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View Room Comments for Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
bounder 1/28/2014 6:20:40 AM Report

Good morning, Global warming has been cancelled along with door to door mail and the Soo to Hearst train.
Grump 1/28/2014 7:04:15 AM Report

Good morning everyone, come on Mallet enough with this weather. Bobby tell Mallet your plow truck is broken and we don't need any more snow. I hope to get away with the boss for a long weekend, Friday morning. Too busy right now to get to the sunshine for a break. If I had the time I would go down to Florida and stay with Wisen and bone up on stock advice. Then again as someone suggested he is likely hiding out in a basement at Goulais. Have a great day all.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 7:16:51 AM Report

Well Fly, it seems the bone head finally admits to climate change. Albeit, there is ONE scientist claiming it is sun spots or solar storms or whatever. He finally found a scientist he can agree with. Forget the hundreds or maybe even thousands who claim and agree with each other, that it may be a at least partially man created phenomenon. The insurance underwriters wholeheartedly agree.....something is happening in the environment. Storms damages are increasing greatly, causing huge spikes in claims from 'natural' disasters

One little step at a time...
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 7:22:05 AM Report

On the news yesterday.......

Interesting read.
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 7:24:35 AM Report

Grump, I'm doing the naked on the roof dance. I put a hoodoo on him with hemorrhoids and I have two dolls with needles but if he doesn't stop his devil snow dance I'll put a curse on him... Gastroenteritis and coughing. Together.

He'll learn the price of messing around with the witch doctor.
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 7:27:34 AM Report

1 Peter 5:8

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

flyhawk25 1/28/2014 7:37:25 AM Report

BB...good morning.
Looking at the eastern sky and there is just a sliver of the moon left.
Now...I don't know who took it although I suspect Trudeau smoked it.
But I'll just bet rw will Google it and blame Suzuki and Gore.Do you want to bet that he'll say it's just a natural occurrence and that it will self adjust after a few days?
I'm betting it's gone forever.Lunar spots.I'm starting to understand swamp-think.
TFinn 1/28/2014 7:45:47 AM Report

Feds cut funding. Rail service from Sault to Hearst cancelled ..!

It's all about making money and to hell with the poor little guys of the north and the people that own properties along the way.

Bill Gates owns the largest slice of Canadian National Railway Co., according to a document released by the company. With $3.2 billion in shares, the Microsoft Corp. founder controls roughly 10 per cent of the Montreal-based railway, whose market valuation on Thursday was at $32-billion, or $69.88 a share.

It would be a mere drop in the bucket to keep it running least minimal services..!!
Wisenheimer 1/28/2014 7:51:23 AM Report

Grunt, 26c today in Goulais.
How about your neck of the woods?
Have a nice day.
flyhawk25 1/28/2014 7:55:36 AM Report

Pete Seeger has died.He famously asked 'where have all the flowers gone?'
I suspect they were killed off by lunar spots.
steelworker 1/28/2014 8:03:07 AM Report

...more like drought caused by global warming. Hey Wisen, can I move to Goulais?
right wing 1/28/2014 8:22:43 AM Report

B.B., a.k.a. lap dog...I have never ever denied there was such a thing as climate change.
What is more than obvious is that the gloom and doom that the envirowackos so badly wanted is not unfolding.
But you go right on believing in an organization that changes the terms to fit, man warming...climate change.
Has been caught altering the "science" (loosely used word in their case) to suit their claims.
....and the latest and greatest due to the flat lining temperature...."global warming pause".

"Despite the alarmist “climate” claims made in an official press conference, the latest temperature data from two U.S. government bureaucracies actually show that the “pause” or “hiatus” in global warming that began some 17 years ago is still ongoing. The findings for last year, unveiled to reporters by NASA and NOAA on January 21, also showed that Antarctic sea ice extent in September of 2013 was the highest ever documented since records began."

"Citing the latest data from NOAA and NASA, Dr. David Whitehouse, an astrophysicist and academic advisor to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, said that the 2013 global surface-temperature records from both entities show the “pause” in warming continues. The “hiatus,” as other scientists also refer to it, began as far back as 1997, according to estimates cited in Whitehouse’s analysis of the government data released this week. Other experts agree."

Just another kooky scientist that is an advisor to the Global Warming Policy Foundation....

right wing 1/28/2014 8:26:52 AM Report

I have no doubt that fly would see lunar spots....
steelworker 1/28/2014 8:30:56 AM Report

'''the colours man, it's all about the colours. (Long slow drag on bong)
shakespeare 1/28/2014 8:34:24 AM Report

As if the brutal winter, the loss of postal delivery and the cutting of train service weren't enough, get a load of this. Note its name, too.

Just Curious 1/28/2014 8:43:49 AM Report

Shakes, tried but it's a subscription service...
theprotector 1/28/2014 9:35:02 AM Report

Mallet, food for thought, I've had some great convos with various posters on this site. If you recall you jumped all over me for calling what happened in London the "great coal blackout" as a matter of fact you were very rude about it. I have read various books and veiwed programs calling it that, however that is not the point. The point is I do not ever strike first. Every time I return fire, perhaps with a verosity that shocks some but then keep it civil and I will. At times (and it pains me to say this) right wing and I have had occasion to get along and be in agreement. Even the bible thumpers and myself have been in reasonable talks. So dont get all arrogant and high and mighty and attack for no just cause then run away with your tail between your legs. You could have just as simply said " I was there and dont ever recall it being called that.."
David Poluck 1/28/2014 9:39:54 AM Report

Rick Mercer and Canada Post.
flyhawk25 1/28/2014 9:47:16 AM Report

I guess the end of northern passenger rail service is not newsworthy.
If you read the local paper.Zero coverage today.
But a feature on Bon Soo bum slides.
Small wonder folks go on-line for the news.
realitycheck 1/28/2014 9:49:15 AM Report

Right Wing:
Just to be fair, there are two trends of thought in regard to global warming and the following shows what some think of Whiteside's arguments.

February 2, 2011
One of Whitehouse's blog posts at the GWPF [9] was debunked by London School of Economics Communications Director Bob Ward. Ward described Whitehouse's GWPF publication, saying "I do not know of any other web page about global warming that is so error-ridden." [10]

November 9, 2010
One of Whitehouse's articles at the GWPF was republished by Watts Up With That. In the article Whitehouse suggests that "2010 will be in terms of global annual average temperature statistically identical to the annual temperatures of the past decade." [5]
His claim was debunked by other sources and blogs such as this one. [22]

April, 2010
Whitehouse claimed that Artic sea ice levels were returning to average. However, according to the Carbon Brief, Whitehouse's prediction had been "soon after the height of the Arctic winter when the Arctic sea ice reaches its greatest extent." [11]
The Carbon Brief examined Whitehouse's claim and concluded that the "overall trend is downwards, particularly in the summer." [12]

December 3, 2010
Whitehouse predicted that "2010 will be remembered for just two warm months [March and June], attributable to the El Nino effect, with the rest of the year being nothing but average, or less than average temperature." [13]
Whitehouse's claim was in turn quoted by British Journalist David Rose who, according to SourceWatch, is known for repeatedly misquoting scientists on climate change. [21]
According to the NASA and NOAA datasets, 2010 tied with 2005 for the hottest year on record [14]; and NASA's GISS data showed November 2010 as the hottest November on record. [15]
According to SourceWatch, the use of the term "average" in Whitehouse's statement was also misleading, as the dataset referenced (CRU, through Oct 2010)shows every month in 2010 to be considerably warmer than the corresponding historic (1850+) average.
bounder 1/28/2014 9:49:52 AM Report

I know a lot of people are wondering when this cold snap and all this snow is going to end , the big question is where's it going to go when it melts?
bounder 1/28/2014 9:53:55 AM Report

Fly, I agree, yesterday was posted by Sootoday(enough of snow squalls , too bad) what a refreshing way of trying to be funny.
Snobank 1/28/2014 10:00:02 AM Report

Fly, I would not dream of getting between you and rw in your epic battle over, well...everything, but I feel you are harming your credibility in other areas by your continued mocking of the effect of sunspots. Solar science is a well established field of study within the boundaries of reputable scientific research. The effects of solar flares and sunspots, both long and short range, have been researched and documented and are not considered to scientifically controversial or outlandish.

Your literary allusion to the waning of the moon was clever and would seem powerful to English majors but reveals a dearth of knowledge in a particular subject area to the more scientifically informed.

I'm not saying that rw is right, (pun intended,) but in this instance he has pushed you out on a limb and you are busy sawing it off. A word to the wise.
Bill_the_Cat 1/28/2014 10:15:40 AM Report

I rather suspect Fly's responses have more to do with tugging RWs chain. Really.

That seems to be everyone's favourite pastime here.
soowat 1/28/2014 10:16:49 AM Report

Obviously SSM isn't the only place harboring people with a lack of common sense. Seeing as this happened in Orillia, I thought maybe Steven Leacock had returned from the dead
Wild Turkey 1/28/2014 10:25:35 AM Report

Fly---Unlike the many other "losses" The Soo has sustained over the last 20 or so years,the loss of passenger rail service,has options.Hearst is serviced by Ontario Northland, so anyone tied to rail service still can travel by train to North Bay.
Hearst is conveniently located on Hwy 11
which made the Guiness world record book as the world's longest main street.
Yes,some folks from Hearst will not have train travel to the Soo as an option, but they can still go the other way.
Anyone wanting to go to Hearst from the Soo by rail is out of luck, but in all honesty how many people actually used this service?
The Highway North is in fine shape and is the preferred choice of anyone going that way.
flyhawk25 1/28/2014 10:49:51 AM Report

To all of those trying to parse my relationship with rw.
If I say black he says white.So why not gently yank his chain?
Like so many neo-cons he is just contrary.I certainly am no scientist but I hate muddled reasoning and he is the resident expert.
Put any label on our weather you want.Things are changing for the worse.
TFinn 1/28/2014 10:51:01 AM Report

bounder 1/28/2014 9:53:55 AM

Sootoday have the wierdest way of posting headlines .... many times they make NO sense what so ever...!
Just Curious 1/28/2014 10:59:47 AM Report

@ TFINN; that's the whole

@ bounder,if it warms up rapidly in the spring, I would seriously start thinking about moving everything to high ground. I would guess the Olar subdivision is gonna catch hell again this year in Goulais....:)
theprotector 1/28/2014 11:02:15 AM Report

Im building an Ark, with spelly's guidance since he got mad at me for walking on water!
mallet 1/28/2014 11:05:34 AM Report


I hardly ever strike at someone with barbs and insults, like others on here though, I will correct what I know to be wrong as regards facts. I corrected you on the London smog, you took offence when non was intended, and replied "simple like your mind" and "thought you were smarter guess I was wrong", to which I took offence and replied in kind. I am getting on and have got a little grouchy, but I never try to belittle someone.
learningaswego 1/28/2014 11:07:57 AM Report

Of course whenever there is an announcement of cancelling a train service, there is immediate "outrage" , weeping and gnashing of teeth. This is what leftists do first - always, without ever even considering the reasons or facts or details.

How about CN or the feds put out there, for all to see:
1) the actual per passenger ride cost of the annual subsidy CN was getting from the taxpayers of Canada for this.
2) the actual number of passenger rides this service has, on an annual basis, for the past 10 years.
This data should be readily available, and then Canadian taxpayers who fund it, can either weep and moan and be "outraged"; or say "two thumbs up" for finally ending this ridiculously expensive subsidy for a few people.
Resident 1/28/2014 11:09:12 AM Report

Wild Turkey: I'd much rather go on the train than on the highway. ESPECIALLY
in the winter.

Fly: Things are getting worse but it couldn't possibly have anything to do with mankind. We're allowed to pollute, defoliate, clear cut, and spew endless amounts of garbage into the air and water (but we don't pollute nearly as much as Mt. Etna or other natural phenomenon of course). Oh, I guess what man does is not damage, it's progress?
redranger 1/28/2014 11:17:39 AM Report

Perhaps some food for thought.
"It's a very important thing to learn to talk to people you disagree with."
-Pete Seeger
theprotector 1/28/2014 11:30:13 AM Report

its more abouot the money its about service, not everything needs to have a dollar value. Look at the money the feds are throwing at Toronto for no good reason. Paying 300% higher rent for jobs that can be done from anywhere with tech. Shameful so very shameful
David Poluck 1/28/2014 12:01:40 PM Report

Obama facing a crisis of credibility, competence

GOP senator reacts to minimum wage initiative, ObamaCare
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 12:32:00 PM Report

First and foremost, I'm not in any way informed neither do I have any experience related to climate change, and I believe none of us around here will guess an answer in a life or dead test.

There is something however, that we all should take in consideration and it is the billions of dollars that move around the investigations related to weather and climate change. Those billions of dollars are government grants, therefore they better convince -at least those signing the cheques- that there is a sort of climate change, even if it require the use of HAARP or the Weather Modification Office in Beijing.

For society as a whole, there is victim, and it is "the truth".

I do not pretend to discredit anyone, but many of you in contact with the science field are knowledgeable about how they keep the dice rolling.

And mostly, you can't argue and much less support a theory, based in the information you find in the Internet.

Pink Peony 1/28/2014 12:33:50 PM Report

A local news story from April 2013 about one persons experience on the train that runs between the Sault and Hearst.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 12:54:30 PM Report

Very sound advice. Follow the money, for sure.

But, keep in mind, the money flows in many directions. Should we allow, for example, the oil companies to self-regulate, oversee themselves.
flyhawk25 1/28/2014 12:57:01 PM Report

PP...there is a pattern repeating here that was evident in the Budd car service here with CP to Sudbury.
As I recall they ran in the middle of the night and when ridership fell off they dropped it.
We are sadly probably past the point of no return with passenger service.
Railways have a lousy record of service and maintenance because they want taxpayers to subsidize their business.So far they are winning.
theprotector 1/28/2014 1:13:49 PM Report

BN you mean if its on the internet it might not be true?????
Resident 1/28/2014 1:22:03 PM Report

r.w. will have a nervous breakdown!
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 1:30:04 PM Report

Here's a great counter argument:
Pink Peony 1/28/2014 1:30:53 PM Report

Fly, it's a real shame about the passenger service here!

Resident, LOL!
Just Curious 1/28/2014 3:31:11 PM Report

If one was to judge from the Bon Soo poll it may be going the way of passenger rail service soon...:)
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 3:38:01 PM Report

BB, but also who pick the news that we have to read. A scientist may have the truth but no press and he's dead.

theprotector: That's not what I said. But any information that you and I can access is not bullet proof.

We have not access to the highly sophisticated information that is available to scientist, first because we do not belong to the field and second because even when we can read a paper, most likely our interpretation of events could be influenced for many factors... first one, superstitions.

But, hey, feel free, internet is for free, help yourself.
irishfey 1/28/2014 3:38:45 PM Report

Global warming??, Climate change??.. my a**! Read the Good Book, wrote by the Master of Science!... Notice that NO ONE can change the weather or control it??? Done on this subject!
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 3:56:48 PM Report

Then take a hike fey.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 4:04:49 PM Report

Couldn't agree with you more Bobby. But, if scientists are not believable....especially those who have been vetted by their peers...then politicians can never be trusted with their bias' also.

On some level, politicians require expertise in areas that they need advice on. Most politicians are lawyers, not scientists. But cherry-picking opinions from scientists to fit your particular bias is poor practice. And scientists shouldn't have to operate under threat of losing their job if they don't play by the politicians rules. They should be arms-length to politics.
shakespeare 1/28/2014 4:15:29 PM Report

I guess irish that there is no point in us taking action on anything if it's all been "wrote" by God. In fact, all that you wrote was already wrote by Him, the Master of Grammar. It's called Religious Determinism and it's a cop out!
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 4:39:08 PM Report

You are right BB and the way I see it is from this angle.

Research and Science is a very powerful lobby and they could be even worst than the oil magnates.

Nice talking to you BB. Are you planning on join us for a coffee sometime before summer. It'll be nice to see you.
irishfey 1/28/2014 4:40:13 PM Report

Shakes.. How are you and others taking " action " on anything.. ok , lets see it.. stop the snow!! ,lol
irishfey 1/28/2014 4:42:55 PM Report

Big Brother... very mature of you....
shakespeare 1/28/2014 4:53:23 PM Report

I think, irish, an example was given by mallet, yesterday, about the London smog in the 50s that killed thousands with respiratory problems. No fish were left in the Thames. Action was taken, coal fire emissions were reduced and fish eventually returned. If everyone had just read the Master of Science's book and said, "Well I guess that God just wants all these people to die", then nothing would have been done. I make it sound a little simplistic, but then again ...
mallet 1/28/2014 5:26:31 PM Report

Big Brother..

I totally agree with you except for one important factor... who pays... Do you have an employer who pays you and you take umbridge at what he wants to see or hear, and keep your job, rather unlikely is it not?? They ask you for a conclusion and it is not to their liking and your report goes into the waste basket, would you want to keep working for that master??, but you do and publish your contary conclusion/evidence, do you not think that employer is not going to take some kind of action. The person takes a job with private funding, then he can publish whatever findings he feels is revelant. I think I read sometime ago about some scientist out in B C who got funding to study the electrical impulses in a salmons dorsel fin, now while this maybe important to the salmon, I am not sure it impacts the majority of people,but $147.000. was I am thinking a lot of money, and there are thousands of projects of this type, that gets funding, little or much, so perhaps it is time to start weeding out the wheat from the chaff...
Snobank 1/28/2014 5:26:59 PM Report

Lake Erie was almost a dead lake until pressure was brought to bear to curb the polluters. The lake revived, people relaxed, new forms of pollution increased and I understand that the lake is in trouble again. Mankind does have an effect on the environment.
right wing 1/28/2014 5:34:58 PM Report

"Put any label on our weather you want.Things are changing for the worse."

Hey Mr. Black or White, whichever you puffed up liberal hack....prove how "things" weather wise are changing for the worse.
Perhaps you could help out the IPCC cause they sure have sucked at proving "things" changing for the worse.
The IPCC are red faced about the temperature flat lining, red faced on getting caught with bogus science, red faced that the past decade has seen the lowest occurrences of hurricanes and tornadoes, the ice caps are not melting, polar bears are thriving, the seas have not risen three feet...and the list goes on.
But hey....guess what...forget the facts....these douche bags and their followers can simply now call it "climate change pause"......

But go ahead Barney...take a crack at telling us how "things are changing for the worse".
steelworker 1/28/2014 5:47:45 PM Report

If I had a snowmachine/snowblower franchise I would be laughing all the way to the bank. Thank you for the "climate change pause".
shakespeare 1/28/2014 5:55:39 PM Report

C'mon sing along everyone:

Sunspots keep falling on his head
And he's just the guy whose brain is too big for his head
Nothing seems to fit,
But, he's going to tell the world he knows, by just googling...
shakespeare 1/28/2014 5:57:44 PM Report

Sorry: it's been flying around in my head all day. Had to purge it!
Spellchecker 1/28/2014 6:04:51 PM Report

We agree on that one shakespeare. I always turn that one off if I hear it starting. Can't get it out of my head. I detest that song but I like B. J. Thomas otherwise.
nanag 1/28/2014 6:08:29 PM Report

A poem I just saw on facebook

An Ontario Poem

It's winter in Ontario
And the gentle breezes blow
At seventy five miles an hour
At thirty five below

Oh how I love Ontario
When the snow is up to your butt
You take a breath of winter air
And your nostrils freeze shut

Yes the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Ontario
Because I'm frozen to the ground

author not listed

Spellchecker 1/28/2014 6:11:11 PM Report

On the tune only of course, shakespeare. Nothing wrong with right wing's googling. You can learn a lot with Google. Give it a try.
shakespeare 1/28/2014 6:12:19 PM Report

I always remember my first reaction to seeing "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and wondering why, in the middle of a relatively normal movie, we had to have Paul Newman doing bike tricks to a music accompaniment... that song! Totally spoiled the thread.
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 6:13:08 PM Report

Proverbs 20:1

Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.

flyhawk25 1/28/2014 6:17:06 PM Report

shakes...that's interesting and the same reaction I had.Totally out of context.
I never realized at the time but a perfect Swamp Anthem tune.
irishfey 1/28/2014 6:20:43 PM Report

Shakes and Mallet.. I do understand what your trying to say... I just believe in God, not Man,, and that"s it in a nutshell!... I loved that show and still have the "hots" for Robert Redford ,lol.. Since i said " nutshell ",, go ahead with the smarta** comments, i"d be disappointed if there wern"t any, is expected on this site.
mallet 1/28/2014 6:44:09 PM Report

Shakespeare and Irish..

I am sorry Irish , but I cannot subscribe to your idea is was a "Gods Idea" to kill some 4000 people and make a hundred thousand ill. That was a man made incident,and spawned the first of the Global Warming/ Climate Change laws before anyone heard of Gore or Suzuki. God is the deity that you pray to that it doesn't happen to you. I can remember being down in London when they started to clean up 'whitehall' many people thought the actual colour of the government offices were grey, not the limestong white that appeared after the "Clean Air Act" was passed way back in 1954/5...
Spellchecker 1/28/2014 6:53:13 PM Report

I think Bobby is trying to teach me something that I already knew, lol. Bobby, have you taken over as our new resident thumper? Can I take a break now?
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 7:00:48 PM Report

Still haven't taken that hike eh?? I almost came down to your level.

Mallet, who pays....the industries that are in question pay, from an arms length though. I know, it's added to the price of the final product, but that is the basis of any business. It's called regulations, that bad word. But, without it, corporations run amok and we are reading first hand accounts just what happens when we don't oversee corporations. Lac Megantic is a prime example of self-regulation.

The salmon example is not so good. It's really peanuts if the scientists are attempting to find out why the salmon are not reproducing themselves naturally. The fishing industry has just as much importance as the oil industry.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 7:08:13 PM Report

rw, patronize me....go back....ahh better still check out the link...(tiny url) ;)

He specifically takes on the flat line theory. Look at the stock market charts for the past 10, 15 years....the line is basically flat, apparently. Look at the 6o year trend....the line trends up, when it crosses the yearly averages. Same with global temperatures.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 7:11:53 PM Report

Bobby, I'd truly enjoy breaking bread with you folks. I'm a working man who works for the man and don't have the luxury of time on my hands. I will take a rain-check on that though.
shakespeare 1/28/2014 7:17:58 PM Report

I think that Spelly's 69 was prophesied in the OT Numbers.
I especially like Ch. 31 vs. 17 and 18.
Spellchecker 1/28/2014 7:20:24 PM Report

Flyhawk, I'll thank you to keep that song out of our swamp. We prefer Raining in my Heart by Buddy Holly and the Crickets.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 7:24:23 PM Report

I think the bicycle ride in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was an attempt to show that the characters weren't homosexual....they were heterosexual, strong bandits, but had a softer, gentler side to them.

Just like in the TV show Bonanza....every now and then, Little Joe, Hoss or even Ben Cartwright would have a girlfriend. Not very often though, because whenever they did, the girlfriend usually passed away from some mysterious disease or tragic occurrence. Couldn't have too many die in the series though. Just wouldn't be cricket!! Now, Murder She Wrote, well, how come Jessica was always on hand, whenever someone died??? I think she should have been a prime suspect.
66cherokee 1/28/2014 7:30:56 PM Report

Did anyone see the news tonight where a spokesman for the Minister of Transportation said that all this problem is because of Harris selling all the plows. Give me a break. The Liberals have been in power now for over 8 years and they blame the Harris government. It's the Liberals who have given road maintenance contracts to these big corporations and they have not done the job. The highways has been terrible for the last 2 years. 3 corporations were fined in the northwest part of the province. I wonder how much they were fined? It couldn't be as much as they have saved, and probably the fine is a tax deduction. Hwy 11 south of North Bay has been terrible. My family live down there and they complain about the condition of the highway, and even post pictures on facebook. Last Saturday one lane not plowed and the other slushy. This was on a 4 lane highway. 2 lanes going north, 2 lanes south. Clarion is the contractor for that part of the area they were driving on. We have to deal with Transfield here. Not much better.
Snobank 1/28/2014 7:34:21 PM Report

Yay Spelly, you mentioned a true musical artist, Buddy Holly. I did think tho that your philosophy of life was closer to, "Everyday it's a getting closer," followed by a rousing chorus of, "It Doesn't Matter Any More."
Spellchecker 1/28/2014 7:36:10 PM Report

Snobank, yes it is going faster than a roller coaster these days for sure.
lookaround 1/28/2014 7:39:09 PM Report

Since I pay an enormous amount of Fed tax dollars Harper is responsible to have a safe Canada instead of spending 119 million on advertisements that only 5% responded to on their website. Harper and Harris it will take years to undo the damage that they have managed to create all in the name of saving taxpayers dollars. My pay check shows no signs of a tax savings.
Snobank 1/28/2014 7:41:42 PM Report

Oh Boy! Rave On!
Grump 1/28/2014 8:02:06 PM Report

lookaround I'm with you on that. Anyone that doesn't get what Harper has done and is still doing has their head buried somewhere. A very good Editorial by Kinsella in tonights Sault Star on the very subject.
shakespeare 1/28/2014 8:21:47 PM Report

I was about to resume reading my Lawrence in Arabia book, but thanks to Snobank, I've retuned my guitar and am belting out some Buddy Holly songs. It could take a while, as he had lots of classics. G'night!
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 8:37:26 PM Report

BB, reading your comments is always a pleasure, even when I, often, show signs in the contrary.

I guess you know as well, there is nothing more precious than the time we give to others. There is not a value that we can put on it.

That's why I learn to appreciate few people here, with whom I can share a coffee with or sometimes, they just make a pause in their busy schedule to say hi and share a laugh.

Make yourself some time to share with others, it's priceless. But, if you can't we'll understand. I'm also busy most of the time and specially if I plan to step out for a couple of hours.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 8:41:17 PM Report

I read a theory the other day that lines right up with Irishfey's thinking. It's Harper's philosophy also. Leave everything in god's hands. The environment will be handled by god. Let the capitalists 'have at 'er', let the chips fall where they may and let the one who ends with the most material goods be declared the winner. To heck with a social conscience. If our species die off, in a couple of million years we'll just start the whole colossal mess again. It's sort of libertarian thinking, but further out there.

I've given the quick translation, but it's along those lines.
Spellchecker 1/28/2014 8:43:50 PM Report

It's a crazy feeling and I know you've got me reeling.
BIG BROTHER 1/28/2014 8:48:16 PM Report

Bobby, we met at one of the summits, but never had a chance to talk. I'm very impressed by your ability to converse in English. I admire those who have multi-lingual ability. You have first hand knowledge of some of the places in the world that I would like to visit, but I do not have command of the languages like you have.

I have every intention of meeting for coffee with you gentlemen. I will certainly make it a priority, but I have to take care of business first.

Spellchecker 1/28/2014 8:48:35 PM Report

In beautiful Rushspeak, it is almost time for the STATE OF THE COUP ADDRESS. Should be a real lark.
Snobank 1/28/2014 8:49:11 PM Report

That'll be the day. LOL
irishfey 1/28/2014 8:54:38 PM Report

Mallet,, will comment on that tomorrow in the Red room,, just too tired tonight....
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 8:58:05 PM Report

Business is an excuse. We're all in business, most of us, and many have very demanding jobs, but we'll get together.

And in the other hand, waist no time, as there is no worst deaf than the one that refuses to hear (leave alone listening).

My command of English is very limited... and this is part of my homework. We are here to learn.

Well, some, because in this particular corner seems the wind had swiped together all the ones that know everything about anything from anywhere, and no matter when it happen or even if it did happen, they know it anyways.

Good night all.
Bobby Nerves 1/28/2014 9:14:40 PM Report

I had to comeback, I found the culprit of climate change if there is any:

Explosion caused by cow farts literally blows the roof off barn in central Germany, one bovine treated for burns
soowat 1/28/2014 11:22:52 PM Report

There are many examples of what you call,"beautiful Rushspeak,"

Here's another one that will make you proud.
'That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires.''
—Rush Limbaugh, on the death of longtime New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, July 13, 2010

Those of us that have a sense of decency shake our heads in disgust. Those of you lacking the decency gene write about "beautiful Rushspeak."
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