solar panels are cranking out the energy in spades.
steelworker 2/27/2014 2:21:29 PM Report

...and the Americans thank us for cheap power.
mallet 2/27/2014 2:22:44 PM Report

Yea Wisen... I think the cold has frozen all the regular posters computers today or maybe just the fingers. The temperature this morning at my back door was minus 34C, even the squirrels were having a hard time holding onto their nuts... cedar that is, in case someone thought something different!!!
theprotector 2/27/2014 2:23:40 PM Report

Why is thst moron harper sending anyone to Ukraine? Yeah lets poke the bear! Dumb dumb dumb!!!
steelworker 2/27/2014 2:37:43 PM Report

Maybe he could send Justin. You know; make a few jokes have a few laughs with the Russians. Good times.
Hunter101 2/27/2014 3:13:37 PM Report

The people of the Ukraine are already talking about making a constitution with a Second Amendment type of clause.

Once government take your freedom, you are reluctant to trust any elected government and Canada should have the same failsafe.
right wing 2/27/2014 3:53:43 PM Report

Sun News.

It’s been the third coldest winter Winnipeg has seen in more than a century — and there still isn’t an end in site.

Environment Canada meteorologists say this will be the coldest three-month stretch the city has had since 1978/1979, with the temperature from December to February averaging only about -20 C — well below the normal winter average of -14.3 C.

It’d be one thing if it was just cold weather. However, Winnipeg and Manitoba has also received an abnormally large amount of snow this winter — 127 cm as of Wednesday. That’s the most the city has received since the dreaded winter of 1996/97, the year the infamous Flood of the Century occurred.

It has also been the coldest February in 35 years, with an average of -19.3 C — almost six degrees below the seasonal average.

In other words, this really has been a brutal winter in every way.


That's the beauty of calling it "climate change", this way everything gets thrown into the soup pot.
When the temperatures were proven to be flat lining and global warming was not panning out they had a pow-wow and came up with the new name.
Now they even have "climate change pause" me the enviro-kooks will never give up as long as the money keeps on flowing.
Notice you don't hear as much about it being man driven, now the claim is simply made that the results are in...the debate is over, the science is final...we are in "global-warming-climate-change-pause".
mallet 2/27/2014 4:07:23 PM Report


That is all the world needs, another Syria, Egypt, Libya, for the West to get tangled up with the Russians. Arming any number of kooks is utter stupidity, on any level you can imagine, and why we as a country want to do so is madness. Let us look after all the people in this country before we start trying to press our ideas on others.
right wing 2/27/2014 4:22:19 PM Report

So the Western world and it's allies should just turn their backs on countries that cannot defend themselves against an aggressive invading country.
I know of several countries that will certainly support that philosophy.
right wing 2/27/2014 4:29:36 PM Report

The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - A man who beheaded a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba has been granted the right to leave his mental hospital without an escort.

The Criminal Code Review Board is allowing Vince LI (LEE') unsupervised outings from the Selkirk Mental Health Centre into the nearby city of Selkirk.

The outings are to start at 30 minutes and increase to full-day trips.

Li's psychiatrist told the board earlier this week that the one-time undiagnosed schizophrenic has not been violent, no longer suffers delusions and has made tremendous progress.

McLean's mother, however, has said Li should remain locked up for life.

Not a problem...I stand by what I have said in the past.
Li should be allowed to spend the first two weekends without security at his psychiatrist house, the next six weekends can be spent with the psychiatrist going wherever Li would like.
Javaman 2/27/2014 4:34:08 PM Report

How much taxpayer money is Harper going to drop in the Ukraine ? A sure fire plan to get the Canadian Ukrainians to vote for Harper. I think its time to keep this handout money at home and help the local taxpayers for a change.
Hunter101 2/27/2014 4:38:10 PM Report

mallet, I said second amendment like.

There are obvious stipulations (i.e. you wouldn't give a firearm to a nut job.... interestingly enough though they seem to get them anyway).

I wouldn't be so naive as to include every citizen into that, but you can take Switzerland for example. They have a great system.
mallet 2/27/2014 4:40:58 PM Report

Right Wing...

So far the number of times the Western World and their Allies have interferred in the last few years with countries internal strife, things have not worked out as was planned or anticipated. It has in the main just removed people their did not like and replaced them with a systemed that has done little if anything to solve the problems of those countries. There is a lot more to this internal dispute than meets the eye..
Pink Peony 2/27/2014 4:43:19 PM Report

rw, I think mother knows best re: Li.
right wing 2/27/2014 4:48:55 PM Report


I said nothing about countries and internal strive.
I was quite clear about aggressive invading countries.
There is always a different way of looking at things...especially when your view is taken from a country with the freedom that we enjoy.
Now how is it that we have that been able to enjoy such a thing.....
mallet 2/27/2014 4:51:52 PM Report


When in a protest/riot type situation how do you sort out the nut jobs from the genuine protesters?? In those situations it is very hard to separate the black/white/grey into varing groups. In the services when confronted with this type of situation the order was to fire one round over the heads of the rioters after informing them you would be using live ammo, if they did not disperse, then it was up to the commander at the scene as to what action to take next. Of course in my day things were not as "politically correct" as they have to be today, but that is a different story all together..
66cherokee 2/27/2014 4:54:54 PM Report

Wisenheimer, Stephen Harper is going to be here after 2015. He will lead the Conservatives into another election. If anyone doubts that, they don't know how willy he is. If J.T. keeps opening his mouth and sticking his foot into it, he doesn't have a chance. The NDP's power is out of Quebec, and I can't see them winning to many seats there. They only won that many seats in Quebec because of Jack Laytan, a gentleman, who fought a losing battle against cancer. With the added 30 seats, you'll see another Conservative win. It may be a minority, but who knows. Just don't write Harper off.
Bobby Nerves 2/27/2014 5:03:58 PM Report

I'd jump the fence to get at you face to face... what did you call me in the other side?

For your info, I just crank the thermostat and I'll make sure the air out of you nose is frost... ipso facto.

And let me tell you something else... you... you pilock, chav... pikey!

Knight44 2/27/2014 5:05:21 PM Report

If I had to bet, I'd say that's pretty close to an accurate project, Cherokee. The extra thirty suburban seats will give the Tories a big boost, and while it wouldn't surprise me to see them reduced to a minority, they stand a good chance of holding government.

Whether Harper stays long after 2015 is another matter. If he wins a minority it would not surprise me to see him resign shortly after given that he's already having a difficult time keeping the backbenchers satisfied. Harper will want to go out on his own terms, and if he even so much as sniffs a party revolt, he'll be out. Even in a majority, there may be a sense within the party that it is time for change.
Knight44 2/27/2014 5:06:03 PM Report

right wing 2/27/2014 5:09:00 PM Report

Pink Peony

I agree.
That being said I believe that those suffering from a mental illness have a difficult road.
If they have truly been cured they should eventually be allowed back into society.
It was proven that Li was not mentally stable enough to stand trial.
Fair enough, but there are so many examples of claimed "cures" and then the "cured one" goes out and claims another victim(s).
It's a bit of tongue in cheek when I state that he should be able to stay at his psychiatrist house...but only a bit.
My message is if the psychiatrist is so convinced that this guy it cured and he is so willing to release him onto the general public then he should not be nervous to sleep down the hall from him.
This type of decision should not be made by one Dr's evaluation.
right wing 2/27/2014 5:11:37 PM Report


...Ricky Ricardo wants you to go sit in the corner.
Somebody is not checking under the tongue to ensure that all the meds are swallowed.
Pink Peony 2/27/2014 5:41:49 PM Report

rw, there is no cure for schizophrenia. That doctor should know that and he should also know that people with schizophrenia do not stay on their medication, as a rule. I agree with doctor making that decision regarding Li isn't right. Lives of innocent people are going to be put in danger. There's no doubt about that in my mind.
Wisenheimer 2/27/2014 5:56:52 PM Report

66 , pretty much agree.
My point was, that Harper will not stick around to lead a minority government, if that's the outcome.
Gurpy 2/27/2014 6:04:12 PM Report

Right Wing
Your post about the undiagnosed schizophrenic brought some things to mind. I previously lived in housing where the majority of tenants were mental health. Some were positively wonderful neighbours and then, some were downright freaky!
Clearly not capable of living on their own,yet some bleeding heart doctor signed the release and off to housing they went! I won`t go into any great details of the behavior I personally witnessed. I do my best to not to think back on that episode of my life!
It amazes me that our society is irresponsible enough to allow someone like Li back into the public with no concern for public safety whatsoever! How many more people does he have to kill before these idiots get it! Killers should NOT be released EVER!
Hunter101 2/27/2014 6:35:49 PM Report

mallet, once you put a Constitution in place (by the people for the people) then there is not a worry who will be bad/good/ugly as long as most people support it.

People who aren't for the in place constitution can deal with or leave. Don't you think there are communists in the U.S.? Canada?

Sure, and more than I'd like to admit to, but you don't see them running around killing people. The problem with our countries are gang related and arguably Canada does a pretty excellent job at not prosecuting them/giving them light sentences.

Like I said, a movement to arm the protectors of a country's constitution is one that solidifies its survival. In Switzerland, every household male at age 18 is enlisted in basic military service and is given (at the taxpayers expense) his own rifle which will be used to defend the country from both internal and external threats.
TFinn 2/27/2014 6:59:43 PM Report

Kudos to Sootoday for the new format to view photos with the news stories ...two thumbs up
66cherokee 2/27/2014 7:36:34 PM Report

Harper may not stay if he has a minority win. I wonder who he is going to get for the Finance Minister. I don't see Flaherty staying. He is not in the greatest of health. He will resign after he gives his 2015 budget. I don't see anyone there who could take over his position. Time will tell with Harper. I have just finished reading an article in MacLean's magazine. Quite interesting actually. He is going to go after the college student vote. The university educated people go for J.T. Go figure. At least it's hopeful that more people will go out and vote. It's a privilege that many people don't have. My mother in law didn't one year in the municipal election, and a toss of a coin was what determined a certain position. She vowed after that that no matter what happened, sickness or not, she would make it to the polls.
Hunter101 2/27/2014 7:45:40 PM Report

University educated and not voting for Harper over here.
Hunter101 2/27/2014 7:46:03 PM Report

Ahem, Trudeau. My mistake.
Resident 2/27/2014 8:53:02 PM Report

University educated and not voting for Harper.
sparks7 2/27/2014 9:35:19 PM Report

steelworker 2/27/2014 9:48:56 PM Report

It looks like some people wasted a lot of money on an "education".
Resident 2/28/2014 6:45:38 AM Report

Looks like some people should have got an "education".
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