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View Room Comments for Wednesday, Feb. 26 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
shakespeare 2/26/2014 2:33:13 AM Report

This afternoon in the little bay in front of our condo, I swam with the most huge turtle that I've ever seen. I was snorkelling and next to me appeared this extremely large, beautiful creature, bigger and heavier and almost certainly older than I. I was a little startled. He turned and looked at me with the most benign eyes. And we swam together. It was a great moment. His brain is probably not much bigger than Steely's or Wisen's but the wisdom in those eyes was remarkable.
I came back to celebrate by pan frying macadamia encrusted Ono fish served with boiled purple Hawaiian potatoes in garlic butter. I know, it's not Walmart chicken, but we do what we have to.
Nihil habeo cum porcis.
Grump 2/26/2014 6:41:53 AM Report

Good morning everyone and sorry to hear you are still suffering along Shakespeare. Harper was chastising Justin in Parliament yesterday for leaving his Convention without giving a press conference. He said he would certainly not do that to huge applause from his goon squad. The sad part about all this is he has also done this and is now conveniently forgetful or he is a bare faced liar. You swamp dwellers take your pick as he is either addled or a flat out liar. I expect the next time you google Harper lies it will be there along with plenty of other of his better ones. I also thought how very thoughtful of P.M, Harper to send Baird over to the Ukraine to give more Canadian taxpayer's money away instead of giving it to those pesky vets and seniors. Have a great day all.
bounder 2/26/2014 7:18:46 AM Report

David O response yesterday didn't go over well with a lot of people, can't blame them as I've seen the road blocks and huge ditches dug out by the MNR to keep us off the lands.
Go to the MNR and see all the MNR trucks that sit there day after day ,your tax dollars paying for them to be idle.Gas is still 133.9 yippee ,(sarcastic).

Jimssm 2/26/2014 7:29:01 AM Report

Stupid Quote of the Day:

After Arizona passed a law allowing businesses to refuse service to gays....


Carol Foyler, a Tea Party Republican who supported the anti-gay law, said that the startling bombshell that gays play a role in the state’s economy put her and her fellow lawmakers “in a tight spot.”

“Quite frankly, we were blindsided by this,” she said. “We had no idea that gays had money and bought things just like regular people do.”

Jimssm 2/26/2014 7:31:14 AM Report


Is there a reason that the MNR shuts off these roads to public access ??

(I mean a real reason other than the knee-jerk "To give the rich Americans access " answer.)
Bobby Nerves 2/26/2014 7:33:28 AM Report

Snobank, you spent few hours proof reading a post about spelling and grammar and you arrived to a conclusion of your own, now I'd like to ask you a question; do you think Stephen Hawking spent time spelling?

Second, would you illuminate us all with an explanation about Einstein lack of spelling and grammar?

I'll give you two hypothetical situations:
I drive my car on the road and a deer cross the road, I can't avoid and kill the animal.
I drive my car, I see a deer on the side of the road, I go out of my way in pursue of the deer, drive over the shoulder and finally on a side road I kill the deer.

Which one is a mistake and which is intentional.
dust2 2/26/2014 7:42:33 AM Report

what's the real story on the MNR situation? the letter just had dry accusations, nothing of substance. what's the specific issue? they're telling people to leave crown land? or they block off access?
jojoe71 2/26/2014 7:47:53 AM Report

commenting on the Olympics ....I didn't realise until the medal ceremony that medals were given to people that were there only as spares. Some hockey players never set foot on the ice. I also didn't know that team Jacobs had a fifth man. Whom also never shot a rock on camera. Personally I would feel odd to accept a medal for just being there. Is that a bad thing?
bounder 2/26/2014 7:53:09 AM Report

I've tried to find out why and spoke to a few people all the answers vary from person to person, bridges unsafe, fire hazards, roads itself unsafe, liability, wildlife issues, anything at all, but I keep thinking they don't want us there.
I just go anyway, cut a small trail around ,four wheeler. Went to a big lake a few years ago on the Mc nee road, the operators of the camp came to see me and where surprised I was in there . Liked they owned the lake on public land. I'll look up the name if you want, just can't think of it right now.
bounder 2/26/2014 7:57:53 AM Report

Megasin lake, came to me.
Gurpy 2/26/2014 8:17:30 AM Report

Good morning everyone
What a beautiful but chilly day! I was thinking about all the comments directed at David O yesterday(including my own). W5 was mentioned. Boy, would those people have their work cut out for them here in the Sault! I`m surprise no one thought to contact them long ago!
I woke up thinking how grateful I am for sootoday. No, I`m not kidding. The blue room along with the comment section following news stories allows anyone to voice their opinion! That is priceless to those of us who have not been taken seriously by certain elected officials. I`m referring to those who continuously ignore letters etc in an attempt to shut someone up! Rather difficult to shut someone up when it`s plastered all over the internet!
This is good. Things will be dealt with then, everyone will be able to move forward. SOOTODAY>>>THANKS! You allow our voices to be heard!
Just Curious 2/26/2014 8:24:07 AM Report

jojoe; A team sport is just that, a team sport. If your team wins you get a share in the glory whether you play or not. How would you like to be part of a team that wins a million dollars and you didn't get a share because you were just a spare. A spare is a necessary part of every team, right down to dart leagues...:)
Jimssm 2/26/2014 8:59:21 AM Report


Although Sootoday does give people a voice, not many read the comments and even fewer take those comments seriously.

This is an anonymous forum and people can say whatever they want and pretend to be whoever they want. They insult each other and sometimes post the absurd just to get attention. Posters here complain and whine and are generally just negative about everything.

.... in other words, it's not a very accurate measure of how the general public feels.
Bobby Nerves 2/26/2014 9:11:52 AM Report

In the internet, no one will know your\re a dog.
Jimssm 2/26/2014 9:13:09 AM Report

.... or if you look like one.

dust2 2/26/2014 9:27:32 AM Report

O.P.P wants to name-and-shame before convictions -

pretty sad if you ask me. innocent until proven guilty, it helps no one to release the names of people charged before any verdict is decided.

It's the same thing here with names being released on the police beat report. When no name is released, the comment section goes crazy "WHERE'S THE NAME, THIS IS USELESS WITHOUT THE NAME". What reasonable person would need this information so bad? How are you protecting your kids more when you see those names in the news articles? Even if it was someone you knew, the names are usually released before their verdict, so even before you're innocent you're guilty in the public eye.

This kind of redirect and behavior only fuels negative habits, the people complaining about lack of names strike me as bored fat housewives, with nothing better to do than dig up the dirt on other people because they're uninteresting and not unique in any way. Why try to have respectable dialogue with someone when you can talk smack about some "little punk" who stole from macs (who you probably would never know or meet)

it's just wrong to tell the public "JOHN DOE IS CHARGED WITH THIS CRIME, BUT WE DON'T KNOW IF HE'S GUILTY OR NOT, BUT NOW YOU KNOW". It offers nothing, no extra help, no extra safety or security, nothing. it just fuels toxic negative behavior.
EricThe SHERIFF 2/26/2014 9:44:15 AM Report


It says Ontario Police NOT OPP.
right wing 2/26/2014 9:48:31 AM Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the military to test combat readiness.
At least he waited until the Olympics were over...wouldn't want to tarnish Russia's reputation for coveting thy neighbour.
Not to worry, I'm sure Justin Trudeau can come up with a spiffy joke to settle everything down.
flyhawk25 2/26/2014 9:51:23 AM Report

We already have a 'spiffy joke' - Stephen Harper.
steelworker 2/26/2014 9:53:36 AM Report

Way to go Grump; sticking up for the Shiney Pony like that. The reason he did not give a press conference after the Liberal Yawnfest was because his handlers got the ballgag in his yap in time to stop him from saying something even stupider than usual.As for Canada giving money to the Ukraine: if Harper didn't send them some cash the Dippers and the Libs would be squealing like stuck pigs. It's a typical political case of "damned if you do and damned if you don't". Maybe they could send Johnny McCallum over to the Ukraine to suck up all that evil vodka.
Bobby Nerves 2/26/2014 9:53:57 AM Report

So, your name was in the news?

I'd consider it reasonable for an organized society.

dust2 2/26/2014 9:54:38 AM Report

my bad
steelworker 2/26/2014 9:56:23 AM Report

shakespeare: that turtle was just trying to tell you not to wear a Speedo in his world.
Wild Turkey 2/26/2014 10:09:21 AM Report

The West boycotted the Moscow Olympics in1980---why ?
During the summer Olympics a few years back--Russia invaded Georgia---guess they thought no one was looking.
In the 60's Russia invaded Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany and Poland to put down popular uprisings.The possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is very real.
Although what Justin said appeared to many as a flippant remark,in fact it was directed at the Russians as a way of saying--We Know what you're up to.Something the other party leaders would not dare to mention because they would appear to be meddling in another country's internal affairs.
Wild Turkey 2/26/2014 10:17:22 AM Report

Correction -the Russian invasions of their East European neighbors occurred in the50's and 60's.
Wisenheimer 2/26/2014 10:25:26 AM Report

And a "shiny" joke. A really shiny joke.
mr.monty 2/26/2014 10:27:44 AM Report

no comments yet on the killing of the lynx in timmins by the mnr. and the cops. they could have trapped it and relocated it. at least it would have had a chance to survive?
dust2 2/26/2014 10:37:22 AM Report

imo it's one lynx. it would probably cost 10x more to trap it and relocate it compared to killing it. the world won't really change with one lynx gone.
DutchTouch 2/26/2014 10:37:38 AM Report

Due to a few moments of boredom yesterday I watched Question Period for the first time in months.
It was like watching the Gong Show except for Mulcair who was trying hard to make some sense of it all.
steelworker 2/26/2014 10:50:48 AM Report

Tommy the Commie is always a class act.He should have been thrown out the other day after being warned by the Speaker to watch his mouth.
flyhawk25 2/26/2014 10:54:00 AM Report

Just once - could you respond without the dumb labels?
steelworker 2/26/2014 10:57:37 AM Report

I thoughtI was making "a spiffy joke".
Resident 2/26/2014 10:58:31 AM Report

As opposed to Stephonavich the Faschist?
Resident 2/26/2014 10:59:43 AM Report

Hated to lower myself but couldn't resist.
Resident 2/26/2014 11:01:42 AM Report

Fly: The only way steelworker seems to be able to relate.
Wicket 2/26/2014 11:44:33 AM Report

Jimssm - disagree with you about most people not reading the posts; I know about 50 that read every day (and if not able to daily, even check out the archives). None of them have ever posted. There are far more people who are NOT willing to express their opinion than there are that do; or to get into a debate/confrontation/dialog.
steelworker 2/26/2014 12:11:51 PM Report

Really resident: that's the best you can come up with? Really?
Jimssm 2/26/2014 12:14:56 PM Report


Even if 1000 regularly read the comments... that's not many SSM voters.

...And my point was that the posters on this forum are not an accurate reflection of popular opinion... like you say, many read but are afraid to post.
Bobby Nerves 2/26/2014 12:18:51 PM Report

I have a question and should I be on the slippery side, let me know. There is someone with knowledge in the Indians traditions that can illustrate me regarding the values of certain symbolism. I believe calling it Indian traditions is respectful, as most Indians where converted to Christianity, but they still keep or remember for word of mouth the old traditions and what I'd like to know is the following:

I know that bear paws, hawk feathers, nails, the snake, the tumble bug or similar, all have an special value and signification for Indians, and I'd like to know what value is given to the turtle. I know the value of the animal itself within the food chain, but what significance if has for the Indians. I mean, like in my traditions God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Holly Spirit, and the Apostles all have different value. How it's within the traditions?

Please, if in any way the question is imprudent, let me know so. I hope is not.

And I know, I can google it, but I'd like to read it straight from someone involved in it as it will have a total different value for my memory.
Pink Peony 2/26/2014 1:38:49 PM Report

A live streaming video of a bald eagle nest. Two eggs laid in January. One hatched on February 22nd.
Jimssm 2/26/2014 1:40:41 PM Report


I think the turtle carries the Earth upon its back in North American native culture.
Resident 2/26/2014 1:40:48 PM Report

Steelworker: Yes. You win the nastiness contest. I knew I shouldn't even tried. Congratulations.
Resident 2/26/2014 1:42:35 PM Report

Pink Peony: That was fascinating. I saw parts of it that were shown on television.
Resident 2/26/2014 1:43:34 PM Report

Steelworker: Oops "shouldn't even have tried".
Pink Peony 2/26/2014 1:50:43 PM Report

The parent is moving. I just saw the little eaglet. Neat!
Gurpy 2/26/2014 2:08:25 PM Report

I realize not everyone feels the way I do. Yes, you are right about some of the posts being for attention only. Not all! I`m one of those people who do read the comments following news stories. I don`t believe everything I read. Some is as you said, just for attention. Regardless, I enjoy the opportunity to just "speak". No one is forced to listen.
Just Curious 2/26/2014 2:14:53 PM Report

So.. Dusty...You have something to hide?? I'm sure the police don't just arrest anybody willy-nilly.. They are charged with something and the name is published... Like it or not, it is probably a deterrent to a lot of others that might try something incognito. When you haul some airhead, drunk as a skunk, out of a vehicle then yes you publish the name as charged.. The only thing I think that should be changed is if they are found innocent that should be published also.. The sad fact is, most of them are guilty as hell..
dust2 2/26/2014 2:48:41 PM Report

it's not a deterrent though, people are going to commit the crime regardless of whether their name is published. if you have the foresight to think about the repercussions from your name being posted online due to a criminal charge, you're part of the 1% of criminals that have foresight. the rest don't think, they just do.

the point is that being charged doesn't mean you're guilty. you fail to understand that, or don't care. I care. I care about false rape claims and cops who make mistakes, I care about people who are in the public eye and are working professionals.

No one here EVER thinks if someone is guilty or not, they just assume their guilty. It's a witch-hunt mob mentality, and it can ruin careers. Do you know how far bored fat house wives will go to ruin someones reputation or make sure others know about their bad actions? it's depressing how much people work to tarnish someones name.

Rights are rights, and while that drunk-as-a-skunk douche is caught, he still is entailed to a trial and a fair judgement before a verdict is reached. if someone did something wrong, let's do some work and determine if he's wrong FIRST, then release the name.

No this is not a "I do bad things so I want to be protected" incident, I don't break the law so I don't have anything to worry about. That's exactly the problem though, if someone falsely accuses me of something my name is posted and my reputation is instantly at risk. For what? Public safety? There has been no proper system to determine if I'm guilty or not, so why should my name be released when I've done nothing wrong?

The truth is the name nonsense helps no one except bored housewives. It's all gossip bull, nothing more.
Gurpy 2/26/2014 3:02:31 PM Report

"fat, bored, housewives". Really??
Snobank 2/26/2014 3:03:32 PM Report

"Some peoples idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like but if anyone says anything back that is an outrage."- attributed to Winston Churchill

Sound familiar?
Gurpy 2/26/2014 3:04:34 PM Report

"drunk as a skunk douche" Is that type of wording necessary?
dust2 2/26/2014 3:08:14 PM Report

dear god you pick at the smallest things
Gurpy 2/26/2014 3:11:03 PM Report

That was not small by any means! Just be careful okay?
Snobank 2/26/2014 3:12:08 PM Report

"Snobank, you spent few hours proof reading a post about spelling and grammar and you arrived to a conclusion of your own, now I'd like to ask you a question; do you think Stephen Hawking spent time spelling?"

Bobby, I have no idea. Anything I've read that was written by him was perfect in grammar, form and spelling. Given his physical limitations I would assume he has a great spell checker and editor(s). What is your point?

"Second, would you illuminate us all with an explanation about Einstein lack of spelling and grammar?"

Einstein wrote in German. I don't speak German. I do not know if he had good or bad spelling and grammar. I do know that many of the quotes about life attributed to him on the internet are false. What is your point?

"I'll give you two hypothetical situations:
I drive my car on the road and a deer cross the road, I can't avoid and kill the animal.
I drive my car, I see a deer on the side of the road, I go out of my way in pursue of the deer, drive over the shoulder and finally on a side road I kill the deer.

Which one is a mistake and which is intentional."

Since you were doing the driving I'll have to ask you to answer the question. What is your point? What is the relevance?
Gurpy 2/26/2014 3:17:38 PM Report

I read your 10:44pm post from yesterday. "Religious beliefs are a mental pathology best dealt with potent meds & therapy". "They should not in any way shape or form play any running in the affairs of a nation."
Check into some of the older Canadian laws and laws in the United States. Most are based on the bible.
dust2 2/26/2014 3:24:10 PM Report

yeah and computer programs used to be made with pieces of papers that had holes in them

we don't do it the same way today though, for obvious reasons
Gurpy 2/26/2014 3:29:34 PM Report

You`re right. We don`t do things the way we used to and now, we have quite the mess to deal with!
bounder 2/26/2014 4:44:55 PM Report

Shut up already, find something useless to do elsewhere.
Wild Turkey 2/26/2014 5:00:24 PM Report

On a brighter note-----The Toronto Blue Jays won their first Spring Training game to-day in Florida.They beat The Philadelphia Phillies in a rain shortened contest.Spring and warmer temps. will be here before we know it.!!!!
Just Curious 2/26/2014 5:11:07 PM Report

Dusty, you impress me as a person with a very superior attitude who has had nothing happen in your life that you couldn't blame on someone else. One of these days your bubble is gonna burst and your snobbish world is gonna fall apart, and you will be totally unequipped to handle it.. Start living in the real world and stop treating everyone like a piece of crap. Just because you can operate behind a screen of anonymity doesn't make you important, it just makes you like the rest of the secondary people in this world that you look down at..
People that get caught should have their name posted...As I said, if they are proved innocent, that should also get posted..That was the extent of my post. It didn't require a long putdown from the new GOD of Sootoday...LOL..
steelworker 2/26/2014 5:14:41 PM Report

Sounds like we have a new member of the Apple Dumpling Gang.
dust2 2/26/2014 5:26:45 PM Report

>"Dusty, you impress me as a person with a very superior attitude who has had nothing happen in your life that you couldn't blame on someone else."

do you even read my posts? that summary sounds like everyone ELSE'S problems. Everyone here blames the government for their problems, when have I done something even close to that?

Your summary of me is horribly, horribly wrong. I'd ask you to show me posts that prove I blame my problems on others, but that's a waste of your time since you wouldn't even find any lol

>"One of these days your bubble is gonna burst and your snobbish world is gonna fall apart, and you will be totally unequipped to handle it."

you sound like every mediocre 40-something in this town who's making mediocre money at a mediocre job in a mediocre city. Yeah one day I'm just going to implode from some petty issue, I forgot the people here to moan and whine about the government have their heads on right. those folks will clearly be able to handle those bursting bubbles that leave those weak and innocent people unable to cope.

please post more wrong things, it's hilarious
right wing 2/26/2014 5:41:15 PM Report

"Do you know how far bored fat house wives will go to ruin someones reputation or make sure others know about their bad actions? it's depressing how much people work to tarnish someones name."

Dust, please explain how "bored fat house wives" (glad to see you don't partake in stereotyping) ruin someones reputation.
I am very interested in how you link this absurd statement into a debate on whether or not names of those charged with crimes should appear in the media.
right wing 2/26/2014 5:42:46 PM Report


...and I'm just guessing but are you a customs officer.
Do you use your sisters moniker now and then....
mallet 2/26/2014 5:54:11 PM Report


If this is such a mediocre town, what are you doing in it? Why would you not go somewhere, where your superiority and wit is more appreciated by those over 40? I do not understand why people hang around towns that they find so inappropriate to their life skills. Are you so tied to this area of Canada that you have an anchor around your neck that you cannot go somewhere else. If I felt so dissatisfied with my life and surroundings I would most certainly move somewhere that would be more suitable, for you sound one of the most miserable people at having to be in the area, that you have to put down every and anything. Try moving, you may like it.
dust2 2/26/2014 6:01:03 PM Report

in terms of reputation, they like to see people lose their jobs. ever read the situations about a radio host saying something controversial on the air? the phone calls start flooding in, and not just to the radio station, but also to the sponsors of the station. people call in threatening to never buy their products again because they sponsor a radio station that promotes whatever behavior/belief they disagree with. a radio station can deal with a complain, but if a sponsor decides to back out because of that incident, that's money lost. the housewives know this and work the system to their advantage.

that's one example. they can threaten a business to never return, they can create websites and groups that promote the false accusation, plenty of things that catches the attention of the eyes who employ the 'guilty' party.

what's worse is the violence that comes with it.

people DIE because of false accusations, regardless of crime. how many posts here do you see that mention some form of "street justice" for criminals? you don't think it's below people to go harm someone else because of information they saw online?

Their name shouldn't be released until a verdict is made. What if someone says I assaulted them? What if the accuser was female? Ever heard the term "white knights"? They're out there, and they wouldn't think twice about beating up someone for assaulting a girl.

What is to be gained from hearsay? NOTHING, that's what. What's to be lost from hearsay? Plenty, including lives
steelworker 2/26/2014 6:01:16 PM Report

Mommy took his jammies and he's trapped in the basement.
dust2 2/26/2014 6:01:35 PM Report

who says I live here mallet?
Hunter101 2/26/2014 6:51:02 PM Report

David O can't answer why the MNR is blocking public roads/access to land with lame excuses. It's because the MNR is letting outfitters have preference to crown land to charge people a pile of money to fly in.

They don't want the public on their lake because thats lost revenue. It's plain old bullsh*t. Tax payers deserve access to that road and that land if their dollar is being used for the upkeep.
mallet 2/26/2014 7:00:20 PM Report


I find it hard to understand how you can comment on things that you are not personally involved with., if you do not live here. Generalisations tend to paint everyone and thing with the same brush, and leads to wrong thinking. Not everyone in the area aare over 40, some are even older, some even younger. Some posters live in the city, some just outside, some shop over the river, some don't, some are well off, some not so well off. You cannot do an average of people based on the few who actually post on here. I would like to leave you with a bit of advice, learned over a few years,please make sure you are sure you know what you are talking about, otherwise it just labels you, as what, only you know for sure..
Just Curious 2/26/2014 7:05:55 PM Report

Dusty, exactly what planet DO you live on? Your ego is over whelming, to say the least. I thought at first you might be a clone of rw but I see he even takes exception to your attitude... rw, I apologise, sincerely.....:)
steelworker 2/26/2014 7:09:09 PM Report

Fun to watch Justin and Tommie on CBC crying that they can't go with the grown-ups to visit the Ukraine. Harper told them to piss-off because Tommy doesn't know which side we should be on and Justin is,well, just being Justin. I think Harper should take the other Justin (Biebs) so they can egg Putins' house.
Just Curious 2/26/2014 7:52:08 PM Report

Just out walking the dog, and I don't know about the rest of the Sault, but winter has definitely lost it's Christmassy allure for me.. C'MON SPRING... Pllleeaassee...:)
Bobby Nerves 2/26/2014 8:49:03 PM Report

Snobank, you are capable of elaborating a theory, however you can't answer a question, or two.

The point is as follows:

Pursuing perfect spelling and grammar does not reflect intelligence neither motivation, nor a high IQ will reflect intelligence; by the contrary it is only a mania and a symptom of a personality disorder.
Those with such disorder are preoccupied with order, perfection and mental control, but they are not attentive to flexibility, openness and efficiency.

They need rules and pre established procedures to dictate the exact answer because are not capable of decision making process.
Those people have a difficulty setting priorities.
The lack of control over their personal or interpersonal environment will upset them, but there is not a direct expression of such anger.
They are prone to become upset or angry in situations in which they are not able to maintain control of their physical or interpersonal environment, although the anger is typically not expressed directly.
For you to understand, I'll exemplify it, a person is upset because can't influence and control interpersonal environment and instead of expressing it directly, the individual will start and argument about the poor spelling and grammar of the whole site.
As you see, the importance of the content will be secondary, while the triviality of misspelling will take the first place. In other situations, the individual will manifest anger expressing indignation over a minor matter. In the case I'm proposing, the individual indignation is directed to the lack of righteous religion of others.

Now, pay attention to the following paragraph and you'll grasp what my point is:
People with this disorder may be especially attentive to their relative status in dominance-submission relationships and may display excessive deference to an authority they respect and excessive resistance to authority that they do not respect.

Individuals with this disorder usually express affection in a highly controlled or stilted fashion and may be very uncomfortable in the presence of others who are emotionally expressive. Their everyday relationships have a formal and serious quality, and they may be stiff in situations in which others would smile and be happy (e.g., greeting a lover at the airport). They carefully hold themselves back until they are sure that whatever they say will be perfect. They may be preoccupied with logic and intellect.
Are you capable to understand my point.

Further, spelling and grammar obsession is typical of feminine gender.
sparks7 2/26/2014 9:05:20 PM Report


Forget about it. It is just another one of them books you have to let go and give up on.
Wisenheimer 2/26/2014 9:43:13 PM Report

Boobs .. you just made that up.
Snobank 2/26/2014 10:44:07 PM Report

Geesh Bobby, I used to excuse your off the wall comments because I understood this is not your first language. I guess you overt hostility takes away that excuse and exposes you for the person you are.

I find it interesting that the main part of your essay seems to be written in excellent form with good clear sentences and fine spelling. Your more personal comments degenerate in to the usual poorly chosen sentence structure and weird vocabulary you usually use. It makes me suspect you copied the good sentences from another source and did not have the intellectual honesty to quote your sources. The only other thing I can think of is that your broken language, vague similes and arcane words are done deliberately to cloud your lack of originality.

I used to think you were one of the good guys. Since you have decided to personally attack me instead of my opinions I am revising my estimate of your character.

A year or two back your were corresponding with me and did not understand a joke I had made. You immediately replied on this public forum that I was useless and was not worth talking too. May I request that you stick to that opinion and stop communicating with me.As far as I am concerned our correspondence is concluded.
Hunter101 2/27/2014 12:19:26 AM Report

Bobby, or it just pisses people off who have the intelligence and ability to compose a decent thought whilst remaining grammatically accurate.

In other words, if you're smart and can't compose your ideas on paper then perfect that as we'll.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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