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Tuesday, December 31, 2013   by: Mac Headrick


What would New Year’s Day be without personal resolutions? Now I have some ideas relative to myself. I am curious as to what changes you the reader aspire to. I will start things off by listing my goals for 2014. 

  1. I will get a minimum of 7 hours sleep nightly in my bed. Now I presently do have a bed (sort of) and I try to get the above listed amount of sleep. The difficulty I face is I share my side of the bed with a Pug (Raji). How can a 20 pound animal take up 80% of my sleeping space? Raji also snores and makes other assorted noises. I have spoken several times to Raji about this sleeping arrangement. The emphasis in these discussions was along the lines of the typical master/dog relationship. I believe Raji understands my point but suspect he has the roles of master and slave mixed up.
  2. Since Sault Ste Marie elected a Conservative member federally there has been a steady decline in services and federal employees locally. On a provincial level the Liberal Party cancelled two gas plants at a 1.2 billion dollars price tag. They also have fixed our water issues by bringing in new regulations. My point is that in 2014 I resolve to ask nothing of politicians. I (we) cannot stand the cost and aggravation of having our elected officials fix things.
  3. I will not create a twitter account. I have a difficult time following my own daily schedule much less actually writing about it. Have you noticed that anytime a twitter account gets publicity it is a bad situation.
  4. I will not consume any gluten free products. United States Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps consumes over 12,000 calories a day when in training. That is difficult but I could do that. The only difference is I have not chosen my Olympic event yet.
  5. On a more serious note I want to exercise more. I really have enjoyed my multiple daily walks with Beau and Raji since retiring. But this cold winter has limited this activity. Where’s global warming when you need it?
  6. I will go to two Green Bay Packer games this year. I normally go to one but why not try for two. Lambeau Field is considered by many to be almost a religious shrine. Therefore I would be combining sports and spiritual renewal. I also resolve not to make fun of the Detroit Lions… hehehe; can you believe it; ha-ha; the choke masters; wait a minute Mac get a hold of yourself, where was I … oh Detroit Lions fans.
  7. I will always put the toilet seat down. I have on good authority that this is not always the case.
  8. I will support any movement to take down the barriers that surround Porter the Train.
  9. I will continue my volunteer activities.
  10. I will produce a weekly column published on Saturday morning, sometimes Sunday etc. but once weekly! 

As I see the above goals are obtainable. Please take a moment to share your New Year’s Resolutions. 


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DutchTouch 12/31/2013 4:16:16 PM Report

Losing weight and exercising are two of the most difficult things we've ever had to do.
It means we need to make some difficult life changes.
It's all in our heads folks. It's a phycological thing.
I know that eating is a major part of our lives but believe it or not there is more to life.
We can put the blame on all sorts of things but when we come right down to it, it's all up to us.
These days pushing buttons on our computers seems to resolve all our problems but believe it or not we still need to make the effort to get out there and use some muscle power.
Happy New Year to all those who are trying hard to make a new lifestyle.
soowat 1/2/2014 10:44:47 AM Report


I think you should establish the "Fat Fellers Follies."

We could get together and (for example0 rent the Essar center,attract huge crowds,get some exercise become famous,go on a world tour and donate all profits to charity. The soup kitchen might be an appropriate donation choice. As a side benefit your two dogs might even respect your new fame enough to accept you mastery.
soowat 1/7/2014 6:59:33 AM Report


As a Packer fan you might want to watch this video.

Start at minute 1:00 to minute 1:20
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