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View Room Comments for Friday, Feb. 7 2014

Friday, February 07, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Grump 2/7/2014 6:50:26 AM Report

Good morning everyone, a nice day yesterday. Bounder I have a f-550 turbo diesel 4x4 that might move that trailer loaded at 5 0r10 kls an hour so your little Ford Ranger with a 4 banger isn't going to cut it. The reason they have transports for hire on the road is to move heavy material from one point to another. If it had just been a 2x4 I would have asked you to sit on it for me. Have a great day all.
David Poluck 2/7/2014 7:17:29 AM Report

Good Morning Grump!

Flipping around on the computer this morning and found this story..

"Leonard Nimoy Reveals He Has Lung Disease, Warns Against Smoking"
bounder 2/7/2014 7:17:40 AM Report

Good morning all, nothing like living rent free upstairs in some ones mind.LOL.
Girlie128 2/7/2014 7:22:27 AM Report

I live in the Peoples Rd area. Anyone else around here without water?
flyhawk25 2/7/2014 7:23:54 AM Report

Our beloved Finance Minister is preparing the budget.
In anticipation pharmacies are putting KY-Gel on sale with additional discounts for seniors and veterans.
It's nice to see somebody has our backs.
Mr. Poster 2/7/2014 8:12:13 AM Report

I am waiting foe the day seniors pensions are tied to the cost of living. WE NEED A RAISE.
Prometheus 2/7/2014 8:32:51 AM Report

Old Age Security (OAS)is indexed to the CPI, also known as the Cost of Living index.

for details.
Wisenheimer 2/7/2014 8:48:30 AM Report

Prom ... don't confuse people with facts.
theprotector 2/7/2014 9:07:20 AM Report

fly ky jelly? too much just go with good ol vasoline
old-cat33 2/7/2014 9:07:35 AM Report

The Olympics are starting to day! Bon Soo kicks off this weekend also and Jay Leno retired!(Fell asleep before that came on)And that Arctic Thingy is still got a grasp on good ole Sault Ste Marie! Oh well life goes on as they say.
right wing 2/7/2014 9:17:49 AM Report

...says the experts on dryness.
Spellchecker 2/7/2014 9:23:10 AM Report

Bobby, this one may be of interest to you.
learningaswego 2/7/2014 9:36:27 AM Report

StatsCan report - unemployment rate drops in January.

There's just no limit to the devastation the Harper government can inflict upon Canadians, eh?

Now, let the lefty frothing and naysaying begin!
theprotector 2/7/2014 9:44:03 AM Report

compare that to the sharp nose dives it has been taking. And lets compare it to northern ontario. Here in the Sault are we not almost twice the national average? But thats ok with you, I forgot
right wing 2/7/2014 9:50:12 AM Report

...and they're off...

T.P. is in the outside lane with Grump coming up the middle....
Fly is in the inside pumping hard at the Grump...
Bib Bro is holding the rear, while lookaround - looks around....
flyhawk25 2/7/2014 9:54:19 AM Report

Must be lonely in the swamp today with no one to play with. Must be a new video game out.
Hunter101 2/7/2014 10:29:28 AM Report

lookaround, your theory checks out IN THEORY....

Explain the last ice ages. Explain why our earth changed from a reducing atmosphere to one that oxidizes. Obviously it wasn't from us, and clearly we don't have as big of an effect as you say we do.

I already hypothesized dino farts for the reason it was so warm when they were around and just after they left.
fatafr 2/7/2014 10:40:56 AM Report

To Girlie 128:
In regards to the water main break in the People's Rd area, the PUC is on site doing the repair work. I was told that water should be restored to the homes by mid to late afternoon.
Bobby Nerves 2/7/2014 10:46:47 AM Report

Thank you spelly.
fatafr 2/7/2014 10:50:22 AM Report

A friend shared this story with me. Priceless..............

I was eating breakfast with my 4 -year-old Granddaughter and I asked
"What day is tomorrow?" .
Without skipping a beat she said, "It's Prime Minister Day!" ...
She's smart, so I asked her "What does Prime Minister Day mean?" ...
I was waiting for something about Trudeau or Martin, Harper etc.
She replied, "Prime Minister Day is when the Prime Minister steps out
of the Prime Minister 's Mansion, and if he sees his shadow, we have 4
more years of Bull Shit."
You know, it hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose....
theprotector 2/7/2014 11:16:08 AM Report

hunter with the science LOL!! moron
Bobby Nerves 2/7/2014 11:23:09 AM Report

Good one fatafr. Thank you for sharing.

Stay close. We love you!
right wing 2/7/2014 12:26:17 PM Report


Of course there has been global warming of our planet...and it's a damn good thing.
Would it be disastrous for our planet to warm too much...of course, the same applies if our planet cools too much.
Why did they drop "man driven global warming"...because their theories were slowly but surely being proven wrong and time was running out on many of their disastrous predictions.
Plain old "Global Warming" fit so much better.
Global warming not working out anymore cause the temperature is not co-operating...easy fix.
When you are running one of the biggest hoaxes of modern can change the terms as you go along...
So they bring in "Climate Change", another self serving term hi-jacked by the IPCC.
The temperature basically flat problem, now we have "climate change pause".
You can even get caught with pseudoscience and it matters not.

However, there is one issue that the C02 climate change enthusiasts cannot answer and they just hate when you bring it up.
It's actually seven issues and it has to do with the earths history.
This is one of the basic things to learn and you will screw up a C02 climate change guru every time.
It was one of the single most important pieces of evidence that convinced me that climate change is not man driven and not driven by C02.
This historical record took place over the earths past 1/2 million years.
It is the seven largest temperature changes ever to take place on this planet.
Three glacial terminations and four glacial inceptions.
What the climate change enthusiast cannot explain is why there is no relationship of C02 of these events that would co-relate, as you would expect, if C02 was the cause of climate change.
According to the climate change believer C02 had to have increased prior to a major climate change.
Therein lies the problem for them.
Not only do the ice records (there is that history part) not show increased concentrations of C02 prior to these events, it(increased C02)followed them and by hundreds to thousands of years.
They also can't explain why there was times when C02 levels dropped yet temperature actually rose.
Do some further reading on this.
It is easy to learn and you'll have fun when explaining to a climate change disaster guru why you don't believe in the C02 man driven global warming/climate change/climate pause theory.


theprotector 2/7/2014 1:04:56 PM Report

right wing you are such a joke a pathethic little man! BAHAHAHA you found one thing to cut and paste and take it for the truth. You cannot even have a proper discusion about a topic as complex as climate change because you are a dumb as a bag of hammers. The sad thing about you is once you make up your mind that you disagree with something it doesnt matter what anyone says or does to change your mind, you still disagree regardless if you are wrong or not. Your name has to be Paul!
theprotector 2/7/2014 1:06:54 PM Report

US EPA is part of the conspirisy as well

"Over the past century, human activities have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The majority of greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels to produce energy, although deforestation, industrial processes, and some agricultural practices also emit gases into the atmosphere."

learningaswego 2/7/2014 1:08:58 PM Report

Wowie, what a brilliant retort! Haven't heard one of such brilliance since Grade 4 during recess time. I think it went something like..."na na na, you're wrong and I'm right!"
Bobby Nerves 2/7/2014 1:16:54 PM Report

Sochi winter gamble: $ 42.000 per second.

Canadian family average salary: $ 48.000

And now we know where corruption resides.

right wing 2/7/2014 1:20:09 PM Report


What I get a real kick out of is what I posted is not a "cut and paste."
I would not waste my time with such slugs as T.P....which is why I never directly respond to his childish rants... but those that know me, fully well know that I can discuss this topic face to face, no problem.
Hunter101 2/7/2014 1:36:11 PM Report

theprotector, you are about as useful as a used tampon in every aspect humanly possible.

Keep that napkin close by and the helmet strapped tightly.

"It's the science! Deedeedeeee!"
Just Curious 2/7/2014 1:52:02 PM Report

Question for Sootoday...Where the hell are the flyers???
Hunter101 2/7/2014 1:54:14 PM Report

The EPA is a farce to begin with, put in place to make everyone's life more difficult. Automobile manufacturers & owners.

Remember that hole in the ozone? Fixed.
EricThe SHERIFF 2/7/2014 2:01:22 PM Report

Just Curious,

Look under Shop Local.

David Poluck 2/7/2014 2:05:21 PM Report

Prime minister announces billions to retool First Nations education
Just Curious 2/7/2014 2:09:42 PM Report

Eric, they haven't put this weeks out yet.. They are usually out about 8 in the morning. The guy that's supposed to drop them at my door only does every couple of weeks...
right wing 2/7/2014 2:21:32 PM Report


The ozone hole is still there.
It occurs mainly in the Antarctica.
The researchers are scratching their heads somewhat because the size of it fluctuates, it has been record small and record big since the big ozone scare.
Remember, the planet was going to die back then if we didn't close it up.
Industries were forced to stop using ozone eating chlorine at a cost of billions of dollars.
Depending on which report you read it will never close, it will close but not for another 25 to 50 years, the atmosphere is still chlorine saturated, the saturation levels fluctuate but they don't know why and so on.
Overall changing a narrow portion of an industry to ensure that it is not being damaged was a doable thing.

right wing 2/7/2014 2:23:28 PM Report

David Poluck

More bad news for the Liberals....
Hunter101 2/7/2014 2:29:28 PM Report

rw, it needs a few more decades. Most are reporting it shrinking.
Grump 2/7/2014 2:32:36 PM Report

rw The only bad news for the Liberals is that it will be 2015 before they can remove Harper's incompetent control freak hand from the controls.
Grump 2/7/2014 2:44:14 PM Report

Bounder after making an ass of yourself is that the best you have? TLMAO. If you doubt the truck little one check with Status as he has worked on both of mine and not a Chev. among them. If you doubt the material, I currently have 8000 Sq. Ft. of warehouseing for material coming in and going out. There are a number of folks on here that have seen that too. The only reason I mention them is for you to stop making an ass of yourself.
Just Curious 2/7/2014 2:44:25 PM Report

@ Sootoday... Thank you...:)
theprotector 2/7/2014 2:46:47 PM Report

BREAAKING NEEEWS: Right Wing and Steelworker have proof there is no such thing as climate change! ITS OK TO POLLUTE It doesnt harm the environment!
The proof being..of course..cuz they say so!
mvnnth 2/7/2014 2:50:33 PM Report

right wing posted:

"Why did they drop "man driven global warming"...because their theories were slowly but surely being proven wrong and time was running out on many of their disastrous predictions".

This from an article in the Tampa Bay Times written by a scientist about science I pointed to on here a few weeks back:

"Powell recently finished another such investigation, this time looking at peer-reviewed articles published between November 2012 and December 2013. Out of 2,258 articles (with 9,136 authors), how many do you think explicitly rejected human-driven global warming? Go on, guess!"

I'd have to say that this poster, after having read the Tampa Bay article, this poster is intellectually dishonest.

But never mind play the game, right wing, have a go. How many? Come on, you can do it. You can because you know the answer, don't you?
flyhawk25 2/7/2014 3:12:07 PM Report

In Toronto , Mayor -sort of - Rob Ford ordered a gay pride to be taken down. He's in good company.There's him, Putin and most of Texas.
It just keeps getting nuttier.
flyhawk25 2/7/2014 3:12:38 PM Report

learningaswego 2/7/2014 3:16:28 PM Report

Nice try tp (like toilet paper). Surely even a lefty no-mind can at least contemplate that climate change issues, and pollution issues are vastly different?
Just Curious 2/7/2014 3:37:56 PM Report

Fly, this time, as much as it hurts I have to pretty much agree with him. The Olympics are about Canadians and Canadian athletes, not gay or lesbian rights. People can be whatever the hell they want to be and more power to them, but this ain't the time or place to argue about it...IMHO...
Wild Turkey 2/7/2014 3:47:17 PM Report

Fly---I think Mayor Ford just now O.K.'d the Rainbow Flag to go back up.Guess He doesn't like to be in the same company as Putin.
steelworker 2/7/2014 3:47:32 PM Report

...peer reviewed articles. What a joke. Thats like having Chief Whats-her-name reviewing the finances. As for the protector: everytime it opens its' mouth global warming occurs (supposedly).
steelworker 2/7/2014 3:49:53 PM Report

Wild turkey: give'em 10 more years and the Pedophile flag will be waving proudly over sporting events world-wide. Ya gotta be politically correct ya know.
BIG BROTHER 2/7/2014 4:45:37 PM Report

Could you answer a question for me please.

Does the ignorance you display come naturally or do you have to work at it? I mean, if it comes naturally, it's forgivable. You had no control over the genetic contribution to your make-up. But it is so far off the radar that I'm thinking you must work at it.
steelworker 2/7/2014 4:48:53 PM Report

Talk to me in ten years. Hows' your membership in NAMBLA going?
BIG BROTHER 2/7/2014 5:08:17 PM Report

As suspected. It's genetic. The best part of you ended up in a kleenex and flushed.
Resident 2/7/2014 5:47:03 PM Report

Man does not contribute to climate change. And the earth is flat!!!
flyhawk25 2/7/2014 5:48:33 PM Report

BB...when you are a Swamper you think like one.
It is difficult to comprehend but just hope he does not breed.
Resident 2/7/2014 5:49:43 PM Report

Just Curious: Did you see my post the other night? If you can contact me, or I you, I might have some work for you.
Grump 2/7/2014 6:12:35 PM Report

Sheesh I would have thought the swamp would be closing down for the weekrend. I guess the know it all head swamper got the posse all pumped up with his usual desertion on climate change or the lack thereof. Someone must have lied to him and told him a Rush education was as good as a Doctorate. Go figure.
Mr. Poster 2/7/2014 6:17:35 PM Report

Mayor Ford is entitled to his own personal opinion about gays but in his position as Mayor he should be front and centre at the World Gay parade next summer. It is one of the duties that he should accept as mayor. The eyes of the world will be on Toronto and having Ford as a distraction is a slap in the face to parade organizers.
statusquo 2/7/2014 6:26:39 PM Report

Hands off NAMBLA!!

I've been a member for 15 years.

National Association of Marlon Brando Look-Alikes

shakespeare 2/7/2014 6:48:37 PM Report

Mr. Poster. With respect, I disagree with your view. I am not a Ford supporter nor a Conservative, but , if I were mayor of TO I would not participate in the Gay Pride parade. I am not in the least bit homophobic (in fact, many of .... etc), but of all the gays I know, none would attend that parade. They would March for Gay Marriage Rights, as would I, they would march for anti-bullying rights, as would I, but we are past this "In your face" gay thing! Taking pride in a sexual inclination, which has nothing to do with choice, seems silly. It's like having a "left-handed pride march".
It has turned into a weird circus, which has no reality for the majority of gay people.
shakespeare 2/7/2014 7:11:54 PM Report

On the climate change thing, I've been looking through the archives a bit and it seems that many of us have moderated our views a little over the years. However, when we get into discussion with our arch-enemies, we polarize.
For example, the evil-necromancer of everything, rw, has admitted a combination of historical and to some extent man-made climate change. Some of the more beautiful people of the left have acknowledged that the man-made thing is not the entire story. Most of us are on the same page, except to the extent of each. So really it's a question of seeking more from science.
The enticing thing is, of course, to stereotype the opponent into a Gore/Suzuki hypocrite or a flat earth imbecile. It is, of course, more fun to do it that way.
flyhawk25 2/7/2014 7:22:52 PM Report

shakes...I agree with you on the gay pride parade thing.
It is simply not tasteful if you'll pardon the....
Eventually the event will simply die from boredom.
However the issue of gay rights is greater than one silly parade. But morons like Ford don't get it.
I won't waste time explaining the larger issue because you understand and the homophobes like Ford nation never will.
fatafr 2/7/2014 7:45:53 PM Report

I read where a first nations reserve in Manitoba wasn't paying its teachers. Is this another chief spence deal where no one is held accountable and no one wonders where the tax money ended up. With spence, it's obviously disappeared and with this latest one, no one is saying and no one seems to care.

"Sandy Bay Chief Russell Beaulieu said a previous band council racked up at least $19 million of debt and the First Nation is working to repay creditors".

WHERE'S THE ACCOUNTABILITY as harper begins to put more taxpayers' money into education on reserves.
Will this Country ever have someone in charge who really knows what he's doing and actually gives a damn to find out.

Someone should tell these cartoon characters that money does not grow on trees
theprotector 2/7/2014 7:59:50 PM Report

Right wing i will sit down with you anytime. Problem is you are afraid too. If you would like to attend the next conference I am going to I will gladly pay your air fare!
You are to arrogant to sit down with someone who doesnt agree with you.

As far as the nimrod that made the tampon comment seriously? You are not worth anytime to me what so ever. You are what they are throwing into the baskets in the toilets in Sochi.
I hope your life is full of nothing but sorrow and loneliness
Gurpy 2/7/2014 8:34:40 PM Report

Take me! I`ll behave! No comments about tampons! I promise! Lol
Gurpy 2/7/2014 8:35:26 PM Report

Where is it you`re going to again?
Bobby Nerves 2/7/2014 9:57:10 PM Report

I know this may sound wrong, but sometimes one has to figure things out and I ask myself what would Walt Disney say to us, should he had a chance of being on earth once again and be briefed about how the world turns at this moment.

Walt Disney died on December 15 1966.

And Albert Einstein? He died on April 18 1955.

Changes, progress, innovation, creativity... all changed so much since that I very much doubt they could catch up in hours.
Yes, they were geniuses, but could they ever imagine a world as we have today? What was their dream for the society, as Fly said... What kind of society; what kind of world, had they dreamt?

Yes, I know, you said, what kind of society do we wont? Well, isn't that far.
Hunter101 2/7/2014 10:52:32 PM Report

Resident, you made that joke the other day, and it wasn't funny then either.
Zing 2/8/2014 12:33:07 AM Report

I need a niner!
Zing 2/8/2014 12:33:28 AM Report

Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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