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NetSocial Forum for Saturday, Feb. 1 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014   by: NetSocial TodayWelcome to the NetSocial Forum - a virtual bulletin board where multiple topics are up for discussion, and questions for others in our community can be posted daily.
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Bobby Nerves 2/1/2014 6:34:37 AM Report

Good morning all!

Have a great weekend, starting it with a good coffee.


(__) Colombian Roast

(__) Dark Roast

(__) Decaf

(__) Tetley

Egg McMuffins


^^^^^^^ (home fries)

[] [] (toast)


(---steel cut--)

Variety of bagels

()()()() ALMONDS
{@} {@} {@} WALNUTS
(^)(^)(^) PISTACHIOS

\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
Blueberry muffins!

Gluten free nanner bread.

(> (> (> (> (> (> (>
Apple Pie

mallet 2/1/2014 9:24:52 AM Report

Morning Bobby..

I really need a re-inforced coffee this Am. I was up most of the night with one of the pooches.. she was having a hard time, and it is hard to watch them suffer, although she seems better now...The vets office says to make an appointment monday...

At least none of that white stuff falling.... AT the moment.... but I am finding it cold today for some reason... maybe just because I am tired... Was in town yesterday, highway was pretty good and coming out was wet in places and not much slush, just the odd little patch where the road is not flat.. At least the salt/sand was working well. In town was a little different matter, parking lots were plow but not down to the surface and apart from the main, main roads side streets are narrow and snow packed to icy...

Anyways you all have a great weekend... And Bobby, just because you could not plow and your blower had a flat tire, what you can't take a joke!!!
Bobby Nerves 2/1/2014 11:33:24 AM Report

Good morning Mallet, sorry to hear about your pooch. I lost mine that time I ask you for the vet on the south side of the river and I can not recover from that loss. Nov. 19th.

The flat cost me 18 dollars, but was quite an experience as I step into a customer service oriented store. Great people, very friendly and you don't have to approach the desk, they see you and they greet you and they know what you need.
That's something I always appreciate, the people in business to offer a service and make money, but in that order. There are stores where they are in business to make money, no matter what and when you step in, they give you the look and an attitude.

Well, not to worry, there is not snow today and I hope your doggy get better.
celeste5 2/1/2014 12:34:07 PM Report

Good Afternoon Everyone.

I had a busy morning, laundry, cleaning, Grandson`s Hockey Game.
It was very cold at the Pee Wee Arena, I wanted to leave but stayed because my daughter inlaw left early to pick her daughter up at another game and Daddy works out of town.
When my grandson`s scores a goal he always waves to us, so that`s why I didn`t leave.

It`s tea time.

irishfey 2/1/2014 6:37:37 PM Report

Home from town!!!finally,, long day...Mallet, hope you baby is better, everything is always worse at night for some reason..I feel for ye, and Bobby too.. tis always a heartache when that happens and we just feel so helpless... Yes , will be hard to recover after a loss like that,, they are our family!.. When i got home today , my little guy had a hard time even waking up, i know the time is short for him too [ 16 ] and i know i will be a basketcase when he goes.. we just have to give them lots of love while we can... is really hard, i know.. prayers are sent your way... later maby...
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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