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NetSocial Forum for Sunday, Dec. 15 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013   by: NetSocial TodayWelcome to the NetSocial Forum - a virtual bulletin board where multiple topics are up for discussion, and questions for others in our community can be posted daily.
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celeste5 12/15/2013 8:11:23 AM Report

Good morning everyone.

mallet 12/15/2013 9:28:29 AM Report

Morning Folks..

Have a few chores to do this Am to get ready to go to town tomorrow..

Fairly quiet this morning out here, solid grey overcast, not much wind and still pretty cool.

Soccer games on and my home town team playing and bleeding goals as usual...

Take care out there you hear!!!
bounder 12/15/2013 11:03:32 AM Report

Good morning Celest5 and Mallet ,10 days till Xmas and then adult party time.Get this out of the road and fishing time is here.
irishfey 12/15/2013 11:29:23 AM Report

Morning friends.. that mack truck came and hit me in my sleep [ Fybro ].. meds, breakfast and my book by the woodstove for awhile... Geee, i hate feeling like this!!! Hope the afternoon is better and hope you all are feeling ok... later ...
celeste5 12/15/2013 1:04:08 PM Report


Have you tried an Epsom Salt Bath.
seriously 12/15/2013 1:08:47 PM Report


Have been reading your posts, hope you can make yourselves as comfortably as possible.

Not so cold today, a real wind-down Some how wind air and wind - up aren't the same in my brain -
A day for me -
I'm just about to grab some hot coco and a date square - my book - and.... ah! An afternoon nap. Can't get any better (cannot also do as badly)

Best of the merriment to you all.
mallet 12/15/2013 2:59:32 PM Report

Chores are done, cleaned the yard and neighbours yard as well so it will not be as hard on the machinery..

The Wifes anniversary today, I could have killed her twice and still been out of clink. 40 years with the same women I should get a medal!! Thank God all her relatives are across the pond in the UK so I will not have them all round, drinking my booze..

Wind is getting up a bit and pushing the ice out of the bay..hopefully it will freeze and there will be less snow from now on...
celeste5 12/15/2013 3:05:09 PM Report


I should`ve said, soak in Epsom Salts, it relaxes the muscles.
My friend has Fibro, she has a hard cleaning her house sometimes because she`s so stiff.
She use to do the Minutes once a month for the Fibro Meetings.
lowla 12/15/2013 3:17:44 PM Report

seriously, two of my favourite chocolate and date squares! I'll have to make a pan hopefully on Tues
celeste5 12/15/2013 3:44:37 PM Report


Happy Anniversary

Are you feeling blessed she picked the Best.
She must be a lovely, patient Lady.
After all she picked you from the Rest.

With a Wife comes a little Strife,
Just learn to keep your mouth Shut,
Especially if you want a Sex Life.

Hey, you guys, add on to these lines, if you like.
celeste5 12/15/2013 4:25:29 PM Report

I should say, those lines are the start of two Poems.
soowat 12/15/2013 4:26:36 PM Report


Just curious,does your wife ever read any of your posts?

mallet 12/15/2013 4:53:09 PM Report


She has on occasion, but we both have a good sense of humour and know that it is all spoken(typed) in fun. We made a pact never to go to bed angry, and besides her job in the army was to degrease and repack rifles for use overseas, I have no need for a third eye... There are lots of things for a good marriage, and I am sure many "experts" would say we don't have a good one, but as long as we have each other who cares what they say. We have been apart at times, when work demands have taken the foremost part, be it for days, weeks or months. Now well into our golden years we are together except for a day or so in winter when she gets cabin fever, and the outside world is all white, she goes and stays with one of the girls, but is always glad to get home.
celeste5 12/15/2013 5:22:25 PM Report

Mallet, here`s your Medal for all the years,

M - is for your Commitment

E - is for your Endurance

D - is for your Diligence

A - is for your Affection

L - is for your Loyalty
northernmale 12/15/2013 5:48:18 PM Report

irishfey I feel sorry for you with your fibro, my wife has it also . She has had it since she was around 50, and it has taken its toll on her.She has her bad days then her really bad days and very few good days.Most people do not understand what its like.She has tried every kind of meds ..My sister told me her friend has it also and she finds rubbing vics on her feet and wearing warm socks helps her. Anything is worth a try. Good luck , and once again I feel bad for you.
Wicket 12/15/2013 6:26:10 PM Report

fibro sufferers - have your iodine and B12 levels checked, keep your body warm as you can stand, wear t-shirts under sweaters, knee socks, anything that will help to keep your body heat in....
irishfey 12/15/2013 8:39:44 PM Report

First of all.. Happy Anniversary Mallet and the Mrs, The best to ye and many more to come,, the Lady must be one heck of a Woman!! ,lol.. Was trying to find an Irish toast that was fitting, but just not up to it today. Thank you all for the advice... Northern Male.. I feel for your Wife, it does get quite painful, but what i have seen on here is that some of you good folk have worse problems and i hate to complain about the Fibro as it"s not life threatening,, just feels like it, and today was one of those days,, got myself a head cold to boot. The bath sounds good but i"d never get out of the tub,lol,, and i have to watch meself around water as a few years back i ended up with a severe case of Psoriasis on my hands and the soles of my feet, boy were they a mess and was very expensive and diffucult to get rid of. I still get it on my hands when i get stressed but not to a severe extreme. Just a lot of what feels like papercuts on them. Water is bad for them. Tiss me own fault i get stressed as i have no patience whatso ever ,lol Tiss the Irish in me i guess...Wickett.. I'M HOT all the time, Dr. says i have Chronic pain and that makes you feel like you have an ongoing fever, so i don"t need the extra clothes thanks ,lol The woodstove is great but sometimes i can"t even be in the same room with it going, folks down here must think we are nuts as on a cold day i open the doors to get cooled off ,lol... One thing i have learned about the stress is not to keep it bottled up inside, makes it worse, so now if something or someone makes ye peeved off,, speak up!!! Go outside and scream if you have to , but don"t let it simmer in your guts!.. Post is long.. sorry.. but thanks for your ears/ eyes ,lol.. You all take care of your health, some have it worse than meself and i pray for ye all.... Better day tomorrow... Have a painless and sweet dreams night.. love ya all.... xo
irishfey 12/15/2013 8:45:57 PM Report

Mallet.. who should get the medal?? ,lol.. you sound like my hubby, he don"t want any relatives down drinking up his booze either ,lol.... I think i"m going to get it bad from Spelly with all my mistakes here today,, have a heart Spelly,, am just not feeling great.... Northern Male,, my heart goes out to your Wife,, tell her to take it easy,, hah,, pot calling kettle ....
lowla 12/15/2013 9:02:16 PM Report

irishfey, I have a co-worker that suffers from psoriasis and she swears by soaking the affected body part with dark beer..."better than any prescription med". And you're right about the stress.
irishfey 12/15/2013 10:07:12 PM Report

lowla,, thanks , will try that... and will finally have me hubby kissing my feet ,lol,lol... night all. and God bless...
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Note: Comments that appear on the site are not the opinion of Keep discussions civil and on topic. Refrain from obscenity and don't post anything that your grandmother would be ashamed to read. Those who do not abide by these guidelines will have their membership revoked without notice. If you see an abusive post, please click the link beside the post to report it.
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