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View Room Comments for Monday, Jan. 27 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014   by: The Soap BoxWelcome to the View Room. This editorial feature is for you to post comments. To comment on a specific news story please post your comment directly under the news story.
Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
Grump 1/27/2014 6:38:04 AM Report

Good morning everyone, another cool one. Hunter 101 you are right one should never argue with a moron which is why I have never posted to you or your pals if I believe on not believe in global warming. Secondly no one has to guess at your intelligence or the lack thereof. Reading your posts clearly show how little is actually there. Steely and you should team up, you could bring your class level up to 6'th and together you might come close to having half a brain. Have a great day all.
SoftailRed 1/27/2014 7:11:14 AM Report

Wow, nice post to start the day!
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 7:23:38 AM Report

Good morning.Parliament starts up again today after a six week break.
I hope Bryan Hayes found his way back to Ottawa because we are going to be treated to the news that the economy is booming.
Anyone who missed the boom should form a line on the left.
Quite a break for our PM. He managed to do some global travel and to give piles of our money away. He even dusted off a Beatle's tune. What a guy.
His government started to plan the end of mail delivery to our homes.And that is just his opening gambit in his war on those lousy unions.
Now I will prepare for all of the neo-con applause for how well we are doing in spite of the deep freeze and snow.
Who needs heat when we can bask in the warmth of our beloved leader.
bounder 1/27/2014 7:29:11 AM Report

Good morning,
everyday you can view a human being degraded here.These posters know who they are,make your point but why the abusive verbal onslaught with someone who doesn't agree.
Javaman 1/27/2014 7:43:21 AM Report

I find it easy to scroll on by...avoid the nonsense.
statusquo 1/27/2014 7:47:19 AM Report

"everyday you can view a human being degraded here"

"degraded" ?

I think their own posts show that they don't require help from others in the "degrading" department.

You're taking this forum far too seriously . The blue room is a place for folks who's families have stopped listening to them....and that includes me .
Have a great day.
Spellchecker 1/27/2014 7:51:26 AM Report
steelworker 1/27/2014 7:56:12 AM Report

"What difference at this point does it make" saith the democrat harridan.
Spellchecker 1/27/2014 8:03:47 AM Report

You got me on 'harridan', steelworker. I had to google it. Most of the lefties probably will too. Fits rather well, doesn't it?
steelworker 1/27/2014 8:12:14 AM Report

Hillary thought the reporter said "Ben Casey" and she replied "I watch it all the time on FOX".
right wing 1/27/2014 8:12:26 AM Report


Global warming is real as is global cooling.
What is not real is all the bull that was attempted to be shoved down our throats by an agenda driven bunch of wackos that it was/is all driven by man.
Fortunately for the global catastrophe suckers there are many that read, learn and wait patiently for the truth.
You're welcome.
right wing 1/27/2014 8:20:19 AM Report

As for the resident mouthpieces fly and his lap dog B.B., get up to speed on how sunspots, the energy they create and solar winds have affected our planet since it was born then get back to me.
BIG BROTHER 1/27/2014 8:41:34 AM Report

Things are getting pretty bad when rw tells anyone to get up to speed on anything.

His head is so far up Harper's arse, that the only visible part left of him are his toes.
BIG BROTHER 1/27/2014 8:43:26 AM Report

Any more 5 year old posts you'd like to pass off as current. How about cherrypicking a few more fairey tales from your playbook. You sure are a good student of Rush. What a buffoon!!
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 8:49:45 AM Report

'sunspots and solar wind'?
Whoa Nelly.
Who knew that climate change could be explained in four words?
So let's just fire up those SUVs to idle at Tim's while we ponder the newest Wisdom from the Swamp.
I'm feeling warmer already.(Do sunspots cause hot flashes?)
steelworker 1/27/2014 8:59:13 AM Report

I went to the Palace in Soo,Mich. last night for Mexican food. Should I send a check to Al Gore to offset the horrible burrito-induced methane gas brewing in my guts with carbon credits or should I just send cash? I hope the snow in my yard doesn't melt from the forthcoming localized "global warming".
nanag 1/27/2014 9:05:38 AM Report

Good morning all

does anyone know if lock city repair is still in business? The phone number is apparently out of service . Does anyone know if they have new number ?
shakespeare 1/27/2014 9:05:41 AM Report

I always liked Samuel Johnson's definition of a harridan: " a decayed strumpet".
right wing 1/27/2014 9:06:04 AM Report

Perfect right on Que, the two loudmouths show is more like an ankle biter.

Here is the link....and speaking of cherry picking B.B., you did a great job of picking one article that focused on five year old information.
Mine is current and used that quote to show that global temperatures are not doing what the fear mongers wish.

Here is another quote from it that the man driven global warming kooks don't want to talk about.
Why? Because the time is now.

Incidentally, we’re at that time now, Al predicted in his December 10, 2007 “Earth has a Fever” Nobel Prize acceptance speech that Arctic summer sea ice could “completely disappear”. Instead, the Arctic actually gained 920,000 square miles of ice during 2013 over 2012, the largest year-to-year increase since satellite records began.

...and sorry fly, I didn't mean to use such big words like sunspots and solar winds on you...FYI, sunspots are what cause Aurora Borealis in the north and Aurora Australis' in the south.

flyhawk25 1/27/2014 9:12:12 AM Report

nanag...try Lorne's Appliance Repair.
Bobby Nerves 1/27/2014 9:16:32 AM Report

Galatians 5:21

Envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Wild Turkey 1/27/2014 9:28:05 AM Report

@Bobby N.---"eat, drink, and be merry, for to-morrow , you may die"
steelworker 1/27/2014 9:31:18 AM Report

@Bobby N- I guess Bill Clinton is screwed bigtime.
Gurpy 1/27/2014 9:31:31 AM Report

Received my PUC on Friday. Can anyone tell me what a "debt retirement" is? It was on my bill as a charge for $5.65. Why do we pay $19.87 service charge for a little over $2.00 of water? All these other charges which totaled $61.68 extra on my bill? Are these people for real???
old-cat33 1/27/2014 9:33:19 AM Report

nanag: Try Direct Mechanical..779-3225.
Just Curious 1/27/2014 9:35:42 AM Report

nanag, Lock city is no more.. Greenwoods Locksmithing is in that building now.. As Fly said, Lorne's is pretty much the go-to guy in town now...
Bill_the_Cat 1/27/2014 9:38:33 AM Report

gurpy: As I recall (and I'm certain the Roomers will pounce on me should I be in error) the Debt Retirement Charge is for the cost overruns on the nuclear plants--Darlington, really. When Hydro was split into its constituent parts, OPG got stuck with that debt.

Well in excess of a billion.

Darlington is a textbook case of government ineptitude vis a vis procurement and capital project risk planning.
steelworker 1/27/2014 9:39:05 AM Report

Grump: "debt retirement" is gov-speak for nickle and diming the taxpayers.
steelworker 1/27/2014 9:40:42 AM Report

...someone has to pay for all those pie-in-the-sky green energy plans being pushed by Mr. Wynne et al.
theprotector 1/27/2014 9:43:41 AM Report

steelworker you should of had the salad, something you should have more often, you are startingn more and more to look like a umpa lumpa, just lots less work ethic.
As far as climate change it is more than evdient that the climate is changing at a faster rate and more random then ever before recorded or discovered - both sides agree to that which even right wing should understand. The degree of which man have influanced and contributed is the argument. If we look at things on a smaller scale our effects on the environmetn are clear. Look at all the flooding that occured this past year in our area. We have paved over, attempted to change the natural watershed to acommedate man. SO every now and then mother nature comes along and says "what the ...." and replies with her thoughts. Regardless, we can control and affect change to minumize our impact in a precautionary method. Or keep down the path we are now and end up like the 10s of thousands that died in London in the 1950s from the great coal black out cuz that wasnt man made was it right wing? If in fact you have any idea what I am talking about.
Gurpy 1/27/2014 9:48:13 AM Report

steelworker, I say let the damn government pay! They are responsible for this mess! Mayby then they`d think twice before wasting the $$$ of others! I truly doubt that any of them are freezing their butts off in this cold weather! They make me sick! They need to be held accountable! Why is this not happening? Are we all stupid to allow this to continue on?
DutchTouch 1/27/2014 9:49:56 AM Report

Has anyone else received an email from
Bell Notification wanting information from Dear MYBELL member and asking for your credit card information?

I just received one this morning.

I'm sure it's a scam so be careful and don't give out any information.
steelworker 1/27/2014 9:50:49 AM Report

protector: I doubt if YOU even know what you are babbling about. Get your mom to dress you and go outside for awhile. A tan will work wonders for you.
steelworker 1/27/2014 9:53:50 AM Report

Dutch Touch: anytime someone asks for your credit card number or other such info on line you can rest assured that it is a scam. Notify the Sault Police dept. and they will follow up on this.
Bill_the_Cat 1/27/2014 9:55:41 AM Report

dutch: shaw customers as well.

right wing 1/27/2014 9:56:21 AM Report


Yes and the Ontario Liberals could have wiped out that debt with the money they wasted on the gas plant fiasco...
Just Curious 1/27/2014 9:59:07 AM Report

Dutch, I got one of those on Saturday. The lady had a very sexy whiskey voice and I was almost tempted to talk too her for a while. I knew right away it was a scam as I have no credit cards...:).
right wing 1/27/2014 9:59:25 AM Report

Dutch Touch

Here is what you do.
Have the number for the police station handy and give it to the scammer as your credit card number 7059 4963 00 911...see if they catch on....
Just Curious 1/27/2014 10:00:15 AM Report

Should have said mine was a phone call..
mallet 1/27/2014 10:02:51 AM Report


I was there, in London, when the weather conditions were responsible for the deaths of many people.. So let us get the facts straight, it was called SMOG, a combination of smoke and fog. Heating houses was at that time mostly coal fires which lead to a lot of smoke, at the same time a thermal incline settled over the London area trapping the smoke and temperature variances created fog. With little wind to move the fog it persisted and with the smoke added became a problem for people with respritory problems, also if memory serves there was also a bit of a flu outbreak at the time, and no vaccine available. The Clean Air Act which followed, restricted the use of coal for home heating, and London started the building clean up, although last time i was there the white buildings were strating to look a bit grubby again...
Gurpy 1/27/2014 10:03:52 AM Report

online petition for hydro at Check it out and sign!
66cherokee 1/27/2014 10:05:14 AM Report

If you get an e-mail notification from Bell, it is a scam. I received one last year and called MaBell and they told me that it is a scam. Of course, that's all they do about it. It would cost them money, and the bottom line is making money for MaBell, to advise all customers that there is a scam out there.
steelworker 1/27/2014 10:17:50 AM Report

mallet: don't concern yourself with the protector. He/she is just another basement keyboard commando typing feverishly on its' Commodore computer.Time to change the cassette drive.
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 10:21:04 AM Report

I always find it interesting that a small but vocal minority keep on the climate change issue.
This in spite of scientific data to the contrary and just plain old observation over the years.I'm in my seventh decade and what I have observed just from enduring the climate swings here would be enough to make me wonder.
But 'sun spots and solar winds' might just be the most wacked out explanation yet.
Our species is fouling up our world at a record pace.Whatever the other factors man is not helping things.
Bill_the_Cat 1/27/2014 10:27:48 AM Report

fly: I am not addressing climate change in any way other than to say that sun spot activity is the single largest factor in the earth's climate. Sun spots are an indicator of solar output.

Given that the sun is a gigantic burning ball in space, the amount of energy it gives off is relevant to earth's climate. Atmospheric patterns are driven by differential heating on the earth.

It is not 'whacked out'. It is physics.

Bill_the_Cat 1/27/2014 10:29:15 AM Report

Sun spot activity is also not a 'get out of jail free' climate change card either.

flyhawk25 1/27/2014 10:30:34 AM Report why is it that there appears to be only a few local experts on here who recognize the overriding cause of a complex problem?
Bill_the_Cat 1/27/2014 10:34:52 AM Report

fly: I couldn't say. Too much TV? The state of science reporting is abysmal at the best of times. Never mind when one throws in the politics of climate change--and the money to be made from it.

As you say, the problem is very complex. Solar activity, CO2-methane sinks in the ocean, human activity, plant activity (the most pernicious is bamboo),etc.

steelworker 1/27/2014 10:44:54 AM Report

...and don't forget Mexican food.
Just Curious 1/27/2014 10:56:38 AM Report

Steely, that comes under the methane sinks heading...LOL.:)
steelworker 1/27/2014 11:00:45 AM Report

Death by burritos.
DutchTouch 1/27/2014 11:05:53 AM Report

Thanks for your suggestions everyone.
The police advised me to call the Anti Fraud Centre
at 1 888 495 8501 which I did.
After listening to a very long voice message they proceeded to put me on hold.
My patience only goes so long and I finally had to hang up before getting my complaint through.
Very poor service.
redranger 1/27/2014 11:07:14 AM Report

"right on que" ??? do you mean cue, queue or the French version of "what".
If SMOG is a combination of smoke and fog, can we call that frozen hoar frost which hangs in mornings FROG, for frost and fog?
steelworker 1/27/2014 11:10:25 AM Report

"hoar frost"- what happens when you can't pay.
DutchTouch 1/27/2014 11:11:15 AM Report

Oh yes and isn't this strange??

Their email address is:

MyBell (
realitycheck 1/27/2014 11:23:56 AM Report

"Yes and the Ontario Liberals could have wiped out that debt with the money they wasted on the gas plant fiasco..."

Right Wing:
Not so. The Liberals wasted about $600 million overall in the gas-plant fiasco but on our PUC bills we are paying off a debt of about $20 billion. That is quite a difference. Some will blame the Progressive Conservative government of Mike Harris for splitting up Ontario Hydro into what we have now but all governments allowed Ontario Hydro to run amok and pile up the debt we are now paying off.
Gurpy 1/27/2014 11:27:36 AM Report

Bottom line is we are paying for the STUPIDITY of idiots that STUPID people elected again and again!
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 11:31:40 AM Report

And now the power is off in sections of the city.Again.
cathyh 1/27/2014 11:37:45 AM Report

just a reminder folks that the "gas plant fiasco" was voted on and passed by a majority in gov't. Just so you know. IMHO that doesn't make it palatable, just saying.
Gurpy 1/27/2014 11:39:24 AM Report

Voted on by who?
Gurpy 1/27/2014 11:40:57 AM Report

It should`ve been voted on by the people, the ones the government is voted in by to work for the people!!
Javaman 1/27/2014 12:14:41 PM Report

If we throw the Liberals out in the almost certain spring any of you think either of the other parties will do a better job regarding energy and its mounting costs?
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 12:19:17 PM Report

I think what many of us are feeling is an overriding sense of a lack of control over government.
Think of the number of decisions made by all level of all government with little or no public consultation or debate.
Politicians come and go and we're stuck with the bills.
Jimssm 1/27/2014 12:27:31 PM Report


Never mind the toll-free. Just send an email to..

or register at...
realitycheck 1/27/2014 12:30:31 PM Report

"just a reminder folks that the "gas plant fiasco" was voted on and passed by a majority in gov't. Just so you know. IMHO that doesn't make it palatable, just saying."

Just saying but saying it wrong. The following timeline is from the National Post and it clearly shows there was no vote, that it was a Liberal government decision. And everyone knows that decision was made to keep two seats Liberal.

October 1, 2010: Opponents of proposed Oakville gas plant bring in famed American environmental activist Erin Brockovich to speak against building the project so close to homes and schools.
October 7, 2010: Ontario Government announces cancellation of the proposed Oakville Generating Station.
Sept 28, 2011: In middle of the Ontario election campaign, Liberal candidate Charles Sousa quietly announces plan to scrap a partially built gas plant in Mississauga, but construction continues on the project for another two months.
Oct. 6, 2011: Liberals fall one seat short of third majority government, but save all their seats in the Mississauga-Oakville area where two gas plants were cancelled.
Nov. 21, 2011: The government announces Greenfield South Power would stop construction on the Mississauga gas plant, which was 30 per cent complete by then.
Gurpy 1/27/2014 12:37:22 PM Report

If the Liberals were not in power, I am 100% certain that ANY other party would do much better! I have never seen a party do as much damage as they have! Our province is on it`s way to hell in a handbag because of their incompetence! Positively sickening!
Gurpy 1/27/2014 12:39:54 PM Report

Thank you for speaking the truth! Of course there wasn`t any vote! The public would have been consulted with if the acting party actually gave a damn about the public! Period end of story!
theprotector 1/27/2014 12:44:04 PM Report

mallet my facts are straight, what did I get wrong? Its excess amount of pollution that got trapped under a low pressure system. People died becuase of it, man made , simple like your mind. Consider it a mirco event, no different than what is happening now in China. Just because you do see where it goes doesnt mean it has gone away. |I thought you were smarter than that guess I was wrong again!
Gurpy 1/27/2014 12:45:42 PM Report

I don`t believe anyone is wanting to control the government. People want to see accountability and have their voices heard. Neither one of these is happening. We have a Premier who was not voted in by the people, but by her party.What the heck is that all about? And where is good ole Dalton??? What happened with the legal proceedings against him? People are tired of the deception, all the hush, hush about things which should be above board! Things are far from the way they should be!
theprotector 1/27/2014 12:47:00 PM Report

steelworker the big baby doesnt like when someone fights back he had my post pulled. Sad when others need to protect him bahahaha. Hey look steelworker cant stand the heat stay out of the coke oven!!!
steelworker 1/27/2014 12:57:45 PM Report

Sorry tuna brain but I would NEVER have anyones post pulled. It's just too entertaining to let you rant.
Wild Turkey 1/27/2014 1:12:52 PM Report

Talk about buying votes----
Money to Israel--Buying Jewish Birdwatcher votes.
Resettling 1000 Tibetan Refugees-----Buying the Indian (from India) votes---
Medelling in the internal affairs of Ukraine---buying Ukrainian votes-----
Renting Pandas for 1 million dollars----
Buying Chinese votes-------
Who's next?????
As Chretien said--"What about the Wales?
steelworker 1/27/2014 1:21:55 PM Report

You forgot to add that Harper gave the Palestinians money too so he is buying the terrorist vote. Ya gotta cover all bases when you are a politician. Trudeau handed out baggies full of weed to lock down the ... I can't seem to remember...what was the question...the colours man,the colours oh wow....
mallet 1/27/2014 1:29:24 PM Report


It was never EVER called the great coal black out.. so get your facts straight... perhaps one day you may get yourself educated on the subject you wish to post about, before you decide to write anything.. remeber that old saying...."MAKE SURE BRAIN IS OPERATING BEFORE ENGAGING THE MOUTH"..
Resident 1/27/2014 2:28:09 PM Report

Steelworker: When did Trudeau hand out baggies of "pot"? Better be sure of your "facts". Some red neck Trudeau hater might believe you.
steelworker 1/27/2014 2:44:54 PM Report

Sorry; my (sarc) button was stuck.
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 2:50:11 PM Report

If there is a prize for silly comments about Trudeau and pot we have a winner.
I can think of many reasons not to vote for Trudeau Lite.
This one has been beaten to death.
steelworker 1/27/2014 2:51:19 PM Report

Not quite.
Grump 1/27/2014 3:23:49 PM Report

nanag, Lock city is now on Bruce St ,on the east side just below the hill. Same folks but believe the business has a different name now. Don't you be fooling around sitting on the washer or dryer. Lol.
Just Curious 1/27/2014 3:28:07 PM Report

Grump, that's Lornes Appliance Service...
shakespeare 1/27/2014 3:47:57 PM Report

Being in the appliance repair business must be a lucrative business nowadays. They certainly don't make them like they used to. We have a Kenmore double oven (one convection) which is six years old and was not cheap. Last week the numbers 1,2, 9 and 0 stopped working on the keypad. I tried unplugging and replugging it. No difference. The salesperson at Sears says that this kind of thing happens quite a lot (and it happens to low end and high end appliances equally) and that she is disgusted about it. So do we pay another $400+ for a new keyboard or buy a new stove?
In the meantime chicken breasts are cooked at 355 f instead of 350.
Same day, the keyboard on my wife's Sears treadmill stopped working.
No wonder Sears is going down the tubes.
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 3:50:40 PM Report

shakes...check out where they're made. It may say Kenmore but I'll bet the components are from China.
Grump 1/27/2014 3:52:59 PM Report

JC unless they just sold the name was Scobie. I can't think of his first name at the moment but it isn't Lorne. This is the same fellow who had Lock City. You aren't thinking of the fellow who was next to Shaw Milling are you?
Grump 1/27/2014 3:55:58 PM Report

JC the fellow next to Shaw Milling was Steel City.
steelworker 1/27/2014 4:07:45 PM Report

So the lipless wonder Katey Wynne is going to raise the minimum wage. Can you say "vote buying".
Just Curious 1/27/2014 4:08:21 PM Report

I had heard that Dale Scobie was back in the business part time but didn't know he was on Bruce. I know Lornes operated out of there for quite a while. The appliance repair business is not a very good business to be in anymore. Dale sold Lock city Appliances to a store employee when he saw the writing on the wall. The new guy kept it going for a few years but it was down hill all the way. Most times you can buy a new one for the price of fixing the old one. If you have a gas dryer,for example, the only guy in the area qualified to repair them is out of Sudbury and only comes over here when he has a full days work. The laundramat on Gore st has over half of his machines down at any time because he can't get service on them due to that fact..Just the gearbox on a washer can be over 750 bucks to replace and you can get a new washer on a no interest plan for less than that..We live in a disposable society..
Just Curious 1/27/2014 4:10:49 PM Report

Steel City went out of business a long time ago. Lousy service from them hurt them real bad...
Jimssm 1/27/2014 4:37:31 PM Report


You can probably buy the keypad online and save some $$$
Grump 1/27/2014 5:30:51 PM Report

Well welcome to the Tory ,going to balance the budget, election lead up. I don't suppose it has occurred to these brain trusts to stop advertising programs that don't exist, to stop giving millions away to every tin horn despot on the planet and on and on. No these incompetents are going to try to do it by cutting every service the average Canadian has. The latest to go is the ACR rail passenger service from the Sault to Hearst. There go a lot of first class hunting and fishing lodges, private cottages etc. I guess that was originally one of the groups he missed p***ing off so might as well do them too.
steelworker 1/27/2014 5:35:19 PM Report

Haven't you figured out yet that Ontario ends at Parry Sound? Anything past there is just bush to politicians. Good thing that Mr. Wynne is going to raise the minimum wage for all the people losing their jobs up North.
Prometheus 1/27/2014 5:40:51 PM Report

CN is a private company. A major share holder is Bill Gates of Microsoft who holds 12% of the stock. Maybe he can kick in some of his billions to cover the red ink on the ACR operation instead of taxpayer money.
nanag 1/27/2014 6:00:56 PM Report

Grump as per your post @ 3:55

I tried sitting on the washer many (okay many many )years ago.. didn't do much for me .. but i did give it a shot bahahah
Gurpy 1/27/2014 6:05:50 PM Report

I just read on Twitter that Wynne said NO to an increase in the minimum wage.
lookaround 1/27/2014 6:06:10 PM Report

5 derailments in a month. Harper where are you on this? Are you going to do something about this or is this another item on your long list of items that YOU promised since 2007? On second thought never mind you have lied and connived the electorate that it is pointless even caring for you. We know your game and you are losing so enjoy 2014 and part of 2015 because the polls indicate you are a goner.
Hunter101 1/27/2014 6:09:38 PM Report

There's no reason government should be raising min. wage or have any say on the matter.

That drives the cost of everything up and gets us nowhere. It just makes the middle class less comfortable.

Min. wage jobs are entry level. If people become complacement with their lack of a career, that's no one else's problem but their own.

lookaround 1/27/2014 6:11:07 PM Report

Steelworker one bit of advice, now read carefully. Your opinion is let me say POINTLESS. Go to work and try to earn what you do because from this vantage point your opinion is a waste and I highly can imagine your personality at work. You know the slacker and the one who does the least but expects a great wage and benefits. Had to say it.
lookaround 1/27/2014 6:19:45 PM Report

Hunter 101 again where the hell do you draw your conclusions. Many people due to circumstances ie health, layoffs etc. can only get entry level jobs. I know of people who had good jobs and had to readjust to lower pay because that is all there is for the moment. It is people like you with your head in the sand that causes the bipartisan and divided attitude this society has. People on minimum wage work hard and I am sure they would and if they could get a higher paid job.
My neighbour had a great job without benefits. He lost his job because of an illness and had to work again and all he could get was a minimum wage job. Honestly get real.
lookaround 1/27/2014 6:21:24 PM Report

Hunter 101 the money Harper spent on adverts at 119 million could have been spent on Canadians so your point is mute.
steelworker 1/27/2014 6:24:21 PM Report

I think your vantage point must be from the bottom of a septic tank.
Hunter101 1/27/2014 6:24:21 PM Report

and the 500-some odd million that the Ontario Liberals wasted could have went directly to Canadians.... That's not counting the fact that you pay for that loss with every hydro bill and it's only getting worse, chummy.

So that makes your argument a fart in the wind.
steelworker 1/27/2014 6:25:48 PM Report

Farting in the wind will cost you 3 carbon credits. Make the check payable to Al Gore.
realitycheck 1/27/2014 6:34:37 PM Report

"Min. wage jobs are entry level. If people become complacement with their lack of a career, that's no one else's problem but their own."

What is it like to be born without a heart?
Grump 1/27/2014 6:56:53 PM Report

Reality or couth or a brain. LMAO. He is a winner n'est pas.
Wicket 1/27/2014 7:09:09 PM Report

So the mayor has sent a letter now to the OLG offices -
Interesting, now that the acting interim CEO is Tom Marinelli - born and raised in the Soo - nice to give him a conflict of interest that he doesn't deserve....
bounder 1/27/2014 7:27:00 PM Report

Harper and his new plan to cancel door to door delivery will affect rural delivery also, the now existing rural mailboxes for mail will be relocated to the nearest post office, now I don't intend to pickup my mail everyday, to far to drive ,like ten miles or more.
Everyone will do the same, hope they planned on storage for all the now undelivered mail.
lookaround 1/27/2014 7:33:46 PM Report

Steelworker my point exactly, your opinions and replies shows you where you are at. The bottom of the rung of the ladder of humanity. You proved yourself. I am just saying what is the obvious.
lookaround 1/27/2014 7:36:07 PM Report

Hunter101 needs to work minimum wage and we will see that piss attitude change like the wind in the corner of Portage and Main. Cold heart and mean spirited.
shakespeare 1/27/2014 7:41:31 PM Report

Interesting point, Wicket.

The gay thing and Sochi is mindboggling, considering we are now in the year 2014. What with African countries enforcing anti-gay legislation, India showing a backward view and the mayor of Sochi claiming there are no gays there, what are we dealing with? ... a bunch of total nitwits?

Regarding hunter and steely's views that probably reflect a few from this site, taking care of each other is the most certain way to create happy prosperous communities. Look at most of the Scandinavian countries which pay high taxes and have a great standard of living and great social benefits. Germany, too, pays to keep mothers at home, while its workforce has much higher productivity and much longer vacations than the parsimonious North American counterparts.

The current American Republican view and the Harper following does not auger well for us. It is a tendency for a "Let's NOT take care of each other" syndrome. I had a boss who was always talking about the "bottom line." I told him that "bottom line" thinkers are always destined to be on the bottom.
flyhawk25 1/27/2014 7:45:04 PM Report

So now our crusading MP must answer as to why CN is closing the passenger service north.
I do not own a camp up there, have not been on that trip to Agawa since there probably were steam engines but Bryan has some explaining to do.
Of course there will be lawsuits filed and the process delayed.But the ignorance of this government - bordering on arrogance - is crazy.
Railways historically have bled taxpayers for subsidized funding and now are walking away from a moral obligation to the people who trusted them to provide a service for businesses and individuals.
theprotector 1/27/2014 7:48:00 PM Report

Mallet you are wrong..and whatever you want to call it it still was also called dumbass brits seeing that you are clearly one. So simply shove it in your pie hole and bite me loser wanker!

See Harper is at it again isolating the north further or should I ask mallet if i can call it that, do I have your permission old wise one?
So what would you call the hiri.g frenzy of feseral public servants in Toronto after pulling all the jibs from the sault? Oh wise one know everything mallet da hammer head what ever should we call the harper gutting of northern ontario?
shakespeare 1/27/2014 7:49:38 PM Report

Becoming a German. It's interesting!
right wing 1/27/2014 7:59:16 PM Report

"But 'sun spots and solar winds' might just be the most wacked out explanation yet."

Hey fly...before you babble again about sun spots and solar wind and make a fool of about you read some of the studies that NASA has completed on the topic and their relation to the earths climate.
How about you read something...anything about them before you yap again.
Bobby Nerves 1/27/2014 8:05:52 PM Report

Bounder, the issue of Canada Post smells worst than your bag of perch left in the boiler room.

First you have to ask, who'll benefit from it?

Second you can ask, should there be an interest to protect consumers, why then, is not the whole service made available for competition?

But not only letter delivery, but the whole package.

Well, I can tell you something, if you follow what had happened with the communications and the big three, that you probably remember no long ago the cons were selling us the good news about competition and in the end what have happened? Nothing.

Well, if Canada Post would like the public to do their work and on top pay them for holding a letter for few days, then probably is time for Canada Post to get out of the business all together.

There are many parcel delivery services in the shadows that will probably benefit from the movement and I bet you someone like Pamela Wallen sits in the Board and collects six figure salary for it.

Remember that other con very close to Mr. Harper and ready to take a chunk out of delivering water to the indians?

Well, cons are like ducks, just let them walk and you risk to have your veranda full of it, one step and one po po, one step and another po po.

And I may not have good grammar, but I know well where the chicken lays the egg.
Bobby Nerves 1/27/2014 8:09:46 PM Report

Just in case you didn't read it...

Habakkuk 2:15

“Woe to him who makes his neighbors drink, you pour out your wrath and make them drunk, in order to gaze at their nakedness!

Bobby Nerves 1/27/2014 8:16:45 PM Report

Shakey, wait... right wing is googling scandinavian...
mallet 1/27/2014 8:19:27 PM Report


With your great attitude you should have been an astronaut, and shot into space... and if your father had done what your mother asked him to.. you would have been!!! Want to trade insults go for it, but I know you will beat me, I try not to go down to that level of ignorance..
statusquo 1/27/2014 8:26:04 PM Report


“Woe to him who makes his neighbors drink, you pour out your wrath and make them drunk, in order to gaze at their nakedness!"

Is that why you brought me a bottle of Merlot today? You want to gaze at my nakedness? should have just asked!

flyhawk25 1/27/2014 9:18:33 PM Report

I have been put in my place in the universe by rw lecturing me on reading.
Must have been blinded by the sun spots.
I'd Google his source of wisdom but I can't hold my breath underwater long enough.
Boy I wasted years in school when I could have just rented a lily pad and waited for his wisdom to soak into me.
I will retire for the evening after being schooled by an expert.
I hope I make it through this climate anomaly long enough to see the sun spots in the morning and feel that wind.
Hunter101 1/27/2014 9:24:17 PM Report

I worked min. wage long enough to know it's an entry level job with terrible pay, and that those types of jobs have a high turnover rate. People use those jobs for a means of summer income (teenagers, undergrads).

As a graduate student, I made 15 dollars an hour and I had to work to get to that wage and this was only a few years ago. And now that's going to be minimum?

Some random idiot gets a government handout of a mandated 15/hr wage and I get the same but I had to put considerable effort to get there?

What a crock of sh*t.
Hunter101 1/27/2014 9:27:34 PM Report

Coldhearted and mean-spirited? Yeah, you would be too if you busted your a** and then everyone under the sun ends up getting what you worked so hard for.

You think the people making a higher wage get a raise too? If anything it's them who deserve it. Not the guy pushing buggies at Wal-Mart.
Bobby Nerves 1/27/2014 9:28:53 PM Report

OOOopppssss! Hold the horses!

The Bible says that.

Use alcohol. It works faster than candies and doesn't rotten the teeth.
redranger 1/27/2014 9:44:25 PM Report

"your point is mute". Did you mean you could not hear it or perhaps he didn't say it or could you possibly mean "moot"
Make it your word for the day.
redranger 1/27/2014 9:45:21 PM Report

Ogden Nash said it better.
"Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker"
Wisenheimer 1/27/2014 11:17:09 PM Report

My Canada includes Jensen Beach, Florida.
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